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(36.36 KB 369x336 animes.jpg)
/leftytrash/ Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:36:48 No. 1091
Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting
(150.73 KB 1078x1078 EYtfXVLUMAETAhR.jpeg)
>>89880 Is that the my hero academia bunny hero?
>>89890 no u
(809.51 KB 989x956 Mirko_confronts_Dabi.png)
>>89890 Yep, it's Mirko (Rumi Usagiyama) from My Hero Academia. I checked the wiki and apparently she's only 159 cm (5'2⅔") tall
>>89890 That's a very aggressive looking bun
>>89893 That's kind of her thing.
(206.05 KB 1586x2000 1587950878199.jpg)
>>89892 Nice. >>89894 >Is rabbit >Doesn't want to lewd Lies and slander.
>>89895 Nah she is clearly still DTF she just doesn't want the condom (probably because they're single use (she is a rabbitgirl)).
(527.60 KB 444x250 ezgif-6-9b75fa5e8707.gif)
tfw dumb
>>89898 why? you honestly come off as one of the smarter posters on this thread
>>89900 Can I get compliments too
>>89901 maybe, give me some material to work with
>>89898 I redrew a bunch of pixel art over the course of a month that I had forgotten I'd already done. I know, I come across more intelligent than I actually am though. A well spoken baka, with a few bits of wisdom cribbed from others. Also lazy.
>>89903 >>89900 So dumb I responded to my own post. Bah!!
>>89901 Your mother sucks cocks in hell
>>89902 I like vidyagaems >>89905 rude!
I think the hardest day-to-day thing for me is trying to balance being critical whilst avoiding just being in a safe-space. On the one hand, arguments on the internet never end well, everyone either comes out either angry or more ignorant than before and if you took the other person at face value always you'd feel like you're so wrong that your whole concept of breathing is false. But on the other hand you can't just never engage or wall yourself off from every form of criticism and heated topic, that's just a recipe for ignorant bliss. But unfortunately more and more I become convinced that those types of discussions, the ones where you can actually engage are just a fantasy and I lean towards the safe-space attitude more and more since every single topic I see is always just one guy trying to posture and assert dominance without fucking fail. I dunno what to even do, I avoid conflict like the plague since I'm bad at counter-pointing and usually with the topics I just wanna enjoy the topic or learn more about it, I don't wanna argue with some guy's shit take that has all the edge and point of a pizza cutter. I like furry stuff but I don't wanna argue why furries aren't all pedophiles or capitalist scum, I like history but I don't wanna argue with a nazi about why nazi casualties are slanted, I like mil tech but I don't wanna tell people why I don't agree with buying guns in the US and their load of jacked up accessories. I like naval history and design but there's literally nobody to discuss it with..... But at the same time I don't wanna just run away and hide like a spoiled child who's never been corrected before. It's so conflicting.
>>89907 Had a rough one recently?
(1.06 MB 800x600 Hellooooo 2.png)
Good evening
>>89909 Hallo.
>>89908 Not really, I just don't like cutting myself off and staying in a safe-space but whenever I try and look for anywhere to try and discuss something I usually see something that immediately makes me go "nope" or some flashback to another discussion on the same topic that went to shit real fast and just decide it's not worth the risk. >>89909 Fair morrow.
>>89901 Weren’t you the one heiling hitler not long ago? >>89909 Hola
(928.02 KB 1754x2480 NOW!.png)
>>89889 >what the fuck is going on on that pic? Is this one more clear for you?
>>89907 >since every single topic I see is always just one guy trying to posture and assert dominance without fucking fail internet arguments are 100% of the time more about showing off your own thoughts and opinions than trying to come to an agreement because of how you are just another paragraph of text fighting to get lurker attention, you lose the moment you actually try to win the argument instead of just trying to strongarm your way through in imageboards it's even worse because of how the nature of the threads guarantees that your paragraphs will get lost to the sea of time, which is why the best way to get lurker attention is to be anal about it and constantly plant the exact same buzzwords and topics and approaches to topics, maybe that's why /leftypol/ has been stuck in a constantly deteriorating groundhog day loop. anonymity means you can fake popular opinion if you're dedicated enough and not stupid too which doesn't help i'll admit though i find that particular anon's take on fursuit production interesting and the few times i've had my own effortposts reposted made me feel kimochi
(127.07 KB 498x410 bonejob.gif)
>>89913 hawt
(4.57 MB carinho.mp4)
I'm going through the highlighted history of cute high school girls anime starting with azumanga daioh and ending with k-on im not sure if i vibe with azumanga art style. feels outdated and the color scheme is kinda dull looking t. zoomer
>>89916 I tend to prefer muted colour schemes. Loved Azu, currently watching K-on and it's pretty good, but doesn't strike the chords quite as well with me.
(528.65 KB 801x600 what's that closeup.png)
>>89910 >>89911 >>89912 What's new?
>>89918 Nothing much yet. I hope that changes some time soon because I'm awfully bored with my humdrum life. And sadly, I go to bed now. Have a good night.
(456.28 KB 480x360 76426.gif)
Gotta decide whether or not I wanna go back to school online. Feel like I'd be missing the genuine college experience but then again at 28 what kind of experience would I have anyway? God my life is a train wreck.
>>89921 go online if the classes are conductive to it tbh most campus culture is dead anyways, may as well have the comforts of home and less travel time. you can also use the spare time to brush up skills like home cooking too.
>>89922 Yeah you're right, online classes would probably be better in the end, thanks comrade
just visiting to say fuck the police yall and all cops are bastards hopefully they start moving to the right places with the chaos and get those officers charged and behind bars so says the people on the streets
the mall of america getting sacked and razed is going to be like the fall of rome for the US, mark my words
>>89921 >Feel like I'd be missing the genuine college experience but then again at 28 "omg haha ewww, aren't you like thirty-five? You're too old to be here, like, seriously creepy" Said no 18yo ever.
(14.59 KB 360x344 c52e3b1e.jpg)
>>89924 Nice to see you again doc, its sure been a while. How's the lockdown been treating you?
(837.21 KB 1754x2480 squeezu.png)
>>89888 What's goin on with those series of balls comming towards the viewer?
>>89921 Nobody gives a shit if you're 28 but college is a fucking meme Nothing even happened at my university
>>89930 It's meant to be her muscly arm but I aint so good at that.
>>89921 A lot of people at my school are 28. They are the most mature and funny. Nobody cares about age in college.
>>89929 No bulli
>>89933 That's ok just keep practicing Also check your perspective and watch anatomy tutorials to get even better than you already are. In this pic >>89929 which is really nice, her left arm that's going over her breasts is anatomically impossible. If you do the pose yourself you will see the elbow still angles away from her and her forearm would be longer. (It also wouldn't fuck up her shoulder). Also her mouth is in her eyesocket but that can be excused because it's anime.
>>89924 did you watch the unicorn riot stream? it was pretty rad
(101.50 KB 500x570 1449895092468.gif)
i want puuru
(131.24 KB 530x725 goodmorning.PNG)
>>89920 where is this from? it looks so familiar but i don't remember, haven't seen it in ages and now it bothers me >>89924 agreed also good to see you're still kicking >>89921 i sneaked in on one, nobody seemed bothered just do it
>>89921 >>89939 >i sneaked in on one, nobody seemed bothered just do it this. I kept sneaking into the library and lectures of a local uni so much the lady at the desk stopped calling security and they made me a card so that I could take books home even tho I don't attend. Literally no one gave a shit. Haven't been in a while tho. >>89929 this is abuse >>89939 how are you doing today tomo? I think that's traced over from azumanga daioh going by the style.
>>89940 feeling rather shitty tbh, but for no real reason considering i have the sweetest bf i could ask for, and for the first time drawing something that got judged as "not bad" and a couple other positive feedbacks should be quite happy, actually also i found it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um0Zls_7Y8E and this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5iyQAeqmbw
>>89888 Noice Nice trips too >>89897 >3/4 Where's the rest?
>>89939 >>89940 My old uni has a card-lock system to keep people from accessing education, but I got into the campus during my course just fine by waiting around for some to come along and only got stopped a couple times. Not that there was anything worth doing or seeing there that you couldn't get at home (with the exception of a couple things).
>>89941 >considering i have the sweetest bf i could ask for, and for the first time drawing something that got judged as "not bad" and a couple other positive feedbacks should be quite happy, actually Sometimes it b like that. Ahh, so that's where that's from. I've only heard the remix version of that song lol. >>89943 Here only certain buildings had that. Snuck in anyways. But why did you got stopped or didn't get a keycard if you were attending?
>>89944 My card was outdated for about the last year I attended since I never bothered to get it renewed. Thinking about it, I believe my uni's (tiny) library did have an incomplete collection of Marx and Engles' Collected Works.
(64.23 KB 655x900 20200528_065551.jpg)
hmm i wonder how this tech can be utilized
>>89946 I am having so many business ideas right now
>>89946 Will the taste change if its wet or dry? A dildo that tasted like popcorn would taste better dry than wet
>>89945 I think the one here had the complete works. Also they had some rare books about haiti and pirates and colonial spanish governors and shit.
>>89946 Can I finally taste pussy?
(104.74 KB 751x635 butt.jpg)
combo pack of this, the taste profile, and one of those ass sex toys. I will make millions.
>>89937 Basically everyone he interviewed except that one cringy Mayo zoomer complaining about small business owners was based as fuck
>>89954 Two bombs weren't enough
>>89957 it's the bombs fault. ever since they dropped them Japan can't stop thinking about Little Boys and Fat Men. If they dropped one called Pure Wholesome Family Friendly everything would be fine.
>>89954 as someone who likes smell i do wonder what young boy butt would smell like i'm more of an armpit and neck person myself though
>>89959 going on some deep supposition here but my hypotheses tells me it most likely smells like ass. Also does English have a specific term for underarm stink smell?
(181.92 KB 1887x640 AVATARelements1.JPG)
(189.45 KB 1895x775 AVATARelements2.JPG)
Reposting several borderline insane effortposts i made on /hobby/ about the Psychological archetypes of AtlA
>>89961 intredasting.
>>89961 i think i saw a video that kind of explained something similar to that, but i don't know about that stuff so i dunno what it means never even really watched the series except for a couple episodes when it was on TV not a fan of german dubs
>>89963 >not a fan of german dubs how else would we get THIS classic though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwNv-piSjB0
>>89946 RAMADAN SATISFYER Like the Sabbat Goy for Muslims, or that weird fucking Jew wire in Manhattan. I'm gonna be fucking riiiiiiiiiiiiich
(42.93 KB 640x640 my spirit animal.jpg)
(3.88 MB 1080x4256 Drawanon.png)
>>89964 wtf is this i never watched naruto so i never heard this before, that's honestly awful >>89969 tags: +ugly bastard +lolicon
>>89970 oh, or other way around works too
(28.51 KB 512x512 n.jpg)
(415.26 KB 683x704 happy raisin.png)
>>89974 Fine, no bulli today.
*pokes at thread*
>>89976 *thread bursts, revealing a den filled to the brim with tiny baby spiders underneath*
(29.41 KB 600x453 f6c.jpg)
>>89975 that's not a raisin, what is this name >>89976 >
>>89978 isn't it the cookie clicker GRANDmapocalypse thing but with the smile edited in
(64.31 KB 375x344 1429027083719.jpg)
cofi tiem
(45.50 KB 860x650 hello where is the posts.png)
Wake up
>>89986 reject bedtime, embrace real nigga hours
(711.96 KB 930x930 press for human contact.png)
>>89985 i have trapped you into my secret dark pocket dimension you are now unable to see the new posts in /leftytrash/
whoever gets the quads is gay as shit btw
>>89989 oh no
(1.23 MB 498x280 1264057419195461633.gif)
so close to the get
(62.67 KB 275x446 teatime3.PNG)
(85.82 KB 331x424 teatime2.PNG)
(77.94 KB 392x423 teatime1.PNG)
>>89992 let me just give you a little poosh
(170.14 KB 360x346 holdingbacklaughter.gif)
I wonder whose gonna get the get. These quads will be pretty epic (hopefully)
(12.13 KB 112x112 3050_coronaHug.png)
>>89993 gib get
(22.43 KB 425x250 disappointment-valley.jpg)
(99.84 KB 500x375 23a.jpg)
>>89999 wdtmbt? I am confused.
>>89999 woah i thought it'd be yugo or tomo posting something cute and gay again
>>89999 YOU STOLE MY 9'S
>>89578 That's looks delicious!
>>90005 have you never eaten a kebab?
>>89754 I believe there's still people posting almost everyday. Yes.
>>90009 You okay man? It almost sounds like you're getting frustrated about having to remind people about the choir project every single day.
>>90010 nah it's just that I'm running out of jokes
>>90011 Pull a Biden
>>90012 and shit my pants? no thanks
>>90010 tf am i looking at there
>>90013 Well maybe. Publicity stunt to get people talking about your thread. But second just this “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created by — you know, you know, the thing.” The -you know part
>>90012 By pulling a Biden do you mean making a disappearing act or doing a gaff like saying something racist or sharting on a livestream? >>90014 An Artbreeder abomination of Trosky and Stalin if I remember correctly, I got them from the initial thread on the subject when it was on /leftypol/. I have a bunch of them saved in my shitposting folder.
>>90015 oh I can already imagine how the newspaper front page is going to be "Catalanon says that if you don't sing you are not a real fa/GET/"
(102.38 KB 750x924 3fpt07auhc051.jpg)
Have you started reading theory today ? >>89067 >>89067
(397.27 KB 766x400 2vf3wdu435t31.png)
>You've done your reading for the /GET/ reading group this week, right anon?
(401.83 KB 640x597 EYp75hqU4AAbZaX.png)
(39.53 KB 369x237 typing.gif)
>>90019 Does programming count as reading?
>>90019 Yeah I've been reading Bookchin
>>90023 Ohio.
(156.34 KB 334x374 1403442130490.png)
>>90025 ohayo gozaimasu
(314.18 KB 320x238 tomo chan.gif)
>>90026 How you doing today?
(653.26 KB 1064x598 4089.PNG)
>>90018 does trying to figure out a hair style for a practice drawing count? even though i didn't get anywhere with that andi'm still at 0 progress
(75.24 KB 327x439 1459742717977.png)
>>90028 Problem? >>90029 So-so. You?
(112.58 KB 686x851 EU7GXcbWAAQPfGs.jpg)
>>89927 holding down the fort >>89937 yeah, shout outs to the racist restreamers: fuck all yall bitch /pol/ idiots. kill yourselves >>89955 small businesses are still capitalists and most of the ones that got ransacked are what? predatory liquor stores? fuck em. stalin didnt go far enough and this maoist terror- a cultural revolution in the making- needs to keep going and going. if you arent brutal these bastards will never stop stomping on our necks >>89939 im a survivor and a coward generally. maybe a better word is tactical or cautious. so im okay
>>90030 What kinda hair style?
>>90033 pls no judge was thinking maybe looking like Rodina, or more mean looking, i dunno not been doing that great lately, so... progress is kinda coming to a halt and i hate it been shown by an artist some lines over my tomokos hair and how he can make it flow nicer, i kinda want to get that too but i failed so i still have this little skinhead here i know, there's lots of shit wrong with that face, but i just wanted to make it a quick practice thing, but here i am... fuck...
>>90034 >Hammer and Sickle eyes Noice >not been doing that great lately What's up, you gonna be ok?
(136.35 KB 1100x933 1533300697810.jpg)
>>90032 what do you mean coward, you give a rather feisty impression tbh >>90035 i'm alright, things are actually going rather well, it's just mood
>>90036 Just one of those days? Yeah I get what you mean
>>90037 also being depressed over not being able to just move in with yugo, not being able to really plan anything like that out, worrying about the future but then i gotta remember that i am in the lucky position of being able to have those worries
>>90038 Why can't you move in with him, the Rona?
(27.93 KB 673x500 EWvkJs1XkAA6yze.jpg)
>>90036 the way you win is by killing as many of the enemy as you can while not dying. far as im concerned wannabe larpers want an out. theyre suicidal and see martyrdom as an exit to their issues. survive no matter what is my goal, my means and ends. its feisty in a different way. i want to live. i want to see the promised land even if im not worthy of it. the future will be better and i want to see it. i live for that. the only way the unworthy and the strivers who make the future get to see that future is by being selfish, by surviving when they should sacrifice everything.
>>90040 Nobody burn in Capatalism would be able to function in actual Communism or Anarchism, its like trying to bring a fish on land, it can become the transitional form, but it cannot go straight to being the end form
>>90041 *born Feck
(426.18 KB 1200x804 38536790_p0_master1200.jpg)
>>90039 that too, but also brexit, lack of financial means, no work education, anxiety and inability to hold a job and many lost years >>90040 i wish i could contribute just something a little positive for "our guys", not much one for killing, though i surely wouldn't mind an enemies death >>90041 reminds me of some text by Brecht To Those Born After I Truly I live in dark times! Frank speech is naïve. A smooth forehead Suggests insensitivity. The man who laughs Has simply not yet heard The terrible news. What kind of times are these, when To talk about trees is almost a crime Because it implies silence about so many horrors? When the man over there calmly crossing the street Is already perhaps beyond the reach of his friends Who are in need? It’s true that I still earn my daily bread But, believe me, that’s only an accident. Nothing I do gives me the right to eat my fill. By chance I've been spared. (If my luck breaks, I'm lost.) They say to me: Eat and drink! Be glad you have it! But how can I eat and drink if I snatch what I eat From the starving And my glass of water belongs to someone dying of thirst? And yet I eat and drink. I would also like to be wise. In the old books it says what wisdom is: To shun the strife of the world and to live out Your brief time without fear Also to get along without violence To return good for evil Not to fulfill your desires but to forget them Is accounted wise. All this I cannot do. Truly, I live in dark times. II I came to the cities in a time of disorder When hunger reigned. I came among men in a time of revolt And I rebelled with them. So passed my time Given me to on earth. I ate my food between battles I lay down to sleep among murderers I practiced love carelessly And I had little patience for nature’s beauty. So passed my time Given to me on earth. All roads led into the mire in my time. My tongue betrayed me to the butchers. There was little I could do. But those is power Sat safer without me: that was my hope. So passed my time Given to me on earth. Our forces were slight. Our goal Lay far in the distance 50 Clearly visible, though I myself Was unlikely to reach it. So passed my time Given to me on earth. III You who will emerge from the flood In which we have gone under Bring to mind When you speak of our failings Bring to mind also the dark times That you have escaped. Changing countries more often than our shoes, We went through the class wars, despairing When there was only injustice, no outrage. And yet we realized: Hatred, even of meanness Contorts the features. Anger, even against injustice Makes the voice hoarse. O, We who wanted to prepare the ground for friendship Could not ourselves be friendly. But you, when the time comes at last When man is helper to man Think of us With forbearance.
fuck I'm hungry what 2 make 4 food comrades
>Have one beer >Feel sad Back on my bullshit I go, don't drink boys and girls
(95.13 KB 980x327 Xu_Beihong_yugongyishan[1].jpg)
>>90041 i agree but what am i supposed to say? the only time and place where trans people are liberated is in egalitarian socialism. the only future for me is one im doomed to be too archaic for. because we are trained to hate ourselves and engage with the hate that kills us. we are made to be suicidal. i have to go the other way and be radical--- theres always a point though where you cant keep up. the revolution always moves forward. i try to, too. even i know its always going to be there: the rot and poison of this circumstance under the yoke of capitalism living in those who were subjected to it. i support the young people no matter what, though. im not going to get in the way. ever. if they want to throw people like me aside later fine. im okay with it. i just want a chance for a bit of peace later. just a moment because it really is for our sakes- the dispossessed and mistreated of today, of the past- that anyone fights to make that world. to those who are making it theyre doing so because the world they want to make is the normal world and this current state is an aberration. its different will and motive than us trying to escape >>90043 i will do pretty much anything to accomplish a goal at this point. im too tired of this system. it weighs too heavily on me to identify with it and accept anything. i question every facet constantly and spend a lot of time crying and releasing the denial and excuses i and others have made. i make no excuses--- for the terror and the pain that caused it. whatever is needed.
>>90044 Bacon Sandwich >>90046 I know what you mean, there is no real place for people like us other than the one we make, I suppose there's nothing else for it, at least we can find some happiness in activism and the other weirdos we find there
>>90043 >but also brexit Yugo had to go back to cánada for whatever reason, right? >>90044 Onions coated in season flour then fried and put into a Sandwich
(2.40 MB 250x188 kys.gif)
>have to record myself doing something because because >afther many attempts finally manage to do it well >the camera didn't record it properly AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
>>90044 eggs with mayo, tomato and good stuff >>90045 sad times are necessary too, but i wish you to have some good ones as well >>90046 i'm just a wuss so yeah, not blaming you for being tougher on the enemy like that i actually appreciate that >>90048 yes, because boristan wanted to do some herd immunity experiments i heard from family working in london how fucked it is in the hospitals now mostly blacks being hit, apparently
>>90051 I'm very glad I don't work for the NHS anymore, NI didn't get hit as hard as we thought we were going to but things are still a bit ropey, can't imagine what its like in England atm You say that not having had Work experience is an issue, have you thought about getting a little part time job in a shop or something? When I was trying to come out of my shell I managed to find a job one day a week that let me slowly get used to dealing with people and work but I still got plenty of time to decompress and relax
The only reason I used imageboards anymore is to keep my English fresh (ESL poster), I'm trying to quit masturbating to see if it's causing more pimples to appear on my face, and I'm watching Game of Thrones currently (season 4)
>>90053 >masturbating >pimples What made you come to this conclusion?
>>90053 >Pimples on your face Wash your sheets Change the soap and shower gel you use stop eating junk food and lose some weight
>>90052 i did some work rehab program like 3 years ago but had to drop out for reasons did rather well during that, i am capable enough to do something, just not reliable enough to get anywhere in the market for work force where they got no patience for someone with migraine being unavailable at random i guess i could try for something and ask around, i do want to get forward and feel more accomplished >>90049 reminds me of that one time i fucked something up in a drawing and not being able to undo or fix it really, wasting a bunch of time just probably not as frustrating since i just do it for myself pls no kill self
>>90056 Working in a little corner shop or a garden centre or something is pretty comfy and low pressure, you just sit around most of the time, mop some floors, listen to the radio, I liked it even if the pay was meh and it was a bit boring sometimes
>>90054 They tend to appear more when I masturbate a lot. I think I've already talked about this a month ago but I can't stop thinking about it, no matter how many articles I read about it. >>90055 I should wash my sheets, thanks, never thought of that, I wash them every month or so. I used a neutral soap but my dermatologist told me to use a one that moisturizes my skin. I do eat junk food from time to time, I'm practically a skeleton and I do some manual work in my house (I sweep and mop a lot of the floors in my house every morning since a few weeks ago)
Sometimes I wonder if I'm transgender but would prefer not to be or if I'm just crazy
I ended up making fried potatoes, baked beans, and a roast beef sandwich with cheddar cheese
(3.57 MB 1187x3224 a80gbehvt5151.png)
>>90059 Depends, what reason do you feel that way? Turned on by the thought of being a girl out of euphoria or feeling uncomfortable with your current gender? Former is just autogynphilia while the latter probably means you're trans.
>>90061 I don't know, I guess I don't feel particularly uncomfortable being a guy but I feel a bit ashamed of my body and I wish I could get away with being more soft or girly or however you want to say it, and I've dabbled in cross dressing but eh, I don't know
>>90047 yeah ive only found more solidarity and compassion with people who have been hurt worst by this system. the people who can afford to hate trans and oddballs are the kind who have something to gain from abusing others >>90051 gotta be tough on what people believe and where they put their chips when they throw down. people who bet on moving up the ladder are always hostile and deeper down i know many die hard servants of the empire want to defect. they want to be free and love and live and forget just like those who will actively fight. they just are scared. theyre comfortable with a little power they think inoculates them from troubles >>90053 honey, its the depression not the masturbation. try to be more goal actuated and dont just give in to the temptation. if you take your time and treat your body right and love yourself rather than masturbating like scratching an itch youll recover. youre probably masturbating to get dopamine to try and heal the despair or emptiness. but you cant just dump happy chemicals agains and again. eventually the body gets wise to your attempts to make it feel better without the requisite work of building up self esteem and ego when youre sad and chasing pleasures youll miss a lot of important details of life that need attention >>90059 you do you... one day youll have to make a choice in regards to whose side you are on: the radical, scary freedom of expression is one side and the the unrealistic suffocating self control of discipline is on the other. >>90061 the overlap is so large that it really is best to question why one is turned on by the idea of being a woman. is it because you have a coomer porn rotted sex drive? is it a fetish for fetish sake or is it a wierd song and dance your psyche put on to escape having to be "gay/fag/sigourney/regenerate/mentally ill?" did you end up with that sex drive because it was the only outlet for expressing these veiled more "disgusting" to society desires? agp is really only a fetish when you deeply know "i never want to be a woman." thats rarer than just being trans imo. fetishes often have other components to them; few people actually just have a fetish made from sheer perversion alone. another thing i always find in trans discourse is the old shifting sexualities dance. people think they like something, but actually when they finally open up and change and become the person they are, they stop desiring the same things. people just respond to what works where they are at. not going to say everyone is bisexual, but i do think people are flexible as long as theyre allowed to be open and free. current situations... even with the bourgeois acceptance of LGBT, doesnt allow for the full range of LGBT sexuality to be displayed. too degen for the fash >>90062 thinking your body is gross can be other issues too. not that it isnt a sign, but it is always a big commitment if youve been suppressing your full investigation of your self to take only a few pieces here and there and try to make a picture of it.
>>90062 whether you're trans or not, you should allow yourself to experience what you want and you'll figure it out with time be soft and girly if that's what you are and feel good as, don't make it dependend on what others allow you to be well, unless you live in a shithole where you don't have that comfort without running high risk of getting killed over that, in that case i'd advise against it
(377.53 KB 800x800 ComfiCirn0.png)
Who here comfy? what're you doing to get comfy? im playing half life 2 while listening to avgn episodes in the background
tomo-chan please stop crushing my body everytime it's quite painful (´・ω・``)
>>90066 Could always have her sit on your face instead :3
>>90065 I'm listening to Sewer Slvt and eating tinned ham sandwiches, I'm not sure if that's comfy but it is pretty chill >>90064 Yeah I guess, I think I can get away with it tbh my social circle is pretty accepting even if some people in my town might not be as much, but I find it really hard to make public changes like that, I'm the kind of person to stop and cringe at something I did in a super market a week ago and overthink tiny social things like that so I don't really like drawing attention to myself but I'm sick of looking either like a conscript or a corpse, I want some colour
>>90065 being stuffed with food and drink, petting cat, being with boyfriend all lovey dovey, watching game videos or streams thats comfy times for me >>90063 from what i understand of my yugo is that he wants to experience the thing he finds sexually attractive that's not only "being the girl", which he doesn't want to outside of a sexual context questioned him about it quite a bit and he seems to have a good idea about what he wants and who he is >>90066 shush, pillows dont complain >>90068 what you need is more exposure to embarrassment, and embrace it embarrassing yourself can become liberating, through it you can learn how much more freedom you can take for yourself, how little most others care and how the judgement of assholes shouldn't matter to you to a point where you bend over backwards to accommodate their comfort making someone else cringe at you and realizing that it's entirely their problem and you don't have to make it yours by worrying about what they think, that's a little bit of freedom you should take for yourself
>>90069 I've literally had a mental breakdown in front of 40 of my peers before and I'm entirely used to being embarressed or having to take center stage, it isn't so much embaressment as some kind of internal thing, I'm perfectly capable of barging through a crowd when needed or doing something stupid or cringey in a social situation when its required but I still find it upsetting and draining
>>90070 well, it's... somewhat different, i just fail to explain it i mean, breaking down never really felt great, and i had that happen a lot maybe if you do something "embarrassing" that you actually want is different, i don't know
>>90065 It's been raining all day and there was no power for most of it so now im very comf watching stuff. what's avgn?
>>90071 I don't know either, guess my brain is fucked I have to wear business casual at work anyway, guess I might try and wear some cuter clothes to work when I'm back
going to have spaghetti for dinner, I love me some spaghet
>>90072 >what's avgn? Angry Video Game Nerd
>>90074 What you gonna have with it?
>>90072 oh oh oh i know! i know! angry video game nerd! >>90073 sounds like a plan, i hope you'll enjoy yourself with some clothes if you have friends and there's girls you could ask them even if you're unsure but deffo experiment yourself
>>90076 it's gonna be a slow roasted tomato sauce with a bit of thyme, italian sausage, and a bit of shredded spiced beef. will prolly make some stuffed eggplant slices as a side, maybe some garlic bread too, or maybe a ceasar salad idk. depends how hungry I am by the time the sauce is done, lmao.
>>90075 >>90077 ohh, that.
(258.70 KB 491x528 wh6wl8vot4yz.png)
>>90080 >Not answering the doorbell with whatever you're wearing with the dildo still up your ass
>>90080 The other day some jehova witnesses came calling to my door as I was waking up and after I opened it to see who was calling I just saw them rush away and walking off. Then I noticed I had a boner poking. I hope that's enough that they put my address on a blacklist or something.
(353.62 KB 1080x1908 Screenshot_20200529-084058.jpg)
Imagine the sheer horror on Trump's face when he realizes his toilet thought outlet is no longer putting up with his bullshit.
>>90069 i wasnt addressing it to yugo just to everyone and anyone. just talking about agp discourse which is hella toxic >>90068 my bf introduced me to sewer slvt and shits pretty good. like neo-drum n bass >>90065 i have also been watching avgn since before i thought he was cringey and never watched him but hes solid and has good opinions and insight >>90073 just wear more form fitting clothes that are similar to what you already wear over time the clothes get tighter and tighter until one day youre just wearing a minidress
You guys REALLY need to try this semen soup I made.
>>90065 i was playing digimons cyber sleuth for nostalgia's sake trash game but fun enough >>90084 Outlaw Twitter next pls
>>90086 What does it contain?
One day...
I don't know why
I don't know why
>>90063 I dunno, from what I gather from trans people is that the main motive for transitioning isn't really because you think you'd enjoy being the other gender, but more from the need to deal with the constant dysphoria as in it's not so much seeking euphoria as much as it is to escape dysphoria. I think this has to do with the fact that as of right now transitioning is an all or nothing affair, there's no real way to dip your toes in or just semi-commit to it, it's ironically a rather binary thing. I don't know if it's more society's stigma or the lack of medical options that's at fault for it tbh. Besides, just wanting to be an anime girl is nowhere near as good an excuse as feeling like shit in your own body. Not that wanting to be an anime girl is a bad reason, it's not(everyone should be an anime girl change my mind), it's just that the gap between the levels need is enormous. On top of that there's the problem of just wanting to be a girl sometimes but not all the time, it's not as simple as just putting on a skirt most of the time and that's kinda the issue. I mean I want to look like a qt and wear thing highs but I can't exactly go to a lecture on Contract Law wearing neon pink leggings, my social anxiety is already killing me as is. I just see it right now as trans being more of a "need" while everything else is just a "want", it's not even that it should be that way because trans isn't some sort of rare medicine that has to be prioritized, but at the same time the difficulties surrounding genders and appearance and social norms is just so great that transitioning is sort of a last resort. Again it's not even that it should be this way it's that society has made it just such a loving hell that unless you "needed" to transition you're seen as perverted or a "I identify as an attack helicopter " millenial or something. God I can't wait for tiddy skittles to be over the counter stuff. >>90084 Funny thing is that he actually made it worse for himself since the executive order is meant to tighten restrictions through section 230 of the CDA, which in order to happen has to be reviewed and revised which would most likely just mean updating it to 2020 standards from 1996 standards which would mean tighter regulations on controlling false information and probably give companies more legal options for how they monitor their content. AKA trump just updated the loophole that he's been abusing so far lmao.
/GET/ b like
>>90094 Imagine just chilling at your house and two men come in with machetes threateningly, only to realize it was the wrong house. So they shake your hand and leave
(787.34 KB 900x506 image0-41.png)
that dinner was better than a mid-tier sexual experience
(721.14 KB 320x196 mnm.gif)
Keeping it very cool and level headed as I found out today that I bombed a crucial math course this semester that messed all my planning for the following summer and fall semesters. It was a prereq class for a course I was doing this summer normally i wouldnt post this but im kinda losing it lol kinda ashamed to tell my advisors and my older friends about this
(40.41 KB 420x550 Friedrich Engels.jpg)
>Police station taken over >Police retreat from the city >NG still havent showed yet >Reports that another protest has broken out in Ohio this once occupying the state house G..Giuyz...Maybe its all going to be ok...
>>90100 if protests break out in WV I'll try to go and get pics
>>90089 ...dis nigga walked into my store
(261.37 KB 512x610 Yui325.png)
>>90099 You'll make it as long as you have money to pay for more semesters. I failed college for like 2 years, have my degree now.
>>90101 >WV The Maoist Mountain Momma must rise!
>>90105 Go to sleep sleepyhead
>>90107 I'm not sleepy.
Maybe just a little sleepy.
(6.77 MB 3464x3464 1590072267306.png)
>>90108 >>90109 The duality if man. Now sleep or you big gay.
>>90110 >*duality of man Fuck
>>90111 nice
(292.50 KB 925x711 1590012981783.png)
>>90112 Don't make me suck your dick.
>>89924 Oh my god, it's Doc Rob. I've missed your posts a ton! ACAB
Finally got new lightbulbs for my room and my first thought was that it looked like a hospital with the new lightbulbs
(70.78 KB 640x455 IMG_3159.jpg)
>>90116 >this is a real tweet yikes!
>>90116 https://twitter.com/toddzwillich/status/1266237702208282624?s=20 >“When the looting starts, the shooting starts,” is a threat coined by Miami Police Chief Walter Headley, who promised violent reprisals on black protesters in 1967. He also said: “We don’t mind being accused of police brutality. They haven’t seen anything yet.”
>>90115 what kind of bulbs? im tired of the yellow tint of the ones i got
>>90119 They are LED, 60 watt bulbs. Bought them at Home Depot. I also had bulbs with that yellow tint
This is not going to end well
>>90121 Is there anyone providing live coverage of this?
(289.25 KB 2656x3000 bf9.png)
I keep getting yelled to get into the cuckpit but it doesnt work if i like caving Though it will be funny if one day i go there
>>90120 nice, i'll keep an eye for those
I woke up crying. Shit's gotten wack.
>>90126 you ok?
>>90127 Something's up with my left eye. Also I had a weird dream about my crush from a while back
>>90128 is the eye twitchy?
>>90129 Not exactly. It just hurts a lot and is quite watery.
>>90128 What was the dream about?
>>90131 I don't remember much, the only thing I remember is that I'm in West India and I see my crush on a bicycle at 4am with the sky looking quite bright.
>>90130 hmm, possible allergy?
(37.74 KB 750x450 lion is.jpg)
>>90134 rawr
>>90134 >>90135 do they realize they are just going to shoot him
>>90136 shush
g-guys i think i'm marxist
>>90136 It’s sucks but you’re probably right. If only for a second, he was free >>90138 Damn
>>90138 Damn, is it terminal?
(906.75 KB 868x960 1569815286441.png)
>>90092 >there's no real way to dip your toes in or just semi-commit to it, au contraire, there are plenty of nazi femboys out there pretending they arent trans. i mean you have to be delusional in a very absolute way but its out there. > I don't know if it's more society's stigma or the lack of medical options that's at fault for it tbh the medical solutions will never appease dysphoria or passing stresses. the thing that should always be fought is the awful social stigmas and false ideologies of gender. >just wanting to be an anime girl is nowhere near as good an excuse as feeling like shit in your own body. theyre both equally arbitrary to my mind and i have severe dysphoria that ive almost completely reduced through transition; i think because its been so severe that i accept others experience it differently. >the gap between the levels need is enormous i think everybody who is trans has a threshold they share for the desire, the dysphoric feelings that makes them willing to act on it. anything after that is a neurosis from how well that initial desire was integrated and fessed up to consciously. nobody is more damaged than the others, they are all just different. different places on the journey, different toughness, different courage, different understanding of themselves... thats all > but at the same time the difficulties surrounding genders and appearance and social norms is just so great that transitioning is sort of a last resort. the last resort to conformity failing is to transgress the underlying ideology of whatever shit totally. become a scat fetishist. make transcendental BDSM body art. write about things they wont let you, harry potter incest fics. i respect what youre saying, strongly. i can tell we are at similar places in at least our rumination on the truth of this matter. i really loathe cissies for never taking the time to get deep into this shit and talk to people like us. even ppl who seem to know a bit never get deep in on it. >>90118 history tells the truth, always >>90136 zoos are bourgeois bullshit. shoot the lion and set him free from this hell world fuck zoos, let babylon burn set my people and animals free
>>90142 bideo unavailable
(848.83 KB 340x264 L7Lc.gif)
>>90143 too bad for you
>>90141 Ngl, I love femboys. I really like very feminine boys, even with dresses and stuff. But once they "become" women (like actually dress like women, make up, have long hair, get tits) its a complete and utter dealbreaker. I feel like I'm broken sometimes. I just want to like all men. I also wish I liked being bottomed but I usually dislike it. I love being a top. Why can't I just enjoy being gay, taking all types of dicks, from all types of dudes. If I could choose I'd be bisexual, but that wasn't offered to me...
>>90101 Based
(3.27 MB 1920x1036 asda.png)
How are you all doing today? it's been over 10 days since I had my last cofi cuppa.
>>90147 Damn. I must have missed some important developments. What happened to your supply of cofi?
>>90148 my supply is just fine. It's just I can't make it. I was in an accident over 2 weeks ago and I can't use my hands properly so no cofi 4 me.
>>90149 Fug, that sucks. I can only wish for your speedy recovery, comrade.
>>90124 what's the cuckpit? >>90121 >>90116 not surprised isn't this how violence is taught to the masses though? it takes learning the lesson through being helpless in the first developing moments before they themselves pick up the guns
>>90150 thx famrade.
>>90147 Well I'm awake and feel less horribly confused about myself than I did last night, think it was the booze, yet another reason to stay off of it Depending on where you are you might be able to order cofi to your door
>>90154 What were you confuze about? I can order cofi, but I don't have any money and won't get neetbux till monday.
lmao they arrested a black reporter in front of camera live broadcasting that's wild
>>90157 literally was watching that when it happened. big XD moment.
>>90157 >>90158 where are u guise watching this from?
>>90160 I was watching on >>90123
>>90145 I only like tomboys and traps, the curse of liking androgyny is a heavy one to bear
>>90160 just saw it on twitter was a CNN team that they arrested they replaced him now with a white guy, lmao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5XwNs0q_ZE
>>90155 Read back on the thread from last night if you're really interested Basically wondering why if I'm trans or what but I think I'm probably just a bit frustrated at having to present very masc all the time when I'd prefer to be a bit cutre or whatever word you prefer
(8.77 MB LAND OF THE.mp4)
O say can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming, Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there; O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
>>90152 >cuckpit The Barbara Pit, or really any one of the numerous pits that the Yugoslav Partisans used to dispose of fascists and their collaborators - mainly Ustaše. Several of the many based actions that Tito and the Yugoslav Communists took before going down the revisionist path. It's a great meme to harass /pol/yps with. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbara_Pit_massacre https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ko%C4%8Devski_Rog_massacre https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tezno_massacre ...among others.
(394.72 KB 590x590 pol get in the pit.png)
>>90166 are there any other pics other than this of the meme?
>>90100 Fucking based
>>90167 There are several memes here, Catata-friend. >>>216515
>>90169 Much like most of the Ustase army, that link is dead
>>90171 Yeh, sorry, I always forget how to cross-link.
>>90164 I see. Are you in an envirnoment where cute isn't allowed?
>>90173 Its more my own hangups I think, my social circle would probably be OK, though I'm not sure about people generally here
(46.29 KB 507x464 top_ebin.png)
>>90172 Np, thanks for linking me to the thread
(854.49 KB 1071x604 just watching it all burn.PNG)
prepare to get bullied
(563.12 KB 825x587 1581681780540.png)
(1.25 MB 1484x1000 lne8zf0mvpw41.png)
(1.37 MB 1449x1939 d8wvfnef0ig41.png)
>>90167 My personal favs
(28.51 KB 512x512 n.jpg)
>>90176 NO BULLI
>>90177 PITTED.com
(211.62 KB 500x306 ticket to the stank crevice.gif)
>>90177 nice >>90180 no, sing >>76422
(243.98 KB 870x1237 us politics.jpg)
(432.52 KB 548x525 83.PNG)
(393.93 KB 527x526 84.PNG)
>>90180 lol SIR
My "new" gpu needs to hurry up and arrive holy fuck my computer's trying to kill itself with this 12 year old thing in it
>>90187 It’s trying to commit sepuku from all the shit you’ve google’d
fursuit friday
>>90189 do kigurumis count?
>>90190 maybe
(1015.22 KB 1435x1465 sex sex sex.jpg)
>>90192 I'll sex sex sex you
>>90183 https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2006-04-04-0604040173-story.html >Standing in front of Chairman Mao's remains, I felt really insignificant," said Tyson, who bears a tattooed likeness of Mao on his right arm. "To have the chance to visit the memorial hall is a great honor for me."
>>90193 ok. But I need to get married first so that it's cheating
>have small lego helmet wich I always carry with me >it fell from my pocket inside my room >now I can't find it
(2.47 MB 407x356 1533517661456.gif)
>>90196 >lego helmet just don't step on it what kind of helmet though? and uh... why? just heard that germany is down to just above 10k active cases and 440 infections a day in the last 7 day average also this Streek guy was talking about how the most important thing was probably banning big events to not have "cluster events" which cause the most spreading also apparently, from his study, even risk groups have a better chance of having mild cases when the viral load has low intensity which would be from infections in more open spaces with good air circulation and people wearing masks and the mortality in one hot spot could be narrowed down to more closely around 0,5 % since they tested lots more people that didn't show symptoms and found that about a third of cases showed no symptoms also for some odd reason they found that households with 4 people had a chance of infecting within that household of 18 % while it was about 45 % with just 2 people sounds like pretty good news all around on that front
>>90192 Are there pics of the swedish guy?
(724.48 KB tent.webm)
>>90199 Based and Kulturbolschewismus pilled
>>90200 basiert und gepillt
(59.79 KB 497x329 huoh.jpg)
Fuck, I think I just overslept myself out of a job.
(76.08 KB 1600x900 r.jpg)
>>90196 At least it's in your room. You know it's in there, so it'll show up eventually. So consider yourself lucky in that sense.
>>90199 I can't help but imagine its a pupet and is controlled like they do pupets hands with the sticks
(17.45 KB 474x474 equestrian.jpg)
>>90197 >just don't step on it If I did at least I would find it ;_; >what kind of helmet though? and uh... why? Well, a lego equestrian helmet, pic related. About why, I dont really know. I've always carried small lego/playmobil pieces since I was like 6, I like to use them to imagine stories. I know it sounds kinda autistic ngl, the most surprising part is that I've not been diagnosed autism, wich makes it even weirder. >>90203 Yeah I guess so, gotta stay optimistic! Anyways, found some playmobil arch that will serve for now
I made some more cake.
>>90206 you're lying LOL internets
>>90207 It's vanilla and you can't have any.
>>90205 >I like to use them to imagine stories. that actually sounds cute, now i kinda wanna do that too >>90206 what cake?
>>90209 My cake.
(90.31 KB 1280x722 big_1470770252_image.jpg)
>>90210 sounds lewd >try draw hair >wrist hurts, fingers tense, arm gets stiff >everything turns to shit RIP how do artists do this i should just practice hair style sketches or something watching tutorials isn't helping much, i see them draw the lines but i have no clue how they can physically do it, mine just look shit because i cannot into any kind of flow
>>90145 what do you even mean people can be whatever they want people who say "sexuality is immutable from birth" are people who are confusing genetics with strong preferences. your favorite color being red isnt genetic; its just something you earnestly prefer. you figure it out early on or over a long period of time and the connections in your mind cement over your life into your "sexuality." it sounds like you are bisexual already smh >>90194 you learn something new everyday
(88.95 KB 701x1024 apu kinder.jpg)
>>90208 I didn't ask rude! >>90209 Idk if it's worth it, on one side it has given me many creative ideas. On the other, there have been a lot of uncomftormable situations that could have been avoided, specially when I'm in the middle of the forest walking my dog and thinking that I'm alone and then I realize someone was seeing me.
(133.08 KB 1280x720 traintravel.jpg)
>>90213 i guess that would be awkward, but if i saw someone playing around with whatever, i'd just think they're having fun and feel sorry for disturbing them i did take a teddy with me on a travel and i guess i did play around with it on the train ride a little bit but that was more for comfort since i hate travelling, not for fun and fantasy
>>90205 >About why, I dont really know. I've always carried small lego/playmobil pieces since I was like 6, I like to use them to imagine stories. >I know it sounds kinda autistic ngl, the most surprising part is that I've not been diagnosed autism, wich makes it even weirder. My dude, there's nothing wrong with liking Legos even as an adult, building stuff out of them is a fun and creative form to express yourself. We have a box full of them both regular and dublo in our art class and all of us have at least once used them as visualization aid, as a source of inspiration or just to fuck around with when we're bored. Or, well more like we used to before the school was closed off. >>90213 >On the other, there have been a lot of uncomfortable situations that could have been avoided, specially when I'm in the middle of the forest walking my dog and thinking that I'm alone and then I realize someone was seeing me. Happens to me all of the time when I'm singing to myself while on the computer or dancing to a good beat while in the kitchen with my headphones on thinking that nobody else is around only to have either my mom or older brother walk in wondering wtf I'm doing.
Why's society gotta judge me for wearing thigh highs and wanting to get fucked in the ass? Smh tbqfhwy famalambadamn
(112.88 KB 1183x1661 IMG_20200529_154056.jpg)
(103.43 KB 1311x1488 IMG_20200529_154057.jpg)
I want some juice
(780.81 KB 800x600 3.PNG)
Hi all
>>90218 welcome to the collapse
>>90217 What kind of taste does it have? Is it like slushie with different flavors? >>90218 Hello, how do you do?
>>90220 I like to imagine it tastes like your favorite fruit flavor
(308.35 KB 389x600 2345h.png)
>>90219 Collapse? >>90220 Not great. I had a seizure a little while ago. You?
>>90221 Now my thought is would your fun have that same taste or nah >>90223 > seizure What caused it?
>>90224 *cum
>>89719 >>89724 The whole movie was a big Russian-speaking imageboard meme for years, people learned the quotes by heart.
>>90218 Ohayo >>90223 How bad was the seizure?
(257.73 KB 664x889 tomoko cute loli.jpg)
Tomoko thread got made, and our resident Tomoko of course gets a mention in the first post >>>/roulette/1816
(1.92 MB 2012x1380 drawing hair.jpg)
>>90211 >how do artists do this >>>/hobby/5948
>>90194 >>90183 Tyson is the man... Also does anyone remember Mike Tyson Mysteries?
(19.60 KB 500x347 1459745231806.jpg)
>>90224 Nothing, as far as I know >>90229 >>90231 Hi hi. I bit my lip a little bit and now my back and head are sore
(623.77 KB 1600x1200 staches tomoko lewds.jpg)
>>90217 Can we get a seperate /GET/ thread to repost all the 'lewd' drawfag stuff that has been made on this thread? I haven't saved it all and newfags to /GET/ would enjoy it.
(91.39 KB 684x626 pirate pomf.jpg)
>>90178 BULLI >>90235 "I mith Pigeon tho mush..."
>>89777 >cont' really care for arguing about anime Well most of /a/ is just image posting and memes sooo. Also its /a/ in bunkerchan, I highly doubt mental /a/-fags from 4chan will come here.
(28.19 KB 480x360 друг.jpg)
>>90230 >This My comrade
>>90236 That’s odd >>90235 Isn’t it still running?
(167.80 KB 800x1135 1573507907933.jpg)
Really big gay hours right now, feeling the need for peen
>>90251 That sounds pretty gay tbh
(197.82 KB 850x1169 1588971995314.jpg)
>>90252 I guess its technically bi but hey any cock in a port
>>90206 I made banana bread and it's nearly perfect. Does anyone know more recipes with ripe fruits?
>>90250 >still running Yeah but its not as popular anymore.
>>90254 Flapjaks can have virtually anything put in them and turn out well, I like apricots personally If you've never made your own Jam/Marmalade its pretty fun
>>90256 >brit cuisine >anything can be in it Yeah sounds about right. I never made jam, that's a great idea!
>>90257 Flapjacks are the food of the gods and all good outdoorsman, they're also easy as fuck to make
>>90237 thats pretty nice i honestly just never thought of those tomoko edits to be really related to me i mean, some people would make edits kind of for me but mostly to me it's cool tomokos that i really liked feels weird thinking about there existing tomoko edits and they being "related" to me i instead think about the people who made them and shared them
>>90260 What does some shitty cgi cartoon have to do with my glorious Flapjacks? Also stop trying to make me Horni(er), I'm jonesing bad enough as is
>>90261 The sissypost was more for the horny trap... but I guess flapjacks are good for food play Nora.
>>90262 We are one and the same, who the fuck is Nora
(88.97 KB 379x537 Unwomanly Face of War.jpg)
Can some-one help me answer my question at >>>/roulette/1806 Has anyone here read this manga?
>>90259 was meant for >>90232 not for >>90237
>>90264 Ah, then enjoy the trap(s).... Nora is a pancake loving character from RWBY... its literally the only thing I know about her since I just know of the character, never having seen RWBY really.
>>90266 Well you've gained fame and infamy on this community, so why wouldn't we edit for you and Tomoko?
>>90265 But flapjacks aren't pancakes....
>>90214 Yeah Idk it's just that I was making sounds and stuff, very cringy >>90215 Well, the thing is that I don't just build legos, like I carry a small lego piece of something arround and play with it
(115.80 KB 1842x1233 IMG_20200529_165143.jpg)
(294.67 KB 1876x1891 IMG_20200529_165145.jpg)
>>90268 i guess i kinda lack self awareness, for me i'm just shitposting, talking with people, wanting to post tomokos because she's my absolute most favourite character and i gave up on discussions and i just really appreciate people doing cool commie tomoko edits or drawings i don't really want to be anyone to taint tomoko herself i'm a dumbass
>>90271 i dunno sounds cute to me
>>90272 Kek >>90273 You cannot escape now
I just found the little copy of the manifesto I used to carry in my pocket back in high school cause I was a special kind of cunt.
>>90272 That face lmao >>90276 I’m assuming communist one. Any specific reason why?
>>90276 What kind of manifesto? Uncle Ted's or Uncle Karl's? >>90273 You seem fairly smart from my interactions with you
>>90277 Back in high school I liked to announce that I was a communist a lot. I was a bit of a dick. >>90278 The communist manifesto of course.
>>90276 >>90279 Post pics
>>90250 Not all seizures have triggers
(61.39 KB 472x594 trotsky coffee.jpg)
>>90276 reminds me i found a spanish translated copy of Towards a New Socialism from my dad's stash the other day
>>90279 atleast you had balls for it
(8.82 MB 2177x3297 Mannifesto.png)
>>90281 K >>90285 It had less to do with being brave and more to do with being an obnoxious prick who liked shoving the fact in other people's faces to the point that it was my gimmick.
>>90288 thats pocket sized?
>>90288 damn son I wish I had your pants
>>90289 Maybe it ones of those things where it’s smaller than the image makes it to be
>>90289 >>90290 I zoomed in, it's about 17x11cm.
Horny levels dealt with, good night all
>>90294 finally, a product I can enjoy from gamefreak
>>90294 That's a thicc fish, you sure a trout's spine can bend like that though?
>>90291 like yugo's 20mm PENIS
(64.23 KB 655x900 20200528_065551.jpg)
>>90294 here's your controler bro
>>90298 My parents are in a ZOOM call with a lawyer friend of theirs that I ask sometimes for help with my law studies. I just walked by to get something to drink from the kitchen and my dad called me over and said "here's our resident bernie boy" cause apparently their friend is also very anti-Biden and it was basically me and him telling my parents how the Democrats failed to offer an alternative to Trump and trump will probably win cause Biden is another Hillary. The guy says he's apolitical too but he seems to lean far to the left. I also find it weird he has almost the same thought process and points as I do on most stuff.
>>90299 didn't mean to reply, bunkerchan is shitting itself rn for me.
>>90298 Jesus fuck >>90300 Yeah what is happening, images are not showing up then showing up later.
>>90301 everyone is on the site cause the riots
Hideri a cute~
>>90302 good. the fucking loser suburban anarchist larpers in the crowd who started the rioting need to pivot to actual tactics and start fighting an actual fight not playing chicken with kkkops. they need to read theory and realize that its the minorities that benefit most from liberation that will lead in the right direction not some whites who can slink back off to their safe places after the chaos and leave the damage to the locals
>>90304 addendum: we need real intense solidarity right now that goes past the usual shit
>>90304 How would you go about injecting theory into these situations without seeming like you’re trying to co-opt the movement?
A bigger ass makes it more comfortable for both you and your top when you get dicked down hard in your tight ass like the bottom you are. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
(243.44 KB 268x557 van darkholme.png)
>>90308 I'm a fucking man I don't NEED to be comfortable
(201.71 KB 2048x1477 q5G4b4bcL.jpg)
>>90309 Fuck you, everyone needs a fat ass and you know it. It prevents chaffing and provides cushioning and is just gener better.
>>90307 aint shit to do now. the damage is done. there are groups and leaders that will coalesce out of this and yeah getting involved is a good idea if you want to be a voice in that crowd. theres no stopping whats happening. the movement right now is just the fury of black and brown folks silence gaining the volume of a deafening roar. all there is to do is contribute what you can where you can you got spare money? bail and legal funds, donate to streamers like unicorn riot to keep their coverage going (cause cnn aint fucking doing shit) near a protest? get on the streets and march got emt skills, spare milk, gear? get out there hand out what you can, waters, masks, food, tools got a loud voice? go yell at a fucking cop
(1.31 MB 922x1200 a20e300.png)
Business idea: ass worship. The church of latter day saints? How about the church of sit on my face? No I'm not tired.
>>90312 church of latter leg day squats church of flabby glute taints cottage of cheesy butt mates
(27.73 KB 1080x582 received_838615029943691.jpeg)
>>90313 Those are pretty good.
>>90314 if this country wasnt a shithole fortress for exploiters id have been a real poet or some shit now im just mad let that shit burn
>>90311 Yeah, I wish I was less a coward irl, I'm hesitant to speak my opinions beyond mild suggestions and vague allusions. But to the people who whine about "muh ignorant rioting blacks should just be civil and exercise their freedom of speech" that's the entire fucking point. 50+ years of humming and hawing and broken promises of half measures, and that's by the dems who are supposedly "on their side". Actions speak louder than words and so when words fail and your people are routinely treated like vermin, the only communication tool remaining is (righteous) violent rebellion. It may be true that looting doesn't in particular help their cause, but it's a part of the action-language of rebellion, a language only communicable by masses (even if stirred to action by individuals), an action-language of complete and utter rejection of the status quo. And to the middleclass bootstrapper "blacks need to step up their game, work hard and be respectable" types, it's undeniable that when one analyses the situation, in particular the racial/class/crime disparity of the US, there's ultimately 3 points of resolution. 1, outright racism, implying or outright stating that "blacks genetically inferior and thus bound to their lot in life", an anti-scientific claim that always leads to genocidal policies. 2, liberal claptrap that touches on surface systemic racism, but denies the rotten core of "democratic" capitalist america which feeds and relies on the problem, a pathetic argument amounting to fucking nothing, thus supporting the exploitative, murderous system they claim to oppose. and 3, the socialist/materialist/historical resolution, that the unrelenting abuse, exploitation, and outright psychopathic disregard for human life truly is one of the pillars of the USA, found right in the heart of the capitalist system, and it finds it's most visible and reprehensible expression in the intentional maldevelopment and the treatment of black communities. >>90312 thicc slappy elf looks like she didn't want to spank them but had to anyway
>>90315 I mean Cali isn't as bad as the flyovers and Appalachians is it?
(12.00 KB 128x128 20200529_225222.jpg)
Nice and snug, got my game box fired up, theres a uprising habbening. tiem for a cuppa
>>90317 If you live in the gentrified coast, it's worse than the flyovers and the appalachian states. If you live in the deserts, it's worse than the flyovers and appalachian states. If you live in between, it's probably about the same as the appalachias and flyover states.
>>90317 Define bad
>>90317 i boymode a lot for safety and still get stuff lobbed at me from cars and yelled at, misgendered both passive aggressively and overtly (i always present feminine even in male clothes; i would reasonably say i am visibly transgender), and generally just deal with weirdness like overly eager allies or people who have bones to pick with a white transwoman (guys- or more annoyingly to me, girls- who have a fetish for it and are in denial) trans arent in a good position anywhere and where you are youll notice the bad stuff. this place isnt a paradise and still has a lot of upper middle class conservatives lurking all over. theyre the ones that can afford not leaving when the gentrification is driving poor folks out its easier than rural areas elsewhere to live because there are a lot less vibes of genocidal intent and trans ignorance. in utah, new mexico, arizona, and especially texas i distinctly felt like i could be murdered at any moment at most in the bay area i think id get hate crimed out of some bizarre crime of opportunity and probably wouldnt be that angry with my attacker acuse itd just be... false consciousness bullshit >>90319 i think the desert is most kind to trans because only the truly strange and fucked up californians are out there. its empty and fuckers dont care about life anymore. a lot of gay folks retire out there in trailer parks. yeah theres meth and supremacists, but its the kind of gay meth nazis that would fuck a white sigourney ahead of killing them (though i dont qualify because im not the right kind of white trash sigourney). out here you got rich nazis, dark enlightenment technocapitalists, poor hoteps, legit gangs, and crazy housed and unhoused people of every stripe. the cops here had gang bangs with a 15 year old prostitute. the advantage of some places like flyovers is that theyre just small enough that people write trans off as a phase to diffuse fear. they think its fashion, not ideological or political. its no threat to them. their quirky man voiced trans oddballs are lovable characters, clowns and minstrels that they adore (as long as it isnt their kids). theres a limit to all these situations >>90320 hate crime severity how dismissive of identity level of complicity in protecting hate crimes or enforcing anti-trans statutes by local authorities level of education in trans issues intensity of ideological indoctrination laughably, how badly shit goes down if you use your proper toilet
>>90316 im an asshole i speak my truth. its been a part of transitioning, that shit is scary and you start to go balls to the wall honest. gotta speak and live your truth messy and ugly as it may be. yeah and i get fear and cowardice. we are all scared on some level. being ugly and deformed humans as we all are i think we should accept that and be better for being realistic. not everything falls together easily but it will in time naturally come to resolve itself. the contradictions dont stand, even if we fuck up here and there. i think most bootstraps types are tired, scared, and sad people who embrace racism as a coipe for never being able to improve past a certain point themselves. they lost the luster of their anger and dreams. they dont shine anymore, so they think everybody else shouldnt. the light is out. i dont think they understand deeply (maybe unconsciously, but that is to say the truth of capital... it is too disturbing, too ugly to be humanized) the masked nature of the system if they do know it like i said, its concealed from themselves due to the discomfort and fear of the outcome of the horror and inhumanity of it. the natural outcome to a monstrous system is monstrous tragedy, not heroic suppression of ingrates and rebels. i agree the heart of it is crippling a potential leaders of revolution from ever developing. they fucking goofed today; they are making those leaders and groups with their debased police state
>>90322 I think I grok what you're getting at. Also, you've been missed. I always enjoyed reading your lengthy posts, and made a point to read them in full. Don't take this as a cry for your return if you so choose to remain distant from this board, but I do believe you added a great deal to the conversation here. Which makes me think, I haven't heard from you since the Corona fiasco really got started. How've you been holding up in that regard?
>>90323 nothing has been going on with me far as i can say
>>90324 About the same with me. Tho, I did get involved with some family angry typing between my mum, GRANDma and neurotic aunt.
>>90321 >hate crime severity >how dismissive of identity >level of complicity in protecting hate >crimes or enforcing anti-trans statutes by local authorities >level of education in trans issues intensity of ideological indoctrination >laughably, how badly shit goes down if you use your proper toilet I would say that in these respects, California is probably better than most states. Not saying that its perfect, there is places in California best to be avoided. But in other states, this shit seems to be even more worst. >>90325 >family angry typing between my mum, GRANDma and neurotic aunt. I'll never understand family feuding
man, shit is getting lit in the US. can hardly keep up with all the exciting news, the white house was just a few pushes away from being stormed by protesters.
>>90328 i got all my shit ready right now just in case this turns better (worse for the enemy) into something more intense there are still huge swaths of the populace that havent even gotten into the mix, and as they push the issue against the people it will make more allies and more anger there is a gun behind every blade of grass and these pigs and their owners know they can only push back so much before the whole thing collapses
(79.53 KB 1098x1534 red flag.JPG)
/leftypol/ boys...
Who are the protestors targeting exactly? Are any people's homes being raided or is it just the pig stations that are in trouble??
>>90304 Why do you think that "suburban" anarchist types were somehow the one sto start the riots? This reminds me of the 2011 london riots and it wasn't suburban imports then either, it was urban black people that had had enough that started everything
(47.43 KB 850x510 no cofi.jpg)
tiem 4 no cofi
>>90334 I'm sorry your hands are all fucked up anon, maybe I could be your cafetiere pig tonight?
(2.49 MB 2600x3718 grace unhappy.png)
(101.80 KB 597x495 king louis xvi 1.jpg)
mfw rioters have to attack this gracious statue of King Louis XVI the fed counterrevolution will win this... there will likely be rubber bullets, tear gas, ramming police shields, and injured protesters here and there... let slip the dogs of war.
what's that website for pirating books again i wanna read
>>90336 Someone should draw grace getting decapitated
>>90335 That would be very kind of you. >>90337 you mean libgen? >>90336 it's just a hand bro. It's was done in my honor to reflect my current condition.
(712.21 KB 1200x2000 boot-lick!.png)
>>90338 It doesn't matter what you do. Feds are still going to win this.
>>90339 >it's just a hand bro. Even the hand is a disgrace to Roi Louis XVI. This video, for example.
Did your high schools teach differential calculus, integral calculus and linear algebra at the 11th and 12th Grade? I'm kind of having a mental panic attack right now and it's sorta related to that.
>>90342 I probably knew what these words meant at one point in time but I've completely forgot now I think they taught us some of that stuff? School is a meme lel, hope you know that almost nothing you're learning now will be of any use to you later
>>90342 burger here. My high school taught up to multivariable calculus and linear algebra but those classes were restricted to the math majors. Non math majors could only take up to AP Calc AB or BC also why panic ?
(5.86 KB 499x299 het.png)
(58.02 KB 600x503 dogs of war.png)
He's so cocky. Trump doesn't think your revolution is going to storm his Bastille.
>>90345 but it's Bürger, with an ü
>>90342 Want some maths help, anonymous comrade?
(7.70 KB 210x240 borger.jpg)
>>90347 nope, it's Borger with an o
>>90349 Borgerkrieg sounds like a war with people whos defining trait is that they borrow stuff
(42.39 KB 750x745 EYPXRhgWkAAL9R0.jpg)
>>90344 >>90343 >>90348 I've always thought I could manage a career as a scientist (be it physicists or nuclear engineer, which were my primary interests at this point). But then I realized I might not even be able to make any substantial contributions or even have a good career based on that. Seeing as I'm in leftypol, I'm primarily a humanities guy of course, but I was also raised in a state funded prestigious science high school. Problem is I didn't give a fuck about grades. For the 7th to about 10th grade, I was about halfway or even below average in a class of top of the nation geniuses, with some failing grades in.. well.. physics and mathematics. My only great grades where in humanities, which I ironically put the least effort it. I only started getting serious around 11th Grade, where my humanities clashed with my STEM, probably because that's where I started becoming a Marxist, and a materialist viewpoint made me realize how important science and technology can really be. So I decided to take up a Physics course for my senior year. I got good grades, relatively, not super good, but not too bad. I think it's mostly because of an easy to understand teacher, and me giving more than half a fuck. I ended up being a bit high in Math too. So what does this have to do with anything? I can't seem to find any information of any GOOD physicists or nuclear physicists of the matter that had terrible grades like I did in high school. It's a very petty thing to ask about, but it made me realize that if I ever took a course like that for college, there's a chance that I might not be naturally best for it, no matter how hard I study. I might just be limiting myself by taking a course I can't possibly excel at. So I thought to myself, what if I'm not meant to be a Physicist, maybe just a Biologist? I always found biology easy and nice to understand, but even my grades towards that were a bit mediocre before my senior year. That's where the panic sets in. I always thought I could jumble a good life as a "revolutionary" (activism, learning economics, history, philosophy), with a backup academic career just in case I needed to support my family. But then I might not have the brains to even be a good scientist. When I want to enter a field, I don't want to be mediocre. I at least want to be above average or exceptional. It's an intrinsic thing within me. I don't know if I'm gonna be a good scientist or anything worth a damn. I almost started crying because I felt like a huge door in my life was just closed because of my past mistakes of not caring enough back in school.
>>90351 Actually, I might not even be just mediocre in a field. I might not pass or be able to get a PhD at all, which I really fear.
>>90351 Lel I remember being 17, good times, not really like but you know What the fuck are you panicking about exactly, your grades aren't the best? They don't matter, do well enough to get into a program you want and that's all you need to worry about, nobody in the real world gives a damn about some letters on a page I did great in Secondary school up until they forced me out then I did even better at technical college, got into a great university at the top of the roster, then crashed and burned, now I make more than most of my age group in an industry I have little formal qualifications in that I got into because I prepared for the interview and know how to hit buzzwords. nobody looks at the stuff you do in mandatory educaiton in industry
>>90351 Finished maths degree and there's a possibility of going into research, so my advice won't be total ass. For starters it sounds like you're worrying about stuff way before it's near and sorta idealising the idea of being a vague 'scientist'. Have you started university yet?
>>90351 Im only a year or two older than you and Im studying engineering. I have the same exact story about going to a good stem hs but wanted to do humanities in college because Marx. Honestly, most seniors are undecided so youre not alone. Youll figure it out in your first year soon enough so dont worry about it.
>>90353 I know nobody in the real world gives a damn about some letters or numbers, but for me it's personal. It's indicative of what I'm capable of, with or without effort. It's good to hear you make more than your age group in the industry, though. >>90354 This year I'm supposed to start university. I'm sorry if it seemed like I idealized the idea of being a vague "scientist", I don't like to idealize things. Continuing my course in Physics in Senior High, I choose Physics as my main course as well for university. I guess the reason why I use vague terms like scientist is because I'm not sure where I might even specialize, be it materials, particle, nuclear, or whatsoever. I don't know if I'll do research, or more "management" roles. My main problem is that I might be destined for doom because of my past habits. Did I get bad grades because I didn't put any effort or because I was intrinsically bad? I just don't wanna put so much blood and swear towards something, only to churn out less than average results. It's a waste of my labor.
>>90356 Literally no freshman knows what to do or whether they want to do academia or industry or whatever save the lucky few. Have you tried having a convo with a professor or an advisor about this since they have extensive experience with this And to your concern about grades let your first year answer that
>>90357 Thank you. I guess I will have to wait for university to start so I can see.
>>90356 Yeah I mean for smart kids 'scientists' are quite attractive, I was the same, but at that age you also don't have a very good idea of what these people actually do. You have quite a long and hard journey to becoming a physicist ahead of you if you choose that, the main priority is that you actually are interested in the content, otherwise it will be a very difficult degree. Calculus and lin alg were taught in depth in my first year of university so I wouldn't worry about that (but these things are important so pay attention in your first year as every science builds off of them). No one is intrinsically bad, it's a mixture of different variables, you sound quite insecure, alongside the desire to be 'excellent' in your field (I grew out of this, as an *intense* desire). A physics degree (from a reasonably reputable university) will require blood sweat and tears to some degree, so I don't think it helps much to think of it as labour. But I mean everyone has different ways to motivate themselves, the friends I know who are very competitive and insecure still performed well because they spend all their time trying to prove themselves in the form of grades. Any degree you embark on will take years of your life, don't worry about the labour cost on each one. If you're still super unsure about what you want to study, just take a year out and decide, it'll make you appreciate it more and give you plenty of time to think. I've finished my degree and still don't really know what career path I'm going to go down, it's quite normal to be unsure, but I also rushed into things and regret it for burn-out reasons.
>>90359 You're about me being insecure and wanting to be excellent. I guess it has its roots in a Math exam that I took so many nights to study, only for me to barely pass. I had lots of high scores before, but it only took the circumstance of me putting blood and tears only to fail to shatter my confidence. I just don't want that to happen in a larger scale. I know deep inside that no one is intrinsically bad, but sometimes irrational, self-destructive what-if's take hold on me. You and the other Anon are right about letting the first year happen and go from there.
>>90360 You're right about me*
>>90356 I meant more like I make more than people my age in my area generally do, with better working conditions, my pay is only about 500-1k a year above the industry average for my position but my contract is better and I've got more advancement options I understand what you mean about seeing grades as a marker of worth, but you need to have other marks to judge yourself by or you're going to run into a nasty self esteem dip the first time you run into something you really struggle with, which is basically what happened to me Being able to graft and show adaptability are more important, and much more fundamental skills, than doing everything academic great the first time around with a good hard effort, the world of work is full of people that did great on the page but don't have the secondary and tertiary skills to back their core academic skillset up, then they find out the hard way they need that, if you work hard but don't get the best score possible on something that's not an indictment of you as a person and you shouldn't see it that way, so long as you've got enough to go forward or try again you're fine
(28.51 KB 512x512 n.jpg)
>>90365 I'll do what I damn well please you bubblegum looking midget
>>90342 lol my high school didn't even get to teaching trigonometry or polynomials properly, so first year of uni we learned just pre-calculus, integrals proper i would be studying right now if i wasn't a lazy demotivated fuck and if we had classes atm i thought my laziness would wear off by the time i got here but it really didn't, if you're the other way around where you started working harder before you started going to college you should be more than fine to be honest
Sending in child militias to help stop rioting is the most American thing I’ve heard tonight
>>90360 I had similar problems with the what-ifs, biggest advice would be to try and not worry as it ends up creating more stress than it avoids (easier said than done obviously). Best of luck though, hopefully you enjoy it
Are you winning yet son?
>>90370 If I was winning, I wouldn't still be living with you dad >:(
>>90371 It was a yes or no question. This is why GRANDma died you know, you always have to do this!
>>90373 Welp, that escalated quickly
(3.90 MB 4032x3024 IMG_20200530_171241.jpg)
Been doing an explore
>>90375 Is that Northern England/Scotland?
>>90340 Absolutely based. Death to all monarchs, and fuck the queen.
>>90377 wtf, I was trying to respond to >>90336
>>90375 I really like the look of these old houses. >>90376 I imagine there's lots of stone homes throughout northern europe, but it does look like it could be. Man, I just want a cozy little house and a dog a few dozen km away from the city. Seems like a dream as unlikely as my middle school dreams of becoming some rich genius fuck.
>>90378 >>90379 oh my god double wtf. Why did it throw out my fucking flag?
I feel like killing myself.
>>90376 I think he's the anon from NI
>>90382 What's wrong?
>>90382 We live in some fucked up times. Hold on and you can get through this.
(4.74 MB 3024x4032 IMG_20200530_171126.jpg)
>>90376 NI Border region >>90383 Ye >>90379 It was probably someone's home about 150-200 years ago, the roof is post WW2, seems to have been used as barn for a while, totally abandoned now, there were some crows living in it today but I wasn't quiet enough to get a photo
(47.74 KB 343x574 1590862030713.jpg)
(257.82 KB 829x663 1590860546419.png)
Hello, what did I miss ?
>>90389 I meant in the forum. Not in real life.
>>90391 I see, nothing happened on this board, we have all been waiting for you
>>90391 Dr. Robin has returned.
>>90373 im dying my sides >>90377 death to all rulers appointed by blind tradition life to those appointed by the mandate of heaven (the will of god through the people, democracy) >>90391 the board is real life and vice versa
>>90391 >>90393 This is actually an intervention
(37.96 KB 640x480 sing.jpg)
SING >>76422
>>90396 by who?
>>90397 >>90398 all me btw
(1.96 MB 615x413 Sides.gif)
>>90395 > >>90399 I don't believe you.
(23.37 KB 400x540 mimmi all me btw.jpg)
>>90400 do you now?
(10.45 KB 240x240 get shobon.png)
Attention! Bunkerchan isn't being particularly stable right now cause of the high traffic or something so if it stops working suddenly please remember to use GETchan 2.0 https://www.GETchan.net/GET/ It's not that it's likely to go down it's just that there's slowdowns and weird errors so um watch out.
>>90403 Welp, looks like it’s time for /GET/xit. Time to leave the Bunkerpean Union
>>90404 Not really, it's just cause that Bunkerchan acting slow is a red flag and any time spent at GETchan would just be until the server comes back up and that's IF it goes down which it might not, just better to have a redundancy ready. >>90402 Yeah, I don't believe you.
>>90405 It does get a little janky. Probably because of the whole riot thing happening. Kinda weird though, I feel as if Bunker has had the same activity level before without it acting wack
>>90407 Well remember back during the Democratic primaries the same load hit and the server crashed a couple times, albeit at least one of them was from /pol/ raiding.
>>90393 > we have all been waiting for you Really ??? :::DDD What was said ??? «Where is the great Étienne, bender of gender, slayer of mayors, drawer of.... drawings..» :DDD >>90394 Who ? >>90395 Oh you ! >>90396 For what ?
>>90409 Dr. Robin, our old tripcode friend. >>90304 >>90311 >>90321
Events like this always make me feel good but also a little dissapointed in myself in the back of my head at the same time because I'm not involved. Even when it's something that I clearly couldn't because it's not even my country. I have let myself become a bit lazy within left politics though which I should really try and fix. Not reading theory, not getting involved locally, I've let myself get comfortable. >>90389 Great video whoever made it, shit like this always gets me good.
>>90408 Oh yeah, that was nuts. >>90409 You know >>90410 What’s a tripcode boss?
>>90413 (._ . )
>>90413 if you hover over the bottom reply numbers on my previous post, you'll see the poster has a name followed by a bunch of numbers. That's a tripcode.
>>90413 >What’s a tripcode look at my name
>>90414 what’s wrong? >>90415 >>90416 Ah, I see now. Is it used for anything or nah?
>>90405 Sad! >>90409 I did >>90413 In the name file write down bear##(password) it will generate a code that can only be made with that password
>>90417 as an example, I wrote catalanon##PENIS in the namefield
good day to walk today
>What's that, you're driving down a dark b-road with terrible visibility and loads of tight blind corners that you've never drove down before? >Better sit three inches of your bumper with my high beams on then! All boyracers must hang, I will round them up after the revolution and do it myself if I have to
>>90421 What are boyracers? Are those like boymoders?
(3.37 MB 3400x3082 grace-reprimand.png)
>>90395 Democracy? Rule of the Mob? The Sheeple? Yuck! >mandate of heaven (the will of god through the people, democracy) Mao was pretty monarchypilled in his own way. Listen to his song, Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman
>>90424 >Mao was pretty monarchypilled in his own way Oh boy, he'd have a whole genocide set aside just for you if he heard you say that.
>>90418 >>90419 Like this? >>90424 Off to the guillotines with this petulant royalist
>>90425 Does it count as genocide if its the result of a dementia induced brain fart?
>>>90424 I'm sorry, but the only monarchy accepted here is burger king and ceirtain ex-admin may allah bless his soul >>90426 yup
>>90427 you just reminded me that it has to be people in order to be a genocide, and everyone knows monarchists and landlords aren't people: ^)
>>90429 The great landlord yeeting was technically classicide (and objectively based), I was referring more to the Sparrows and the great cultural clusterfuck
(255.07 KB 429x473 1590649687641.png)
>>90426 It's always the guillotine with you people. Why not a firing squad or axe? >>90428 >burger king
>>90412 maybe ask some orgs in your area if they are going to do any shows of solidarity in a nearby big city
>>90431 yes >Why not a firing squad or axe? Booooooooring
>>90431 Axes make mistakes and firing squads have a bad habit of hitting the groin or the kneecaps instead of the heart Contrary to advertising, the revolution will in fact be civilized* * terms and conditions apply
>>90431 I personally think that if some cappies and fascist military leaders have to go, make it fast flashy with a sword.
>>90434 But the guillotine is too traditional. Doesn't that make you blinded by tradition? Comrade, I think it's time to break with these traditions.
>>90431 >Why not a firing squad or axe? For someone who claims to be a monarch you sure do know almost nothing about royal executions. Axes are for peasants, firing squads are for the military and what is a razor if not just the funniest thing watching Lois XVI beg for his fucking life like the pig he is. Also the alternative is a brazen bull where you're stuffed in and cooked alive and you screams turn into steam that come out the nostrils and is used to power a turbine that at least partially powers the heating of the bull. Wall street even has a bull that's vaguely bronze coloured so we could just use that, close and convenient.
>>90431 Shut up and get in the guillotine
>>90423 In the UK a boyracer is basically a young person with a cheap modded car to go fast and be loud. Think body kits and loud exhaust on a cheapish car. >>90432 I will but with all this covid shit not much is happing around here.
(45.74 KB 352x331 cade.jpg)
>>90440 Who let the cat in.
(1.76 MB coconut raep.mp4)
>>90441 *sees u*


no cookies?