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(36.36 KB 369x336 animes.jpg)
/leftytrash/ Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:36:48 No. 1091
Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting
>>63681 I don't know if it will be too useful, but have this. https://e-hentai.org/g/1505296/3050b3b077/ Sadpanda actually has quite a lot of drawfag resources.
>>63527 I'm telling you, we went through some sort of singularity in the past decade. Something in mankind's collective unconscious snapped for good, and I can't even tell what. I just know that things have become increasingly unhinged ever since.
(51.59 KB 1000x549 skelles.png)
>>63696 >>63690 Also try drawing proportionate stick figure/simple skellies, in gradually more complex poses. No need to be super detailed or precise. I use a big circle to indicate a joint on a limb that is closer to the viewer, to represent foreshortening.
>>63656 There's >>62196 In acse it dropped off the board: Here you go: https://gitgud.io/Sapphire/FutaBilly It's a very unusual architecture. Pages are static HTML5 because the vast majority of operations are just appending new posts, no daemon is used and more. Unfortunately, development is ded, but the software should be working. I think the devs are involved with the whole archival groups behind Desuarchive and others, but this just might be me misremembering things. >>63699 You're a disgrace to those dubs.
Oh shit, apparently Colgate is in. That was fast
>>63654 Watch noroi: the curse bro. Probably very few similarities cuz i didn't watch midsommar. I saw a few scenes from annihilation. The bear was good shit. https://youtu.be/7ebVPMMjdko
>Everyone talking about drawing shit like shoulders correctly and here I am just looking up reference material on dicks so I can draw a bulge properly
>>63722 References are very important! Do not fear to use them !
Mia Malkova has twitch stream, she's singing like a Disney princess and talks like a child. I wonder how many pornstars have trauma going back to childhood given that a lot of them behave like kids.
Kawphii tiem soon, comrades. >>63722 lawl. get a nice collection going
>>63724 you'd be surprised how many guys are just into that act
>>63726 Worrysome.
>>63726 But she's acting so weird. There is nothing erotic about it at all.
>>63728 maybe not to you i'm not gonna judge
>>63736 Do not worry, I shall judge for you. Now judging.
just gonna shill for >>63718 hope people will still be up by then
>>63739 Will most likely be there, if I remember.
>>63742 how big
>>63738 just judge for yourself, i personally am okay with it or at least don't care was just saying that she's probably not being "damaged", but putting on a show because it's her niche she wants to sell >>63742 yes
(104.23 KB 563x1000 1559006008734.jpg)
>>63742 Butte :D
>>63743 Not big enough.
He's a bit of a shortstack, be nice to him.
>>63745 Very cute !
(3.18 MB 368x397 1539451946304.gif)
>>63748 Indeed.
>>63749 Less cute, but maintainable .
>>63697 Hey anon just found this, you might like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKV0WFF63WA
>>63749 not nearly enough meat on them poor bones
(143.21 KB 644x672 1581381687844.jpg)
(194.42 KB 1277x956 image0_60.jpg)
3rd picture: /GET/ meetup 2019
>>63757 But who is who?
(139.22 KB 303x283 7WDO3MC.png)
(493.98 KB 934x2665 1447994153587-2.png)
>>63653 This is a super fun idea, good luck! >>63655 Awesome.
>>63759 me taking the pic
>>63653 So like the arena tournaments the DF forums has, except instead of 1v1s it's a giant brawl?
>>63757 Only the second photograph I would classify as cute.
(80.96 KB 1024x768 1559236478719m.jpg)
(78.93 KB 578x1024 1577740986848.jpg)
(189.17 KB 997x938 1579555614102.jpg)
>>63764 Interesting.
>>63766 Again, second picture.
I am not sure why I keep coming here, you are all perverts.
>>63768 Not me. I am not the perverted one. Also it says more about you to keep coming here. And the community is pretty relax.
>>63761 Oh hey a wild cuddleslut appeared.
(885.24 KB 2592x1944 1578276274409.jpg)
>>63767 So you absolutely do not like butts and do not think they are cute?
(2.40 KB 298x227 lines1.png)
(55.84 KB 1190x1048 lines2.png)
>>63681 What you drew looks fine to me in terms of form. Your linework is not very interesting, but that comes with experience. Take a close look at your study: >>63690 The lines aren't straight, they're curving. The chest is denoted with a faint c-curve that loops back into itself at the top. The lines are also applied rapidly. On the right we see a folium with a line underneath it. These feel like a single line, even though there is a clear break on closer inspection. The lines are applied with a feeling and idea of how it all goes together. This shows in the final product. There's a lot more going on, but this should get you started. Unfortunately, this is something that is harder to pick up than anatomy, so I'm going to refer to >>63683's advice even though I don't agree with it. In any case, just drawing more is the way to go here. >>63683 Construction is optional (and slow). Not to mention that, in your own attempt, you change the figure to something that is entirely different than initially presented. Tomo's issue stems from control, not anatomy. >>63770 Cuddleslut is great!
>>63769 I come here because I'm lonely.
(115.38 KB 509x501 1450260233806.jpg)
>>63772 You are great!
>>63747 what's he doing with an ak DD: >>63773 Let's be lonely together
>>63771 Oh no bums, like PENIS, can very much be cute ! I myself am a fan. But those presented aren't. Mediocre. >>63773 Make friends. >>63775 Not a yes moment.
>>63761 Unfortunately I'm not very good at DF, but that might just make it more interesting. >>63763 I've never been on the DF forums so I don't know what those are.
>>63777 (checked and acknowledged)
>>63779 What does that mean little-kun?
(2.27 MB 1960x1600 1548722308062.png)
>>63777 >Make friends. How? There's a curfew here.
>>63777 its always a yes movement!
>>63783 Talk to people. Talk to them some more. Get to know them. By de facto you become friends. >>63784 Moment. Not movement. Read.
(15.71 KB 331x286 1438019924029.png)
>>63774 You're really spoiling me today! So adorkable... >>63778 I'm middling myself, so maybe we can amplify each others suck and get through together. Do you have a goal in mind? >>63777 Got me really curious what you consider to be a beautiful schlong.
>>63785 Talking with strangers makes my heart beat crazy fast and my tummy hurt.
(406.08 KB 379x595 lurking.PNG)
>>63772 thank you too for helping me out, i will try to wrap my head around it tomorrow when i go back to it since it's the time now if anyone still up to it, let's do the skribbl https://skribbl.io/?CE2cs2dEJSSD let's do art and mistakes
>>63785 No puedo leer en ingles
>>63786 Oh one that is strong and powerful ! One that I see and go «Now that is a phallus.» One that I would not fear to do 'certain activities' with. >>63787 Then make them not strangers.
>>63786 Good Sluts get good treatment silly. Besides you've said in the past you wanna be spoiled.
>>63792 Cat user, do not become spoiled.
>>63788 Nice ! It time !
>>63776 He's gonna use it to fight off some pirates. Also to be more specific its supposed to be a Type-56 AK, underfolding bayonet and hooded sight are some of the distinctive features of that. The character himself is an OC for my Black Lagoon fanfic.
>>63791 wow WOW WOW WOW WOW
>>63797 What?
>>63791 Whale phallus?
>>63798 my NIGGA you can't say that here what tthe fuck bro
>>63801 What ?
>>63802 You can't say that shit on the mother fuckign thread my man. We are family friendly on this bitch
>>63783 is this a sienfeld reference?
>>63803 EXCUSE ME? Out of the people here I am one of the less lewd compared to them. And you are here, telling me that it is not good on this thread? All I did was describe what I think a good cock is. people literally post porn here! Outrageous!
>>63807 ever since this thread was first made, we were super family friendly, stop making excses bro, doesnt matter if u was describing a dick or if u was posting porn, that shit goes agaisnt every value of leftytrash
>>63796 care to expand on his lore? >>63810 this is a cristian thread
>>63810 I am fuming.
>>63813 fume on me uwu
>>63813 fumer???? Étinne it's illegal for you to smoke at this age!! >:(
>>63814 No. I am only lewd and or in the mood on my command. Not at your disgreassion. >>63815 I am legal in my country.
(120.05 KB 300x300 cigar.png)
never was into smoking. my uncle smoked when I was young and it'd always give me coughing fits.
>>63817 Never smoked.
>>63818 But I have smoked someone before.
Poster Below Me gets to be held down forcefully and cuddled after a round of sex and lots of headpats | | | | | | |
>>63810 >/leftytrash/ >Ever been "family friendly" Bruh, are you fucking high?
>>63819 now that I can relate to. knocked the shit out of more than a few people who kept antagonizing my LGBT friends back in the day.
>>63816 damn, you grew up so fast ;_;. I guess it's a part of life
>>63821 i think this is someone just having a laugh
>>63823 What? I do not understnad what you mean? i did not change.
>>63817 My GRANDpa smoked a lot of cigars. I hated the smell when he was smoking it, and the lingering smell lasts so for so long. he always smelled like it.
>>63785 >By de facto you become friends. That's not true, not for me anyway. Friend is a basically a title I give out, like knighting someone. I get along with everyone at my work, even enjoy spending a little time with some of my coworkers, but I'm hesitant to designate them "friend" because a friend is not just someone I hang out with, but someone I can be open with.
>>63821 lmao
>>63828 I have that too, but I am commenting to someone I consider is desperate for friends.
>>63820 Well, I should warn you, that I've been having diarrhoea the past few days, and it's been especially bad today, so there'll be shit all over the place
>>63831 wear a diaper then
>>63831 WHY TELL US THAT??
I lost connection to the draw game :(
>>63834 try rejoining by just clicking the link again, if people still stayed you can still go or make a new one and see if anyone else is still interested had to quit myself so i dunno
>>63821 nigga i think you are. joking right
>>63833 Because I felt that I should warn Yugo before he comes round for a round of sex and headpats
>>63817 I remember once when my GRANDma was smoking a cigar, and I was pretty small (arroud 11 years or so) and I asked her why she smoked if cigars are so bad. And then she told me that she does it because "she didn't want to be an annoyance when you grow older" >>63826 It's ok Étienne >>63832 kinky
>>63837 Yugo was me muted, i am sad for that. They are fun to talk to. >>63838 No, not ok, explain yuorlse!
>>63839 are you ok Étienne?
>>63840 Why of course !! Why not so ? I ask.
>>63838 truly
>>63841 I answer but not really! understand?
>>63845 I do not. Please answer.
Fun in the draw game :)
>>63847 I thouhgt u not age smoke but now you grow age correct and since I did not know i surprised GET it¿ >>63848 oh no
>>63848 And you say you ain't lewd smh
>>63849 Speak english.
>>63853 u first
I remember a time when /trash/ wasn't gay erp
>>63856 impossible
>>63856 sounds fucking boring
>>63856 That halcyon era of petty fights and pedo hysteria.
>>63851 It is not art. >>63855 I swear.
>>63860 It is CALLED* art.
>>63856 nigga that wahs when the goldern era
>>63856 i remember you complaining about that exact same shit 2 years ago and you were still wrong back then and it's only getting more obnoxious with the time you keep doing that shit it's even the same exact phrasing
>>63856 shit sounds like a myth >>63861 you aren't wrong. I like the bush
>>63864 Bush?
feeling like shit just bring old leftytrash back
>>63866 Embrace modernity
>>63866 fuck off
>>63868 Oh wow Tomo I thought you were a sleep !! Napping little naps !
>>63865 le pubes >>63866 Your the old regime. Its time for Gay Luxury Space Communism
>>63867 embrace tradinotion >>63868 WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOW nor cool i am really hurt
>>63848 Is this the sort of mighty PENIS you had in mind, earlier? >>63868 Don't let yourself get worked up, it's not worth it.
^ | | | | | | Poster Above Me gets to be held down forcefully and cuddled after a round of sex and lots of headpats
>>63873 lmaooo he truly is a cuddleslut
>>63870 Ah! >>63871 Not cool and pretty gay.
(279.14 KB 1280x2046 greece.jpg)
(1.50 MB 1024x781 greek twink.png)
>>63865 slang for pubic hair >>63866 embrace tradition motherfucker
>>63872 Also yes.
>>63860 Great, we shall now talk like Anglos >>63877 Just a friendly reminder to read the rules, especially rule 6 10 minutes and an hour from our lives will be stolen
Calm down ladies.
>>63881 what do the rules have anything to do with this im not breaking any rule fuckign stop being mean man
>>63877 I means lefty trash is tradition. >>63881 Yes, what is your question?
(75.85 KB 900x1250 DAGsoNsVYAAjP6Y.jpg large.jpg)
>>63873 😖 >>63882 Oh my...
(12.90 KB 275x183 ergyubhswde.jpg)
>>63877 Sorry, didn't you hear about the leftytrash cultural revolution! All Gay everyday
>>63882 nice dog
>>63882 Yugo now a volunteer ?
>>63886 im sad now anon. i miss lefty trash. i miss it a lot
(139.82 KB 2064x401 rules of get.PNG)
>>63883 Have you read them anon? >>63884 I don't have any >>63888 He's been one since the transfeer I think
>>63888 Nice numbers (Also yes yugo is volunteer) >>63890 What do you miss about it?
>>63891 Then why are you asking if I am ok or if i am changed? Both are no ! >>63894 Can he see. me?
>>63891 yeah bro i wasnt even trying to shitfling here im just exchanging my opionoin with my good frinds from lefty trash my best friends >>63894 everything. i miss how life was back then. if uckign miss it man
>>63897 you're making vague platitudes. What specifically?
(2.64 KB 75x44 59 gamer.PNG)
(2.74 KB 71x44 300.PNG)
>>63900 How ?
>>63901 It's magic!
>>63898 it wasnt this gay ass shit bro it felt actualy good to come her and post and shit now i just browse every once in a while and im like damn this place changed im not even motivated to say anything idk bro its fcking crazy i miss this shit
>>63900 daylight savings?
(20.46 KB 754x252 MAGIC.PNG)
>>63904 shhh it's magic!
(55.25 KB 538x434 e81.jpg)
>>63885 Snuggleslut.
>>63900 what??
>>63908 M-A-G-I-C!
(7.44 KB 267x189 whatthe.jpg)
>>63903 idk what to tell you bud
>>63905 Heh, is everyone using Colgate now?
(1.28 MB Colgate2.mp4)
>>63912 I use colgate on my computer but on my phone I still use yotsuba
>>63903 The most common complaint is that we don't get as many explicitly political shitposts and effortposts here now that we were removed from the board where our thread used to get all the stuff that didn't work in specific threads. Is that your complaint as well?
>>63451 >>63454 >>63456 >Russian hands typed these posts
(101.93 KB 1278x2407 poland.png)
>>63919 sorry buddy, poland is a meme country
I am thunderous horny at this moment.
>>63923 Flag.
>>63924 is that saying you are stuck in a thunderstorm or that you want some not-lewds
>>63925 What ?
>>63926 What?
>>63927 Wob. explain.
>>63903 same dumb shit you said 2 years ago just fuck off already and stop coming back to do nothing but complain while not contributing anything nobody needs your fucking bitching and whining, it was boring then, it is now >>63918 we had effortposts and political shitposts back then, we still have it just about as frequent this specific candy-ass just has never once replied to any of it and keeps making the same stupid fucking "complaint" (rather just being a fucking bitch) there is nothing of substance to this dipshit and he needs to just drop dead already nobody liked him back then, nobody will like this "i don't like this thread!" now and he wont say anything fucking else, ever i'm 99 % i know the one issue he wants to rant on about before making yet another big reveal this autist can't even bother to not make it obvious who he is
>>63928 a) there is a thunderstorm where I live b) are you horny?
>>63930 I am thunderously honry.
(58.60 KB 1079x560 image0-58-1.jpg)
(1.53 MB 1000x1414 044_3_MRM.png)
>>63931 here is a boy practicing "good form" for you then
>>63925 I think Étienne wants you to post all of your non-lewd, non-sexual, cute soft ecchi pics of girls (male).
>>63933 Not into Zelda. >>63934 No. Merely stating state of emergency. Not honry anymore. Was past it. Reading book.
(400.96 KB 1590x1868 D7KeIFfW0AAIx4A.png large.png)
(183.47 KB 1000x1000 harem boy.jpg)
(662.96 KB 1015x648 sassy luke.png)
>>63934 oh ok
>>63935 That's what fixes it usually. You aren't into the type of femboys the rest of /leftytrash/ is into, are you.
I really cant wait for the Media to cover up how Biden's been accused of våldtäkt up until Biden gets the nomination then trump brings it up in the first debate and wins 500-0
>>63938 Femboys are alright. I am more into Tom boys or androgynous looking people (Am biased)
>>63939 I shall quote what a friend of mine said about Biden and Trump «I promise you that during the debates bidens gonna stutter while telling some irrelevant story from 1979 and trump will interject and call him "soupskull joe" and win by a landslide»
>>63939 >>63941 Trump's debate strategy is going to be getting Biden so riled up he has a heart attack on stage, then he will win literally every state but Cali. >>63940 Wilco, gonna look for that on my next art expedition.
>>63941 Imagine if Trump decided to bring up literally anything that Hunter Biden has done lmao
(664.02 KB 598x776 Tomo's rapeface.png)
>>63940 >Tom boys Mah nigga
tomboys are just boys without dicks.
(311.40 KB 544x523 3511.PNG)
>>63944 >filename
>>63944 I do not like that file name >>63945 They are girls that act "boyish" >>63946 Yeah.
(664.74 KB 598x776 Mirroed Tomo rapeface.png)
>>63946 Yes?
>>63945 Myopic.
>>63949 Having the dick is better.
>>63950 It's the person behind the dick that matters, you dummy. You buffoon.
(616.92 KB 1280x929 Heze(1).png)
(801.67 KB 1297x1563 Heze(2).png)
male, female, herm, what does it matter? the bedroom is the GRAND stage where all of us fuckboys performed. we are all on equal footing, fucking under the same conditions. no affiliations or ranks to hinder us... the only rule of engagement was to please/
>>63952 >Slaanesh has entered the chat
>>63953 it is true I seek elven pleasures, but they can keep their souls after
>>63954 he prays all he likes, but God is only forgiving him because he kneels to do it.
>>63955 he ain't praying, he is getting ready to dive into some sweet boypussy
>>63951 That's a weird way to say that you matter but OK.
Feeling highly bleh, rn. don't know wat to do, am bored.
>>63959 Ur a board?
>>63960 sure
>>63961 Whatcha gonna draw on you Mr. Board?
My favourite thing about people who have paranoia about "Russian espionage and bots" is when they say shit like "This twitter hashtag i dont like started trending at this time...Morning in Moscow anyone????" which is not only psychotic but also usually wrong and shows just how fucking little these people know about how the internet works because they think a government sponsored brute force Intelligent Botnet only works 9-5
(530.38 KB 720x884 sketch-1585451523914.png)
(137.79 KB 828x949 image0-187.jpg)
>>63866 same I don't like my new gay overlords.
(250.11 KB 2100x1500 Tania_color1.png)
What do you think of this art?
>>63969 you got the 69 trip, meaning your going to be bimbofied
(35.47 KB 369x387 1578623234599.jpg)
>>63970 I don't know why but her eyes give me the impression of being cross-eyed which slightly off. It's v cute otherwise
(64.76 KB 750x1070 lol.jpg)
>>63974 based
>>63962 idk, i wanna draw but there's nothing i wanna draw
(15.68 KB 192x171 1523507648758.jpg)
>>63976 draw this, but Vlada
Keep forgetting to turn off my work VPN before I come on Bunkerchan, how fucked am I
>>63978 Majorly
>>63978 your anus is already ate buddy
>>63977 who? and who?
(31.86 KB 688x659 vlada.png)
>>63983 this is vlada
(2.57 MB batto.webm)
>>63987 It's easy to forget that bats are cute fluffy winged mamals and not dark/flying type pokemon.
>>63988 bats are just ceiling cats
>>63987 I want to pet a bat!
(96.85 KB 825x1280 good MORNING.jpg)
GOOOOOD MORNING hope y'all slept well cause I didn't >>63987 wholesome >>63989 rats can be cute too
>>63987 >>63988 >>63989 >>63990 This makes my smile the BIG SMILE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YViAD9MLlZA >>63993 Mornin'. >Hope ya'll slept well cause I didn't Again? It almost seems like this is consistent problem for you. >>63812 >care to expand on his lore? Sure, its not much in terms of backstory but this is what I've got so far, just a reminder though that no matter how silly some of this might be I'm only writing it as a form of self-indulgent power fantasy without trying to be all that deep so please judge it as such: >He used to work as a school janitor (currently unemployed) >One day while he was running late and was about to head to work, time seemingly stopped around him >He was approached by an old man that was seemingly unaffected by everything else being frozen in place >The old man explains that he is planning to retire, having already seen everything life had to offer, pain and pleasure included, he no longer had any use for the power vested to him >The protagonist, still capable of being able to form thought despite not being able to interact with his environment, logically deduces that he is in the presence of some sort of ROB >He was granted a device called "the remote" by the old man, giving him access to a personal pocket dimension of sorts which he would have full control of, after which the old guy fucked off to who knows where >Time resumed and the protagonist after some pondering decided to quit his day job and test out the remote's capabilities by entering the pocket dimension >Turns out the old man left it completely blank so there was no air or even anything solid to walk on in the pocket dimension >The first thing he did in his new life was almost suffocating due to jumping the gun on dimensional travel before enabling a breathable atmosphere into the pocket dimension from its settings along with adjusting the default temperature to something that wasn't absolute zero >Once he gradually adjusted the PPD to something that he could actually live in he decided to test another function called "the workshop" >It basically functions on the basis of "If you can imagine it, you can make it real" >For shits and giggles he decided to test out whether he could give himself a power that he's seen in pretty much every Isekai manga and LN he's read, a game interface >Surprisingly enough it worked pretty much just as he imagined and he's now got all the perks that come along with the interface >Since he was an already existing person that didn't get hit by truck-kun, his stats were automatically generated and they turned out pretty shit (most were below average, the illustration is him after leveling up more than a few times) >Since he pretty much skipped the whole RPG character creation shebang completely in terms of making an avatar or allocating stats he was allowed to go straight into picking himself a class and skill specializations >Once he was done with all the preparations came the part that every reader in these kinds of fanfics always waits for (mostly to see whether to drop it or continue reading), the world roulette >Basically "the game" chooses a world at random for him to be dropped into, where he then has to complete certain tasks before he can jump into another >In our protagonist's case it was Black Lagoon, and since he chose the "Engineer" class he is basically a gunsmith in terms of skillset >The main part of the story begins with him being a stowaway on a cargo ship that's being attacked by pirates off the coast of Thailand and he's got nothing except the clothes on his back, a 38. revolver, some loose rounds for ammo and a flashlight I use the Cyberpunk 2020 rules and combat system as a narrative tool to help me with writing interesting scenarios, meaning that I basically roll for every important action that he takes both in and out of combat so I don't make the mistake of just automatically making him succeed in everything and taking all the tension out, if he dies there's a save system where-in he reloads the latest save file upon death, his progress beyond the time of saving is lost upon death and he has to roll everything he did afterwards all over again, meaning that if he succeeded in something but died afterwards there is a chance that he will fail that same task when attempting it again after loading a save file.
>>64012 I know your pain anon.
>>64012 I do what I please and there's nothing you can do to stop me.
(136.08 KB 850x1141 cofe.jpg)
tiem for cofe
>>63993 Good morning >>64010 so it's kida like an alone roleplay sesion? cool
>>64015 with or without milk?
>>64017 no milk
>>64019 dialectical
(6.74 MB coffee.mp4)
(92.29 KB 1920x1080 1494556896644.jpg)
>>64022 >22 nice >>64028 lol. >>64030 are you having a cuppa too?
(110.04 KB 260x333 892.PNG)
(738.97 KB 2402x1519 IMG_5917.jpeg)
Made bird.
>>64036 Nice tits.
>>64036 nice birb you should name it
>>64038 hmmm....what about Gregolas?
>>64039 it is only up to you to name birb but if you ask my opinion, it sounds very fine for a birbs name https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liiVX55tJ7E
(289.10 KB 673x698 Yui167.png)
Had a barfday party last night and most people couldn't make it due to coronavirus, just my same core group of friends. Which is fine, but nobody texted me or anything and all the women just avoided coming without ever even saying they wouldn't be able to make it. Crush was an exception. She said she wouldn't come, then said she would at least stop by to give me my gift, then I told her to stay home because it wasn't worth driving 45 minutes just to drop off one thing, so then she said we'll see. But when the time came, dead quiet, just like everyone else. So the only TRUE exception was this really clingy aspie girl I know who I've rejected like five times, says a lot of inappropriate things, and honestly kind of annoys me. She texted me way in advance (albeit in a really irritating manner) that she couldn't make it, but when the party came she at least still remembered and texted me a happy barfday. So even though she's not a very good person and I don't have any kind of feelings for her I think I'm about to start being a lot nicer to her because I'm at the point where I feel like all of my friends honestly suck ass. >>63356 Wait, what was this post about?
>>64041 Hapi l8 berfday What gifts did you get? Also business idea: why not give aspie girl chanses? How much of a boomere are you now?
>>64041 How many of your friends do you think you infected? How many of them are going to die?
Anyone think femcels are single because they’re a bunch of mean cunts with a chip on their shoulder?
(305.08 KB 428x639 Yui249.png)
>>64042 We've never really done gifts for each other. All I've gotten so far is cash and gift cards from family and even then it's not much because coronavirus has kept me from everyone but my parents. >why not give aspie girl chanses It was a big turn off for me when I was hanging out with all her friends and she was sitting there with her best friend making fun of this orbiter dude she knows, right in front of him. They weren't being overt but I think he was starting to pick up on it. He's annoying but he didn't deserve all that. I gave her a chance but turns out I was still really bothered by that. She's also a little weird about black people. >How much of a boomere are you now I'll be turning 28. >>64043 That was just allergies, because I've been fine since. And we all just laugh at this virus anyway. >>64045 Is there even any such thing? The closest person I know to a femcel is the girl I was just talking about and even she has options and goes on more dates than me. She is hella bitter towards men, though.
>>64045 all they know is mcdonald’s , charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual , eat hot chip & lie bro
>>64046 Oh, pretty much every femcel has had a boyfriend or has fucked at least once; honestly I don’t know why they’re such mean bitter cunts. I’m honestly mad because of their little cunthole subreddit where they shit on incels for being suicidal and depressed while femcels are utter pathetic failures who can’t do the one fucking thing women can beat men at, literally the only reason femcels struggle to keep relationships is because they’re mean cunts that want better than they deserve. Not even incel, but I’ve tried talking to them, they’re always vicious as fuck to me because of my obvious depression and suicide ideation. I fucking hate these cunts; regular women are at least nice even if they’re full of shit; femcels are hideous and aren’t even nice.
>>64048 can you guys shut the fuck up and stop being morons, jesus fuck
>>64050 Fuck off radlib, I’m talking to people
(386.53 KB 632x723 Yui292.png)
>>64050 Hey, tomo. >>64048 Somehow this girl maintains her virginity even when in relationships. She's not even religious so I don't know what the deal is. She did try to get me to take her to church though, but I get weird when girls ask me that. Anyhow, they're just female incels so bitterness is required, I suppose.
>>64036 Are you the anon who asked for bird-drawing resources yesterday? It's very cool. >>64037 It does not look like a tit.
>>64051 >hurr radlib hurr hurr i'm an incel hurr pity me i can't fuck i'm a social reject and retarded duurr ooof omfg derp i'm retarded please kill me t. you fuck off with your whiney shit jesus fucking christ, nobody wanted your stupid shit in the fucking idpol thread so get the fuck lost back to your reddit whine club you insufferable useless retard not only do women not want to fuck you but literally nobody in life wants to spend a fucking minute with you but your self loathing useless online circle of unfuckable social retards you know it so just fucking take the consequences
>>64052 I just....why the fuck would you even be a female incel? How much of an utter failure at life do you have to be to take up that moniker? And why are they always fucking retards that worship virginity too? Last girl I dated withheld sex until we broke up, I fucking hate that manipulative shit. Honestly femcels are the way they are because they’re straight up cunts, that’s all it is; at the very least I can believe Incels didn’t start out that way; whereas femcels actually CAN date and get laid, meaning they’re just failures.
>>64048 >Not even incel
>>64054 Will you actually fuck off? No what makes you an obvious radlib you candy-ass? The fact that you think I’m incelposter because you genuinely believe the only possible positions are being an incel or a whiteknight. I was one of the people that originally got incelposter banned you fucking candy-ass retard, just because I don’t think women are wonderful means I’m this one specific person you’re obsessed with.
>>64056 I was in a relationship less than a month ago, do you fags genuinely think if someone complains about stupid shit women do they’re an incel? You’d do well on Reddit. >t. radlib
(162.86 KB 270x427 Yui232.png)
>>64057 >hurr hurr radlib i said it again X-D epin gib me upboats you're such a fucking obvious self loathing whiney bitch incel that not only i can tell you are oozing that shit that self denial is hilarious just fucking do it fuck off and do it, you know it has to be done everyone is fucking sick of your pathetic useless existence so drop the fucking act and own up to your shit excuse of an existence
>>64060 >If you don’t think women are wonderful you are an incel t. Redditor
chill out
>>64058 >hurr women amirite guys? women are such shit >lol femcels are all the same lol why wont they let me touch them i am their boyfriend >y-you're reddit! if not reddit, since you're so bashful about where you're from, maybe ask /b/ on how to set up your lifestream to fuck off for good
>log in to mod account >see someone else already got it Whew
(152.50 KB 377x467 Yui205.png)
Anyhow, anyone else have terrible depression?
>>64063 Sorry, if I'm too fast. But still do you guys agree with 2 hours for both? >>64064
Edited last time by anon on 03/29/2020 (Sun) 14:09:23.
(2.69 MB 1800x1435 drink.png)
>>64065 Yes.
>>64068 Just feels like it's never going to get better, right? Every time I feel like I'm close to a good thing, it turns out it was completely out of my grasp.
>>64066 imo 1 hour's more than enough
yo who shit
>>64072 shit :)
(33.54 KB 720x720 NLbAJpu.jpeg)
>>64066 Seems fair, that's what the rule say >>64072 ...not me
>>64077 god i want to learn spanish so much, tried to learn it some months ago but quit cause i'm a bitch
>>64078 well now with quarantine in almost half of the world it's a good moment to start again
(518.56 KB 1600x800 1524948506456.png)
goooOOOD Mornin GETchon
one person is like potato: it is easily missed. ten bajillion million people is like potato chips - you won't even notice they are gone until the bag is empty. - joseph islam lenin
>>64083 one hundred trillion person is like lots dead body, dead -Stalin mao atheist
>>64083 "Once you pop, you just can't stop." - notorious drive-by shooter jesse sampson
>>64084 >he killed trillions Just a reminder that this meme is older than you think THAT Justinian was not a man, but a demon, as I have said, in human form, one might prove by considering the enormity of the evils he brought upon mankind. For in the monstrousness of his actions the power of a fiend is manifest. Certainly an accurate reckoning of all those whom he destroyed would be impossible, I think, for anyone but God to make. Sooner could one number, I fancy, the sands of the sea than the men this Emperor murdered. Examining the countries that he made desolate of inhabitants, I would say he slew a trillion people. -Procopius
>>64065 Seeing comrades being banned is pretty depressing.
what's the hottest thing girls in your country say during sex? or just to tease, there's the cliche of latinas saying papi but "que rica verga" is the biggest thing I miss my ex saying.
>>64094 "daddy"
(462.58 KB 400x400 drinking pepe.gif)
>>64094 Te amo
(335.82 KB best.mp4)
(134.89 KB 1200x674 twilight zone.jpg)
Today in /leftytrash/ mysteries: Whatever happened to Greenland anon and Sadlenin?
>>64120 also that guy who logged his daily sex life. I just assume they all died of chinese flu
(309.04 KB 495x541 sadjimmy.png)
>>64094 t'estimo :,,,( >>64123 In my mental lore he became the incelposter
>>64120 i miss them bro
and i hope sad lenin is still alive
(821.58 KB 975x2157 8b3f.png)
Good morning
>>64131 Not much my dude, watching DemSoc01's latest video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGdUsmJuaCk
I'm going out for my state-sanctioned welfare walk, if the virus takes me please bury me up in the mountain under the shade of a beautiful flower.
>>64041 happy barfday, Mein
Business Idea: Communism with communist characteristics.
>>64041 Happy being born day! >>64130 Heya
>>64136 Business idea: build a wall around every big city and force people to walk to their destinations within the city limits
Don't mind me just dumping a shitpost I'd written up for a now baleeted thread on /leftypol/ since I'd already typed it up and the anon I was replying to sounded like one of youse /v/irgins >>>/leftypol/404808 >More single moms for me, then. As long as you're prepared to be a father to all those children and a husband to all those wives Otherwise no son, no more sex for you The world's just too densly populated and interconnected to allow casual flings for reasons of disease lad There there, there there
>>64134 you'll be fine, just dont go near anyone sick. or be downwind of someone sneezing or coughing.
I'll suck your dick.
what is cow
>>64146 when >>64148 it's the thing that goes moooo
>>64148 baby don't suck me
>>64149 am i cow if i moooooo
>>64151 yes, and cows need to be milked.
>>64152 damn.
(132.67 KB 984x1200 cow milk peta.jpg)
>>64153 If you want I can milk you, anon.
>>64139 What's new?
>>64156 being at home all the time so nothing much
(2.01 MB 498x402 dcfghvbj.gif)
Whats up guys. Y'all had breakfast yet? >>64041 Happy l8 barfday Mein
(1.24 MB 950x1211 1401854785830.jpg)
>>64158 I just got back from some shopping, now I'm gonna be home until the next time I go shopping, whenever that is.
(28.52 KB 350x350 impse.gif)
how do i spoiler images in dollchan bottom text
(30.24 KB spoiler.webm)
>>64163 that's not dollchan but thanks bro
>>64136 Far too extreme. Either capitalism with communist characteristics, or vice versa.
Hey. >>64036 Aaaaaaaah, cute! >>64162 No.
(2.86 MB 1001x1404 fly.png)
>>64164 Oh, I've never heard of dollchan and thought you were using "dollchan" as a diminuative nickname for Bunkerchan. >>64166 What's new?
>>64167 Almost done with a framework I've been fiddling with while I can't work on other stuff. Finally watched Promare, and that turned out to be good. Pluses from me. How are things with you?
(976.05 KB 500x429 anim.gif)
>>64168 A framework? What kind? I don't think I've ever heard of Promare. >How are things with you? They're going ok, enjoying what's left of yesterday's high.
>>64159 i had some lucky charms
>>64171 Nothing special really. Just a lil' js front end organizer. Dynamic windows, move em around or pin them to a grid. That kind of thing. Made it so I can easily store the myriad of single file programs I've written over the years in modules. Might also use it to GM here... It's a new movie by TRIGGER co-founder Hiroyuki Imaishi, who I've been a fan of since FLCL (he directed episode 5, the guns one). His previous big project was a little disappointing, but this turned out better than I expected. Yesterday's high?
>>64166 OHYO
>>64178 Hi! How's it going? Dealing with the quarantine?
(427.21 KB 1238x1395 1406771544972.png)
>>64174 Oh, nice! >Might also use it to GM here... What, like a TTRPG? >It's a new movie by TRIGGER co-founder Hiroyuki Imaishi, who I've been a fan of since FLCL (he directed episode 5, the guns one). His previous big project was a little disappointing, but this turned out better than I expected. Huh, that sounds interesting. I haven't watched much anime (or anything, really) lately, but if I get the chance, I'll check it out. >Yesterday's high? Yeah, I got high yesterday. I started shortly before I started at around 3.
>>64182 Was thinking of doing a play-by-post, drop-in drop-out RPG, like I discussed with bear in here some time ago (at least I think it was bear). Basically a /tg/ quest with extra bells and whistles. Yeah, same. Promare was the first anime "thing" I've seriously sat down for probably since Space Patrol Luluco like 3 years ago. It's hard to keep track of all that when you're constantly busy. Ah, the physical kind. I'm happy you're happy. What's your poison? Cannabis, heroin, cocaine? I have almost no hands-on experience with drugs.
>>64188 Not even caffeine?
>>64190 The laws of this land prohibit me from entertaining this question.
>>64192 I admitted hating coffee multiple times here and for the time being I am still alive.
(45.00 KB 400x300 sponge-5.jpg)
>>64195 Not for long, sucka
>>64188 What about poppers?
>>64198 What is that?
>>64199 My dick poppers into your mom's pussy every night lmao
>>64199 it's used by gay men to increase arousal and loosen the anal muscles
(1.96 MB 2100x2100 cawfee.png)
>>64188 Yeah we were discussing how a dnd session would work and we talked about CATastrophe and such >>64195 looks like we need to do some spring cleaning
>>64200 Nice one :)
(174.29 KB 464x713 1478150189054.png)
>>64188 >Was thinking of doing a play-by-post, drop-in drop-out RPG, like I discussed with bear in here some time ago (at least I think it was bear). Basically a /tg/ quest with extra bells and whistles. That sounds like it could potentially be pretty fun. >What's your poison? Cannabis, heroin, cocaine? I have almost no hands-on experience with drugs. Cannabis soda. I would never do anything "harder" than LSD or shrooms.
(10.28 KB 225x160 beppo.jpeg)
>>64204 >Cannabis soda IL M'EN FAUT UN
(613.35 KB 1000x1000 1459744527304.png)
>>64202 >>64188 Oh shit yeah I remember you mentioned CATastrophe and I saw the link to the /tg/ wiki, for some reason I thought it was someone else. >>64205 It's good stuff.
Wanna get some weed myself but I don't know how
>>64205 Français !?!?
>>64208 nan, canadien
>>64198 Not yet. Curious to try it though. Do you have any experience? >>64202 Yep, this is an extension of that. Went through my notes for another campaign and found a lot of unused stuff I could for this, so that's what I have been working on. >>64204 Cannabis soda, what's that? >LSD Oooooh! How was the trip?
(636.58 KB 1500x1500 rodina_tg.png)
>>64210 Also if you make a thread for a dnd session, use this picture that I found in leftybooru
>>64210 >Cannabis soda, what's that? It's soda infused with cannabis, like pot cookies/brownies. >Oooooh! How was the trip? Hmm? I meant that that's as far as I would go, not that I've tried them.
>>64211 Huh, I've never heard of leftybooru before. But I'm not very well knowledgeable about boorus.
>>64213 Sounds like it tastes pretty bad, to be honest. If we ever meet up we should take some gabber drugs and listen to BZRK records! Not really. >>64214 You should! People kept that one archived for years! (You can even find my old comics on there!) People are currently migrating to another booru though. I lost the name but there's a thread about it on >>>/leftypol/
>>64216 Well to be honest, it's not great, but you don't drink/eat them for the taste, you eat them for the convenient high. Though they don't really taste awful. >If we ever meet up we should take some gabber drugs and listen to BZRK records! Not really. Hell ye-aww :( >(You can even find my old comics on there!) You draw?
>>64209 Franco-Canadien? Ou un Anglais?
>>64217 I'm not an american though, so it's a bit of a different experience for me
>>64220 anglophone, mais pas anglo-canadien
>>64219 I mean we can, but I dunno if mixing LSD with Omanski and friends is a good idea ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxckwAUepSg ) Former art teacher, illustrator, and concept artist. >>64220 Asking the important questions.
>>64223 Anglo ?!
>>64226 mes parents ont immigré de l'URSS, alors non.
>>64225 Nah, I was (mostly) joking. I do like some techno, but somewhat sparingly. >Former art teacher, illustrator, and concept artist. Oh wow, that's really cool!
>>64211 Oh heck, forgot to reply to this: saved and will do! Yell at me if I forget it (so I can yell at a mod to add it in turn). Wasn't there another draw of the GET-/leftypol/ gang and Stirner playing DnD?
(638.84 KB 1736x1813 EUNiSOZVAAAE4lw.jpeg)
>>64229 Ah! Ok! Camarade :) (Ce n'est pas mon dessin)
>>64234 I believe that the image is from that image but it cropped out alunya and Striner
(159.51 KB 1200x685 1584904001404.jpg)
>>64207 You just have to ask around your friends eventually someone will know someone it's harder in quarantine >>64217 Aren't poppers easily available? also that pic. I was planning to ship in stuff overseas until the quarantine hit and now that's a no go
how to done fuck?
>>64250 U non’t
>>64250 get me to loosen up
>>64250 rub some bits against some other bits. if it feel good, you may be on to something. if it don't feel good, try other bits. if it feel bad, stop immediately
(172.22 KB 304x793 RinAppalled.png)
>>64250 What?
>>64254 Well?
(53.21 KB 402x512 unnamed.jpg)
>>64254 Why?
watching Kubrick's 2001 in a dark basement so I can shut out all the HAPPENING going on right now in the world. how y'all?
(112.17 KB 1000x893 1559645886819.jpg)
im hungry
>>64263 i just had a burger
(250.49 KB 388x364 1456679313484.gif)
>>64264 i want hambaga now
>>64265 What about a cheemzborger??
>>64262 Doing ok. Have you ever seen 2010 or read the books? >>64263 Go eat, comrade.
>>64265 one thicc n juicy comin up
>>64268 how I want my bargar: -bread -ketchup -onions -cheez -tomato -fried aigs -burgar meat -lettuce -mustard and mayo -bread this is how I want it. >>64269 I tweaked my ankle earlier today and it hurts. I dont wanna stand up to make food. I wanted some delivery but theres only za or chinese food that's still open and I don't want.
>>64275 no bakkin?
>>64277 not in a beicon mood rn.
>>64275 Oh shit, that sucks. What's wrong with Chinese food?
>>64279 Nothing, its just I don't want chinese today. I wanna eat excessive amounts of food at the moment, for which chinese is good since here they give you so much fucking food for what you pay, but im trying to get something that's a bit more local. There's this place that makes mofongo, but they don't deliver past 5pm and I am sad.
back spent today chopping up the tree that fell a few days back and trying to fix up my old mountain bike tree is chopped to bits, bike is mostly functional but can't go below 4th gear for some reason. now I made boorgs, hotdogs, and potato wedges cause I could feel my life force draining as my blood sugar dropped.
>>64285 wow you ate all that by yourself? well i guess if you built up your appetite enough lumberjacking like that.
>>64288 it was like my only real meal today, I have a bad habit of forgetting to eat until my body starts fucking up too bad for me to not notice
>>64285 business aidia: live with me and make me food. You must make a decision now.
>>64289 do it like the germans you need good bread breakfast get all the sorts of breads for variety
>>64290 I didn't expect polygamy to be so easy!
Any gunnuts in here? >>64292 Welcome back.
>>64294 I wish I could be a gunnut but I'm just a gunless :(
>>64294 >Any gunnuts in here? me >>64292 my stomach is especially weak when I wake up, big breakfasts make me feel ill for a little while. I usually just eat fruit and nuts when I wake up.
>>64294 A GUN! Are you MAD?! We can't have GUNS! GUNS KILL! Leave big open holes in you that are like sores but WORSE. >>64293 im not asking for marriage or anything. I can be happy just being someone you cook for.
>>64295 Same fate, comrade. >>64296 Looking for interesting shotgun designs (visually or mechanically, gimme). Got any favourites? Pump, break, lever, bolt, don't matter. >>64297 What if you pointed one at a fascist and pulled the trigger? As a joke, of course.
>>64299 I support ironically killing ironic nazis.
>>64294 Does it count as being a gunnut if you're noguns?
>>64299 favorite all time shotgun is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nRWqKC5bqQ if you just want a novel shotgun, then take a gander at this, the MTs-255-20 revolver shotgun: http://i.imgur.com/QqzTwVQ.jpg another weird one, this one more historical, a blowback operated revolver shotgun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBlx7kW9_AQ if you want the epitome of big dick soviet weaponry, check out this boy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KS-23 literally a 6 gauge shotgun made out of scrap AA gun parts, thing can kill anything of this earth. and lastly here is a very cockney boy doing a shotgun gunsmithing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwMIgo4BXW4
>>64299 >What if you pointed one at a fascist and pulled the trigger? As a joke, of course. only with a sonic soundwave projecto-emitter. im not a savage that would use a GUN.
(377.76 KB 1000x630 shotgun mortar.png)
>>64299 oh, and this neat little historical document
>>64310 >video unavailable >this video is not available
>>64304 Swing and a miss. >>64305 Let's call ourselves kooky about guns. >>64306 >>64311 Awesome, thank you! That MTs-255-20 is sexy as heck, look at the curves on that cylinder! >>64310 Big mood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TUqDNItBhA
(158.29 KB 734x550 punctures.jpg)
>>64297 >Leave big open holes in you that are like sores but WORSE. Like this?
(5.70 KB 150x255 aezsdfxcghvbj.jpg)
Do you guys know why their is a giant influx of polish memes in /ref/ out of nowhere?
(447.22 KB 674x1100 Sissy_3.jpeg)
Handcuffs behind back > chastity because it's more nice and less demeaning while still accomplishing the same goal of being helpless while your partner takes care of you Prove me wrong
(33.69 KB 152x254 sickos.png)
>>64316 They're for different things. Orgasm control is hotter without the cage, though.
>>64316 not pudgy enough also i found being tied up to be rather intimidating and scary
>>64316 can you do it to me
I do not like this back up thing that we have.
>>64321 What do you mean?
Topology has been restored. All /GET/izens, return to your stations.
>>64322 Everytime I wanted to comment I needed to delete some jargon in the user name section.
>>64286 love or hate, he do be spittin strait fax tho
>>64324 That doesn't seem good. Well, Bunkerchan is back up. for now
This poster is gay | ↓
Server-chan got up.
^ | This poster is straight
>>64328 Alunya poster, you're not only gay, but you ruined my bit!!!
>>64330 >>64328 Hah ! Foolish homosexuals.
>>64328 I suppose it makes you a bisexual.
>>64330 I'm sorry. What was your bit? Can I help? >>64329 ¬Q
(824.73 KB 711x1064 pngkey.com-trap-png-5162648.png)
>>64334 my master plan was simple. Disguise myself using yugo's flag along with this picture under the "this poster is gay" post, thus making yugo look like an absolute fool. It was perfect, but then your cuddleslut ass had to get in my way and now I look like the fool!
>>64335 A master ruse. But there's one hole in your plan. Yugi doesn't need any help.
(49.84 KB 300x250 O15SYz8BFS-5.png)
Anyone have thoughts on my solution to server space >>>/gulag/4519
>>64328 Haha you gay >>64330 >>64329 Heh, that's going in my fails at attempted fails collection. >>64336 Good thing I'm not Yugi from Yu Gi-Oh then, gay cuddleslut.
(66.42 KB 500x400 alpaca.gif)
>>64339 Yo Joe.
Brain turning into mush. >>64338 No, you're our Yugi. The better one. >>64337 Your suggestions are pretty good, though you didn't include your suggestion of limiting the number of posts in a cyclical. At least for /leftytrash/ it seems like everyone could do with 200 or so posts, since these are pretty live conversations. Limiting the maximum number of images that concurrently be in a cyclical thread might go a long way too, though that will probably frustrate some posters here. However, for the crisis general this is much less of a concern. >>64339 Welcome back. Nice llama. Would you check GETchan for me.
>>64341 >Brain turning into mush. Masturbate more.
>>64341 shit i forget about limiting the number of posts in cynical threads. I'll add that in, along with the limiting the amount of images in a cyclical thread as a suggestion >>64340 Joe? You mean Biden? Is that some malarkey i detect??
(3.82 MB 1583427637769.webm)
(1.14 MB 1583457830402.webm)
(815.12 KB 768x1024 femboy11.png)
>>64316 chastity is more about control outside of the bedroom - the idea of giving up sexual agency to a gf or bf as a sign of submission to their sole sexual whims. most chastity porn is more about humiliation than it is about their actual application in sub/dom relationships. part of this is because it is hard to convey teasing foreplay in most media, so chastity is a good visual shorthand for "haha you can't cum!"
>>64340 >>64343 I promise I am not Joe Biden *big sniiiiiiiif* >>64341 Yeah, I saw your post on GETchan in regards to the potential session leaking issue. I don't recall seeing anything like that before, but it's been a long time since I worked directly with Kusaba X.
>>64345 Wondering if might be an indexing error or something due to the É in Étienne's name.
(11.88 KB 257x200 same fetish.jpg)
>>64346 That's possible. I remember having issues in the past with Lunachan and non-ASCII/extended ASCII characters
(43.79 KB 191x396 wash off that child.PNG)
(68.70 KB 680x830 drxcfghv.jpg)
(26.81 KB 299x381 1414012846579.jpg)
>tfw one of my siblings and my e-gf both got hit with the corona virus. this is not good.
(160.27 KB 322x338 23.png)
>>64352 Shit man, stay safe.
>>64352 Holy shit, hopefully they get better. This is getting so bad.
>>64353 I'm very far away from there so im happy, but I'm also sad because of that same reason.
>>64354 me 2. make sure you stay safe!!
>>64344 Well if somebody is already nothing more than a sex object, then you can just keep them handcuffed in a sex dungeon with no issues. No need to let them go outside wearing chastity or something.
Where all the gay lads gone?
(19.60 KB 500x347 1459745231806.jpg)
>>64355 Yeah, that's kind of a double-edged sword. >>64358 Do bisexual lads count?
>>64357 sexual agency =/= personal agency. a bf who spends all their time in a sex dungeon probably doesn't have much in the way of emotionally or intellectually stimulating conversation. >>64358 present drunk, but present.
>>64358 to comrade Stalin's thread, of course. >>62232 I am also a bisexual lad.
>>64360 >a bf who spends all their time in a sex dungeon probably doesn't have much in the way of emotionally or intellectually stimulating conversation. Does anyone?
>>64363 I dunno, I find gf to be.
(2.12 MB 346x214 jess.gif)
>>64345 >that pic
>>64356 I will
>>64365 Hey buddy, why don't you come on over here and let me sniff that gorgeous hair of yours
(63.99 KB 363x343 Rin grrr.png)
>>64365 Hey it's you!
(1.30 MB 2100x2100 Biden_Sniff.png)
(67.58 KB 363x343 Rin yes.png)
>>64371 Is there an official count of how many girls' heads he's sniffed in public? Someone should make an creepyunclebiden. com
(266.72 KB 640x640 IMG_20200327_060131.png)
>all these rightoids talking about survival of the fittest then spit on evolution because "i'm not a monkey bro lol" >all these smug shit-eaters complaining about the death of the white race and then they defend the very same "global jewish elites" they complain about because "they're entrepeneurs bro" >all these minorities complaining about other minorities because "i'm honorary aryan" or some shit "and they're not" I'm starting to go a little nuts i might embrace anti-white capitalism or some shit unironically just to smugly say "the white race is dying because of basic economics bro that's just what happens when poorfags can't make a profit" I swear i'm not even thinking correctly anymore
(61.72 KB 680x683 consider the following.jpg)
>>64375 Dude you need to get off the internet
>>64375 lie with dogs and you rise with fleas, or however the saying goes. spend less time around rightoids and your mental sanity will slowly replete. Part of why old BO and those schitzo MLs destroyed /leftypol/ in ye olden times was spending so much time trying to convert rightoids that it twisted their perception of things, slowly morphed "anti-idpol" from the unification of all people under the goal of economic emancipation from which the social ills could be remedied in a new, socialist society to social conservatism. Shit just ain't healthy for you, take a break from it all.
(85.18 KB 1387x702 1493915764178.jpg)
>>64375 at least you can vent here
>>64375 Getting so butthurt you become a redditor is impressive
>>64377 The end result of the fanaticism i suppose. Going too far and you end up going off the deep end
Goodnight comrades.
(389.16 KB oyasumi.webm)
>>64383 It’s good morning for me, but gn :)
(96.85 KB 825x1280 good MORNING.jpg)
>>64386 GOOOOOOOOD MORNING >>64383 good night
(409.72 KB 622x459 major historical event.png)
>>64383 gud sleps zooki >>64388 what a shit historical moment.
(206.28 KB 660x660 0889_-_EJSZCqR-660x660.png)
>>64383 good night sweet prince >>64387 Good morning, how's it going?
>>64388 It's not that major tbh, it will be a footnote in history books.
>>64391 >last post is almost 2 hours old Is anyone there?
>>64393 thinking about the good times
(655.74 KB 569x629 717.png)
>>64393 I got work to do and lectures to listen to, its Monday after all. Don't really have time to post much.
>>64393 I am here. sup
>>64394 Life was acceptable for about 5 years Then it went to shit, and there's no going back. Only way out is through. Truth be told, chances that I die before ever being ok again are 99%. So that sucks, but whatever, at least I got a chance.
>>64377 sad how accurate it is, but i'd call those "MLs" nazbols instead
(82.84 KB 439x439 03928372727012.jpg)
>>64400 Can't wait to shitpost with this, lads
Poster bellow this line will meet Marcelo ________
>>64402 who is Marcelo?
>>64404 Agachate y conocelo
>>64404 >>64405 hah gotem
>>64405 Coño
кто дерьмо?
>New mount and blade is out Welp, guess I know have a thing to do during quarantine >>64407 hahahaha perdedor >>64408 https://youtu.be/WHb_MD-USr8
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qzDtiKSq6-s Was browsing youtoobs and found some you bundle of rags might enjoy
>>64412 oh shit I forgot bannerlord comes out today. finally! after all this time!
>>64413 >bundle of rags I get it. It's because we're a bunch of trapos.
>>64413 still don't know if that vocalist actually has caught the virus or if that was false news
>>64412 >perdedor No seas un bully :(


no cookies?