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(28.06 KB 500x625 1581886122404.jpg)
Simp 2.0 Anonymous Comrade 08/26/2020 (Wed) 15:35:38 No. 110610
Let's simp.
Friends, must we simp?
(358.58 KB 1821x2048 cwm.jfif)
(71.93 KB 579x814 asian-latex-gag-leash.jpg)
>>110623 I just realized that Batman Returns (1992), watched and loved by my 7-year old self. I also had a Catwoman toy (from Batman: The Animated Series) which gave me some of my first boners. This might've had some influence on my sexual development, especially, kinks (BDSM, pet play) as an adult. Thanks anon, I genuinely hadn't put these things together before (stopped watching superhero movies in my teens).
>>110629 Excuse the grammatical errors, I pasted around sentences without proofreading, hope it's at least somewhat intelligible.
(106.55 KB 1125x1200 1597883029742.jpg)
(45.98 KB 582x596 carnivalousw.jpg)
(28.87 KB 323x323 milk1.jpg)
(220.06 KB 1234x1854 milk2.jpg)
>>110813 Who dis?
(1.07 MB 1361x2048 xqstunf9b5o21.jpg)
(171.86 KB 1063x1600 1IrUm90.jpg)
>>110849 Milana Vayntrub. The AT&T girl from the commercials who recently went on a stream crying about people talking about her mega milkies and spamming MILK WAGONS at her
(999.14 KB 3072x4096 EcCqxbTWkAYrriJ.jpeg)
(252.68 KB 1536x2048 EbPLAfIXkAY7RNJ.jpeg)
(230.98 KB 1536x2048 Ea_kZMoXsAEzdxK.jpeg)
>> 110853 >Some false consciousness neolib getting harassed by incels Welp, she's definitely attractive, my diq knew instantaneously. I'm just perplexed as to why people have such low impulse control though. Maybe that'll be one of the new sex ed classes under communist schooling?
>>110853 this bitch 10x hotter than the dumb scottish ethot
(56.75 KB 1081x767 june red sweater.jpeg)
(304.25 KB 581x322 D9Ze6EyXsAAPYyX.png)
>>110862 Maybe, but at least Ashleigh can take being spammed with milk wagons and embraces it while this bitch tears up on stream
(193.32 KB 900x1200 CoA5IKhXgAAYebc.jpg)
(100.19 KB 640x814 ew2kbaz8ltq31.jpg)
(24.51 KB 321x322 i want to.jpg)
>>110866 Is there a name for that slightly upturned mouse nose so I can find more?
>>110867 boo hoo incel people aren't as dead inside like you and react to things
>>110876 You want to find more pictures of random women with a particular angle of nose turn?
>>110883 >thinking it counts as sexual harassment when they're a celebrity >Simping this hard for an e-thot >using incel at anyone who doesn't coddle radlib thots Are you perhaps the mod/4chan staff member on leftypol who gets assraged when people talk about how thots with onlyfans accounts are petit-bourgeois?
>>110958 Oh look it's the guy who cries about being called an incel. You're active this week aren't you, incel? Have you ever tried respecting people, or is that really too much to ask for your tiny brain who can't understand why everyone disagrees with you all the time?
>>110793 Nigga, I ain't clicking that shit
>>110975 What are you, a pussy? What cowardly ass incel doesn't want to have malware on his computer smh
>>110958 what the fuck are you talking about? sexual harassment? you're a cunt who can't accept people react to things differently a person cried because people kept sexualising them and you're blaming the person for crying? seek help >thot >simp of course you're that guy
>>110854 s-stop posting my e-wife ;_;
>>110876 ikr? I call it anything from from "Youth nose", to "Nymph nose", "Fairy/Fae nose", "Pixie nose" "Anime nose", "Cute shnoz", etc. It's just my ideal nose type (plus I have one as well as male, but people call it a "MJ" or "Ghoul" nose :\) It looks perfect for lewd hongi
>>110989 it SHOULD be called a hook nose but thats already taken. What we call a hook nose is an upside down hook
(341.91 KB 1565x900 1464848545573_1565x900.jpg)
>>110993 I looked it up and its called a celestial nose
>>110610 Bimbo
>>110994 Post more then you promised you would
(342.08 KB 1536x2048 EchnFBWXkAAk7uy.jpeg)
(401.85 KB 1536x2048 EcSL4-8XgAEV8Hv.jpeg)
(1.41 MB 3072x4096 EV2HwrMWsAEJnGH.jpeg)
>>110987 Ashleigh is the girl who will lead the revolution with her giant mammaries. All idpol radlibs, alt righters, and global elite bankers will fall in her path.
>>111048 I would tbh senpai
>>110623 I am depressed that I will never have a cute black commie gf
(2.70 MB 540x300 worriedlaughter.gif)
>>111048 Does she still have the dick?
>>110874 is she jewish? i hope so
>>111063 Perfect body
>>111066 human reactions are not idpol but if you want buzzwords here you go "incel"
>>111068 >>>r/socialism >>>/twitter/ >>>/Democratic socialists of america/
>>111071 Post thots
>>111054 apparantly she had an operation, idk
(89.82 KB 1080x720 DjEhWGqU8AAse2v.jpeg)
(125.81 KB 900x1200 DJ8_B5xXUAAwvRZ.jpg)
(94.81 KB 582x1197 1.jpeg)
>>111079 It was just FFS, she didn't get the snippity snip yets.
>>111090 I just learned today shes a trans. Damn is she passing. Would have never known.
>>111091 The thing is, anyone you think is cis could be secretly trans. It could be anyone in this very thread. It could be you, it could be me, it could even be-
>>111092 dum trans
>>111091 >I just learned today shes a trans Lmao what? That's her entire career.
>>111114 I knew of her but never consumed her media
>>111116 Also a lot of chicks say theyre trans and what they mean is theyre nonbinary or whatever
(46.66 KB 474x632 natalie-shure1.jpeg)
>>111080 I find chicks that look like this so fucking attractive. What ethnicity is this? Is this like some Roman empire gene or something, cause I see chicks kinda looking like this all over the Americas and southern Europe (Iberia, France, Italy).
Any more cute pornstars like Melody Marx and Stacy Cruz
>>111086 No I said post thots, this isn't a thread to share links :)
>>111103 Could you or a mod please remove this from the thread
(9.52 KB 300x168 images.jpeg)
>>111278 Repulsive.
>>111280 tbh She demands money from her streamers and calls them out individually when they don't sub to her
>>110629 It's funny how things in people's childhoods can often so clearly be linked to their later sexual interests, yet people's response to that is often "NO, I WAS BORN THIS WAY" as if sexuality being an evolving thing means said sexuality isn't valid. I'm not going to kink shame a foot fetishist just because they didn't come out of the womb licking their mum's feet or whatever, and I sure as hell wish they didn't kink shame me for admitting that my weird fantasies developed at least in part as a result of childhood influences. I feel like with any fantasy, especially ones that aren't (legally) possible in the real world (outside roleplay), it's important to own up to it and not try to make it sound like it's something it's not. I'm fine with any weird sexual shit people do as long as they're not hurting anyone (at least without their consent), but I'll never understand people wanting to link kinks/fetishes/fantasies/whatever to LGBT rights or such. Childhood influences almost certainly can lead to the development of homosexual fantasies, but that doesn't mean homosexuality and BDSM or foot fetishism or necrophilia or whatever are the same. Sexual orientation is the top layer, like an umbrella and the tip of an iceberg, and as such the most important from a societal and legal perspective but the least important in the context of an individual's sexuality. In case it's not clear, the criticism isn't directed at you, I'm saying I agree with you on sexuality being influenced by childhood and just expanding on that with my thoughts because your post made me reflect on it. >>110866 Not gonna lie, the reason I first watched on one of her videos was because she was hot and I can say she was in part responsible for pulling me out of the alt-right rabbit hole that I'd begun to fall down. It took me a while to realise she wasn't an alt-righter, but by the time I realised that, I had already crawled quite high up out of the rabbit hole without even realising it. It's possible that without Shoe, I could now be posting on /pol/ instead so I'm forever thankful to her. It wasn't only her, of course, even the alt-righters I was talking to did their fair share of pushing me away and it was a gradual process, but I don't know if it would've happened without Shoe.
Can't post just one pic of Adelina so here are three more, she's unironically simp material tbh.
(1.56 MB 2008x2510 91774fe96954556e.jpg)
(100.41 KB 998x753 QXqYHUsovAA.jpg)
(113.15 KB 998x753 z_1bcd2106.jpg)
>>111310 de Armas is legitamely the hottest woman alive right now
(124.73 KB 480x720 1597796002515.jpg)
(134.02 KB 800x1200 1597800597808.jpg)
(556.03 KB 1920x2599 1597803660675.jpg)
>>111318 Hottest white woman you mean
>>111332 >Cuban >white
>>111334 Begone /pol/
(89.13 KB 640x854 29ncm8kjql511.jpg)
(1.27 MB 1080x1350 72rg8aigxdj51.png)
>>111326 I thought we were only supposed to be posting leftist women in here, if not here's a right wing woman whose become quite popular ANNA FAITH
>>111340 >>111341 >>111342 Looks annoying.
>>111316 Who's the second chick? She's gorgeous.
(188.95 KB 500x316 raging-boner.gif)
Is there some hack to be able to download an indexed IG clip without registering account?
>>111103 I really feel bad for this kid
>>111402 What is even the context? Is it some meme I'm not aware of?
(53.05 KB 604x604 EIk4_D8n6g4.jpg)
(85.94 KB 574x1024 jJA1Hga2gaw.jpg)
(501.67 KB 1365x2048 edzdekUJats.jpg)
>>111318 I wouldn't go as far as calling her the hottest, but yeah, she's definitely hot as hell. >>111351 Diana Danilova. She is gorgeous, but honestly those are the two pics where she looks sexiest I think. Here are a few more pics of her, naturally she looks pretty in all of them but you can see how big a difference make-up, lighting and pose make. Of course, the same can be said about anyone. >>111400 They're making everything as hard as they can, not sure what you mean by indexed tbh. I think the only way left to even see all posts is to use sites that mirror profiles. Some of them only give you the first pic/video from posts with more than one pic/video, or only in a reduced size, but there are some that give you all of them in full sizes. I hate to say "google it", but some of the best sites like that were recently rendered useless because IG started denying them access to data after they were linked in a Reddit thread that didn't even get that many upvotes. It could be a coincidence, but...
(116.99 KB 1280x718 l3Q2B_egHNk.jpg)
(86.29 KB 682x1024 QPGST36zzvY.jpg)
(70.18 KB 792x1024 z_cce16d86.jpg)
Just checked and apparently Diana has made both her VK and IG private, which is a bit weird considering she's a model but maybe she got harassed a lot or something? Posting a few more pics, then... I never even got around to saving pics from her IG, these are all from her VK.
(46.62 KB 720x1080 1bd6bc75.jpg)
(194.24 KB 1080x1120 f264754a.jpg)
Here's Evelina, a Finnish pop singer who gets my dick juices flowing. Posting her on 4chan /s/ is also guaranteed to bring Finnish white supremacists out of the woodwork. They'll say she's a race traitor or claim that she's an immigrant, etc. Sometimes she's blonde, apparently for a while now judging by her IG. I hope it's not because of /pol/ tier incels bullying her for not looking white enough...
I know she's a bit of a meme, but if you don't think she's one of the top qts in the world, what's wrong with you?
>>111439 She looks like a sims character lmao.
(1.07 MB 1597472436968.webm)
(913.28 KB 1597805762057.webm)
>>111340 I think it's mostly leftwing women because the board is mostly leftwing. I didn't know Christina Hendricks was right wing.
(1.78 MB 1598740288698.webm)
>>111483 >all those horny old dudes filming it for their personal collection kek
>>111461 I don't think they implied that Christina is right wing.
>>111461 She's not outwardly "right wing", but she's a liberal hollywood elite
>>111517 This is petit-bourgeois Cali plastic and should stay out of this thread.
>>111326 >>111461 This is an aging Hollywood celebrity and is somewhat jarring for a thread like this. Any image search surely is enough for you if you're obsessed with vacuous tabloid photography like this.
(251.63 KB 1154x772 1415941185746-0.jpg)
(237.76 KB 1024x765 1416340093497-2.jpg)
(121.74 KB 500x667 1416341958446-3.jpg)
>>111450 Only in a good way. >>111517 She looks like the definition of a stereotypical "sex bomb", as if designed to blow up the dicks of men from the mere sight of her. Sexy as hell, but lacking the cuteness that puts the cherry on top. That's my take, anyway.
(228.25 KB 1022x720 1433808178975.jpg)
(216.90 KB 1024x822 1451397818229-2.jpg)
(170.44 KB 937x1171 1551221839231.jpg)
(185.35 KB 1493x1000 Golshifteh-Farahani-4.jpg)
(94.70 KB 750x1334 jinan.jpg)
>>111624 the third has a long face
Swimsuit Succubus
>>111770 awooga
(353.51 KB 1146x2046 EWTjDCHXkAEsdkx.jpeg)
(291.41 KB 1232x2048 EUTVkPtWsAEbnMj.jpeg)
>>111776 Here, have her gf BUNNY AYUMI
>>111562 Chestlet cope. The titlet fears the milkies.
>>111828 >straight /pol/ terms >proving my point Don't you have some Netflix to watch, subject? :^)
>>111830 >subject >she's a femdom fetishist sit on my lap and punish me for being a bad boy, uwu
(121.07 KB 1920x1259 Zahra Elise.jpg)
(106.63 KB 800x800 Zahra Elise2.jpg)
(123.45 KB 800x902 Zahra Elise3.jpg)
>>111835 Short hair like this on women ruins them
>>111614 >>111618 Jesus Christ , how can you even be this hot
>>110858 I'm getting ugo vibes from Boomer Girl. She's wearing quite a bit of make up and her boobs seem to already be sagging. I have a feeling she'd be pretty disappointing looking in person in the nude.
>>111048 That's a man.
>>111092 >The thing is, anyone you think is cis could be secretly trans. Lol, no.
>>111326 You can tell by the pushed up way these breasts rest that'd they'd be really saggy when she takes off her top.
>>111912 Why would you care about sag? Doesn't that just mean they have more fat (aka more volume to grab)? You're saying you'd rather play with perky D-cups than saggy K cups?
>>112043 >You're saying you'd rather play with perky D-cups than saggy K cups YES Sagg
>112059 Saggy tits are just sad
>>112043 I'd rather massage A cups, just like my mum.
(349.59 KB 900x1200 b0b.jpg)
(155.15 KB 900x1200 b0b1.jpg)
(560.88 KB 1063x1400 b0b0.jpg)
>>112079 >Biologizing sexual preferences High retardation That woman is a butterface and the only reason you saved is because of her ridiculous water-balloon tits you monky (bet you're the one obsessing about cows and obesity porn in /leftytrash/).
(134.19 KB 702x1280 Eg8uoyzWsAEGvQW.jpeg)
(93.22 KB 702x1280 Eg8uoy0XYAA78OF.jpeg)
(130.75 KB 685x642 julieta2.jpg)
(110.25 KB 1080x1080 KPeECkm.jpg)
(141.07 KB 576x864 Lianne-La-Havas.jpg)
>>111643 Sure, but I don't think that's automatically a bad thing. >>111770 I'll never understand how women can develop this kind of bodies. Like, damn. She's perfectly toned while being thicc, how is that even possible? >>111907 It's one of the mysteries of life. Honestly, I kind of believe a conspiracy theory that something is making people on average more and more attractive with each generation. I don't think it can be explained with just the increase in nutrition and leisure, etc. Those do play a big part, but there has to be something else as well since it even happens in extremely remote rural regions that are riddled with violent and poverty. I also acknowledge that continuing evolution is a big part of it as well, that's what you'll find if you google "people are becoming more attractive", but I don't buy that as the primary factor either because it's literally evident that current teens and young adults are growing up more attractive than people who were teens and young adults just half a decade ago. >>112043 >Why would you care about sag? What kind of a question is that? Most people care about more than size. >You're saying you'd rather play with perky D-cups than saggy K cups? Yes, and if you think D cup isn't big you already have a big problem.
(236.44 KB 615x904 LilyCollins4.jpg)
(511.63 KB 2000x1200 lily-may-mac-00.jpg)
(53.40 KB 600x600 maryam.jpg)
(256.02 KB 3000x2000 maxresdefault-CX45CBAAkII.jpg)
(92.77 KB 1280x960 Mia Khalifa pre-porn.jpg)
(79.79 KB 600x807 Mia13.jpg)
As much as I dislike Mia Khalifa after the leaks about her past showing she's full of shit, I have to admit there are few women with such immediately boner-inducing looks. I can't put my finger on what it is, that "smug" look is a vital ingredient but I've seen women who look fairly similar to her and have that "smug" look but my dick didn't explode into a thousand boners as soon as I saw them.
(260.10 KB 900x1344 sian_by_nomiz25-d4vmxtj.jpg)
(88.09 KB 900x571 sian003_by_nomiz25-d67jig9.jpg)
(144.82 KB 1080x1350 tjaq5540xvo11.jpg)
>>112108 >>112104 >>112100 Stop posting toothpick thin women
>>112103 Umm... what leaks are you talking about? Can I get a sauce?
>>112123 The reason I'm currently posting only thin ones is that I'm going through my first "cute girls" folder alphabetically, which is pictures of... well, cute girls, most of whom are thin. I prefer thin women overall, but in porn I do prefer some thiccness. Last pic related might be more your cup of tea, but honestly it's one of the only pics of her I find sexy. That's the thing, in motion a bit of flab isn't bad and can be sexy, but in still photos it's meh or straight-up unattractive. Just how I feel, you're free to think I have shit taste. >>112125 https://imgur.com/a/8gOGKOL The important bit is that she knew beforehand she'd be doing the hijab scene, she got a script and was sending this dude laughing emojis talking about wearing a hijab in porn. If you're out of the loop, she's now claiming she didn't know about the hijabs until she got on the set and was pressured to wear one at the last moment. Also, she claimed she only did porn for a much shorter period of time than she did, that she was at least semi-forced into it and abused throughout her career and barely got paid, etc. and now she's becoming a full-on anti-porn activist. Strangely her supporters on Twitter also defend her usage of the N-word when brought up, even those that try to cancel others for using it... I'm not one to wish cancellation for that, I mean I jokingly used it myself in the past (and no one gave a shit except a few white people) so I would be a hypocrite to hold it against her, but the reason I mention it is that I think it's hypocritical that they're making an exception for her. I'm all for the right to privacy and the right to not be fucked over by capitalism, but she literally signed a contract that invalidates any legal claims she has to the videos. Those kinds of contracts are shitty, but they're the norm not just in the porn industry but in the music industry, the film industry and basically all entertainment industries... if she was honestly just arguing for contract reforms to make them more equal for all, that'd be good, but she's just on an anti-porn crusade.
Second one doesn't count as "toothpick thin", does she? Also another pic of the first girl in last post, I could spam the entire thread with just her pics but I'm not going to. *I will probably post one or two more, though.**
(270.57 KB 491x615 1588794682887.png)
>>112140 >hairy
>>112141 I'm usually not into hairy girls, but she's one big exception... and so unbelievably beautiful.
I'll stop posting her now...
Couple more pics of the second girl from my first post in the previous thread. I think she looks like the kind of girl who'd randomly kick you in the balls and run away laughing but then come back and ask if you're OK. I don't know if I only think that because she looks a little bit like a girl I went to school with who did shit like that, though...
>>112139 >3rd pic perfection of the female form
I see this thread and I feel bad for sharing people's pics like this to talk about how attractive they are or how much we want to fuck them. But the truth is that I used to collect photos of random attractive men I found on Facebook, which made me feel guilty. >>112166 >>112145 People actually like hairy girls? Last time I asked somewhere else, people just told me this is too much. There was this girl in high school that was quite hairy too and I still found her very pretty. She even had a moustache. >>110989 >plus I have one as well as male you mean you have that nose or that it's also your ideal nose type on males? whatever it was, based
(1.90 MB 2260x1600 b0b2.jpg)
(899.63 KB 1120x1600 b0b3.jpg)
>>112083 >Biologizing sexual preferences >High retardation Sexuality is inherently biological and sexual attractiveness to men is mostly based on indicators of a woman's robust health and fertility (such as big "water balloon" tits). Not sure if you're a low-test man or a chestlet woman on strong cope-mode. >That woman is a butterface Strong disagree, her big pupiled eyes and slightly bushy eyebrows do something for me. >and the only reason you saved is because of her ridiculous water-balloon tits you monky Yes, I love big tits, how could you tell? >(bet you're the one obsessing about cows and obesity porn in /leftytrash/). How the hell is >>112079 "obese" or a "cow" to you? That fucking tit-to-waist ratio is literally Hentai-tier. Her waist is tiny compared to her huge fucking tits, and barely more than a flat stomach even without factoring her tits into the equation. In what universe is that body considered obese?
>>112099 >What kind of a question is that? >Most people care about more than size. But size is the most important though, yes? Aren't the women with the biggest tits the ones that receive the most attention from guys? Or am I wrong? >Yes, and if you think D cup isn't big you already have a big problem. How do I have a big problem if I think D cup isn't big? Explain please.
(16.98 KB 223x270 751913bb.jpg)
(397.33 KB 1024x836 b.jpg)
anyways here have 'em
>>112180 facial hair would be nasty, but the whispy body hair girls have makes muh dick diamonds
>>112166 >cutting OHNONONONONO
>>112188 >Oh no :( ftfy
>>112170 RIP me NAME?? She looks central / northeast asian (which is my weakness). I'm guessing of Russian nationality?
(414.93 KB 810x1080 A9shgmfefUI.jpg)
(112.48 KB 1080x720 bSPZiQcRtW8.jpg)
>>112174 In that pic, she does look extremely hot. In most pics, it's clear that she's actually flabby. That's fine IRL and in porn, you know in motion, but in pics... >>112180 Like the other anon said, facial hair is gross but body hair? It's hot if the girl is hot enough for it, if she's not it's not hot but not a turn-off either for me unless there's just too much of it. How much counts as too much depends on a lot of other factors, though. >>112182 >But size is the most important though, yes? No. This is literally the first time in my life that I've heard anyone unironically suggest that size is the most important thing about breasts. >Or am I wrong? Yes. It probably depends on where you live, but where I'm from only boys in middle school and old perverts are obsessed with big breasts. All guys will be like "OH WOW SHE'S GOT BIG TIDDIES" if they see a woman with D-cup or bigger, but if they're saggy it's "ew, she has granny tits". >How do I have a big problem if I think D cup isn't big? Because it's objectively big. Most women don't have D-cup. You can cite statistics that claims in Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway the average is larger than D, but it's self-reported data with a small sample size and they're countries where implants are common (you can find statistics telling you that as well), so it's not exactly indicative of the actual majority. Now, is D considered average in some countries of the world? Probably, same way dicks that are absolutely humongous in some countries are considered average in others, but in most of the world D-cup is by far larger than average, even in countries where a significant percentage of women get implants. >>112188 That she used to cut is sad, but she's overcome it. There shouldn't be shame in having scars. >>112208 Her name is Katya and she's Chinese-Russian, sorry but I'll leave it at that because I don't want one of you autists to scare her into making her social medias private.
(52.00 KB 500x484 laughing-bolshevik-girls.jpg)
>>112224 >but I'll leave it at that because I don't want one of you autists to scare her into making her social medias private. Wow, rude. All I was interested was her ethnicity (and thanks for that, I've got it from here). You're the one actually stalking and sharing (surely unwarranted) pics of these women from their social media profiles on what I can only assume to be from inside the social network walled gardens, so the quote above is actually more of a projection on your part (and you take this giant-ass hetero circlejerk of a thread a bit too seriously, frankly. If you're not in the midst of dating any of these chicks you're no different from the average coomer).
>>112125 she's a falangist
(120.23 KB 1080x1080 1mDc10n.jpg)
(253.60 KB 1080x1340 cfVzsY2.jpg)
(67.94 KB 1080x1080 Cz4Q5Jl.jpg)
>>112233 >Wow, rude. I didn't even call you an autist, I said "one of you" mostly meaning lurkers. Those of us who post ITT are presumably not going to even try to interact with these women in any way, but the same can't necessarily be said about lurkers. I bet there's some teenager who doesn't even know how to reverse image search and salivates as he waits for usernames to be dropped so that he can message them like "hey bby im a nice guy let me sit on ur face btw u do anal". >thanks for that No problem. >stalking If you want to think of it as stalking, that's fine since you will think whatever you will think, but by the legal and common social definitions it's not stalking. >sharing (surely unwarranted) pics Well, that's what this thread is for... >social network walled gardens With one exception (who's a professional model), all the women (whose social medias I know) I've posted have public profiles. You shouldn't have a hard time finding this Katya's social medias, but my point is I don't want to literally post her full name or usernames since some asshole teenager lurking ITT could harass her. >too seriously That's pretty subjective, isn't it? I don't think I'm taking anything that seriously ITT, so if it seems like I'm taking it seriously, maybe that means I have a different definition of what's serious and what's not from you. >you're no different from the average coomer I never claimed to be, and I'd think it'd be better to call these threads "coomer threads". We're all cooming here!
(1.33 MB 2448x3158 alt-subslut1.jpg)
>>112242 Okay, truce.
(309.63 KB 1620x2082 alt-subslut3.jpg)
(318.61 KB 1620x2099 alt-subslut4.jpg)
(523.77 KB 1620x2083 alt-subslut5.jpg)
>>112248 Slut recognize slut Now put five sharpies in your butthole, for communism.
>>112251 I-i don't own any sharpies...
(376.73 KB 1682x2085 alt-subslut9.jpg)
>>112252 Then do the same for any phallic object or objects of comparable girth in your possession. I'm not going to ask again.
>>112253 is this shaytan? maybe he does have a dumptruck after all
>>112256 No, it's their long-lost twin-sister
(20.69 KB 672x434 76c.jpg)
>>112253 she's literally me
(84.38 KB 723x720 Anime_Traps.jpg)
>>112292 whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??????????
There are two tik tokers I've been tempted to pay their only fans. I mean, I can afford it, but, IDK... doesn't feel right. And after I fap I'll just stop being horny. So even if I fap every time to their porn, that would still be something like 2.50 dollars per fap, Or 5 dollars per fap if I buy both........... JUST GIVE ME THE PORN FOR FREE FUCKING FUCK
>>112339 >paying for porn or sexual content EVER Thats why these bpd women are becoming narcissists. If men stop paying for parasocial relationships and onlyfans content, and instead pirate said onlyfans content, these women would wouldn't have such high egos. STOP IT.
(108.16 KB 736x920 bestdressed2.jpeg)
bestdressed on youtube has some good takes and is hella cute
>>112478 >muh women I was talking about men, but sure, my individualist action will save "the women race" lol
>>112247 >>112251 >>112253 Damn... >>112339 I wouldn't, but only you can decide whether or not to buy their porn. If you really think it's worth it, well, (I hope) no one's stopping you. No one else can tell you whether it's worth it or not, you know? Maybe if they make some kind of extremely niche fetish stuff that you've always dreamt of existing but that never existed before those two made it, it'd probably be worth it for you even if no one else would get it. >>112509 She really is extremely cute! Seems like a genuinely chill person, too, or at least that's my first impression based on the Q&A video.
(970.96 KB 1859x2376 INGUSHDina_resize_resize.jpg)
(939.05 KB 1700x2378 1b04005cfe6bedd3e271ab8f6414f306.jpg)
Someone else already posted a collage of thumbnails in the previous thread, but thumbnails don't do justice to how gorgeous these two are.
(225.56 KB 1080x1058 1599175392782.jpg)
(79.05 KB 1080x1080 1599092378559.jpg)
(728.72 KB 2316x3088 3qhpkq7ojr851.jpg)
reposting because didn't see other thread is bumplocked... Maybe I'm just too spooked, but I hate the fact that I REALLY like white women. Like holy shit, everytime I see a blonde and blue eyed Aryan queen I wanna give myself a facial reconstruction with a twelve gauge because I know, deep in my heart as a squat unattractive autistic Latino I'm basically fucking doomed from the git like a goat in the temple It also just feels weird, I feel like I should like Hispanic girls more (and I do) but goddamn I love white wymmyn. I'll be a wizard in ~5 years. It's not fair bros...Unironically considering suicide since I'm a burger and my country is quickly going to turboshit. Girl in first pic looks a lot like a girl I was friends with in HS. Think about them a lot, mostly because I had a huge crush on them and never said anything (how could I?) and because I'm truly, genuinely lonely and miss having someone to talk to. Get me off this cursed Earth. Gyms are closed so I can't even gymcel the emotional pain and sexual frustratiom away.
>>112569 It's cultural conditioning due to Hollywood and other stuff. Euro-centric beauty standards don't make sense in say India yet skin-whitening cream flies off the shelves there for literally no reason. All I can say is that having been around the ebin white wymmen my entire life that it's not worth it. Ty to think of the most spoiled person you know in your entire life and multiply that a hundred times over. However much you appreciate physical beauty it's not enough to offset their truly abhorrent personality. And I'm not even that young so I can only imagine that future generations with their onlyfans or instagram or whatever have only gotten worse.
>>112569 >I hate the fact that I REALLY like white women Well, the mixing has to happen both ways in a true melting pot... and it's cringe to think in terms of "white" and "non-white" anyway, they're terms of convenience that would have become useless in most societies if people didn't cling to them. The fact that they're still used (and are becoming more widely used even in Europe) is honestly depressing since it proves that most people will rather embrace the pseudoscientific concept of race than associate with or even tolerate people who look different from them. We could as societies be focusing on uniting the citizens of our countries, reversing the increase in class divides, etc. but no, instead we focus on who's white and who's not. Fucking hell. Anyway, even if you were a blue-eyed blond yourself and had a preference for blue-eyed blondes, I'd argue that's not bad as long as you acknowledge that it's a preference and that it's subjective, as in it's your preference and that others having other preferences is just as valid. If you start telling others that blue-eyed blondes are objectively most attractive, then you have a problem. It's also a problem if you connect your preference to some kind of right-wing/purist ideology, but if it's a purely aesthetic preference that you have no control over... well, you can't choose whether you're straight or gay or whatever and you can't choose your preferences; you can influence them to some degree, but you shouldn't shame yourself for having them just like you shouldn't shame yourself if you were gay. Personally, my preference is definitely dark hair and dark eyes, in addition to certain facial features that are probably obvious from a lot of the girls I'm posting, but that doesn't mean I'm not also attracted to straight-up blue-eyed blondes or whatever. It's just that I tend to not find blue-eyed blondes as attractive overall. It's perfectly fine to have preferences, including regarding physical appearance. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably harbouring preferences they're deeply insecure about. Now, if you were like "my wife must have pure Germanic genes and both her parents and GRANDparents must have blue eyes", that'd be really fucky and getting actually inexcusable imho. It's all about how you think about it and how you want them to think about it; if you think like "I want to find a woman who will give me white children" or "I want to find a woman who'll brag about how she BLEACHED generations of Latinos by having children with me", that's seriously fucked. If you'd be willing to make harmful compromises just so that you could be with a white woman, that'd be fucked. What I'm trying to say, in case it's not clear, is that as long as it's just an "aesthetic" preference and not a right-wing larp, it's fine. Like, as you can see, some of the girls I'm currently posting are wearing traditional clothing, but does that mean I support traditionalism? Obviously not, that's the same kind of illogical logic as that "not having a dog means you're gay" meme. >blonde and blue eyed Aryan Mate, what the fuck? Stop calling white people Aryans. Only literal Nazis do that. It's not one of those words that can be "reappropriated" as an inoffensive term of reference to white people because it never referred to white people until the Nazis decided it did. Using it to refer to white people delegitimises its usage by the Indo-Iranian peoples it originally referred to, some of whom still use it to refer to themselves. >as a squat unattractive autistic Latino >I'm a burger At least you live in a huge country with a lot of people...
(65.84 KB 335x400 Che Guevara.jpg)
>>112569 I didn't know I was attracted to latinos until I met and fucked one (I'm not a burger so I don't often have the opportunity). I miss him ever since. Good luck anon, go meet some girls, people and tastes changes with experiences. I'm now actually simping the che (for political reasons of course).
(126.03 KB 1000x1500 865_1000.jpg)
(410.00 KB 1000x854 2209F44A5582555C05D67F.jpg)
>>112537 Third pic takes my breath. Such perfection! >>112623 Nice to know that a latino stole your hearth (an mind) anon. Fucking che, so many leftists died in his vain attempts of Revolution in Bolivia, and later in all Latin America following that disastrous focoism.
What the fuck is this thread? You guys really need to start leaving your house more often...
>>112656 >Fucking che, so many leftists died in his vain attempts of Revolution in Bolivia, and later in all Latin America following that disastrous focoism. wait what
(2.85 MB 4200x2800 i4vDPxj.jpg)
(382.12 KB 1750x2882 1597677524479.jpg)
(131.20 KB 1080x1350 1582657184431.jpg)
>>112612 The Aryan thing is just really bleak sarcasm. The current climate in the US has been so toxic I can't help make light of the fact that Nazism is gradually becoming an acceptable position among a country that fought literal Nazis at one point. For me, it really is just a preference, but I'm always unsettled by the fact that US spooks probably had something to do with that preference. Oddly enough, I grew up around all Latinos so I hardly ever ran into any white people, so maybe I was just born this way. >>112623 Coronavirus pretty much ruined everything. I really wanted to try to get myself together this year. I'm only five years away from wizard powers goddamnit, I need to do something before it's too late....
>>112656 >Third pic takes my breath. Such perfection! Yeah, endless boners and tfw no big tiddy Indian gf are encapsulated by that pic. >>112657 >What the fuck is this thread? A thread where we post pictures of people we find attractive, evidently mostly women. >You guys really need to start leaving your house more often... You're speaking as if we weren't in the midst of a pandemic... If your implication is that we need to find some random chick and get laid, at least I wouldn't want to have meaningless sex even if it was an option. Of course I dream of marrying a beautiful woman who has similar political views to me, but if such a woman exists, she's better off marrying someone else because I'd make her unhappy. >>112671 >The current climate in the US has been so toxic Oh, yeah, it really seems like that. Some of the Americans I know are considering leaving the country as soon as corona is over, and I can see why. I can't help but worry that it'll accelerate fascism if everyone flees, though. I've thought about whether I'd leave my country if I was rich enough to move somewhere else, and honestly I don't know. It's not as bad as the US yet, but it's inevitable at this rate... fuck the way the world is going. >among a country that fought literal Nazis at one point I think it's mostly because the Soviet Union and other communist states continued to exist as a threat to democracy and capitalism after the war, while fascist states stopped being fascist (at least nominally). The cringiest thing is that if anti-communist countries had focused on democracy rather than capitalism, it might not have turned out like this. Of course, the reason is that they didn't actually care about democracy and just wanted access to exploitable resources and (borderline) slave labour, but fucking hell... not that democracy is flawless, it's what put Trump and Bolsonaro and Erdoğan and Orbán and others like them in power, but dumb populism wouldn't work if the people were educated to see past bullshit like that. >I grew up around all Latinos so I hardly ever ran into any white people Well, that might explain it all. People tend to find things (and people) that are "exotic" more interesting, alluring, attractive, etc. than the "norm", even if the "norm" changes. I'm from a fairly diverse part of an otherwise homogenous country. Growing up, I saw different people but was always told by my dad to stay away from people who looked certain ways, wore certain kinds of clothing, had certain kinds of accents, etc. and that definitely contributed to my development in several ways. With time I've become more and more attracted to all those groups of people my dad hates, and while I've learned that some of the stereotypes he told me are unfortunately true, it only makes me sympathise with minorities rather than hate them. For example, a lot of Romani are criminals but it's not because "it's in their blood" but because society literally doesn't allow them in regular jobs except maybe if they hide the fact that they're Romani... So, if you never even saw many white women growing up, that would make you think of seeing them as a "rare treat" and would probably develop lower standards when it comes to white women than Hispanic women, leading to the development of at least a statistical preference for white women. I don't know if you have only a statistical preference or if it's more than that, and while it's definitely possible that the whole fetishisation of blondes played a part in it, that doesn't mean it's bad to have that preference. It doesn't sound like you'd be willing to throw away your ideological and moral principles to fuck a white supremacist or something, so you should be fine. Questioning why you have preferences is good, too, and figuring out you weren't born with them doesn't mean they're any less valid. We come out of the womb as a blank slate (at least more or less) and we'll continue developing throughout our lives, hopefully becoming better people. Also, that girl in the first pic you posted is really cute.
>>112685 😂💖 >inb4 reeeee emoji reeeee
(1.12 MB 1080x1920 1564618263612.jpg)
(1.90 MB 2448x3264 1564624555402.jpg)
>>112684 Well definitely not happening for either of you if you keep making posts like these.
>>112663 The revolution in Bolivia (unauthorized by the Bolivian Communist Party), the revolution in Argentina (In his local city, crushed by the army), in Peru (the ELN), I don't know much about the guerrilla movement in Brazil, I think it's more close to Uruguay idk. In central america had a better outcome, sadly only Nicaragua succeeded (literally, the only country were it was successful, mention another one in Latin America). >>112685 Kek, I love that video.
>>112671 >Mary Elizabeth Winstead Good taste
(172.85 KB 1009x1259 Why I lift 0.jpg)
>>112688 Based. Another anon with good taste. Big tit connosieurs know what's up. Real recognize real.
>>112763 Big ass - small tits duo is what you actually gravitate to if you don't have low-T
>>112779 >what kind of retarded pos- >oh I'm in the simp thread, of course
(394.53 KB 1093x2169 1597707842914.jpg)
(623.02 KB 1080x1349 1597697975463.jpg)
(697.23 KB 1875x2813 1597683883543.jpg)
>>112762 Yeah she's fucking hot. I really like that pic of her >tfw no Winstead gf to hold on cold winter mornings holy shit why am I alive fuck this gay Earth
>>112702 What's not happening? Finding love? It makes no difference what kind of posts we make on Albanian bunker building forums. I wouldn't want a girlfriend (and eventually wife) who'd get mad or jealous because I fap to other women, because I wouldn't get mad or jealous if she had fantasies of other men. It's actual cheating that's wrong. I could go on and say I think polygamy is fine as long as it's functional (but wouldn't practically want it myself), which no woman agrees with except crypto-capitalist larpers who post on Tumblr about social justice but stop caring as soon as they get personal gratification or validation or whatever. And again, like I said, no one could be happy in a relationship with me in the long term. I don't want to go in detail about why, but it's inevitable that sooner or later they'd start to resent me. I wouldn't want short-term relationships, thus all relationships are off the table. >>112763 Sorry, but I can't be called a "big tit connoisseur" as my ultimate preference is big (C or D cup I think) but not huge and definitely not cartoonish. Sure, humongous tiddies like hers are hot, but they're just ridiculous if you look at them when you're not horny.
This thread is pleasant for my eyes and miserable for my soul, I have to live with knowing I will never bask in the glory of hotties itt. Thread needs more attainable Colombian hookers
>>112174 There was at least one other hot pic of this thicc lady, apparently. Maybe I'm mistaking her for some other "thiccie", who was clearly just fat in all pics except one? >>112880 Time to campaign for sexual socialism!
(10.24 KB 247x204 download.jpeg)
>>112880 I would post Colombian hookers but, I would en up shilling prostitution pages.
>>111164 >cause I see chicks kinda looking like this all over the Americas and southern Europe (Iberia, France, Italy). Latinas?
>>111164 I knew a girl like this, she was Nepali. This is like that middle eastern shit. Some latinas kinda look like this, but if I saw this girl I'd immediately think she was some type of Indian or Arab
>>113215 >Arab Remember Rome was a Mediterranean civilization
(309.38 KB 1536x2048 EhwZf9jXsAAiUCv.jpeg)
(283.15 KB 1536x2048 EhwZf9sWAAAyq6C.jpeg)
(354.60 KB 1536x2048 EhxA-c8XYAA6862.jpeg)
New Ashleigh selfies
(11.90 KB 480x474 pikachu doubt.jpg)
>>113254 Wtf, isn't this a sex doll from that anti-gamergate dude? He made stop motions of it and pretended it was his irish wife.
>>113267 sage for samefagging Peter Coffin was his name
>>113267 Ashleigh became a breadtube video essayist. So even if wasn't a sex doll before, she is now.
(410.10 KB 1280x1600 1593415369908.jpg)
I saw this photo on 4/s/ years ago and I stupidly never saved it. I thought I'd lost it forever but a few weeks ago I stumbled upon it so now I know that god is a marxist. A cute petite blonde girl naked on a train? Idk if it gets better.
(100.81 KB 1120x630 isobel yeung.jpg)
>simping women who aren't even real journalists
>>113281 Cute, it's strange considering how thin she is but somehow she looks really "soft" like you could press your finger anywhere on her body and it'd sink at least down to the first joint but she'd just giggle because it tickles. That said, I think she looks like's about to sneeze the N-word with a hard R... Then again, most blondes look like that. In the case of the third girl I'm posting, she looks like she's thinking "is this guy really getting out of bed without even having sex with me because I said we must secure a future for white children? gee, it sure is hard being a wholesome /pol/ tradwaifu in this age of leftist conspiracies" and as a result I can't help but cringe even though she's really beautiful and it's a very seductive-looking pic. >>113306 CUTE!
>>113281 God I wish that were me.
>>113281 The pic looks so comfy. Isn't she really young tho?
>>113337 >Cute, it's strange considering how thin she is but somehow she looks really "soft" like you could press your finger anywhere on her body and it'd sink at least down to the first joint but she'd just giggle because it tickles. I cringed reading this. Please stop with this writing over mere /s/ posting.
>>113356 >I cringed reading this. Good, only through feeling cringe can you learn to stop feeling cringe. Transcend the cringe! >Please stop with this writing over mere /s/ posting. Never. If I stopped making cringy posts, I'd risk becoming cringy in real life.
>>113390 >If I stopped making cringy posts, I'd risk becoming cringy in real life. I'm not sure that makes logical sense...
>>113339 >>112885 >>112806 Eastern Girls really get me hard bruh
>>113268 Peter coffin was never really an anti gamergate guy and his "imaginary" girlfriend he got catfished by some fan was pics from a korean girl and the person doing it pretending to be japanese, not white or irish.
(84.99 KB 564x842 red hair woman.jpg)
>>113281 If you take a train in China, they have "luxury sleeper" cars which have two beds in a private room. Perfect for sexy time with gf https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1RJ411e7zU
This entire thread is basic as fuck. I am here to enrich your tastes.
(76.65 KB 1024x685 17457313-21946051.jpg)
>>113212 >>113215 >Some latinas kinda look like this, but if I saw this girl I'd immediately think she was some type of Indian or Arab Latinos have different degrees of Indian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, etc. ancestry. They don't all look the same, but that's why there's so many Latinos who look like people from all of those places as well. So yeah, you can find women who look like that in Latin America easily, I'd say. >>112569 I hate that I really like white men too. I think I just like pale guys in general, but usually (probably due to the media I consume) I find myself attracted to Japanese guys and white/Jewish Americans. I'm capable of liking people of any skin color, but this pale guy thing is my fetish, and funnily enough the kind of pale guy I like tends to be considered unattractive in the society they belong to. On the one hand, I'm worried about being racist for having that preference (since I worry a lot about things concerning race, and even biology, being used by fascists to justify themselves). On the other hand I'm afraid of fetishizing a certain kind of people and seeing them as nothing more than sex objects. >>112623 I unironically simp for him. In general, I find revolutionaries considerably more attractive than the average person, both men and women. But he really was hot, wasn't he? >>112224 >>112166 >That she used to cut is sad, but she's overcome it. There shouldn't be shame in having scars. My ex used to cut, even when we were together the first time. Afterwards when we dated again for a while, I thought his old scars, which looked like that, were a bit nostalgic and kinda sexy. Is that fucked up?
Anyone here attracted to the Tantot twins?
(131.99 KB 1048x898 1575035404584.jpg)
(111.31 KB 640x640 1576128535466.jpg)
>>113393 It's called compartmentalisation. As long as I'm cringy online, I'm not cringy in real life. Obviously it doesn't work 100%, but when I tried not to be cringy online, I definitely acted much cringier in real life. >>113472 Now that's a look that could be used to define the word "seductive". >>113488 Third one is beautiful, also a rare example of a woman short hair actually suits. >>113498 >I'm worried about being racist for having that preference Having sexual preferences regarding people's appearance doesn't make you racist. It can become colourist is if you inherently tie people's skin colour to their sexual attractiveness and then their sexual attractiveness to their worth, but even then it wouldn't be the same as simply tying people's skin colour to their worth; in practice it'd likely manifest in similar ways, but the mindset would still be different enough that I wouldn't think it counts as colourism but rather lookism influenced by colourism. The reason I said "colour" and "colourism" is that you said you have a preference for pale skin, not "whiteness". Even in the worst case, where you'd tie people's worth to it, it wouldn't be racist; it'd be colourist. Pale skin has always been considered attractive in much of Asia, too, and trying to connect that to some innate desire for "whiteness" is a literal Nazi idea. Now, if it was preference for some loosely defined "white features" or "Asian features" or whatever, that'd arguably be racist since you'd internalise the pseudoscientific concept of race even if only for reasons of aesthetic categorisation... but if you didn't connect it to their value as people, it'd be just an aesthetic subjective sexual preference. I get that in America race can be argued to be an actual thing, at least when talking about people who no longer identify with their ancestral ethnicities, but the whole world isn't America. Unfortunately it is true that increasingly more people at least in the west internalise race as a "biological reality", rejecting scientific consensus due to American influence... but just because people accept something as real doesn't mean it is real, let alone that it's good. I'm not saying "racism isn't a factor in sexuality" because it can be, but if you acknowledge that the concept of race itself is pseudoscientific (as it has been proven to be), you're not going to have racist sexual preferences in any practically meaningful way. If you explicitly racialise your preferences and think in terms of "would it be racemixing?", that's how racist preferences are born. If you just think "I like [features]" without connecting them to "race" for the purposes of "compatibility" or whatever, then that's not racist by any means and you shouldn't worry about it or you'll only repress yourself. >I'm afraid of fetishizing a certain kind of people and seeing them as nothing more than sex objects The solution is literally to just see them as more than sex objects... which I'm pretty sure you already do, since you're concerned about it. If you don't see them as just sex objects now, you won't suddenly wake up one day and realise that you've come to completely disregard their humanity and only view them as nothing morethan sex objects. If that did happen, you'd have bigger issues. >Is that fucked up? No, as long as you don't encourage people to cut so that they'd become sexier to you. Obviously that would be really fucked up. I still wouldn't kink-shame people for cutting fetishes, though, as long as they did it (reasonably) safely and consensually in the sexual context... but that's an entirely different thing, though. >>113514 I'd never heard of them before, but HOLY SHIT MY FUCKING DICK. I know what I'll be fapping to in a moment.
>Pale skin has always been considered attractive in much of Asia, too This is shitty classism. Dark skin is associated with those that have to work. The upper levels don't have to go to the fields to do labour.
Is it okay to simp for those IDF Zionist chicks?
>>113649 >>113653 cum on goys, you don't want to lick those feet?
You are all gross.
>>113254 Can you spoiler them if you post any more please anon. Sick of seeing Ashleigh's tits. Thank you.
(121.52 KB 1080x1080 214407178.jpg)
(561.10 KB 1061x1280 295805143.jpg)
>>113646 True, it originated at least in part from that but it remains to this day even where that no longer applies in practice. I know it still is to varying degrees a practical reality in poor countries and rural areas, but elsewhere the rationale isn't the same anymore. Still influenced by it, sure, but "lol they're poor and work in the fields" isn't going to be the reason for pale skin preference in urban areas of wealthy countries. If still tied to people's worth, at this point it's just baseless colourism. If it's not tied to people's worth, there's no reason for it to be a problem. We can't force people to be attracted to people they're not attracted to, and while it's "unfair" to people the majority considers less attractive for whatever reason, no one is owed sex or love or whatever. It's a difficult subject because there's sometimes actual discrimination at play, but at other times there isn't... I don't know what the solution for more sexual/romantic equality would be, but it isn't to shame people just for having preferences. Anyway, personally I have no one preference regarding skin tone so I have no horse in that race. What gets my dick the hardest is facial features with that kind of "smugness" that's hard to pinpoint... it's not actual smugness, but I'm not sure what other word to use. >>113653 >tfw no qt Palestinian gf who'd stab you for saying "I think peace could be achieved if Jerusalem became an independent city state with a multi-ethnic secular socialist government"
Is anyone else getting spam of SSSniperwolf videos in their recommendations? It's fucking annoying seeing her all over the screen
>>113681 Get the add-on to remove NSAtube recommendations.
>>113689 That being?
>>113698 Thanks
(1.44 MB sierra.webm)
>>111403 His brother exploits him for YT money
>>113807 Link?
(193.53 KB 759x1024 visser2.jpg)
(317.98 KB 803x1000 Palsyte.jpg)
(237.89 KB 936x1361 klishina.jpg)
damn we're missing the Olympics this year guys :(
(180.81 KB 1200x953 fidel smoke.jpg)
(33.87 KB 640x430 fidel grin.jpg)
(20.68 KB 329x444 in the field.jpg)
>>112623 >>113498 Che or fidel tho?
>>113658 at least it's not /pol/ or we'd be simping you
(102.17 KB 487x693 008.jpg)
(107.08 KB 465x743 005.jpg)
(80.34 KB 960x1280 044.jpg)
>>111618 >>111614 >>112139 >>112648 >>113578 Thread requires more ebony goddesses.
>>113852 >Event designed to show off national pride >Fug id bro, leds paperclip a shitty brand add on top of their clothes so that no one can even tell which country they are from >Tfw humanity is united under the banner of the great Zaibatsu's >>113874 Depends on if you are more of a cousin or uncle magic kinda guy
(22.66 KB 296x296 indoorcorporateolympics.png)
(692.65 KB 1149x1200 shieldbois.png)
(237.67 KB 1200x1536 uhh.png)
>>113922 How much further along the ancapistan pipeline until they add back pederasty? also who the hell is uncle magic?
(239.07 KB 1600x1200 543874047.jpg)
(235.29 KB 1080x1350 1576415481958.jpg)
>>113681 Sometimes, but I only watched a couple of her videos once upon a time and just didn't "get" them. I still have no idea who she is tbh, the shit I can find doesn't really explain. Not gonna lie, though, I think she's hot. >>113786 Damn... >>113852 First one's cute, other two look like dudes to me but there's nothing wrong with that if that's what you're into. >>113920 The first girl is an absolute beauty.
>>113946 pretty sure that second pic is not meant to be lust material have some decency
>>113953 >pretty sure that second pic is not meant to be lust material Neither are 90% of the other pics in this thread. If anything, I'd argue that from a purely visual point of view it's more "lust material" than most; if you didn't understand the writing on their backs, you wouldn't think twice about it being at least borderline erotic. Besides, protesting isn't mutually exclusive with being sexy. The power of sexuality is often underestimated in politics, but it's guaranteed to get attention and getting attention is vital for any political cause. Sure, just fapping to pics of women with anti-våldtäkt slogans written on their backs won't magically eliminate våldtäkt, but I could imagine some would-be-rapist fapping to these pics like "I'M RAPING YOU!!! I'M RAPING YOU!!!" instead of actually raping someone... at least for the time being. >have some decency I do in general, but in threads like this it takes a backseat due to the nature of threads like this. Anyway, here are a few more pics from that photoshoot to help you gauge whether it's "lust material" or not. Unfortunately all the other pics I can find except the first one I posted are watermarked and lower resolution, though...
(82.33 KB 680x1020 niharika-sharma_13558065503.jpg)
(109.68 KB 680x905 niharika-sharma_135555388017.jpg)
(136.61 KB 680x942 niharika-sharma_135555388018.jpg)
>that wordfilter What's the point, especially if "raping" and "rapist" aren't filtered as well? Anyway, here's certified lust material of the woman on the right in those pics to make that anon happy.
>>113953 Wait is våldtäkt filtered?
>>114017 LOL fucking why
(352.94 KB 1392x1329 Kim_Kum-ok.JPG)
>>113922 In this age of Zaibatsu dominance, there is one state which has not submitted and upholds the Soviet style uniform Even Cuban athletes have those corporate logos
>>114051 That hairstyle in the first pic... Damn, I wish more men had hair like that nowadays
Any Trans anon can post some pics ? Only amateur transwomen pictures who took pics for me can get me hard
I’m a millennial and am getting old af now, yet I’ve just started to realize after watching some hottie zoomer teens on social media my tastes aren’t maturing and I still like young chicks. Meanwhile I get older and uglier and less likely to get any girl that age. What kind of cruel joke is this, why has nature cursed me with this static sexual drive? Is this how people end up as old creeps and pedos? What do bros?
>>114307 Find yourself a girl that likes older men, they exist all the same as girls who are chubbychasers.
(416.35 KB 1836x1837 Eg4p6tEU8AAnG0D.jpeg)
Sauce: https://mobile.twitter.com/PennyRed?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor I don't really like Laurie Penny. The word "insufferable" seems meant for her and yet, when I look at the picture, I don't feel like that. It feels like something is melting inside me.
>>114307 If you're in late 20s/early 30s the 21-23 year old girls WANT you.You could go younger but let's be honest, the 18 or 19 yr olds are insufferable and it could be a little weird buying them alcohol.
>ywn experience pure innocent teenage love with a qt wtf bros this just isnt fair at all, this thread is making me suicidal, i cant cope with this anymore
>>114338 >pure >innocent >Implying teenage love is automatically either of those things You know innocence isn't a number where past a certain age you stop being innocent, right? Its a state of mind. You could be sheltered by your parents till you're in your thirties, without ever having experienced romantic love or sex prior to that. You'd be older when meeting your first love, yes, but the experience would still be just as innocent for you as it would be for someone who has just reached the age of consent. On the other hand you could come from a family of perverts where you knew about sex long before you ended up having it and you'd already developed several hardcore fetishes from watching porn that you would want to try out with your partner. That doesn't sound like its either pure or innocent, but you'd be a teenager with a potentially qt gf that for now loves you.
>>114313 I'm in my early 20s and I find late 20s/early 30s men too old for my taste, and kinda creepy when they hit on me.
ITT: baboons >>114312 >It feels like something is melting inside me Pooped your pants maybe?
Trans women might be up for that.
(137.58 KB 667x1000 5276486092.jpg)
(39.93 KB 566x607 20293880543-0.jpg)
(138.77 KB 685x1023 40893043733_46c48f83f2_b.jpg)
>>114307 I'm in a similar boat, I'd say most men are since it's biologically hardwired into us. I won't bring up older studies that put the age lower as they've been deprecated by more recent research, but the latest research indicates the age men of all ages find the most attractive is 20. Personally I do think I find 20-year-olds the most attractive in general, and actually just a few days ago I was feeling down about that because my biological clock is ticking in spite of my decision to never pursue relationships. Nothing I can do about it, nothing you can do about it. As we get older, we get more and more "irrational" in our attraction to young girls and feel like it's wrong, even though it's just biology: even if we make a decision to never have children, our bodies don't care and will increasingly turn against us as the impregnation train speeds farther away. We can't undo evolution, which is what has made us want to impregnate someone at peak fertility, no matter how solid our reasons to not want that and how hard we try to not be attracted to girls considered by modern society to be too young for us. Someone at 20 is much more likely to get pregnant than someone at 30, and someone at 30 is much more likely to get pregnant than someone at 40. That's what determines the biological aspect of the attraction. There are also societal factors leading us to find young girls more attractive: they're more likely to be open about their sexuality, dress in revealing clothes, act in a sexualised manner publicly, and so on, and the media is constantly using sexualised teens as a carrot in advertising and such. For us, biologically it makes no difference if she's 15 or 20, and often models in ads are somewhere in between those ages. The legal ambiguity, not knowing whether she's legal or not, is a kind of forbidden fruit set up by society. It's also part of why the age of consent is often lower than the legal age for porn. There's a capitalistic motivation behind it, in addition to judicial opportunism. If people were allowed to freely form relationships of any kind with whom they want without risking shame or arrest, the status quo of modern civilisation would change and the power structures would shift to be more equal. Obviously those in power don't want that, and controlling the youth is one of their ways to ensure their own sustenance in the future. An artificial separation between age groups is being created, growing more and more as time passes. In less "civilised" societies, a 20-year-old girl marrying a 40-year-old man is often not considered weird, but in a couple of decades it will be as they become "modernised" too. Many societies used to practise marriage at menarche or even earlier, often those barely pubescent girls being married to men old enough to be their fathers. It's still common in certain countries, even ones that are technologically modernised like India and Iran... I personally think it's fucked up for a 10-year-old or such to marry anyone, but the UN definition of "child" as anyone under 18 with the intention of enforcing a clean artificial separation between "children" and "adults" is bullshit. You don't magically become an adult when you turn 18, and it used to be universally acknowledged that childhood and adulthood are on a spectrum. Not anymore. Even some old people are starting to think of 17-year-olds as the same as toddlers, and society is intentionally infantilising teenagers while also sexualising them, a kind of carrot and stick where both the infantilisation and sexualisation are carrots for teens but sticks for anyone older than them. Teens are the most profitable demographic, so by separating them from "adults" for as long as possible, profits are maximised. Society needs to accept "naturalism" in all of its range, or things will only get worse. It frustrates me that so many leftists are starting to get just as much in denial about "naturalism" as far-right morons, letting the UN or their country's government or whomever dictate how they should feel and suppressing their own selves. Of course, "naturalism" is not to be upheld as the sole standard upon which society is built, but for it to be increasingly actively rejected by essentially the entire political spectrum. Getting back to what you actually said, at least I find solace in the fact that I wouldn't have a chance with them anyway and I'd only make them miserable in the long term. If you actually have some hope and can't remind yourself of a relationship-ruining flaw in yourself, it's probably even worse. I'm sorry.
(90.03 KB 769x1024 1543682987254.jpg)
(220.36 KB 560x920 1573268130168.jpg)
(294.02 KB 952x1194 1573360944595.jpg)
>>114359 >but for it to be increasingly actively rejected by essentially the entire political spectrum. Meant to type ... at the end instead of just one full stop.
(51.57 KB 720x960 1574193345205.jpg)
(277.57 KB 1365x2048 1576214869327.jpg)
(93.58 KB 683x1024 1576299088391.jpg)
>>114347 Not saying all do, but there are many who do. It's not super hard to see why. Older guys are more experienced, reasonable, and last longer.
(495.88 KB 2400x1600 201307311647111341-2089977.jpg)
(108.40 KB 682x1024 B-jPyTdCAAAmpjB.jpg)
(191.92 KB 1080x1355 D2sD8QkW0AAVvzM.jpg large.jpg)
>>114368 >more experienced tfw never even hugged
(188.83 KB 1600x1227 dsc_03072.jpg)
There's shit and blood in the second pic, so if you don't want to see that, don't open it. It's that famous anti-ISIS protest pic, I'm posting it because to me it's really hot and I've fapped to it probably a dozen times. >inb4 fapping to it is weird
>>114347 (me) >>114368 I was with a 28yo guy and he was basically a virgin, very sweet but naive and kinda uncomfortable with sex.
>>114349 >ITT: baboons Is that you? Baboonposter??? Where have you been? Have you been on holiday?
(489.61 KB 2000x3000 1576462703570.jpg)
>>114374 Sorry if this is an offensive question, but why is it that women seemingly always want men who've been with at least one other woman before? Why is it offputting to have to teach a man sexually or to get him to come out of his shell? I've never understood it. It's so deeply ingrained in society, but it can't be biological since it's not universally the norm in all societies at all times, and it also can't be derived from religion because all the major religions consider promiscuity bad regardless of sex/gender. It seems to me like the farther to the left and more progressive you go, the more women are repulsed by male virginity, which is incredibly backwards and makes no sense. Men usually prefer virgins, so why is it the polar opposite for women? Personally I wouldn't care if a woman I fell in love with had fucked dozens of men as long as she didn't fuck dozens of men if she married me, but I'm certain she'd dump me as soon as I told her I'm a virgin so it's a moot point. I'd prefer a virgin, though, that way all the sexual things we'd try would be new to both of us and that'd be romantic in a way... but only religious conservatives get married as virgins anymore, and they already get engaged at like 13-15 and marry at 18 so it's not like I could find a 20-year-old religious conservative girl and turn her into a leftist or something. Not that a 20-year-old would want to be with me in any case, or anyone since I'm ugly, fat, my health isn't the greatest and so on, but even theoretically speaking. Of course I don't expect you to have all the answers, you can't speak for anyone except yourself and maybe somewhat generalising... I just had to vent because it's something that, as I'm getting older and more left-wing, I feel increasingly confused and frustrated by. But if you can maybe explain the rationale and don't feel like it's too personal or anything, I'd love to hear it because I'm absolutely baffled by it. >inb4 you're actually a gay guy In that case, sorry, I assumed otherwise from your posts being replies to saying that about women.
(1.80 MB 3000x2000 A09.jpg)
(57.73 KB 666x1000 [email protected]_V1_.jpg)
(177.69 KB 1080x1920 gungirl.jpg)
Leftist+Girl+Gun = ETERNAL COOM
>>114401 because women want to cum too. that's about the extent of my philosophy.
(5.81 KB 225x225 stalin.jpg)
>>114411 >girl idk I need to inspect first
>>114411 dont see anything leftist there
>>114474 Well, she does look trans tbqh senpai, but when has that stopped anyone from simping?
(34.54 KB 639x960 Myanmar-Hnin-Thway-Yu-Aung.jpg)
(119.63 KB 1048x786 mylatinabride13.jpg)
>>114473 Okay, but why can't you teach a man to do the things that make you cum? You'd have to at least tell him what you're into and what you're not into anyway, though? I've heard there's a lot more individual variation between the things women get off from than men, but even if that's bullshit and there's some secret magic trick to make every woman cum, why not teach it to men? It's not some esoteric "female eyes only" knowledge, is it, so what's the big deal? If it was (only or mostly) conservatives who have that perspective, maybe I'd understand it since the rationale could be that it's contrary to traditional gender roles for a woman to have "power" over a man like that, but that's clearly not it. Maybe I'm severely underestimating the difficulty of making a woman cum, maybe it is basically an arcane technique that a man must fuck a dozen women to unlock or something... but even so, couldn't he just fuck the same woman a dozen times to learn it? If couples have a lot of sex in the beginning in any case, wouldn't the odds of him learning to give her an orgasm only grow with each time they have sex? Or is it that the first time must lead to an orgasm or he's basically not man enough? But aren't all women virgins at some point, too, even if they're likely to lose their virginity before 15 nowadays? I refuse to believe that a 15-year-old girl losing her virginity thinks "the guy must have fucked at least one other girl before", that isn't a realistic expectation at that age. I know guys lie about it, but is lying really a necessity to get laid even as an adult if you're a virgin? Again, sorry for the questions. I know I sound like a literal autist, and I will admit it's something that has been suspected by doctors but it was declared that I'm not actually autistic.
>>114308 Hm >>114359 The age of consent might be lowered. For many guys not having a car, real job and house by 23 became alienated by their female contemporaries as their female contemporaries compared them to their boomer fathers and uncles: I GOT MINE! YOUR UNCLES GOT THEIRS! ASK YOUR MUM! Of course, there would be disgust by the public and if they cant find ways to restore and preserve fertility as well as expending life they may resort to reducing the age of consent. Those girls marrying much older men you talk about are virgins anyway its not like they date older men in the first place. >>114401 This experience first attitude had cascaded to boomer HR too (le experience). Aside from that and if I can recall correctly it was something to do with "awkwardness" that "the guy doesnt know what to do" kind of thing. Maybe its a form of perfectionism, maybe its a form of contradiction, maybe its a refusal for perceived "compromise" of satisfaction for them. I would not be surprised if for most chicks it was a form of idealism (common definition). >>114528 There tends to be idealism among the common chicks and projecting "I has standards. LOL".
>>114411 This ass is perfect
(99.55 KB 877x1267 perfect.jpg)
Find a woman that is sexier than her. Protip: you can't.
>>114578 It doesn't look as big in her videos. It does look nice enough to spank though. https://twitter.com/tacticoolgf/status/1246977829658447873?s=20
>>114583 sexy is in the eye of the beholder, I do not find this female attractive, because I find non-materialistic things sexy. Like KNOWLEDGE, in fact, I find these 7 bookshelves I just installed in my room to be the sexiest thing I have ever fucked.
(69.18 KB 1024x768 1600607266285.jpg)
(45.98 KB 582x596 carnivalousw.jpg)
(178.44 KB 1595x1914 DreamyMillennialGirl.jpg)
Give me fats with hooge tiddies and tight round bellies
(56.90 KB 540x960 1591100499198.jpeg)
(62.07 KB 579x1200 1599798503291-4.jpg)
(161.67 KB 1280x960 1597857249271.jpg)
>>114594 or give me sticcs with also hooge tiddies
(114.94 KB 1044x783 mylatinabride42.jpg)
(637.65 KB 1431x1521 Nuestros_Angeles_de_El_Salvador.jpg)
>>114577 >The age of consent might be lowered. Good luck with that, when countries around the world are raising it to show how "modern" they are. >maybe its a refusal for perceived "compromise" of satisfaction for them I can understand that, but it's still weird. Well, I guess I get it if the only thing considered valuable in a partner is sex since there are bound to be hundreds of men who'd be down to fuck and are certified pussy blasters... so then it'd make sense to not want to have to teach a potential boyfriend anything. With a one-night stand it does make sense, but that could lead to the unfortunate implication that cheating is good since the man is certified "experienced" by being in a relationship...
(55.25 KB 730x732 ob_521f8a_sartre-22.jpg)
>>114401 I'm indeed a girl, and I'll answer for my behalf and try to generalize if possible. I've been mostly with virgins, but for some it was impossible to tell before getting intimate. Depending on the relationship you'll have with a girl (one night stand or something more serious) you don't have to tell her you are a virgin beforehand. The problem isnt the virginity, but the confidence: I feel more comfortable around a guy who knows what he is doing. For example I would rather be with a virgin who communicates, is relaxed and cares for me than a man who slept with a lot of girls and is totally selfish and awkward. Unfortunately confidence often comes with experience so, on average, sex with experienced guys is better than sex with virgins. If I'm looking for a serious relationship it's not even in the ten most important criteria though. And for your appearance, you could still improve by going to the gym and taking care of your skin, hair and clothes, but personality and intelligence above all. Remember that Sartre (picrel) fucked like crazy.
(19.54 KB 500x305 bégaudeau.jpg)
>>114640 (cont because I didn't see your questions) >>114528 >Okay, but why can't you teach a man to do the things that make you cum? You'd have to at least tell him what you're into and what you're not into anyway, though? It's the same for men, some like to have their nipples stimulated, some like different ways of getting oral, some like prostate stimulation, etc. But there are general rules: you have to get a woman wet before penetration, there is an order of actions (generally kiss, touch, oral and penetration, I guess it depends on the culture and the degree of intimacy as well), oral on a VAGINA should be focused on the clitoris. Usually I don't like to talk a lot, I let the guy do his things then I guide him if he isn't doing what I like. >If it was (only or mostly) conservatives who have that perspective, maybe I'd understand it since the rationale could be that it's contrary to traditional gender roles for a woman to have "power" over a man like that, but that's clearly not it. It's just that leftists think they got past it. Gender roles are written so deeply into our psyche that we can't completely get rid of it, even if we try really hard. Knowing they are there mostly as social constructs that can be unlearned is a great first step in the right direction, but it takes time and effort to act beyond them. >Maybe I'm severely underestimating the difficulty of making a woman cum, maybe it is basically an arcane technique that a man must fuck a dozen women to unlock or something... Not really, my 28yo virgin ex got really good at making me cum after a while. Communication was the key and I had no problem teaching him how to do it. >Or is it that the first time must lead to an orgasm or he's basically not man enough? I guess it's cultural (the spooks I talked about earlier), but I don't expect to cum on the first time. Some guys are obsessed about it and feel bad when I didn't cum, but I don't really care. Being in a continuous state of excitement is more interesting for me than cumming. The more you practice sex with someone though, the more you make them cum. >I know guys lie about it, but is lying really a necessity to get laid even as an adult if you're a virgin? Just don't tell you are a virgin until you are in bed. If you have any more questions I'd be glad to answer them.
>>114650 As a fellow sex haver, great posts. In general there is still so much that needs to be done to erase gender roles and the objectification of humans. Just communicate guys she will appreciate it, in every aspect of life you should to communicate more as a general rule tbh. Also exercise
>>114359 >If people were allowed to freely form relationships of any kind with whom they want without risking shame or arrest, the status quo of modern civilisation would change and the power structures would shift to be more equal Lol no. Why do you think young girls get with old guys? it's because they're rich. lowering the age of consent down from 18 will only mean that when economic desperation hits, schoolgirls in poor families will be courted by old men with money, just like in ye olden times. DO not confuse your justification for wanting to have sex with teenagers, with class analysis.
>>114401 >but why is it that women seemingly always want men who've been with at least one other woman before? Why is it offputting to have to teach a man sexually or to get him to come out of his shell? What? I love virgins, but the more relationships I've had (only 4 so far), the more afraid I am of being seen as a slut and undesirable to those virgins. I also worry that the older I get the fewer virgin men of my age available where I live. However, I tried to stop having that fetish because it's unrealistic to want every single guy I become involved with to have no previous experience, it leads to disappointment and jealousy. I've also found that virgins are usually too clingy and go wild after you initiate sexual stuff. Also, there's an advantage to having a boyfriend with experience since most times he will know what he's doing (and I've been able to confirm that in fact, having sex when both of us are inexperienced can make the loss of your virginity an incredibly awkward and disappointing experience). Despite all this, I still prefer virgins, because giving them a positive first sexual experience and teaching them myself how to do some things right is really hot, and they're so fucking cute. But now that I think about it, maybe it's just me. I know for a fact that there are other women out there with similar preferences (I also like older men and chubby guys as well, for example), but we're probably a really small minority and represent the opposite of what most women want.
I'm genuinely planning to get plastic surgery to be more attractive. Maybe a rhinoplasty, and something that can make my eyes more equal (they're a bit unequal). Even though I've had girlfriends before, I feel so ugly, and dating is such a struggle because it feels like I'm always the one chasing and fighting an uphill battle because I was born different. Should I take the looks blackpill /GET/? You're the only people I trust.
>>114871 And how does this relate to the thread, you ask? Well, I wanna be more attractive, so I can be with more attractive people, I guess. It sounds shallow but I have this chauvinistic desire to compete. It's like a mental illness.
(351.29 KB 1536x2048 1598512409770.jpg)
(825.30 KB 1242x923 1543822842728.jpg)
(139.21 KB 1280x960 75fprzi03k731.jpg)
I feel like I'm just doomed to an eternity of simping. I grew up in a dysfunctional family, I'm stuck at home all the time with said family and developed mental problems in middle school that lasted until I was around 21 years old. I was fairly awkward even before I had psychological issues, but the amount of social conditioning I missed out due to growing up around fucked up people on top of the alienating effects of depression during what are your formative years have just left me a pale outline of the person I should have been. I gotta listen to my /pol/tard brother spout his toxic shit all day, I get no respek from the peeps at work, and my parents are just total dead ends. I don't even know where to start anymore. Sometimes it's not even about wanting to fuck like a rabbit to make up for my misspent youth, I just want to say I lived a life when I'm being lowered into the ground. I'm tired of just sitting at home doing nothing. Even with school and work it feels like I should be doing more, experiencing more. It's not about a pretty face. I just want to make memories. I don't have any. How do you do that when you don't even know how to be a person? I've never known what to say, and the vast disparity in shared experiences kind of makes me even less appealing to others in my mind. My online lifting buddies tell me I'm pretty witty but I can't seem to be the same in person. Too inhibited, I guess. Maybe a drink will loosen me up. Maybe I'll just become an alcoholic like my dad. I'm almost 25, it's starting to feel like I'll never be living the kind of life I want. I'm not even sure what I want. I guess it's the emotional intimacy I've felt a need for my entire life, but who would give that to me? I just want to feel like, someone says "Hey, I see you!" or something for once. I feel like a side character in my own life. All I know is that I want a hot bitch to FUCK and ideally love and cherish the rest of the time. I'll probably both die and deadlift nearly 3x my bodyweight (probably at the same time) before I ever have a relationship let alone an IRL friendship, so.....I knew it would be this way for me as a kid. I don't think I would have been surprised to see how I turned out as an adult. I knew. It's still rough though. I'm just going to life a muted life of empty handshakes and porn in between my gay hobbies, I guess. There are worse fates. I could have been born in some hellhole fucked up by US imperialism, without the privilege of jacking off like a wild monkey to the wide expanse of foot fetish porn available on the God given internet. I'm still bummed through it all though. It's not like it matters to me or anyone else. https://youtu.be/ztKNzjgshfY https://youtu.be/UCYjv1W-KyM https://youtu.be/n5rRTDDehLQ
>>114871 >>114872 I feel like plastic surgery is fucked up because it's basically just the ultimate catfish. I think if you plan on NEVER having kids (honestly though, with the way things are going why the fuck would you?) it's OK, but I feel like you should try to get fucking swole first and then decide if plastic surgery is right for you.
>>114874 I will try to look good as naturally as possible (braces to fix up fucked teeth, hairstyle, getting fit) but if that doesn't work then I might as well just try plastic surgery. I also hate my comically narrow shoulders, I look like the guys in the soyjak memes with a body like that, I hope the deltoids traps workout would make things better. Do you think if there was a way genetic engineering could help improve looks, then it'd be more natural (albeit inherently artificial) way of looking better compared to plastic surgery?
(203.51 KB 786x784 IMG_20200925_142601.jpg)
>>114873 I've felt a lot of empathy reading your post anon, even though we didn't have the same life at all. The more you fear you'll be awkward around people and don't make a step towards them, the more you delay the memories you could make. I don't know if you are organized, in a party or an union, but you should consider it, not for the girls but just to make some contact. Go for it and don't look back. You are as much a man, an individual, as everyone else. The time you spent with yourself isn't as wasted as you think. There are a lot of introvert, shy and lonely girls out there too.
>>114640 >you don't have to tell her you are a virgin beforehand I guess that's true. >confidence often comes with experience If it's about confidence, then that does make sense. >you could still improve That's also true, but said improvement already requires confindence to pull off... >>114650 Okay, thanks for all the answers! I do feel like I understand this stuff a lot better now, and in a way it's making me consider if I might also be underestimating my own inability and "inherent incompatibility" with any woman because I assume true love requires uncompromisability and perfection from the beginning since it's often claimed "love is sacrifice" or whatever, which I find bullshit considering half of all marriages end in divorce so it's not like love is a magic key to compatibility. >>114856 >Why do you think young girls get with old guys? For as many reasons as there are young girls who get with old guys. Maybe there are certain reasons that are more prevalent, like money, but some do so out of love. And who cares what the reasons are, as long as they're both happy? >it's because they're rich. Not all old guys are rich, though... and if we got to eliminate class distinctions (as much as is realistically possible), there wouldn't be rich old guys anyway. Yet, I'd bet on my left testicle that some young girls would still want to be with older guys. >lowering the age of consent down from 18 In most of the world the age of consent is lower than 18. Even in much of the US it is, assuming that's where you're from. It will be universally raised to 18 sooner or later, which I consider unfortunate because, get this, teens have sex. Both with each other and with people older than them. I don't think there should be laws against that, but obviously there should be laws against våldtäkt and such... which there already are. That said, if a modern age of consent set in stone is necessary, I think it's one of the best it can be where I live. I wouldn't want it to be needlessly lowered, I just don't want it to be raised in some kind of show of "modernity". >DO not confuse your justification for wanting to have sex with teenagers I hate to suggest this, but could you perhaps be projecting? I never said I want to fuck teens myself, and I highly doubt I'd fall in love with one so I wouldn't want to fuck one either... unless I did fall in love with one, but again, that's not very likely for several reasons. Besides, I specifically said I generally find 20-year-olds the most attractive. Sure, they're nonetheless "too young" for me from society's perspective and legally there's zero difference between 16 and 20 where I'm from, but that isn't really the issue. The issue is that laws are being needlessly tightened in the name of "modernisation", a concept based on exploitative capitalism engineered to increase class distinctions. It's not just sex laws, but those are the ones relevant to this discussion. People should be allowed to be with whom they want to be with, sexually and otherwise. It would reduce exploitativeness in relationships since they wouldn't have to be kept secret no matter what kind of relationships they are. Emphasise consent and cut all the unnecessary restrictions put there for "moral" or "modernist" reasons. >inb4 ancap meme about 13-year-old anime catgirls consenting There's nothing capitalistic about the freedom of people to form relationships based on volition. It drives me up the wall when some leftists argue that freedom of choice is an inherently right-wing concept. It's fucking not. It's only capitalistic in the context of markets where companies compete against each other for profit. >>114868 >the more afraid I am of being seen as a slut and undesirable to those virgins That's unfortunate, but of course it's a problem in societal attitudes that should be fixed... there's so much in society that's fucked up and wrong, and while in some areas there's been so much significant progress recently, there's also shit going in exactly the wrong direction. >giving them a positive first sexual experience and teaching them myself how to do some things right is really hot, and they're so fucking cute. >I also like older men and chubby guys as well I wish I could find a woman who thinks like this, fall in love together and live a happy life... but it's probably never going to be possible realistically, although some might argue that me now saying "probably" is an improvement at least to my mentality... >>114873 I can relate to a lot of that. I can't really offer any consolation, but I wanted to reply just to tell you that.
>>114875 Just use steroids bruh
>>114897 Look, mate. The only thing that matters during sex is that both of you are into it and into each other.
>> 114970 Don't do this, it will make you stupid and your junk shrivel up
(283.06 KB 1602x2048 Ei9bKEzXkAA2K2H.jpeg)
(409.38 KB 1536x2048 Ei9bKE0WkAI6oB7.jpeg)
(373.23 KB 1536x2048 Ei9eUDQXsAAywsG.jpeg)
>>115147 AND A THIRD ONE
>>115147 these are more of a novelty toy for me now. imagine just reaching out and grabbing a handful. wow
>>115147 >>115148 Thank you mikwagon anon. 👍
(95.89 KB 849x1200 1600957133101.jpg)
(10.88 MB 389x640 tfw no gf.gif)
(62.07 KB 579x1200 1599798503291-4.jpg)
(127.54 KB 580x952 1599798503291-2.jpg)
>>115183 an wun mor
>>115183 >>115184 BRUH WHO IS THIS
>>115183 >>115184 Moar like this
>>115183 >>115184 holy fuck what a genetic anomaly
>>115229 I actually get quite a lot of results like this for latinas (that surely are young moms or something) on p*rn sites. Russians and latinas have great size averages for tits.
(593.43 KB 2560x1440 ExtremelyWicked_FF_00050.jpg)
(266.08 KB 1068x1600 fgda5xvs7s70said.jpg)
(243.22 KB 960x1200 1539557177628.jpg)
>>114970 Thanks for the encouraging words, but finding a woman who'd be into me would be very hard and finding one who'd love me may be impossible.
>>115250 Bruh I'm latino and saw when I was 12 girls with those boobs at 12, it's not that they are young moms, it's genetic and a better diet than americans
>>115290 Not really. You don't know who could love you or be into you before you make some connections.
(74.94 KB 942x1177 EijpX8EWAAEKN3C.jpeg)
Findom Earle. Not everyone's cup of tea, if twitter is to be believed. But I think she has an almost Pre-Raphaelite beauty. Enlarge the picture, look at how the light reflected from her skin almost seems to radiate off it. On Twitter, she tweets that she's a Volcel. The poignancy kills me.
>>115396 lmao what. >look at how the light reflected from her skin almost seems to radiate off it It's called standing close to a lamp. >Findom (financial domination: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Findom) Atrociously cringe.
>>115398 >>115396 Link fixed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Findom >Financial domination (also known as money slavery or findom) is a sexual fetish, in particular a practice of dominance and submission, where a submissive (money slave, finsub, paypig, human ATM, or cash piggy) will give gifts and money to a financial dominant (money mistress, findomme, money domme or cash master).[1] >The relation may often be accompanied by other practices of BDSM and master/slave relationships, like erotic humiliation, but there may be virtually no further intimacy between the individuals. The relationship between the "slave" and the dominant may take place solely via online communication, but it is not uncommon for the "slave" to accompany the dominant while shopping and paying with the submissive's money.[2] >In financial domination the submissive has no expectation of sexual contact in return for the money, and often there is no physical contact of any kind between the two parties.[3] >Financial domination is a paraphilia stemming from a devotion of financial slavery or to be dominated in a financial way. Utterly reactionary.
(64.25 KB 1026x1282 EijpXxqXYAIo8_u.jpeg)
>>115396 >standing close to a lamp I know, but I was posting about the subjective impression the photo made on me. I bet you'd tell kids at a magic show "it's all done with mirrors." >>115398 >Utterly reactionary I don't think she's does financial domination. She has a link to a jewellery shop she runs. That seems to be the only business she has. She's changed her twitter name now, to Gravelord NEETo, anyway . adorable


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