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(36.36 KB 369x336 animes.jpg)
/leftytrash/ Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:36:48 No. 1091
Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting
>>48597 >I found some, but its quite expensive. And they dont ship here. It's one of those research chemical labs which charge hundreds of points for miligrams, I'm guessing?
>>48598 I am not sure, probably. of the results I got most were from the US, and there was one from mexico and another from brazil. And yest it was some ridiculous prices like 35$ per mL
>>48595 Evening good
>>48596 What's new? >>48597 Teaching myself LaTeX. You?
>>48599 nice get PB
>>48601 Just finishing my lazy week off from work. U?
(9.16 KB 300x100 Dox_Getchan.png)
>>48601 'Morning Zeke-Senpai. >LaTeX kinky.
(446.90 KB 800x395 laughing bakas.png)
>>48604 Still hilarious.
(955.52 KB 400x225 fwosh.gif)
morning peeps have a random image from my image folder
(114.53 KB 608x1241 1557108451720.jpg)
>>48591 sorry that we couldn't help you, i just have not the slightest idea >>48595 hello there >>48608 how do you do? >>48588 i would say no, considering some rather bad .gif i saw back in the day on /b/ i advise against it
>>48591 there is this thing https://www.sejda.com/pdf-to-jpg I think it converts all the pages to images though. Dunno if that helps. >>48609 Woke up and made breakfast, apple cinnamon muffins. Just waiting for the baking to finish and then I can eat.
That's Amore.
>>48615 whose steve jobs
(115.54 KB 900x1600 1558371343995.jpg)
>>48615 you're amore
>>48615 parli italiano compagno?
(32.03 KB 400x400 IMG_20180114_202146.jpg)
>>48619 i had a good laugh
(549.83 KB 920x826 gamestop.jpg)
http://boards.4channel.org/v/thread/493037664 There may yet be hope for /v/idyaneetos. May.
>>48620 There's also a 30 minute short movie if you want to see it https://youtu.be/Zen_zRmbKaM
>>48621 <there may yet be hope for /v/ >First second and third replies: >"It's not a REAL job" Fat chance.
>>48623 thanks anon
>>48624 Look at all those hot takes >Crunch is a problem that results from poor project controlling....You don't see this shit in professional software development, >They have to crunch now because their schedule got fucked up from all the mandatory diversity training Twitter made them take on short notice. >So wait let me get this straight. You get extra job and you get paid for it and the payment is more than you normally earn? So what the fuck are they complaining about? >If this candy-ass was ever to work a real job he'd kill himself. I worked half and year of 16 hour shifts and another half and year of 12 hour night shifts. I did not complain but i am not a S O Y faggo
(690.57 KB 1000x1381 1578829600487.png)
recently came into possession of some coffee packets and it is now coffi tiem for me
>>48625 It's some good shit, shame they never did part 2 >>48627 It's ironic that they don't consider game developent a job even though their hobby depends on them >>48628 Cheers!
>>48619 >0:40 I've been wondering where that gif came from for the longest time
>>48627 Goddamn, /v/ is full of fucking cucks.....
>>48621 unrelated but Cyberpunk is gonna be the first flop of the decade
>>48639 Why do you think that? Not that I disagree, it's just that I'm curious
>>48639 I don't feel flop, but it was over hyped way to much. It'll come out as average or even good, but due to the hype everyone will be disappointed. that lead to the hyper angry fan boys and the coping fanboys. Like death stranding. it wasn't hordis, but the hype caused a cluster fuck of angry typing. Financially though it'll be fine. All the pre orders will probably support it even if the sales don't do good.
>>48641 as a Kojima fanboy Death Stranding was pretty much everything I wanted it to be, an autism project with literally no restrictions. No game will ever be like it again, likely for the betterment of games, but it was a fun experience.
lads quick i need the ancom meme where it goes something like "you don't know what marxism-leninism is so you call it fascism but you don't know fascism is either" thanks in advance this post is certified non-sectarian
>>48644 i will not help you being mean to the anarcho cutes
(176.45 KB 900x600 1579284617980.png)
New dogwhistle: Nationali-- i mean, AMERICANIZE the economy. Germany should GERMANIZE theirs. Nationalists will eat it up.
>>48649 It's like they aren't even trying anymore
>>48647 show me one anarchist cutie that is alive today >>48651 just finished rin's route last night, there were tears, but hanako is still best katawa
>>48649 that's fucking genius >>48585 >muh culture war >/leftypol/ created the alt-right I don't fully get what he means but it's probably retarded. >>48580 >/leftytrash/ is gay There is literally nothing wrong with that, tho. If there would be a problem with this thread, it would be that it's not gay enough
(118.25 KB 679x1182 Comrade.jpg)
>>48649 even our conservatives used to be pretty hyped up for "socialism" of Sanders in '46 putting it into their program as an alternative to marxism sad to see how far we've come >>48652 well i sure hope that brazil one i talked with from a year ago is still kicking and he sure was cute many such cases believe me
>>48654 >well i sure hope that brazil one i talked with from a year ago is still kicking and he sure was cute oh, i forgot what general i was in. i meant women
Hello peoples !! I see Little Kun is back !!! How are you Satan? Where were you ??
>>48667 THE ÉTT! :<> :<> Satan-kun seems to be content posting once every day or two for now.
>>48667 I have been really busy as of late, and distracted too. But i should start posting here more.
>>48667 Heya, how's it going?
>>48668 :<> >>48670 Nice :> >>48674 Nothing much
(184.56 KB 500x500 1408422621699.png)
>>48670 Hey Satan poster, it's good to see you
(1.08 MB 1200x1600 1540132273412.png)
>>48670 i wish i knew how to be a friend, i wanna help you, but i'm too awkward, even online
>>48621 >gamestop.jpg Top jej. >>48628 Provecho, compañero. >>48668 Hay un conejito lindo en mi mira.
Goddamn I really wish I had a gf that would let me lay my head in her lap while she plays with my hair >>48667 Howdy Étienne, how's life treatin' you?
>>48603 I was teaching myself LaTeX. Then I went and took care of some chores. Now I'm probably gonna get high. >>48605 \documentclass{article} \begin{document} Not that kind of latex, dork. \end{document} >>48609 How's it going?
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>>48684 >translation ... thank you King-sama (*´ω`*)
(2.21 MB 3808x3192 moustache.png)
>>48675 that sounds like fun >>48684 >Hay un conejito lindo en mi mira. Pues dispara antes de que escape coño, que yo paso de no comer otro día.
>>48687 Treating me like little bug >>48703 It be
>>48695 I call it as I see it. >>48703 Eso es mi juguete sexual, no lo toques, maricón.
(85.91 KB 573x767 sketch about finished.png)
Warning: Loli dear drawing diary day 3, about another hour added she is naked now, and i deleted the help lines, so it looks rather lewd it's on to the details now and then finishing upt he... lineart? hands and feet are really hard and trying to draw her right foot a little twisted and cute just ended up making me suffer more for those brave enough to look at her, i need advice what can i do more to improve here before finishing things up? i can pretty much edit her to my liking now, it's like my first puppet or something, right? i hope i saved the rawer sketch that i didn't out of ... boredom add nipples to, lmao
(111.02 KB 545x826 sketch but actual sketch.png)
ah found her with help lines spoilering just to not piss anyone off though Loli warning, i suppose
>>48709 her ass should be fatter IMO
>>48708 >.< >>48707 A cute bug then. >>48709 Ohaio! It's actually looking really nice, good job! What I'd do, is make another layer or two for finalized linework. So take a brush that's a few points thicker, and go over top of her contours, using long quick motions, move at your elbow or shoulder for less wiggle. Zoom in on a body part and swipe wit dat brush! I really like how her face turned out. >>48711 all loli butts are cute
Gwyneth Paltrow has a show now: https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/01/goops-netflix-series-its-so-much-worse-than-i-expected-and-i-cant-unsee-it/ >"It's our favorite subject—VAGINAs!" Paltrow proclaims gleefully [Ep.3, 3:05]. Then the same guest, feminist sex educator Betty Dodson, corrects her: "The VAGINA is the birth canal—only. You want to talk about the vulva, which is the clitoris, and the inner lips, and all that good shit around it." >Paltrow giggles before responding, "The VAGINA is only the birth canal? Oh! See, I'm getting an anatomy lesson that I didn't—I thought that the VAGINA was the whole..." >"No, no, no, no," Dodson cuts her off. Good to know Gwyneth is a fellow gamer.
>>48707 Then you better be the big bug then my little French friend >>48709 >>48710 Damn, lookin' pretty good so far Tomokoposter, could do with making the hips a little wider, but that's a personal taste thing for me, so feel free to do what you like with that one
>>48712 >>48710 Oh yeah. It may take a good few tries to get a clean, quick long stroke at the angle/curve you need. It's a muscle memory thing that develops over the course of dozens, and hundreds and thousands of drawings. It definitely takes me a number of attempts to get some of the more subtly shaped lines looking nice.
(552.65 KB 1020x1258 girl gun.jpg)
>>48708 Es un poco extraño estar apuntando a tu juguete sexual pero eres tú el que tiene el arma así que mejor no te molesto mucho >>48709 Looking good! >>48711 Isn't that against the point of lolis tho? >>48713 >Gwyneth Paltrow who?
>>48718 lolis can have fat butts. squid shape is a popular body type, after all.
(56.56 KB 768x1024 1568749712742.jpg)
>>48711 agreed i suppose i can try and make the belly more pudgy too chubby is the best >>48712 >>48717 arigatogozaimasu i guess lineart is that step i remember artists on stream always taking a dozen of attempts at one line and quickly undoing them each time it was off a bit i will try to keep your advice in mind and do so tomorrow, or whenever i get there and continue >move at your elbow or shoulder for less wiggle so not with my wrist? sounds hard, the tablet is rather small, but i will try >I really like how her face turned out. it's faintly a :3 expression, but not too exaggerated to seem off, i was quite satisfied too, thank you for noticing i hope i can make something good out of it when going into more detail >>48716 the guide told me to keep the hips rather small, since lolis don't have that much curve, but if i make her more chubby in general, i can imagine it to work i will try and save it seperately some time >>48718 thank you very much, praise helps with practice being more enjoyable
>>48721 For a small tablet, elbow should be fine. The wrist is bet used for fine detail work. I need a damn scanner my own stuff.
(45.53 KB 880x587 Dunning-Krueger.jpg)
>>48709 Where do you figure you are on pic-related? I'm probably somewhere in the middle of the valley of despair in the sense that I'm still kinda suffering from imposter syndrome when I'm looking at other peoples' works, but I've also started to apply the new methods that I've learned during class into all my new pieces.
(84.42 KB 1518x1184 ika body type.png)
>>48719 like dis. wobbly lines kuz mouse art.
>That bill that has the gun nuts up in arms about "shall not be infringed" in Virginia actually has nothing to do with guns >It's just a right to strike for public teachers introduced by a Socdem. Sometimes I'm almost surprised by how dumb those people, but then I remember that they can't read the rest of the second amendment, which is what they quote all the damn time. It's hard to beat illiterate I guess.
>>48721 >Baby Tomoko Cute
how do people browse angry typing subreddits more than a few days, I'm wasted by the angry typing (duh) and cringe in like less than 5 minutes
>>48726 d_rama subreddits fUCK you
>>48726 >>48727 >>48728 FUCK I LINKED THE WRONG POST FUCK
>>48723 i do feel a little more confident now, i am aware that it's just redrawing a guide, but i'm setting low standards, so i feel fine despite of it not being much yet so... somewhere at the beginning of the curve, i think, not fully delusional but on the way down, since the crushing realization that i can't work without a guide will hit me and pull me down, while i probably will learn a thing or two more but also stuff like >>48724 still intimidates me, since i wouldn't be able to draw that well with a mouse and in that short amount of time >>48725 right wing "pro gun" only means anti worker and to "defend property", so not surprised they go after teachers who want to strike for investments into their job and education in general >>48726 ikr? very hugable >>48727 >>48728 >>48729 heh i completely avoid that dumb angry typing shit nothing to gain, better look at something productive and uplifting instead
>>48730 >>48725 FREE GUNS FREE HEALTHCARE Why This Antifa Group Is Siding With Thousands of Pro-Gun Conservatives In Virginia “I think it’s been pretty important for us to focus on the fact that gun control in America has a legacy of racist enforcement,” said Antifa Seven Hills spokesperson James (who asked that his name be withheld to avoid getting doxxed online). “Like taking guns away from black people, because black people were perceived as a threat to property and the sanctity of the state.” https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/akwv4k/why-antifa-is-siding-with-thousands-of-pro-gun-conservatives-in-virginia https://archive.is/73Lvq
>>48722 >>48724 Lol, thanks for the info >>48728 >>48729 F
>>48731 Do you also post these news links on the news thread? Reminder to do so if you don't
>>48731 they want horseshoe theory to be real so bad
so how ya'll doing? any plans for dinner? im having chicken fajitas.
(225.74 KB 2048x1152 Depressed Unruhe.jpg)
>>48736 >so how ya'll doing? Pic related
>>48736 i meant to eat and do stuff like an hour ago but i keep procrastinating how are you making your fajitas? i'm just having Strammer Max more often than is probably good
>>48738 >Strammer Max wot that?
>>48738 i steam bell pepper and onion, put it on some chicken meat with shredded cheese on a tortilla
>>48740 I just had a makeshift philly cheesesteak sammich. steak strips left over from dinner, melted cheese, red onion and bell pepper on a bun with a smidge of mustard. Turned out pretty well.
I love you all.
(217.84 KB 2048x1152 strammer max.jpg)
>>48739 basically toasted bread and ham or whatever else you want topped with a fried egg i like adding onion, tomato and cheese very basic sandwich but the oozing yolk just makes it so good i could eat it every day
>>48736 Had some coca (pastry not the plant) and cutted it in half, then made some sort of semi-pizza with it. Pretty good.
>>48742 Love you too bb
>>48743 Ah, like I'd have for a breakfast sandwich some days. v yommy, v good. >>48742 lub u 2. love is lovely. X3
why was Breath of the Wild so good bros
>>48736 >so how ya'll doing? awful I'll have some crackers and cheese.
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>>48748 I've never played it.
>>48748 Freedom of exploration and didn't throw a million markers and way points on your map. Only one real collectible item, but no pressure to force the player to find all of them, just poke their nose where things look a little funny.
(288.41 KB 720x958 20200118_184149.jpg)
http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/240044577 Bump this thread friends. We have a chance at something glorious.
>>48752 Do image board forums have an actual impact on stuff like this? Also, completely unrelated I've been jamming out to this dudes music a lot recently
>>48752 >something glorious A self inflicted raid?
(40.47 KB 691x526 a9a.jpg)
Oh hey, look what I found. A Russian organization which translates scientific articles into English, going back to 1958. It's a rather humble organization for the size of the task, but God bless their hearts. It might yield treasures about the much-famed Soviet cybernetics. https://www.turpion.org/
(65.78 KB 1000x1000 thinking layered.png)
>>48703 The purple etymology stands out like a sore thumb there, it reads exactly like those bullshit little "facts" that never die... yet I have more evidence to its veracity. Can't say for other countries, but in Brazil, to close a deal or trust someone "on a moustache hair" is to do so based on their word alone. Legend goes that, until not too long ago, people didn't need contracts and its legal trappings because everyone followed up on their promises. Instead, they plucked a single hair from their moustaches, giving it over as a symbolic collateral.
>>48725 >Sometimes I'm almost surprised by how dumb those people, but then I remember that they can't read the rest of the second amendment, which is what they quote all the damn time. It's hard to beat illiterate I guess. We should always beware of the inept empire fallacy. Most likely the bulk of these people really are doing this out of sheer stupidity, but you should always assume there's a fully-aware operator behind it. Virtually all rightwing collective action boils down to reactionaries in the proper sense of the term eliciting a false sense of imminent loss of privilege or right in the masses in order to enlist them in an ad hoc manner to do their bidding. The relation between the purported loss being publicized and whatever is actually happening can range anywhere from "actually pretty close to true" to "complete inversion of reality", with "they have diddly-squat to do with each other". This case belongs to the latter. But it always has someone pulling strings. Always assume the worst when dealing with reactionaries. >>48737 good night sweet prince
(50.19 KB 1170x162 Last name.PNG)
I'm fucking thankful for scholarships, but they're peak commodification. They make you find a way to use every one of your little quirks for money.
>>48761 is that the viewership/popularity of the animes?
>>48754 Well Étienne, we've seen numerous imageboard posters (either /pol/ or /r9k/ incels it seems) go on politically motivated shootings, there've been at least a dozen right wing marches either started by, or catering to the internet meme-right, and I definitely catch it bleeding into every day conversations with normie friends and co-workers. 4chan has had a bizarrely disproportionate impact on contemporary popular politics. I blame anime.
>>48763 Oh yeah, I should have clarified, that's annual sales.
>>48765 what the fuck is the thing that climbed on top of One Piece at the very last second?
>>48754 >>48764 The effect that the Christchurch shooting had on New Zealand's gun laws should tell you enough.
>>48756 Based. Wish I had a more wrinkly brain so I could comprehend it all. >>48757 uwu you, ya cute!
>>48766 demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba
(13.68 KB 633x758 45689293.png)
Feeling really good and optimistic about my girl. She asked me out these past couple times instead of me asking her out. Today I cooked her a delicious lunch/dinner with lots of different ingredients. Then we cuddled, fucked, listened to music, and watched some anime clips. Every time we have sex we discover something new and exciting about each other's bodies and techniques. Today we went for two rounds and I lasted forever on the second round. I almost passed out from how much I fucked her trying to get my nut while she squirted all over my sheets. Then she just rode me while I did nothing, and she squirted all over my stomach. She unveiled this insane technique where she twisted and gripped her pussy all over my cock like she was twerking slowly. I think next we're going to start introducing some toys, and I'm going to get to do her anally really soon. Life is good bros... I feel so lucky.
the Burma campaign in Hidden and Dangerous 2 makes me think 2 bombs weren't enough
>>48771 Well, two got us animu and mango, so God only knows what Japan would spring up on the world if it had been three. Maybe a single one would have been the magic number?
>>48770 "Technique" is a really weird word to apply to... you know, I now realize there's no actual word for this. Still, technique sounds like anime lingo to me. Like someone from the Uzumaki clan shouting "Lamprey-sucking-on-the-heavenly-mushroom No Jutsu".
>>48773 >Like someone from the Uzumaki clan shouting "Lamprey-sucking-on-the-heavenly-mushroom No Jutsu lmao she may as well have done that.
>>48770 Gonna laugh when this all turns out to be gorilla marketing for the new marvel movie
>>48775 like me, she dislikes marvel
>>48777 Based numbers, and a based girl. Congrats.
(128.22 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>48524 >drawing guide Gotta a link? I'd thank you kindly.
>>48764 >>48767 I forgot about those :( Thinking about such attacks like those, I am reminded of that one song from that one person I am currently listening to.
(1.44 MB 1000x1000 kneeling muscle man.png)
Well I said I'd post drawing progress on /GET/ after suggesting Tomo do so too, so here is my kneeling muscle man I'm working on.
>>48782 Right in this post here, buddy >>48466 >>48782 Could you link that song?
>>48783 That is really good !
>>48784 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZpNgSaYWts Original French version Ok-ish translation English version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1NI69nGqX0 I do not know what Tomo's post has in relation to me?
(988.32 KB 1658x938 sanku.png)
>>48785 sankyu >>48786 I knew it would be in frog tongue! I've recently gotten into "dungeon synth" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8q8Zk4hyxY
>>48787 There's the English too ;-; Ambient isn't really my style not going to lie
>>48788 >>48788 That's fair enough. I only punish people who unironically like nickelback, post 2010 pop music and contemporary rhinestone-cowboy country music industry secret, contemporary country is just contemporary pop with country ornamentation >>48789 ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Coffee just serves to get me into active duty mood, so not much of a problem for me.
>>48790 >>48789 I've been having this problem of listening to this one Afro-funk song way to much :(
>>48789 That's so spooky I love it. I like music that sounds like dark entities are clawing at my soul <3 >>48791 post!
>>48764 >I blame anime. I blame Something Awful. To talk seriously a bit, maybe we can consider 4chan as having been the nexus of the infamous internet culture (as in, a culture distinguishable from any others) at the moment it reached a critical mass of sorts in order to appear in the normie collective unconscious, alongside, for example, TV culture, workplace customs, hobbyism and the infinitude of shared social institutions? entities? egregores?
(441.64 KB 1920x1080 image0-20.jpg)
>>48792 You have to listen to dark ambient after drinking coffee while urbexing or sitting in the dark in the middle of the woods for the full experience. Alternatively, open all the doors in your house and turn off all the lights except for a candle next to you to keep your room lit :)
>>48793 tbh the reaction would have emerged whether or not 4chan/image boards existed, it would have found a different outlet, and therefor taken on a different form, but the substance would be the same. imageboards just provided a perfect spot for the bubble to burst, where it got mixed in with the preexisting "culture" >>48794 Very cool =) >>48795 idk what a urbex is, but I'll take your word for it. I imagine that going to a Sunn O🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪 concert tripping on acid would be a glorious nightmare.
>>48796 Urban exploration = urbex https://youtu.be/n67s2r6fVKg
(362.10 KB 1024x1582 1543943583468.jpg)
>>48781 it's the one attached as an image to my post here >>48466 >>48783 damn that's one muscle man what's he holding? how long did it take you to get to this level of skill? how long did you work on this? >>48786 >I do not know what Tomo's post has in relation to me? usagi accidentally linked to the wrong post and meant to respond to the anon i replied to first in this post here i had a terrible sleepless time yesterday, but somehow one or two hours in the afternoon was enough to give me the energy to stay up all night, even though i tried to sleep fuck insomnia wish i had at least some cool music to share but i know i have shit taste and don't know much
>>48796 >tbh the reaction would have emerged whether or not 4chan/image boards existed, it would have found a different outlet, and therefor taken on a different form, but the substance would be the same. imageboards just provided a perfect spot for the bubble to burst, where it got mixed in with the preexisting "culture" I mostly agree, I just wouldn't say the substance would be the same. An internet culture inaugurated by, say, MySpace kids, would have been qualitatively very different from what we got. Unless one assumes that something about anonymous imageboards was necessary in order for the normiefication to happen, I suppose.
>>48798 Thank you, Tomo. I guess it's from having been drawing since I was about 4 years old. So in my childhood I probably drew a few pictures almost every day, drew muscle men and super heroes and OC anime around 9 and on. I liked drawing both comic/anime style and realistically proportioned people so that helped. So say ages 4-16 were my most drawing filled days, but I had a major dropoff around 20. So that's about 15 years of regular drawing. But at the same time, I wasn't doing particular studies, like practicing specific anatomical features, or perspective. Keeping those subjects in mind and trying to incorporate them could really accelerate the learning process. I recently bought a few anatomy books to help me along the way. That image took me about an hour twenty minutes, there's thousands of artists who could accomplish that in 20, and a few, like a guy named Kim Jung Gi, who'd have that done in just 2.
>>48798 oh yeah, an he gonna hold a sword. I spent my early childhood drawing muscle men and swords. I swear I'm not gay.
>>48801 not even bi-curious? that's quite the tasty hunk you created there
>>48798 Oh, I am sorry. >>48796 :> thank
>>48802 I can acknowledge a handsome man. I'll admit that, shamefully, I was quite homophobic in my youth, so perhaps I was just afraid of my own gay, idk, there were other factors to consider as well. But I've never cranked it to gay porn, and I'm really particular about their presence in str8 hentai.
>>48806 >their presence Dicks, I mean.
Some people on the other forums are really, how do I say this, spastic? Utter confusion on my part when witnessing how they act
>>48808 Well this is one of the most relaxed places to post, so everywhere else looks awfully hectic by comparison.
>>48809 Even without this place to compare it to, it it still hectic.
>>48810 It is*
>>48810 it's best not to bother with those places, unless you still feel you'd miss out on something good maybe that comes with age that you grow tired and give up your interests just to get some peace
>>48812 I'm mainly talking about LP, which has some good stuff on it. But damn, it brings me many laughs reading some of the people being overtly angry over such littler things.
>>48814 But yeah, it is probably best to not set more fuel to the fire, especially since I am now currently drawing that new Cuban cat
>>48752 lel i saw that thread earlier
>>48797 that sounds like a lot of... fun? it sounds like it'd be interesting to do.
(53.13 KB 694x925 image0.jpg)
>>48815 Done the little sketch
>>48818 Hair and hands aren't my strong suit ;(
>>48818 I love it. You have very nice gestural lines, Étienne.
>>48820 No idea what that means, but thanks :>
>>48821 gesture, like single flow-y lines that indicate form.
>>48822 Oh, thanks ! :>
>>48823 :<> :<>
(27.29 KB 500x500 1550037336812.jpg)
>wake up, planned to have an early coffe tiem to help with the stress a bit more. >grinding machine is broken.
(10.00 KB 562x365 Et-chan.png)
>>48825 :> always looks like a bird to me.
>>48826 this is a bad omen
>>48827 that's kiut. >>48828 How so? All day has been a bad omen then.
>>48829 because you love your coffee.
>>48827 Odd mustache Also, that is indeed funny and cute
>>48825 :> happy birb :< concerned birb :<> tweet birb :><: kissing birbs
>>48830 Ahh. Well, it's not like I won't have coffee. It won't just be as good because I will have to use the blender and it won't be as consistently grounded as with a grinder. Also won't be as fine as I like it.
>>48826 wrap some up in one of those little strainer thing and steep it like tea. oh of course if it beans smash em with a hammer first.
>>48833 How do you take your coffee? Black, extra strong and no sugar for me.
>>48834 It's too watery like that. I have a drip setup but I don't like it much that way. >>48835 If I get some good beans I just make them an espresso. If I have normal quality beans, which is the usual, i take it cortado with cream and a bit of sugar. or just with melk if I have not cream.
>>48836 yommy
>>48832 :v broken beak
>>48840 sad birb >>48839 left imageboard unity <3
>>48839 Whait did somebody actually think that /pol/ is /leftypol/'s sister board? Lmao
>>48818 That's a cute lookin' Alunya Étienne >>48827 Kek
>>48844 That's not alunya but Havanya, see >>48804
(270.32 KB 526x608 Yui336.png)
I'm hoping it's just a mood and it passes but my crush came to my party last night and I'm falling for her haaard. She brought me the perfect wine, exactly what I like. Exactly. But this feels really one sided lol.
>>48846 She's bought you wine twice. I can see something there.
(613.84 KB 2560x1443 mein.jpeg)
>>48843 Meh, I just thought the interboard solidarity was touching. >>48846 You can do it, Mein! I believe in you, comrade!
>>48848 It's a party. Bringing alcohol is just common courtesy. >>48849 I wish, breh. Is this how you imagine me? My desk is more aesthetic than that.
(38.91 KB 680x492 stalin sex.jpg)
>>48846 How many gifts has she done to you? Because, almost everytime you post here you talk about her making you some gift. I think it's a sign m8 >>48849 Oh yeah it was wholesome indeed
(164.43 KB 626x640 pantcofi.jpg)
tiem 4 coffe at last. >>48850 bruh. Someone would just bring stuff for everyone. As an expert I can tell you she brought that specifically because you like it.
>>48850 >Is this how you imagine me? Nah. Remember the /meinfag/ banner? That's how I imagine you.
>>48852 >Filtering your coffee through a girl's panties Bruh
>>48852 Is this some sort of trend?
(342.95 KB 627x639 Yui32.png)
>>48851 Just the wine and a gift card. The other wine was her helping me pick something out for a friend. >>48852 It's just courtesy. I'm doomed, brother. >>48853 I checked my archives and couldn't find it but I did end up taking a trip down memory lane and now I miss madii.
(57.14 KB 300x100 'meinfag' banner.png)
>>48856 Here you go, m8. This particular copy of the file dates back to August 2015, but the original might be older. >inb4 someone complains about boobs without spoiler
>>48854 He's just pouring it to give it that extra darkness. >>48855 this is filtering. I dunno. I think it's from a series or just some meme.
>>48857 Oh, right. That. I don't lewd K-ONs. No sir.
>>48857 Goddamn that pic really reminds me of Boku no Pico....
>>48858 Just realised they both feature Rumia and are both drawn by the same artist. Probably some fetish. https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=jagabutter+coffee >>48859 I don't even remember why I chose that image, jej. Fun fact: When I brought back 2.0 last month as a backup, /meinfag/ was still there since it was a backup from 2015. Sadly all the boards were broken except for /ref/, so I had to remove them all and recreate /GET/. >>48860 The final scene from episode 3?
>>48856 It's not courtesy. It's attention.
>>48856 Didn't she also gift you flowers? >>48857 Hey, I remember seeing that image somewere
>>48860 reminds me of futabu tbh.
>>48861 I see. this should be more common.
(381.76 KB 400x560 MeinFag card.png)
>>48863 Maybe from pic related. >>48864 Good taste. >>48865 Imagine the flavour.
(855.46 KB 2000x3305 7d1aeacf5c796da02d9dafd69beddb6a.jpg)
>>48865 Found one from another artist. Has to be some sort of meme. Maybe Rumi can clue us in next time he shows up.
>>48863 Y'all are keeping track better than I am.
>>48866 Nah, probably saw it whyle checking some Archieve >>48869 I just have a good memory when it comes to insubstancial things
thank you google, very cool!
So I finally watched all Evangerion and the movie because a real world otaku fren kept telling me to So the guys in the monoliths are the Illuminati basically and want to use the alien / robot hybrids to end the world basically and make themselves god / a super powerful alien / human hybrid Demi-god Gendo’s whole thing basically was also wanting to end the world but with the intention of everything/one on earth getting merged together into another ayy lmao god / reaper from mass effect basically to fulfill some Autism about Seeing his dead wife Rei was basically a hybrid of the queen alien and a clone(s) of Gendo’s dead wife When Rei the queen alien and the embrotic king alien all merge into the giantess fetish they collectively basically become a living god who can fulfill the wish of whoever they like best basically (In that case Shinji) Shinji cries about how he hates everyone and wants to die so giantess Rei is like “Lol k” and turns everyone into the blob but then he’s like “Woah no not like that” so she’s like “Ok whatever damn” and switches shit back Did I fundamentally get the basic plot?
hey /GET/, could you help me? There was that AMV featuring some anime about a boy living in a industrial military world with some soviet rock from late 80s playing over it. Does anyone know the name?
>>48873 Rule #1 about Eva is to not talk about Eva with people on the internet, since everything you thought about will be spat back at you and told that because you liked/disliked a part, you are experiencing the movie/series wrong. Seriously, Eva fans will fucking ruin it for you, they're like the CS:GO fans of anime. I've seen shit like >"They ran out of money on purpose" >"Anno just pretended to go crazy to get media attention and be meta" >"The generic anime mecha elements are used to lure you in and subvert your expectations"(Even though many of those "generic" elements come from the fact they kinda ripped off the original script of Gundam) >"everyone who [interprets something differently] is just too dumb to understand it" >"everything you think is wrong with it is actually just Anno subverting expectations and leading your thoughts in a certain direction" My advice is however you interpreted is probably correct, don't go asking the edgelords of the internet for their opinions on it, otherwise you'll be swarmed by people trying to crucify you for implying that it's only a 8/10 instead of a 10/10. gestalt consciousness being used as metaphors for the fight for our individuality and identity is generic, change my mind
>>48876 look in the leftybooru n00b
>>48818 looks sweet >>48827 make it a duck, or ente >>48839 almost makes me feel bad shittalking that place so much >>48856 i wonder if when you're feeling defeatist about it, if asking her out or something isn't rather risk free, since you don't seem to have anything to lose, but i imagine you still fear it might hurt but remaining in this tense situation where you really don't know for sure must be rather hard on you as well no idea where i got all that courage from to just tell Yugo, since i didn't expect him to say yes or that it could work out somehow >>48874 sorry, am completely blank on this one, just didn't want to let you feel ignored though >>48877 still rude
(411.20 KB 499x495 punch.gif)
>>48874 No idea. >>48877 Always found this kind of memes stupid it's always >Strawman >ideology_ball.png They don't offer anything to the discussion and they're rarely funny.
(47.91 KB 640x656 8f5.jpg)
>>48879 The ancap ones are pretty funny tho.
(4.16 KB 237x149 SMUG.png)
>>48880 Yeah that's why I said "rarely"
saying coom is so funny lol I coom you coom I eat coom
(272.91 KB 950x1524 pinterest_com.jpg)
>>48801 Nothing gay about that.
>>48844 It is not Alunya, it is one of the new Cuba cat girls, go look in the Cat Girl page thing. Like Patata said >>48845 >>48878 Thank :>
(116.20 KB 460x383 F05.png)
>>48879 Reminder that Anglophones ruined Picardía, which was a perfectly fine meme.
>>48885 But the ancap one doe.
(695.36 KB 890x590 EOZ7_haU4AAmt56.png)
woah, look at those
>>48888 ates
>>48888 checked
>>48885 Speaking of Taringa, what the hell happened to the place? It now looks like some kind of reddit clone and it's dead >>48888 Nice
(111.39 KB 1024x760 assange arrest thumbsup.jpg)
>>48888 i love her eyes, i wish i could draw like that meanwhile, i struggle with just hair and can't bring myself to just start trying
>>48896 Hair is indeed hard to get a hang on, but pretty easy once you understand it! Keep trying, you'll get there.
(187.31 KB 649x692 unknown.png)
>>48897 i kinda sketched some hair on now, with a little more effort than the first one, i kinda want to make her Rodina first but i want to move on to the permanent lines on a new layer just no idea which pen to use also drawing permanent lines is really hard and a little scary too figured out just now, at least 50 % of the time i work on this is procrastinating and looking up how i could do it >>48898 strawpolls are scary, are those safe links? i remember there was a scam site with similar name also lemme show you something cool >>>/leftypol/220858
>Always thought my paternal family were just petite bourgeoise. >Get closer to them and find out they're straight up Bourgeoise, starting with my great grand father being a millionaire in my country. >People who were born with a golden spoon who regularly try to under pay their workers and complain how poor people dont work hard enough. >Some dudes hitting +50 or +60 hitting on young female workers, some even 16 years old who have to just nod along or get fired. Don't get me wrong, I love my folks. But I'd gulag them if they weren't family.
>>48899 99% sure they are safe
>>48875 Oh my god, /this/. I really enjoyed Eva and I refuse to talk about it. I think one of the worst things to do to a classic work is put it on a pedestal, cry ZOMG2DEEP4ME, and yell at everyone to watch it, because their expectations WILL be unfulfilled. I wish I went into Eva knowing nothing, but the second best thing to do is to go in (in to anything) expecting nothing.
>>48899 >That smug look on her face
(47.78 KB 265x337 HappyStalin.jpg)
>>48900 >if Filthy casual.
>>48899 That's cute. CUTE! >>48900 Yeah, my dad's side is largely petite bourg or larbour aristos (which is a bit vague, but you get my meaning). I also have a work friend who wants to be a cop. So it's pretty weird trying to figure out your relationship to these people. They aren't outright shitty people, not on a person to person basis. I learned through D&D that people who want to be "good" "serve and protect" type cops are still liable to become shit heads because they have that lawful good self righteous paladin mentality.
(7.13 KB 355x115 Dumb Bitch.png)
>>48902 Yeah same thing here, I got into Eva cause my coworker watched it, he told me it was a very good cosmic horror and used that example from of seeing the Eva break its shell to prove the point, but warned me that the last 3 episodes were bad, and that's what I had going into it. Seeing how rough the show actually was kinda killed it for me, all the loose ends- I mean purposeful holes in the environment to achieve a goal I'm too dumb to understand- and the fact that it's good but falls apart under its own pretentiousness in thinking it's hot shit. That last part especially killed the movie for me since I felt the last 3 episodes, while shit, stayed closer to the original message while the movie was just "oh wow we have a budget now and a massive fan base, so let's go ham". And yeah I enjoyed Eva, but holy shit people, it's a '90s anime made on a tight budget and the head writer had a mental breakdown, it's the definition of a flawed gem, it had its tropes, its errors, its inconsistent continuity, you can't just pretend that those don't exist or that they were planned or something. So even though I liked Eva, I personally hate it now, whenever I think about it I don't think of how good some of the narrative pieces were or the cosmic horror bits, I just remember screeching fans who act like it's holier than thou shit. It didn't help the fact that I used to know irl who acts like that and constantly sends me stuff likes this > What I learned from the Eva is to never listen other people's opinions on anime and just enjoy what you enjoy, otherwise holy shit are you gonna have a fun time on the internet Also Hai cutie, how you doing?
>>48906 it's funny cuz I sorta have the opposite experience. All I heard is that it was really good, but has a mindfuck ending, and I already knew about shinji cummin in his hands to Asuka, but I heard more hate, and screeching about how it's overrated than actual worship. Probably because of the time I got into it.
>>48878 I don't ask her because she's a coworker. Otherwise I'd just go for it.
>>48908 Oh hai Mein-chan, how are you today? Also you should just ask her outside of work, or maybe just get her flowers in return and say it's for that other time she got you flowers. >>48907 Probably Eva's most impressive feat is how much angry typing it's created in the past 20 years.
The only reason why I watched Eva was because I wanted to nut to Asuka. I ditched the show when I found out FATE had better girls.
>>48910 I can no longer understand the love for stick characters, I can only masturbate to fertility goddesses now, or slimthick, is it her personality that you found arousing?
>>48911 Wasn't there an inflation episode tho?
>>48911 >>48911 I don't jack off to the show, I jack off to shit on gelbooru and cosplays.
(1.27 MB 1366x768 halftrack.png)
day 35 it's been a fucking whole 5 weeks since high command dropped me into occupied Czechnia to secure the looted valueables from the jerries, and not once have I had a fucking resupply. my STEN, long out of ammo, rusts at the bottom of a well five towns back. the M1A carbine the Americans lent me is wrapped in a blanket and hidden under a root system of a tree near Prague. now I have an MP40, a scoped Kar, and an StG-44. Same goes for clothing, the only way to get clean clothes anymore is steal them off German backs. any more german kit and I think I'll go native. I'll give command another week before I take this half-track I stole, drive it all the way up to the channel, swim across, and give them a piece of my mind.
>>48909 Eh, I'm okay today. I'm in desperate need of a nap but haven't been able to fall asleep.
>>48915 You stressed about something Mein-chan?
>>48916 Yes and no. I'm stressed, but not significantly.
>>48917 Watcha stressed about? I had trouble sleeping earlier this week when I had exams, even though one was a 40 minute 1 paragraph problem solution that the professor briefed us about beforehand. Sometimes stress will keep you awake just because you want to sleep and know you're not that stressed, stress makes your body do the opposite of whatever you want it to do.
>>48918 Friend of mine caused me some stress at a family party so now I'm taking some time away from her. But I can't see it messing with me that bad. I probably just need a long day at work to set me straight.
>>48919 It's probably because of that, you're trying to convince yourself it's not that bad and because of that it's becoming bad. Try taking your mind off of it and think of other things. So what did you do today Mein-chan?
>>48903 is it smug? hmm well i guess i'll play around with it but smug was not what i intended just wanted a cute smile, but now that you say it, it is rather smug neat >>48905 y-you're cute! baka... i tried drawing the lines from elbow but it only works with wrist for me is this an acceptable result so far?
>>48914 Is that medal of honor? Also wtf is that story
>>48921 Hey that looks really good!
>>48920 Maybe I am stressed. My skin just broke out something fierce and I usually have that under control. I feel self conscious lol. Today wasn't anything special. Just went to church and visited my grandparents. I just want to go home and go to bed. What's up with you?
>>48925 Nothing much. Exams are finished and there's a week break until class starts again. Building a new computer since all I have is a Thinkpad laptop right now, all the parts have come except for the RAM which I got through a shitty seller, so it's not gonna arrive until Wednesday, so I'm just sitting on my ass for 3 days with my room full of boxes until then cause I can't put it together until the RAM gets here. Have you tried taking some warm milk or nighttime allergy pills? Those are supposed to make you drowsy at least.
>>48926 My friend went for the Thinkpad meme but he put Windows 10 on it and it runs slow as hell. Should've put a Linux distro on there. I have Mint and it runs on a toaster. I have some generic Nyquil I'll take later.
>>48927 I put Windows 10 on my Thinkpad just because most of the stuff I use for school/work doesn't have Linux support, I keep telling myself my next computer will be Linux or something but game developers still aren't adding Linux support for most of their games(it's been like 10 fucking years as well and I keeping thinking "this year for sure"). Runs fine thankfully cause I refurbished it with battery pack and stuff. Also Nyquil's more of a cough medicine so make sure it doesn't have caffeine in it.
>>48888 noice
>>48928 Isn't SteamOS supposed to get around that? I think this medication is fine. The daytime stuff is called non-drowsy so I assume this will put me to sleep. Actually, I feel tired already.
hey Yugo, any action movie recommendations on netflix?
>>48931 John Wick
>>48932 is the sequel on there? i seen the first one. My grandma loved it too.
>>48933 I dunno, possibly >My grandma loved it too Kek
So I have this idea for a game and I will never make it anyway so it's fine if anyone steals it: basically there's two characters, it can be co-op, vs or whatever the players decide to do, and the two characters have a vastly different set of abilities. It all arised from wanting to make a game about an octopus that uses camouflage to hide from predators or shapeshift into other animals, like the mimic octopus, then I thought how fun it would be if there was another playable character that was as good at finding as the octopus is at hiding. My first thought was a dolphin, with the echolocation and all that stuff, pretty interesting, though all forms of echolocation seen in games until now have been very shitty, in my opinion, it's just black and white waves that give you a bit of a look of what the world looks like, which is supposed to be what echolocators experience but I don't see a point in that mechanic if you can't make the player feel echolocation for real. Apparently humans can echolocate, blind humans, I wonder if a device could imitate echolocation for people with normal hearing so they can experience echolocation in a virtual setting. Other senses I considered were electrolocation, thermoreception and magnetoreception, but none of them (at least here, in the animal kingdom we know and understand) have the range of sight and echolocation, and even echolocation pales in comparison to vision http://planetfuraha.blogspot.com/2012/08/why-sight-is-superior-to-echolocation.html All of this brainwork for a game I will never make made me think of how much better vision is to literally any other sense, it's the only one which allows us to see the stars.
>>48928 In my computer science degree the only classes where I've needed Windows were the computer engineering classes, because engineers have fucking awful tooling.
>The wizard Mirrak >The (Literal Neckbeard) Admiral Richton >The Virgin Alduin >The Literally who? woodborne >The brad Jagar Tharn >The lesser Chad Molag Bal >The Major Chad Mehrunes Dagon >The Thad Dagoth >The Jyggalad / Shegorochad >The Gad (Literal) Mannimarco
The lack of (You) in replies and one's own posts is really rustling my jimmies, I keep losing track of my conversations. Hey admin guy, isn't there some software setting which turns that on?
>>48941(you) Here, have it
>>48941(you) They said that they are going to implement it. >>/gulag/3917 >>/gulag/3924
(166.48 KB 800x538 Joker-AV-Parody-HatanoYui-1.jpg)
(113.63 KB 533x800 Joker-AV-Parody-HatanoYui-2.jpg)
(102.82 KB 533x800 Joker-AV-Parody-HatanoYui-3.jpg)
The porn that well and truly was wanted by no one.
>>48944 This says alot about our society.
(705.68 KB 2048x1366 taiwan-cosplayer-parliament-13.jpg)
(973.89 KB 2048x2048 taiwan-cosplayer-parliament-04.jpg)
>>48946 The Spectacle must go on. A cosplayer was elected to the mock-parliament of the Taiwan rebel province (hurr hurr).
And following up with what Sankaku Complex described as the new customizable entry in a "popular blowjob simulator onahole series". That sentence would give Noam Chomsky not one, but two strokes.
>>48948 Disgusting, sexhavers get the bullet too
>>48948 >popular blowjob simulator onahole series how popular???
>>48949 but anon, those are made for people who don't have sex.
>>48951 Alright, anyone who isn't revcel gets the bullet then
(184.72 KB 1004x684 1579410204276.jpg)
>>48948 Reminds me of the Kazak Anon on /int/ who got visited by the police because one of his family members found a hyper realistic anime sex doll / Body pillow tucked under his bed and told police they thought their relative had killed and stuffed a women’s body and the police literally left laughing at him
(36.92 KB 299x698 1414517477607.jpg)
>>48954 Oh fuck, I remember that thread. It wasn't just any regular old sex doll, iirc. The reason they laughed was that it had a dick on it for reasons I can't remember, like it was cheaper than the regular model or something. Pic related.
>>48954 >>48955 Kek, anyone got a screencap?
(274.42 KB 1163x775 kazakhstan1.png)
(69.55 KB 1164x432 kazakhstan2.png)
>>48956 Found it. Also the archive: https://desuarchive.org/int/thread/32467690/ (Very old thread, so many of the images are broken at this point.)
>>48957 >so many of the images are broken at this point.) rip
(72.04 KB 600x600 cafe.jpg)
tiem 4 cofi
(530.90 KB 577x518 bean laundry soap.png)
>>48948 Ugh, realistic sex toys are the worst. I'd rather have a lump of silicon that feels good than that creepy doll face.
>>48958 Sorry, fam. It's a 6-year-old thread. >>48959 I hope you filtered it through some panties first. >>48960 This 100%. Get a Tenga product or something instead. "Realistic" sex toys just end up having an uncanny valley effect for me.
>>48961 >>48960 >>48944 >Wizard tier Weird latex uncanny valley “Hyper realistic” anime sex dolls >Virgin tier Tengu and lights >Normal tier Pillows >Chad tier Just getting really good at visualisation and / or willing hallucination and raping you”re own bed
Life is like a rollercoaster except it's run by Mr. Bones and OH GOD LET ME OFF!
>>48961 I have no access to pantsu atm. >>48963 I live my life like a [REDACTED]
Edited last time by pb on 01/20/2020 (Mon) 13:52:07.
>>48959 HMmmm coffi tiem it is
(336.25 KB 1000x1500 1577120620119.jpg)
this shows so much of what's wrong with games recently in general it's oriented too much towards "epic scenes" rather than actually capturing the mood, and not wanting to scare off players by making things a bit interesting rather than streamlined to shit and beyond https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvyzjFfxiXo they really fucked this up, i loved that game and they took and våldtäktd it's body, stuffing it and putting on make up and telling me it's alive again
>>48966 such is the spectacle of capitalist media (and the wider cannibalization of the superstructure of society by its base). media needs to be simple, bombastic, and easily produced for maximum profit, a true culture industry.
(38.07 KB 418x300 fallout-2-article_image.jpg)
>>48966 >it's oriented too much towards "epic scenes" rather than actually capturing the mood, and not wanting to scare off players by making things a bit interesting rather than streamlined to shit and beyond Oh so it's Fallout 3 and 4.
I saw a copypasta once of an anime girl saying she doesn't want semen in her coffee it was pretty funny
Jesus, it's real windy hours rn >>48957 Well, to be fair, he's from Kazakhstan >>48969 >
(414.11 KB 680x453 15f.png)
>>48971 why would she say this bros oh shit oh fuck
>>48971 i like asuka, kind of, she became more likable recently but i will never stop rooting for ucchi
>>48974 a song about fucking your cousin, interesting no idea what the chorus is though, he's yelling too much
>>48975 what else do you expect from austrians, jej Tante Ceccarelli hat In Bologna Amore gemacht! Amore, meine Stadt Tante Ceccarelli hat Einmal in Bologna Amore gehabt! Und eins merk dir genau Wenn jemand fragt wohin du gehst Sag nach Bologna! Uh wenn jemand fragt wofür du stehst Sag für Amore, Amore!
>>48974 >>48975 there is a common saying here that goes "Com més cosins, més endins" wich translates to something like "The more cousins, the more inside"
Do you guys think it’s weird to own an Asuka figurine because you think she’s pretty, even if you haven’t watched Evangelion
>>48978 Nah, I busted a nut to Asuka porn before I even knew what the plot to Evangelion was.
>>48978 Why don't you watch it?
(51.62 KB 640x625 wr8idqar2u641.jpg)
I have recently unironically started doing /nightwalks/ despite not really having the lifestyle or even most of the outlook of a doomer. The funny thing too is that instead of using that time to do stuff like mope about how shitty is life while drinking cheap beer at a park I just listen to uplifting classical music and enjoy all the freedom that walking empty streets brings and just spontaneously break out into dance and singing because there's no-one around to judge me ass odd or wacky. I just wish I didn't have to go to school the next day so I could do it for longer than just an hour. If I knew walking during the night could be so enjoyable I would have started doing them a lot sooner.
>>48957 >>48958 weeeeeeew lad Such is life outside the Zone. There may be other archives. Here's a PROTIP for finding old archived threads. Get 4chanX, go to any 4chan board, open the 4chanX setting (it's on a bar on top of the screen by default, maybe it requires hovering the mouse to appear), go to the 'Advanced' menu. It allows you to pick and choose which archive the script reaches when trying to fetch a deleted post or picture. Since 4chanX keeps their list of archives updated, you can use that as reference for which archives a given board has. Looks like /int/ has both Desuarchive and Archived.moe copies, so I checked the latter and found it: https://archived.moe/int/thread/32467690/ Unfortunately it's also missing a lot of crap weeeew again But I know the plight of old great threads all too well. Back in the day, Something Awful had a user-operated third-party image-hosting service, before these were common, and it served the SA forums alone. It worked great, until one day it didn't. I wouldn't be surprised if that killed over half the images on the forums at the time. And before that, it had more or less adopted Imageshack as semi-official image host of choice, and that site fucked up magnificently too.
>>48967 Ever heard of the bed of Procrustes? Porkies loved to use that analogy against socialism. Yet another instance of reactionaries inverting the truth completely. >>48981 You know, if you begin a soial media post with a believable setence from an oh-so-oppressed lumpen and leave the punchline to the end, odds are high that it will go viral. There's an entire machinery at work, and not just bots but a lot of miserable desk jockeys too, which does nothing but spam and shit the internet up all day, not to sell products but just to try to shift public opinion. Sometimes they fall for a well-crafted bait like that. >>48982 I have been considering the notion that population density past a certain point is inherently and unavoidably harmful to welfare in that way which is hard to describe. This isn't a rare notion, but I do think that the limit is way, way below what most everyone thinks, and cities with roughly 1m people are already way past it. In developed countries, this harm is offset by the high living standards, so we don't even notice the harm exists at all. At some point, even if we manage to create a libertarian socialist society, population management will have to be enacted at some point, whether we like it or not. Population can increase at rates far faster than services, economy etc., and there's bound to be a cap after which they can't be expanded while population still can. This is obviously not a sustainable situation. Japan is famed for the orderly functioning of public spaces, yet Tokyo is so congested that its subway system has workers whose actual job is to push people into the train during rush hour so it fits as many as "humanly" possible.
(38.24 KB 596x572 gHDHiNO.jpg)
>>48982 Too scared of the cops around here, and the people ready to call them at the drop of a hat, to do it. At best I'd get harrased
(25.84 KB 489x585 i cannot skirts what do.JPG)
i tried to look at >>41363 to do the skirt like that but there's just so much going on with that what do? i don't want to be lazy but my brain and hand don't want to work together to get the pattern for a pleated skirt done if i can't figure it out it will remain this plain or i just draw her in panties actually, i will add a layer titled "panties" right now.
if anyone can maybe draw over this >>48710 to give me an idea on how to make that situation with her right leg work out, i'd be very grateful (nothing else i can offer) when i got to sketching the socks i went and deleted it earlier in an attempt to fix that leg, tried it more bend backwards in several angles, but it just didn't look any good, so i ended up loading an old file and copy pasting it back in for now, because i felt bad for taking her leg away what do?
>>48978 No. It's the perfect thing to do.
(102.46 KB 1637x358 35534.PNG)
(20.05 KB 904x181 355.PNG)
I find if funny when people think they're being edgy and anti conformist when they take a company's side and go on to post 'wake up sheeple! you've been brainwashed by the corporations!' type shit.
>>48995 Cringe
>>48995 based
Finally went to the Bloedel Conservatory w/ my girl today. Saw lot's of cool plants and gorgeous birds :> One of the birds was literally a boomer, born in the mid 1964, but it had to be taken to a more relaxed environment to be looked after due to it's age. The one boomer I feel bad for :< The next oldest was from the mid 70's. Half way through our visit a bunch of noisy boys on a school trip started antagonizing a big pink cockatoo. I guess the birds were born and adapted to the wilderness where there's jaguars 'n shit, so I suppose it's not really that bad, but I still think they should'a all been slapped upside the head. Guess that's my own boomer coming out. Signed the guestbook as Usagi.
(575.96 KB 1080x1350 Bloedel1.jpg)
(162.70 KB 1200x630 Bloedel2.jpg)
(230.12 KB 1024x768 Bloedel3.jpg)
>>48998 Pics for reference. Not my own.
>>48999 Stinky birb
Please help I can't get enough of Brassens -;-;-;--;--;-;-;- I have a problem :<
>>48998 Blö­del hehe
>>49001 Brassens?
>>48986 Based. Vietcong did nothing wrong. I can't fucking stand people who talk about "muh brave soldiers who fought in 'nam". Any soldier who signed up got exactly what they deserved. Some would go so far as to say that even the conscripts deserved the deaths they recieved, as callous as it seems that might actually be right. Draft dodgers were the true American heroes of that war. I'd rather spend a decade in prison than one year killing innocents, usurping governments and risking my own life to do so, for the sake of the people who hold my leash and take the most from those who have least. Bite the hand.
how come socialism never came up with bops like this https://youtu.be/ndIQSVmNTl0
>>48995 us in 50 years
>>49002 >Blö­del Nope, Bloedel. https://bloedelreserve.org/ >>49000 Nope, qt birb >>49001 My thoughts and prayers are with you
>>49003 Old singer song writer. >>49007 :> >>49004 I feel bad for those drafted
>>49007 Yes but it's clearly the same name as Blödel just written differently. And I just found out that is an actual name, which is funny cause it means 'idiot'.
The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed.
>>49010 scars are cute
>>49008 I'm really mixed. I do feel bad for anyone who was drafted against their will, and I can't totally fault anyone of them in particular, but on the other hand there was the Mohammad Ali option of taking prison time, unarguably the more ethical act. So I don't think that every single draftee deserved what may have happened to them, but at the same time I can't feel totally empathetic towards them. Of course you could just do like Harlan Elison and fuck around wasting US time and money, and narrowly escape being court marshalled.
>>49010 wha happon?
>>49013 The Jedi have betrayed the Republic.
>>49014 Oh yeah :p related, I just bought the Thrawn trilogy second hand.
>>49015 Best trilogy WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T THEY JUST USE THRAWN IN THE NEW MOVIES FFS Also I just checked on that stuff that's going on in Virginia and I now wish I hadn't. Americans are fucking retarded, like seriously, we get it, you got a small pp, no need to give the CEO of Bushmaster a new golden yacht.
>>49015 Thrawn is pretty good, but his initial stuff is literally like "I CAN PREDICT WHAT MY ENEMIES WILL DO WHEN I MEASURE THEIR SKULLS!" Over time it becomes less overt and more "by reading a person's culture I can understand their tactics" but like just have it so you can read their tactics by their opening moves like you did with the CIS during the Outbound Flight incident
>>49016 Dare I ask what's going on in star spangled burger land? >>49017 >phrenology Well it is science fantasy after all. I've only read Shadow of the Empire, back when I was a wee shota.
>>49018 Alright so from the 2 articles I've read on it since I've done my best to ignore it, there's been a combined bill introduced in Virginia that A: gives teachers the right to strike and B: limits handgun sales to 1 a month. The latter bit seems to have triggered the "right to maintain a well organized militia"- I mean "right to bear arms THERE IS NO MORE TO THE SECOND AMENDMENT, IT CLEARLY ONLY SAYS GUNS, NO OTHER CAVEAT WHATSOEVER crowd and see it as a good reason to start Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo fucking finally cause not being able to buy 2 glocks in a month is apparently an assault on the basic rights of all red green blooded americans or something. It got to the point that the Governor basically banned all guns near public buildings for a little bit to stop another Charlottesville, and so the 2nd-amendment people have just been camping outside the state legislature for the past week telling anyone who will listen how oppressed white gun owners are. Oh also they're calling it a commie plot cause of the Teacher's union tie-in part of the bill. You cannot make this shit up anymore.
>>49019 Ahhhh. Yeah I heard about this teachers union/muh guns shit. Couldn't recall for the life of me what province in the Corporate Republic of Amarica it happened in. But this clears it up a little bit for me.
>>49020 How's your day been so far?
made mushroom ravioli and spaghet with a nice meat sauce I made out of some leftover bratwurst. just diced it up and threw it in, spiced it, and it turned out nice. good dinners are good for the soul.
>>49021 lovely. We visited an indoor tropical garden, and I splurged on lunch. >>48998 >>48999
(340.59 KB 896x651 1361836845531.jpg)
>>49022 i had some hot dogs and baked beans. its the simple things
>>48998 wtf, i didnt know birbs could live that long. you know what species was it?
>>49025 I was just trying to get rid of some older leftovers, and spaghet was a good solution. >>49026 larger birbs can live anywhere from 30 years (eagles n the like) to 70 years (some parrots).
>>49026 Parrots and cockatoos are pretty wild that way. I'd consider getting a parrot as a pet if it wasn't likely to outlive me. Boomer Birbs! Think on that. Turtles and tortoises can live longer than humans (or maybe just one of those), been recorded as having lived over 150 years. Reptiles man, reptiles.
>>49028 so max the parrot i used to visit as a kid in the pet shop might still be alive? wow
(811.98 KB 735x1001 tribal boys.jpeg)
elf boy and human boy sitting in a tree f u c k i n g
>>49029 also parrots keep monogamous pairs all throughout their lives, so they usually associate human owners as sexual partners lel
>>49031 uuhhhhh
>>49031 MEGASUPERULTRAKAWAIIDELICIOUSAWESOME. Saw some parrots smooching too.
>>49031 haha that's so HOT dude haha
>>49032 >>49034 >>49033 not literally of course, they just treat them like they would a nesting partner. they try to clean you, pick fleas out of your hair, that kind of thing.
>>49035 i had a cockatiel that nipped groomingly at my hair and ears.
>>48980 Used to not like doing shit illegally, idk why. I unironically used crunchyroll instead of just torrenting it. Nowadays, I just don’t have enough time and energy to watch anime like I used to, though to be honest I might eventually
Does anyone else have trouble actually doing things instead of just fantasizing about doing them?
>>49039 I try to do things, but for everything I want to do, including stuff I can and should, and might even like, I only actually get around to doing a fraction of it. I wanna martial arts, write fiction, be a great artist, contribute to socialist theory and praxis (or atleast study enough to write well considered essays on a blog) and master the psychological brain art of tulpa creation.
(255.08 KB BiAuxBzE7f7s-mAD.mp4)
>>49039 yeah i gotta lot of self doubt, i dont usually get around to doing things i should until the consequences of not doing the things stare me in the face. in short im a procrastinator. also things i'd like to get good at i just daydream about doing someday instead of now.
>>48986 lmaou thats rough but i can see that being good stuff when your life depends on it and you manage to blow them back like that absolute hero >>48998 sounds lovely and looks beautiful >>49030 cute i like the elves from Overlord quite a bit Mare is so adorable >>49039 yes, isn't that called life? actually, i do some things that i wouldn't ever have dreamed of doing, like actually trying to do my part of being with someone and taking it on to travel through europe to do so i honestly just thought i'd spend my remaining days hiding away in my bunker sometimes things happen and you just gotta do it and take a chance
>>49040 Same, I wanna write fiction, make comics and video games, as well as write serious political essays, but all I've managed to do is spend one or two weeks on an effortpost >>49041 Yeah I'm the same way, I'd like to turn the stuff I daydream about into something real but I fear it will never live up to expectations I've built up in my head
(124.15 KB 730x552 prokrustes.jpg)
>>48992 Jesus fucking Christ, how can a faulty dresser kill 8 kids? >>48985 Apropos of Procrustes. >>49004 >Draft dodgers were the true American heroes of that war. Bro, you'll never guess which world leader called Donald Trump is a draft dodger. >>49026 A parrot supposedly owned by Churchill outlived him. It was probably a better war strategist as well.
(724.26 KB 1500x1500 f12af50d9fc92d1c33f7438762707e70.png)
>>49031 >keep monogamous pairs all throughout their lives, so they usually associate human owners as sexual partners lel
>>49039 I'd venture to guess that procrastination has never been as common as nowadays. It's a side effect of the increasingly common anxiety disorders.
>>49044 Maybe so, but I'm sure his thoughts and prayers were with the troops. #prayerwarrior
(875.88 KB 750x750 kneeling muscle man.png)
Updated my drawing. I'm making him a spehss muhreen.
>>49045 >fucking vulpix good choice there >>49048 awsome i really wanna figure out how to do that perspective stuff, to do kneeling or just a bend knee like i was crying about in >>48989 i don't want to end up making her look like an amputee you put the slightest hint of the foot sticking out back and it just works, i tried that and it looked like some weird lump attached to her thigh every line you put there has purpose drawing is cool, i want to figure out out some day
(106.39 KB 545x826 tomopic.png)
>>49049 Thanks a bunch. I'm just off to bed, so I'll try an give a tip. When figuring out perspective for limbs, it's easy to get confused by the weird amorphous blobby wiener shape they tend to have. Try to think in terms of recangular boxes. It's hard to draw a blobby wiener in perspective but if you begin with an elongated cube, it's easier to imagine where the surfaces are facing. So as you probably understand, stuff in the forground appears bigger than what's in the background. so a perfect rectangle on the ground, that stretches to the horizon line, think a perfectly straight road, ends up looking like a triangle if you consider the lines alone. The same goes with the roughly tube shaped limbs we have. But at subtle angles where the knee is just a few inches closer to the viewer than the hip bone, the apparent size difference won't be extremely noticeable. All things considered, I think your bent knee is pretty good. What I would personally focus on is the actual knee itself, and the calf. Blue = bones/guides. It looks quite good, I think you're well on your way. [loli?]
Good night everyone :) sweet dreams/daydreams to all of you.
>>49048 so how did you start out drawing? how long did it take, to progress to this level of detail?
>>49051 bed already?
(230.01 KB 477x717 16101.PNG)
>>49050 thank you so much sensei, i am sorry for bullying you into helping me so much but also grateful your explanations are very clear and insightful >>49051 good night! >>49052 i happened to ask the same thing, i think this is even the second time when i got a reply here >>48800
>>49054 well.. its never too late to follow your dreams. i can start any time
>>49055 i couldn't, i am grateful that i am feeling "bullied" into doing things, otherwise i'd do jack shit find yourself a bully who tells you what to do and when to do it
>>49056 bully in a nice way right? like from a supportive friend pressing you to do better and not a toxic monster that busts your balls every 10 minutes like a gonad gangster?
>>49057 yes, the friendly and supportive kind of bullying that is firm and makes you do things that you are afraid of or just "don't feel up to" but once you do it you'll feel great and thankful for if it's the jerk kind of deal that would just break me too and i end up becoming depressed and useless
>>48947 Taiwan Province separatists have lost all their potential social credit points.
(58.72 KB 960x718 0egggub3uoi31.jpg)
(195.10 KB 540x750 cafee.jpg)
temi four kofee
(150.88 KB 1080x1080 despatito.jpeg)
>>49060 Karl Marx was Boricua confirmed. >>49061 Four? That's quite a bit, don't overdose on caffeine.
(57.85 KB 800x450 water kills.jpg)
>>49061 >drinking coffee >coffee contains water It pains me to say this but I think you're going to die.
(125.99 KB 850x1168 IMG_20200119_031240.jpg)
>>49061 cowfree
>>49062 I usually drink like .7L of espresso every day. nuthin aint happening to me. >>49063 scary facts, why didn't I know about this before! wow! scary! ppl need to know this! >>49064 cow fee
(5.23 KB 150x150 TitoBall.jpg)
>>49059 >1st pic Bruh, the fuck is that?
>>49067 I think it's the leader of taiwan, posting cringe on social media
>>49044 In America regulations aren't that tightly controlled so a lot of safety regulations are optional. if Ikea followed US regs, which would cost more, they would have put an extra weight at the bottom that prevent upper weight, lets say a child, from causing it to collapse.
(1.28 MB 400x400 oh no.gif)
IT'S REAL WINDY HOURS >>49062 >Karl Marx was Boricua confirmed. Based >>49063 Woah, thanks anon! I will stop consuming water after reading this.
(13.68 KB 633x758 45689293.png)
We had a whole day and morning together. Spent all day doing fun outside activities, cooking, cuddling, anime, vidya. It was so nice and relaxing and fun. Then we shared a bottle of wine and got busy. Holy fuck bros. It just keeps getting better. I tied her up and teased her, denying her orgasm for at least twenty minutes. I made her beg for my cock... in her ass. I got her hole nice and slippery with my tongue and some lube, and then plunged in. Three fingers in her pussy at the same time. I could feel myself through her insides. I kept ordering her around and making her beg and plead for more. I was totally merciless pounding her ass and spanking her and she was so into it, not a bit of apprehension. Of course we went for a second round too, which ended with her rimming me while I came on my chest. We lost count of how many times she came. I counted five just from how much she squirted. Her bed was such a wet mess by the end that we went over to my place to sleep. Dear god.
(135.25 KB 1400x601 20161122-pamplona-11-1400x601.jpg)
I feel no shame >>>/777/1
>>49075 >tech board >/777/ ?¿?¿¿?
>>49076 this vote passed >>3966 and /777/ is now the roulette board.
>>49077 >>49078 Oh so that vote finally passed? cool
(36.01 KB 584x381 cook_death.jpg)
Did you know that that Captain Cook guy actually ended up getting literally cooked and eaten? I find it a bit funny.
>>49080 names can be prophetic things
(329.60 KB 1020x1280 Captainjamescookportrait.jpg)
(24.96 KB 650x653 Revy.jpg)
>>49073 >Cooking, cuddling, anime and vidya >Shared a bottle of wine and got busy >All that other kinky shit Damn nigga, das hot. I wish you guys would film that shit at some point it certainly sounds like it would make for some great material, but alas I suppose that would be a bit too much to ask considering you're already sharing so much of the juicy details in text form.
(13.39 KB 522x263 plain not good just test.JPG)
>>49073 is anal better? she sounds sweet >>49075 well but it's /tech/ you should post something more technical than that but congrats on your GET i suppose >>49084 there should be a rule for posters to have to post at least one lewds when hitting legal age dear sir mister Druže, are you around? i have a very important question in regards to what kind of panties Rodina would wear i did see some plain white ones, would those work then? also i do not understand how to draw the cameltoe it distracts me
>>49049 It's the vulpix who chose. I take it you never saw a certain Plagueofgripes animation? >>49059 On hindsight, association with Two-Scoops Drumpf will take its toll on the sheer credibility of Taiwan and HK separatist candy-asss with time. We're currently in a state of exception where somehow people don't realize that there's a brain-damaged manchild in charge of the world, but when people are back in their right minds and look back on that election thinking "what the fuck was their idea?", these separatist movements will be swallowed by the ground. >>49060 cursed image
>>49080 >Did you know that that Captain Cook guy actually ended up getting literally cooked and eaten? Where did you hear that he got eaten? I looked a little bit around and The only thing i could find was this. <Was Captain Cook really eaten by cannibals? <No - the Hawaiian Islanders who killed Captain Cook were not cannibals. <They believed that the power of a man was in his bones, so they cooked part of Cook's body to enable the bones to be easily removed. <It was the cooking of his body which gave rise to the rumour of cannibalism. https://www.captaincooksociety.com/home/captain-cook-society/faq
Edited last time by anon on 01/21/2020 (Tue) 19:09:03.
>>49089 please excuse my trippleposting, I'm retarded and keep ruining the formatting
(81.10 KB 1150x2048 dickpic.jpeg)
Did /777/ get purged? >>49085 >there should be a rule for posters to have to post at least one lewds when hitting legal age Here's mine >dear sir mister Druže, are you around? If I remember correcly the guy who currenly posts with the baka flag is another person.
>>49091 >Did /777/ get purged? It changed it's name to >>>/proto/ It's hidden for now because >>>/leftypol/223893
>>49089 He still got cooked, and they gnawed on his bones.
>>49092 Oh ok, thanks anon
>>49092 I don't know how you found about it already, but just know posts on it right now won't count towards the post total, as the clock will only start counting down when it's added to the topbar.
>>49095 >I don't know how you found about it already If you go to the overboard, you can see threads on hidden boards
>>49086 i never heard of that animator, and i'm just assuming just on context of what you said todays drawing was rough i couldn't wrap my head around the pleated skirt and how the folds work i had to get the legs done properly and add the socks i worked further on the panties and adding some... uhm, detail learning is hard
>>49084 I doubt we will film anything, and even if we did, I'd not post it online. I value my privacy too much. >>49085 >is anal better? I can't decide. It is a different sensation. Yes it is tighter than pussy usually is. However I get my girl's pussy really tight by edging her and making her internal muscles convulse. Has a really nice elastic feel to the hole. The dirtiness is a point in its favor... yet pussy is heaven. IDK. >she sounds sweet She is super sweet. I think she's an angel.
Also, she had one unusually forceful squirt last night. Normally it's just kind of like a leak that quietly flows from her pussy. But this one was really loud and sounded like she was pissing for a second. It also shot up in a little stream. Drove me wild.
>tfw Girona can become new Venice this night
>>49101 god sexhavers fucking disgust me, yeah sure, tell me how STINKY her pussy was, post a pic of her STINKY pussy, why don't you
>>49108 rude
(225.11 KB 1255x701 1437437563271.jpg)
>>49108 Sexhavers should get out.
(674.05 KB 634x479 ryan bridges.png)
If you have ever had sex with a woman GET OUT
(459.63 KB 704x960 1507231996882.png)
being chad and sexhaving is a proud communist tradition
>>49113 But Mein.... your crush....
(465.27 KB 857x842 2many.jpg)
>>49115 Entirely one sided.
>>49116 That's not true. I'm sure she loves you very much, especially since she acts so nice towards you and it's just that you're both shy.
(162.75 KB 796x389 dg valentine 1.png)
>>49118 You two are probably such couple material, smh.
(21.20 KB 600x405 trust no one.jpg)
go to >>>/leftypol/223865 and read down from there for free laughs
>>49054 Not at all. This is great fun, and what's more, I feel useful. I'm glad to be a help :3
>>49120 Y doe? Oh it's the sage namefag who says people who watch anime are pedophiles. I thought he was banned and then permabanned for ban evasion? >>49121 >:3 U wot
They told me I had to go here just because my name is Sage. >>49120 Hello brother.
>>49122 Yea, but he came back. Then started seething when people took his name, doublly so if you call him comatoast while stealing his name. >>49123 Nice to see you here Sage, although I seem to be missing my Chinaflag
>>49123 >>49124 I'd just suggest creating a new Sage thread then instead of spamming this thread up. You should make a "this whole board is literally filled with X" variant. >but he came back Well I hope the mod team on /leftypol/ can deal with him then, but in the meantime making fun of him seems like a good alternative. That along with repeatedly being banned.
>>49122 Wot, you.
>>49125 Nah I wouldn't spam up /GET/, it's only funny when the man of the hour is there to see it and seethe. All you guys do is cutepost, drawfag, and talk about not having sex. No fun to shitpost here. Just thought you might get a laugh out of the thread, otherwise I'm off lads.
>>49126 No u.
>>49122 >U wot Aren't ":3" and ";_;" the only two emoticons that are accepted on chans? Albeit semi-ironically, that is. Either way, the conejito can use whatever emoticons he wants. He deserves that much.
Bros, I fucking hate Hillary Clinton.
>>49131 Same. But I don't hate you Mein-chan~.
>>49130 King-sama to my rescue!
(69.18 KB 1280x720 Free.jpg)
>>49130 FREE?
>>49131 There's very few people that actually like her, lmao. Even her own base has ditched her because she didn't go away and give them time to miss her. She just keeps annoying everyone and it's glorious. Her approval rating has even been continuously on the decline since she lost. >>49132 *senpai Give him the respect he deserves, he's a veteran mod. >>49133 I won't be up for much longer, had to pick my mum up from the hospital. But it's good to see you, Conejito. >>49134 You only pay them with cum.
(131.47 KB 561x705 Mein Daisukida yo.png)
>>49135 but he told me to call him that ;_;
>>49136 Where?
>>49137 Th-The brother part. Th-That counts r-right? I didn't mean to disrespect Mein-Senpai
(422.60 KB 393x771 when is it over.png)
>>49135 To this day I still see droves of people defending her on social media. It's insane. Even when she's being such a baby about the election.
>>49135 Good to see you too. That Spanish for bunny?
tired, wanna sleep, but work tomorrow, means no fun to be had if i sleep. I sense the upcoming 3 days will progress slowly.
>>49138 Smh, tbh. He's earned that title by serving GETchan for 6 years now. >>49139 No, you don't get it. It's everyone else's fault she lost. Responsibility? What's that? >>49140 Conejo = rabbit, conejito = little rabbit. I guess "bunny" is a less literal, but still functional translation.
Trying to get into more than a few boards is a hell for me, just tried 4chan's /lgbt/ today and I wasn't even aware this fucking gender trainwreck went this far, I saw so many fucking terms for trans people, I just wanted to ask something about being gay and I couldn't stop myself from reading these other discussions between trans people that hate each other the same way /pol/yps hate on each other. I mostly stick to /tg/, and in here to /GET/ and /leftypol/, I don't even know why I come here, I don't talk to any of you in particular, I like to shitpost every now and then but even that goes ignored.
>>49142 What about "bun"?
>>49143 I'll talk to you, anon, though I can't stick around for much longer. How was your day? >>49144 That's an even less accurate translation, jej.
>>49142 Off to eat soon, King-sama, have a good night.
>>49143 Every once in a while I see a commie post on /tg/ and I smile to my self.
>>49146 Nai², babe.
>>49145 >though I can't stick around for much longer I can't either, gotta shower, México is fucking freezing. I had the same old day, and explaining what that day is might be more time consuming and mind wasting than I thought a minute ago when I said I don't get to talk to people a lot. C ya
>>49149 Sorry to hear, I'd love to talk with you some other time. I want you to feel welcome too, anon. Have a good night; I'll get going too, then. Nai nai, all.
>>49143 stay here, 4chan is a dumpster fire
>>49108 it's not stinky, it smells good.
>>48550 Tomoko poster sind Sie das?
>>48718 >who? bitch who plays Pepper in Iron Man, and is a snake-oil seller on the side.
>>48873 I can tell you're memeing so I'll say yes... sort of. >>48875 The fuck are you talking about? I'm a major Eva fan and 90% of what you're posting comes from anti-Eva retards on reddit. The people who go 2 Deep 4U are usually people who misunderstood it themselves and/or watched it for the wrong reasons. Anno even talks about this in his interviews multiple times.
>>48955 >>48954 nigga I need screencaps
This thread is so gay and stupid and I hate how its sucking me in. Imma leave before my braincells commit suicide.
>>49158 sanks
>>49080 The first bishop of the Brazilian colonies, pretty much an advocate of genocide, was eaten by the cannibals he loathed. His last name means sardine.
>>49081 I wonder if this can catch on as a mememockery of CUCKED. >>49100 > The dirtiness is a point in its favor... One step closer to eating shit with every post, eh?
(104.94 KB 546x536 finallypopular031.PNG)
>>49121 a great help even, you and my other help give really good help that seem so obvious when you point them out to me but for some reason i struggle to get to i hope that's not gonna turn out to become a problem since i seem to lack some basic understanding with shapes >>49127 we can also horny post haven't done that in a while please join heh >>49130 i never heard or seen any acceptable emoticons on chans, always got shit for it people are so rude >tfw so early i got the thread to myself what should i do, the possibilities are endless
>>49143 i've read from lots of people that /lgbt/ is complete trash and there's lots of trolling going on don't bother with that place in case you didn't come to that conclusion yourself yet it seems absolutely awful just stay here and avatarfag or something lol >>49153 n-no you must confuse me >>49159 rude.
>>49165 Good to know. Don't be too critical of yourself though, it's surprisingly abstract to represent 3d objects as 2d shapes, and learning how to simplify them recognizably into a cartoon/anime art style actually takes some understanding. You'll do well, and you'll see that it ebbs and flows, one day you'll draw something you're super proud of, the next you might feel like you failed at something only slightly more ambitious. The human body is complex, and as we are most familiar with it, it's easier to spot when one looks wrong. I'm headed to bed soon, but it's good talkin'. Good night, Tomo.
>>49167 sleep well and thanks again, appreciated words
(44.11 KB 1200x800 w6qeewe189m11.jpg)
Cursed pic
>>49172 >When you wish for a United Ireland with the Monkey's Paw
Business idea: the world's first actually accurate loading bar where 1% is actually 1% of the time until it's completed rather than than getting stuck on 99% for 10 minutes.
business idea: no loading bars and just kind friendly messages like pls wait a moment while we get things ready for you :🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪) while you wait so that you don't get stressed over bars or percentages.
(56.83 KB 1200x675 bsods.jfif)
(3.97 KB 640x480 Windows_XP_BSOD.png)
>>49175 >Unironically wanting "oopsie woopsie uwu we made a fucky wucky" -tier system messages that are not in any way actually helpful to the end-user You do realize that this is something that was originally come up by the marketing departments of tech companies instead of the actual programmers and customer support personnel who have to do all the implementation and fixing of such things?
Business idea: Firing all programmers and customer support personnel and just let the marketing team make the whole OS from scratch.
>>49179 >year 2021 >open computer >there's just a big "buy" button >I click it >all my money from the bank account disappears >computer crashes >"you need to buy a new computer, uwu"
>>49180 it's a brave new world.
(305.83 KB 270x270 fixing computer.gif)
>>49166 >you must confuse me Aha it is you! I thought you didn't post on /GET/? changed your mind after the furries bully you? >>49180 top keke
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLW2jkd6E7g between mando and this, Star Wars is getting some p good media lately.
controversial statement: I have never watched a star wars thing except for the podracing game.
>>49190 I had a friend whose first star wars media was the christmas special
>>49190 I have never watched a Star Wars movie in full before The Farce Awakens.
>>49165 I'm basing it off of my experiences on /a/. You're a /b/abby.
>>49193 Yeah. It's just theres too much. I don't even know where to start. I wanted to play the KOTOR games after ME but I couldn't into them because I didnt kno much about sw. At least with podracing its just racing across levels.
>>49196 the nice thing about KOTOR is that it is completely unrelated to anything in SW proper aside from the aesthetics. part of a later game reveal is supposed to be your unfamiliarity with what is going on, but I won't spoil. it's a good RPG if you can get past the antiquated gameplay though.
>>49193 Based >>49194 If you haven't seen the first ones don't know why would you see the new ones, they are basically mediocre fanservice.
>>49178 It's about the frame the technical info is in. " Oopps! something bwoke! Pwease try restarting, and checking if new stuff is good install. Ask maker of new stuff if he has fixxy stuff?? If again bad blue, delete ur new toy (compuhole too thin to fit it!) or fudge around in BIOS memoptions. press F8 button on startup to equip deletment condom and click advanced startup -> safe mode NERD stuff you can look up on phone: SPCMDCON.SYS has a PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA STOP: 0x50 (0xFD3094C2,0x1,0xFBFE7617,0x0) SPCMDCON.SYS FBFE7617 @ FBFE5000 @ t=3d6dd67c " Scary numbers and capslock words go at the end, in finer print. Also a better font for the words. Yes it's stupid marketing department, but it also works in making the user feel like the thing works.
>>49198 I wanna fuck Rey. I was curious how Disney would handle the property they've spent a massive amount of money on. Yes, the films are maybe the absolute height of mediocrity. Carefully crafted to generate the maximum of revenue.
>>49201 I bet all the people who drew porn of sith rey before that was actually revealed as canon in the movie busted like 12 nuts at once
>>49199 Nah people would still be scared about weird screen DD::: >>49201 >I wanna fuck Rey. I see I see
(493.91 KB 812x950 Jeb California.png)
Just realised they moved the primary in California up from June 7th to March 3rd. Jeb!'s landslide victory comes ever closer.
>>49201 >I wanna fuck Rey. There are so many exotic humanoid species in the star wars universe, and you just want to fuck a human. Why? >>49207 You're going to vote for Jeb, right?
(201.76 KB 922x561 Kim Jong-jeb.jpg)
>>49209 Of course, who else would I choose?
(304.20 KB 580x402 commie jeb.png)
>>49207 Cool, hope that Marxism-Jebism expands all over the Americas!
>>49209 >Why? I don't know because of marketing maybe.
>>49213 all the space babes you can make weird cross-species mutant babies with and you chose the sand lady
>>49213 you could've chosen some cute alien like Asoka, or pic related and you chose a human
(52.63 KB 475x375 1550887924200.png)
>>49186 i dunno what you mean, i came back for the angry typing after 8chan went kill to have a laugh and ended up enjoying /GET/chan ever since the thread was moved over don't remember any furry bullying that would've moved me >>49215 >not choosing a loli you both failed
>>49216 for half the series Ahsoka was a loli
>>49215 her neck doesn't look like it could support her head


no cookies?