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(36.36 KB 369x336 animes.jpg)
/leftytrash/ Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:36:48 No. 1091
Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting
>>98518 Ohio Senpai. Also those were that guy's words not mine. Also you know what /GET/ was like well at all before a year ago.
>>98515 Not a lot. You?
>>98520 Work.
(109.84 KB 756x758 6ed.jpg)
>>98499 Why did I think that this was a night of nights remix at the start?
(4.66 MB 4chan_city.mp4)
>>98509 oooooooh. I'll draw for commemoration and also cause Imma bored >>98510 mmmmmkay >>98508 looks like a entertaining place
>>98521 Oh yeah, that reminds me. I forgot to mention that I finally got a job. >>98524 >4chan city oh man, that takes me back. Snacks did nothing wrong.
Tried to fix my ingrown hairs with a needle and some pliers but now my dick just hurts more
(7.66 KB 298x169 kuma_d.jpg)
>>98526 >I finally got a job. nice >Snacks did nothing wrong. what did he do lmao? >>98527 Did you have to dig them out with the needle?
>>98528 I dunno, he had this big argument with moot or something, and there was this meme "Around Snacks never relax!".
>>98528 I tried too but I am afraid of digging because it's so sensitive. It's not normal skin.
(1.02 MB 2112x3508 GENI.png)
comomomission for a Dragonball OC
(113.87 KB 480x600 snackscp.png)
>>98529 the golden era of internet
(25.51 KB 800x432 kuma_bekfast.jpg)
>>98529 I guess where that meme from the one vid I saw of "Snacks is Back" was from >>98530 Did it start bleeding when you tried to? >>98531 Actually ain't a bad design for a DBZ OC
>>98535 >Bleeding Yes But how else am I supposed to dig. I will try again tomorrow.
>>98531 Naise
>>98533 Snacks was a pedophile?
(26.81 KB 299x381 1414012846579.jpg)
ground keeps going brrr and it wont stop.
>>98540 Earthquake? Wanna trade places I wanna die
>>98540 Do you live in Cali?
(110.59 KB 1535x909 brrrr.JPG)
>>98541 u sure? look a this shit bruh
>>98542 u know where I live zooki. Also blood water is coming out of the pipes. It's like the hell dimension is leaking in this area or something.
>>98543 I just want a steel beam to crush my head so I can be done with being alive. I never asked for this and I never enjoyed it.
>>98540 yes but consider fireworks going off 24/7 everyday since march
>>98544 >u know where I live zooki. I don't even know who you are
>>98545 business idea: don't. >>98546 rough, but consider the sound of gunshots going off at least once a week.
>>98548 Why not? I haven't felt happy since I was 6, I hate my degree, I don't have any hobbies I really enjoy, I just do things because I'm too much of a pussy to say no to people and continue doing them out of guilt, I haven't talked to anyone in 5 days, I am alone in my room, I will never find anyone, I hate how I look and I hate who I am. I should have just killed myself when I was 13 instead of continuing on until now. The only reason I haven't killed myself yet is because my parents and GRANDparents wouldn't be able to handle it. If they died in a car crash I would just kill myself after the funerals were over.
>>98544 You live on the coast?
>>98539 idk, I just remember the memes around him being lax on cp
(14.34 KB 205x246 images.jpeg)
>>98548 what if you are a filthy american who couldn't deduce if gunshot or firework in november until crjme rates went down there's also a gun range next to the school I just transferred out of and you can hear the echoes of bullets through the forest while going out back lol
>>98552 Oh, I didn't know about the details. I just knew that he got in some kind of argument with moot.
(192.01 KB 338x232 kuma_wannabuy.gif)
>>98524 Has there ever been something made for either GETchan or leftypol to the equivalent of 4chan city, or /v/ rage? The closest thing I can think of is the Alunya Anime Opening, but thats about it
(188.70 KB 366x395 kirin.png)
(88.36 KB 1080x608 1964270.png)
>>98515 Hey Leaf
(139.97 KB 1024x768 1593577088289m.jpg)
man that was a long walk
>>98559 how much did you walk
>>98561 1.8 miles is usually go 1.6
>>98556 >>98557 wat >>98559 Did you enjoy it?
(1.74 MB 1920x1080 Cirno.full.2276855.jpg)
>>98563 yeah, really helps clear my mind and feels good to lay down afterwards.
(567.20 KB 2400x3300 1467604.png)
>>98563 Don't worry about it
(686.76 KB 1024x819 352332.png)
>>98564 I'm glad to hear that >>98565 Is this more of that weird pony shit?
>>98562 Almost hit 2 miles, very nice
>>98524 It is a song though about the region I live in.
>>98570 About BC?
(598.86 KB 996x868 AU.png)
>When the first bomb hit Alexander ll's carriage only one man the Cossack driver was killed and the Tsar along with everyone else within the vehicles remanined totally unharmed >The Tsar then reportedly stepped out of his carriage shaken and took a moment to pat himself down before announcing "Thank God im unharmed it is truly a miracle!" and proceeded to walk towards the fallen Cossack to see his condition >Suddenly a second assassin ran to the front of the crowd holding a small box wrapped in butchers paper and reportedly screamed >"DON'T THANK GOD JUST YET!" >And threw the box as the emperors feet
>>98531 I wish she'd chimp out on my dragon balls. If you know what I'm saiyan.
>>98531 Very nice !
Business idea: Copyright agency that copyrights people. That way you can sue Disney for trillions for pirating your data
>>98574 >It's real oh I'm laffin
(335.78 KB 1996x1533 1593501837337.jpg)
(2.26 MB 1020x1920 AAAAAAAAAAAHHH NOOOOO.png)
uh guys
(139.32 KB 1024x634 request.gif)
can some drawanons do a version of this i find it for reason an interesting picture, like the perfect french anime lady
(583.27 KB 2100x2100 toothless_baff.png)
>>98580 More accurate
(1.11 MB 2100x2100 rodina_frenchgals.png)
>>98584 I made this. Take it or leave it. In all seriousness, I thought of an idea that would be interesting. Instead of having the girl off to the distance be another rich girl, make them a working class girl. Then it changes the dynamics from presumably jealousy, to aristocrats scoffing/gawking at the working class woman.
It's another episode of "Parents Find My Personal Loli Doodles"
>>98588 How'd that go
>>98589 Uncomfortable as always >"But anon they're children!" It's my annual tax for being a lolicon
>>98588 another episode? as in, they've found them before?
Whenever i speak to some Afrikkaner that moves to australia because the ANC is racist to wyatt "People" or whatever their stories of how 'they were racially discriminated against' are like 99% of the time >Their eating a restaurant >Black waiter brings him their food >"MAKE IT AGAIN I DONT WANT ONE OF Y O U TOUCHING MY FOOD AHHHHHHHHH" >"Excuse me sir?" >"roody pooroody pooroody pooroody pooroody pooroody pooroody pooroody pooroody pooroody pooroody poo!!!!!!!" >"Your banned from this venue for life sir!" >"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHITE GENOCIDE!!!!!!!!"
>>98591 haha! Hoa yeah. But the PP must embiggen, the loli must flow.
>>98588 >Kazakh anon "My relative found my sex doll under the bed and thought it was a dead body and called the police. for some reason they sent literally the only two cutie female police officers in Kazakhstan. They laughed at me when they saw what it was" 2.0
>>98595 Shit I remember this one.
>>98588 Did you hide them and they just found the hiding place or was more somewhere more out in the open? >>98595 youch, that must suck
(880.29 KB 600x1052 Soyjakbanned.gif)
>>98597 stuff it away somewhere and forget about it. do a purge and miss it, get found. I probably wouldn't be a lolicon if my dad didn't have such stringent "porn bad, guilt good" ideology when I started looking at vanilla hentai when I was younger. Then again I had a lolicon wetdream when I was like 6. Like, an actual 2D loli, and it was the only thing I could focus on for the next week. Either way, I'm just a lonely permawizard anyway. Fuck I need to move out. But I need more money, and I need to be better at taking care of my day to day shit.
>>98598 "Soyjak," as he is called, repulses me on such a visceral level. I really am just disgusted and sickened by this annoying meme to an extreme degree.
>>98601 Why?
>>98599 Are you currently working? >>98601 wojack in general can get on my nerves
>>98602 I think it's the pube-beard mainly
>Literally everywhere on the internet right now. >"Trump is literally dementia riddled and actively accelerating the fall of the country. for reasons ....A-Z" <"Still voting trump Libtard :)" Is this the famous sunken cost fallacy given modern form?
>>98603 Yeah, part time tho. Wouldn't be too hard to find a fulltime job that pays at least a little better. Still, rent in west coast Gamerstan is a bitch. And there's still the fact that I'm lazy when left to fend for myself beyond a few weeks at a time.
>>98606 So now I'm just staying up to keep my brain active so that when I go to bed I can just fall asleep without dwelling on the ordeal, though here I am, dwelling on the ordeal. A bit different discussing it with a sympathetic ear or two.
(11.24 KB 225x225 kuma_emopirates.png)
>>98606 >rent in west coast Gamerstan is a bitch Is rent just always high on the west side of a country lmao >>98607 doing anything in particular to stay up, like playing a vidya
>>98608 Yeah there seems to be something about "wests" Thank god I don't live in west Vancouver. Maybe I'll play Furi. Straightforward action games can hold my attention pretty well.
>>98598 >235 dollars for a theme park What the fuck Americans?
>finding a random muh idpol leftypol porky posted by a conservative https://twitter.com/KevinFer_CDU/status/1279000870085165056
(44.76 KB 200x194 1315625368311.png)
>>98590 some people are literally too retarded to see the difference between drawing and real people there's no cure but putting them out of their misery, there needs to be legal room for killing people with such severe brain damage, they cannot possibly enjoy life being this fucking retarded and struggling with every day tasks we have to accept that euthanasia for those people is the only solution same goes for people who cry about "killer games" because players enjoy murdering "people" imagine actually being such a mouth breather for just a moment i enjoy playing with virtual tanks tanks really exist this means i am literally someone who wants to go on a rampage with tanks and shoot at people, it's the same thing and those tanks actually look far more realistic than a loli with a third of their face being taken up by their eyes looking like aliens if you were to make them real
(14.53 KB 233x233 mfw im critiquing.jpg)
>>98599 >I'm just a lonely permawizard anyway what do you mean, didn't you våldtäkt a little girl yet? but you look at drawings i don't like, it's the same thing now excuse me while i ride a banana with my asshole and squish out the mush for breakfast, i am a very intelligent person
>>98601 Wojack and pepe are both incredibly fucking annoying now, they overstayed their welcome I think soyjack is so annoying because its used in place of an argument so often
So a couple of years ago in Aus our biggest city (Sydney) was having a Mayoral election. And the party that won this election every four or so years was Labour obviously since they control the metropols and also because their candidate was rather popular with the town anyway. So the State/Federal Goverment which is "The Liberal Party" began contemplating the idea that >"Private citizens and Workers should receive one vote while business owners should receive two or potentially even more votes each due to how severely government policy may effect them and due to their demographic being a smaller demographic of the Australian population" So yeah just...Abolish Democracy and just literally create a new defacto aristocratic class Thank fuck it didnt actually happen obviously...because you know...it would have turned us into a South-American Junta Source : https://www.businessinsider.com.au/nsw-government-plans-to-give-business-2-votes-each-in-city-of-sydney-council-elections-2014-8 Another wonderful plan from the Australian Capitalist class was when one particularly evil mining magnate decided in 20 FUCKING 12 to propose the idea of evacuating a mass amount of poor and working class people from their homes and then DROPPING A FUCKING NUKE on their town in Western Australia so they could build a new coal mine and terminal in its place and where the new canyon would be. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/feb/08/gina-rinehart-australian-mining-magnate
>>98615 >I think soyjack is so annoying because its used in place of an argument so often Aren't you the guy who gets instantly butthurt at any argument and starts telling everyone to ignore the person because you haven't got a clue?
>>98616 >bloc vote for business interests This is how Hong Kong is run.
(51.13 KB 288x169 Capture.PNG)
>>98609 I was playing that gaem and managed to finish it literally right before accident, thank god.
>>98617 >Aren't you the guy nah but besides that, ignoring retards incapable of basic brain functions that talk shit that begs for getting their teeth to get kicked in is something reasonable people do i'm often unreasonably replying to vent, but never to the point where i'd take dipshits like you serious and entertain their "arguments" retarded takes are not to be argued with, that'd require the assumption good faith and your dumb shit having any legitimacy calling people like you retarded is entirely sufficient and acknowledgement enough for your existence as what it is
>>98617 Is that you, /pol/ poster? If not, nah, I'm happy to argue with people, there's one particular guy that comes in here every month or so and makes some anti-idpol idpol question or statement to slide the thread with when people disagree with him
reading about this NATO thing and tbh not a fan
>>98624 Yeah NATO ain't NEATO
>>98624 - t. Nikita Khrushchev (1953)
(123.14 KB 541x497 cafee.jpg)
tiem 4 cophi
(285.90 KB 1446x2048 EcFCIRjXsAAdpxR.jpg)
Good morning, anons. What are you going to do for today?
(183.95 KB 1440x1080 54.jpg)
>>98630 Im about to go to bed. but tomorrow afternoon i will likely visit my GRANDparents at their home for dinner after going for a work out at my dads who has a large personnel gym built in his home which he allows me to use
>>98630 try to pla gaems with two hands. u?
>>98630 I just dropped keyboard cleaning goo on fresh bed linen So I guess I'm cleaning that up
(459.53 KB 256x192 AJ_Ema_Skye_Snacking_3.gif)
(167.08 KB 400x342 Puerto Bro.png)
>>98635 Why don't you use ur name?
>>98636 becuz [REDACTED].
(63.38 KB 536x458 hmm today i will.png)
>>98637 oh ok
(135.62 KB 421x310 18747492992.png)
>>98629 ah i just woke up cofee tiem indeed might just fall asleep again tho
(91.98 KB 1280x720 1461890062960.jpg)
>>98632 I am going to play space station 13/ss13.
>>98615 >I think soyjack is so annoying because its used in place of an argument so often but that's why it's perfect, if you ever get tired of arguing you just predict the psych profile of whoever you're arguing with, paste a soyjak with whatever stuff your opponent's into next to it and get them angry beyond repair
(28.91 KB 848x681 soyjack.png)
>>98643 >but that's why it's perfect, if you ever get tired of arguing you just predict the psych profile of whoever you're arguing with, paste a soyjak with whatever stuff your opponent's into next to it and get them angry beyond repair
(29.67 KB 1152x648 crying pale man.png)
introducing a new meme.
(265.63 KB 1533x2048 fox.jpeg)
Hello, /GET/!
>>98643 Unblock me on twitter PJW
>>98646 sup bwoi
(352.64 KB 2048x1024 6e8734dfe00c1b1d-2048x1024.jpg)
>>98646 I managed to get Lutris and Winetricks working, are you proud of me?
>>98640 >YukinoSHITa lel
>>98650 Noice. I wanted to distro hop to manjaro because of a slight better gaming performance but the manjaro gnome theme looks horrendous and it's too much of a hassle to transfer shit to it.
(38.89 KB 853x480 hachiman.jpg)
>>98652 hope new sason doesn't get delayed again.
>>98653 I was really enjoying gnome on pop_os until I updated my system and one extension broke literally everything Cinnamon with some tweaks is peak comfy though , I think the main thing I actually like about gnome was putting everything at the top and using keybinds so that's easy enough to translate across >Too much of a hassle to transfer shit to it Can't you just take the themes files from your current Gnome install, save them to a USB and then paste them back into Manjaro's Gnome install?
>>98650 hey bro, careful! you just got a (You) in 4chins!
(37.57 KB 465x407 boomer-acdc.jpg)
>>98644 boomjak is perfection, mostly accompanied by feel good nostalgia posts.
>>98656 Thanks for the (you) friend :3 Feeling very validated right now UwU
>>98655 >Cinnamon with some tweaks is peak comfy though I don't get the appeal of cinnamon really, it just looks like a cutsier version of xfce. But then again, I hate every de except for MATE and Gnome because of my own shitty tastes >I think the main thing I actually like about gnome was putting everything at the top and using keybinds so that's easy enough to translate across Gnome just looks cleaner and more comfy to me tbh. The pop theme with some tweaks is nice, but the default ubuntu theme looks shit. >Can't you just take the themes files from your current Gnome install, save them to a USB and then paste them back into Manjaro's Gnome install? I have to transfer my games too so that'll take some time.
>>98654 Probably will be
>>98659 The appeal of Cinnamon is exactly that its a cuter, more up to date version of XFCE for me, the first distro I used long term was Ubuntu MATE and while it was functional and good it just looked and felt drab and kind of jank, XFCE felt more put together but also felt like it was from 2005 Cinnamon feels enough like windows to me that I can disengage my brain when needed and mindlessly cllick stuff and most things still work as expected while providing a competent and modern feeling Linux DE that doesn't fuck up basic usability stuff constantly like Gnome and doesn't shove a million options in your face with hideous defaults like KDE
>>98661 >Cinnamon feels enough like windows to me that I can disengage my brain when needed and mindlessly cllick stuff and most things still work as expected while providing a competent and modern feeling Linux DE Maybe it's just because I hate how windows looks and feels.
We live in a world where wobbly windows are not the default on every machine/OS
>>98664 A world I will defend until the end
(302.82 KB 2518x1024 EV8frsju02kv11.jpg)
(459.81 KB 798x515 wi2rs2ryry8y.png)
>It's the weekend >No work >Got the place to myself Yeah it's skirt and thigh highs time. >>98615 >>98617 >>98643 I still think the first pic is relevant. >>98624 HATO TEARS HATO TEARS HATO TEARS HATO TEARS HATO TEARS >>98650 >Fallout 2 Good fucking lad. >>98641 <straight shota 13 >>98665 How many hours of sleep?
>>98587 based and saved
>>98610 mlem
>>98616 >Private citizens and Workers should receive one vote while business owners should receive two or potentially even more votes That's literally what happen in the capital of Van Diemen's Land :\
>>98646 cute fox
>>98668 Uh 7 I think
>>98657 boomerjak is too close too home
>>98676 That's under 8.
>>98678 8 hours of sleep is a bourgeois construct designed to justify poor working hours, 10 hours is the ideal
Just broke up with gf of 6 years. Doesn't even feel real. Feels fake or like a dream or something. It's like my brain just can't process it. Not sure what to do or how to deal with this.
Anybody here heard of the most recent Yanderedev angry typing? Paragraph for those who don't know who that is: Yanderedev is a guy developing a romantic-anime-highschool-stealth-killer game. He's been doing that for over half a decade and progress has crawled down to almost nothing, while he is obsessed with putting in easter-egg after easter-egg instead of getting basic game mechanics to work, and more than working on the game, he is constantly monitoring what people say about him online and sucking up donations. To better control the haters, he bought the subreddit about his game (buying subreddit's is against Reddit's rules btw.) where "haters" get banned for the mildest criticism. And now it looks like somebody guessed a password for ruling over https://old.reddit.com/r/yandere_simulator/ and let back in all the haters…
(114.59 KB 352x300 Bomoko_Remake.png)
>>98657 I agree 30yr old boomer is my favorite Wojak variation followed by the coomer.
>>98681 (me) >angry typing D R A M A Halp I'm censored.
(302.61 KB 500x699 fk86ts.png)
Good morning
(889.36 KB 2048x1600 La Feelca.png)
>>98685 mornin
>>98685 Hello >>98681 I saw it this morning, hilarious as always, its mind boggling that he's still getting like 2k a month to write else if and bully teenagers Good news is there was another source code leak so maybe somebody who actually knows what they're doing will fix the fucking edge simulator so he'll be forced to get a proper job
(16.07 KB 240x240 kuma_kittykitty.png)
>>98681 Welp, it looks like its delayed another fucking 5 years >>98685 guuuuud meowning zooki >>98688 oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh
>>98681 Honestly the worst thing about Yanderdev for me is his coding, I mean holy shit I only know some basic C++ from high school but looking at the coding for his game and how he renders (purchased) assets gives me an aneurysm. >>98685 wazzup >>98690 Hey you're a big fat stinky cutie
>>98692 Should I go out and get the coof with my dumb friends that want to go to a bar or should I stay in and prepare* for these interviews? *glance at google every five minutes while guiltily playing fallout 2
(888.63 KB 900x1500 Not-Albanian Village.png)
>>98688 While we're doing announcements: ==The quest thread is still in a stalemate in terms of voting and cannot progress, we need either new voots or one of the existing vooters to flip their choice to something else. Oh yeah, and does anyone remember what this thing was for? I just found it again in my artwork folder but can't remember why I made it. Was it for some /GET/ related project?
>>98694 It was an idea of for a /GET/ village >>98693 When your interview
>yanderedev >>98689 >>98690 >>98691 How's it going? >>98692 Not a lot here. You?
>>98693 I wouldn't go out cause uh UK doesn't have the best COVID safety and stuff.
>>98694 yes GET as a village or something with its own stories and stuff
>>98695 Monday then Thursday >>98698 But draft Guinness
>>98700 Who needs friends when you have the open-ended narrative of Fallout 2?
>>98700 I would say yes, to maybe relax yourself before the interview. You don't want to go in their super stressed. But I would say to take every precaution to make sure your safe
After much thought and having to spend 2 minutes outside in the pissing rain bringing in the bin I'm going to stay in and not spread lung aids everywhere like a good person Am I tempting fate by planning on doing a powerpoint presentation over Zoom on a fresh linux install?
Look There he is again with his bullshit Just like yesterday, and the day before. Doesn't him want to make you gag? what a loser
>>98710 stop being mean to the overboard
>>98710 You just going to go straight for the throat like that huh?
>>98707 >PowerPoint tm over zoom on Linux uhhhhhhh
>>98713 Or Impress or whatever the LibreOffice equivalent is Fucking HR types asking for presentations and sales stuff when my job spec is to be autistic off in a corner somewhere fixing SQL and not talking to day walkers
I wonder >>666666
>>98716 That's like 5 years away my dude.
>>98714 Ight so I'm distro-hopping. Just transferring my files to my usb now. Manjaro has a lot of shovelware installed that I need to uninstall too.
>>98719 I think you're high.
>>98717 you're right I meant >>66666
>>98721 That was back in February.
>>98716 >>>/leftypol/666666 that's how you do it what a waste
>>98722 sorry, I'm tired >>>/leftypol/666666
>tfw off by one for the >>>/leftypol/666666 get Bugger
>>98725 at least you got the epic sex dub
>>98685 Howdy Zeke
>>98727 What's new?
(1.18 MB 1110x1607 1586651504574.jpg)
>leftypol can't even get GETs right the most useless board
>>98693 Is that a /GET/ ball? >>98710 The fuck you on about? >>98728 Fuck all tbh, although against my own personal judgement I got back onto tinder
>>98718 I found Manjaro very underwhelming, I don't get the hype around the AUR, it feels like the windows and deb approaches to software management had a baby and instead of bringing the baby home they scvåldtäktd up the afterbirth and brought that back instead, Pacman is good, AUR is pretty meh imo >>98729 Hi
(22.11 KB 555x375 GETball and refball.png)
>>98730 that's the comunist party of GETchan flag
Trying to install GoG so I can install SWAT 4 which I got back in december on my laptop and the servers are down or something cause it keeps stopping halfway through and saying my internet's down.
(8.02 KB 228x218 kuma_sendoff.png)
>off by two fuck me
>>98733 You're in my spot sir You're in my spot sir You're in my spot sir You're in my spot sir You're in my spot sir You're in my spot sir You're in my spot sir You're in my spot sir You're in my spot sir GET ON THE GROUND You're in my spot sir You're in my spot sir You're in my spot sir
>>98737 >stack on door >Wand under the door >"No hostiles, one hostage spotted" >No flash needed I guess >Breach and clear >5 enemies standing in the middle of the room directly in line of sight of the door. >Die I hate the NPC teammates sometimes. Anyone know how to get the multiplayer to work since Gamespy bit the dust?
>>98738 There's a mod on mod db that adds a bunch of rebalance stuff and I think its got multiplayer support
>>98739 Oh right
Parlez-moi de la pluie et non pas du beau temps
>>98741 I wonder if there's a British armed police mod for the game?
>>98741 I know about Elite Force, it's what I mostly use to play SWAT 4 anyways but I dunno if it has servers.
>>98744 There's an SAS one if that counts.
>>98743 Le beau temps me dégoûte et m'fait grincer les dents
>>98744 Shooting one possibly armed teenager with your 35 mates wouldn't be very challenging or interesting
>>98730 Why did you stop using it? >>98733 GoG requires you to use a Steam/Origin-style thing to get their games?
>>98752 >Why did you stop using it? Pretty much little to no matches
>>98752 nope
(377.53 KB 800x800 ComfiCirn0.png)
>>98755 You still tracking your intake? Tinder is shit unless you're 9/10, use OKC or go out and meet people IRL
>>98752 Yeah you gotta use their app called "GOG Galaxy", it used to be optional but sometime in the last year they made it so that the old function of downloading the game files directly from the website("Game Offline Backup Files" or something) you know have to use GOG Galaxy to download..... where you also just download the regular game files. I honestly dunno why they removed that function so that it's now on the app that it's supposed to circumvent. The file you download from the account just opens up a GOG galaxy installer so fuck me I guess.
>>98759 Forgot the fugging file
>>98759 Its giving me the binary just fine, I'm going Account >games>view downloads>offline backup installers
>>98758 >You still tracking your intake? Yee
(19.51 KB 220x305 comfy.jpg)
>>98755 Well hopefully you have better luck this time. >>98757 >>98715
(42.78 KB 256x192 DC2A76_004E1BA95D990_001.gif)
>>98765 nice animation, did you do it?
>>98766 yeee
>>98767 nice, wich program did you use? are you going to make a GETchan city?
>>98768 I used flipnote on my DSi lol
>>98747 Le bel azur me met en rage >>98749 Car le plus GRAND amour qui m'fut donné sur terre
>>98769 based >>98770 es-tu ivre?
>>98770 Je l'dois au mauvais temps, je l'dois à Jupiter >>98771 Il me tomba d'un ciel d'orage
(75.50 KB 500x520 WHAT IN THE FUCK.jpg)
>>98772 Just post the full poem
>>98773 Par un soir de novembre, à cheval sur les toits Un vrai tonnerre de Brest, avec des cris d'putois Allumait ses feux d'artifice Bondissant de sa couche en costume de nuit Ma voisine affolée vint cogner à mon huis En réclamant mes bons offices "Je suis seule et j'ai peur, ouvrez-moi, par pitié Mon époux vient d'partir faire son dur métier Pauvre malheureux mercenaire Contraint d'coucher dehors quand il fait mauvais temps Pour la bonne raison qu'il est représentant D'une maison de paratonnerres" En bénissant le nom de Benjamin Franklin Je l'ai mise en lieu sûr entre mes bras câlins Et puis l'amour a fait le reste Toi qui sèmes des paratonnerres à foison Que n'en as-tu planté sur ta propre maison Erreur, on ne peut plus funeste Quand Jupiter alla se faire entendre ailleurs La belle, ayant enfin conjuré sa frayeur Et recouvré tout son courage Rentra dans ses foyers faire sécher son mari En m'donnant rendez-vous les jours d'intempérie Rendez-vous au prochain orage À partir de ce jour j'n'ai plus baissé les yeux J'ai consacré mon temps à contempler les cieux À regarder passer les nues À guetter les stratus, à lorgner les nimbus À faire les yeux doux aux moindres cumulus Mais elle n'est pas revenue Son bonhomme de mari avait tant fait d'affaires Tant vendu ce soir-là de petits bouts de fer Qu'il était devenu millionnaire Et l'avait emmenée vers des cieux toujours bleus Des pays imbéciles où jamais il ne pleut Où l'on ne sait rien du tonnerre Dieu fasse que ma complainte aille, tambour battant Lui parler de la pluie, lui parler du gros temps Auxquels on a tenu tête ensemble Lui conter qu'un certain coup de foudre assassin Dans le mille de mon cœur a laissé le dessin D'une petite fleur qui lui ressemble One of my favorite songs.
>>98773 This was a poem all along?
>>98774 >>98776 I remember that you posted this before https://youtu.be/-jG68Dvj0LI
>>98761 Oh fuck Swat EF does have servers.
>>98777 Another banger !
(652.50 KB 392x400 pz.gif)
piza tiem
>>98780 NO IT IS NOT.
(705.40 KB Pizza Pasta.webm)
(989.80 KB 480x480 kuma_dinnah.gif)
>>98780 oh fug, pizza time!!
>>98781 yes it is! >>98782 no pasta piza only
Here's Ameri-chan.
>>98786 Whats she sitting on? A twin tower?
>>98783 >bread and honey with fishe bears (and a berd for some reason) are weird.
>>98785 do you like the flavor of rocks??
>>98786 not enough bloodstains on her hands, 2/10
(74.80 KB 600x900 1550970952107.jpg)
>>98790 Kinda, I remember having a rock trinket from when I throw it to a guy that was annoying me back in primary school and sometimes I would lick it absentmindly, it wasn't dirty or anything tho, I wash it everytime I make my bed. It tasted faintly of salt and soap.
>>98791 Oh hey you where you been. >>98780 I put some wings in the oven.
>>98795 I been in your father's butthole, Yugo.
>>98738 >>98737 I dont use GoG. Do you need to make an account or some shit like with steam or do you just buy games with your bank card?
(1.71 MB 3276x2379 IMG_9271 copy.jpg)
checky this sketchy >>98789 Not really. Fish is main meal and bread and honey as a dessert. >>98799 woah?
>>98788 Just a grey building, but I understand that you would guess the twin tower. I was originally planning on making a drawing of the twin towers and the freedom towers but as anime girls. I know that seems off the wall.
>>98800 Cute sketch
(1.66 MB 1080x2220 174701029.png)
HOOOAAAAHHH another productive walk sesh
>>98796 No you haven't, I would have seen you.
(2.71 MB 3840x2160 9MAW0t.jpg)
never thought i'd like slice of life moe anime this much
my god sounds like im in a foxhole bunker over here
(236.08 KB 1080x1314 kuma_protien.jpg)
>>98804 how many miles? >>98807 >foxhole bunker ¿Que?
I ate too much and I still haven't done any work >>98807 Fireworks or the sounds of the glorious revolution getting its shit pushed in?
>>98808 >>98809 1.8 again i get more and more comfortable going longer distances, gradually adding blocks to my walk also theres a load of fireworks being shit out this year
I heard fireworks but I'm in Gamerstan. are we being invaded?
>>98810 ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh, I like that growth >>98811 We have to bring freedum and democracy to crazy communist government of treadeau
(473.26 KB 1061x1500 Cirno.full.983431 (1).jpg)
>>98812 thanks for likin my growth, been getting used to being outside
(517.88 KB 1653x793 Ea0qw6xWkAEB2OR.jpg)
life kid drink from the box drink from the box of juice kid suck
(7.49 KB 272x204 kuma_shocked.png)
Jesus, these people went all out for their fireworks this year. Anyways, where y'all bitches be at
>>98822 just chilling watching some anime
>>98823 You stil watching Lucky Star?
>>98824 yeah, im on episode 20
>>98822 Regretting not going out now Because the most work I got done was googling the company name
>>98826 Get some sleep.
(63.37 KB 800x1000 1590637700805.jpg)
>when you had nice weekend with bf and got off real good that's the life
>>98827 I did, I got up around 0640 Checkmate leaf
>>98829 Go sleep some more.
>>98830 Too busy for sleep, must work
(62.55 KB 480x345 kuma_sleeep.gif)
>>98825 Fuck, i kinda want to watch an anime now. Its been so long since I've invested my time into watching anything >>98826 >>98827 I agree with Yugo. Its best to get some proper rest, as you want to be tip top shape for your interview. >>98828 nice. Was it a surprise or was it planned out?
god i hate you so fucking much im gongin t o beat the shit out ouf you whats wrong wit you why are oyu like this please just act normal
(926.87 KB 1105x561 Scjerry.png)
>>98833 Hello yes, I am normal. Look at me, acting normal, doing normal human things. you drunk bud?
>>98833 You ok there?
>>98833 >8833 nice now go to sleep.
(8.08 MB 4032x3024 19747381.png)
you can see jupiter and saturn in the sky, jupiter the one in the middle
I think at this point I am too fucked up for any sort of normal human relationship
>>98838 Nah, worse people have human relationships
(289.89 KB 800x600 futon2.jpg)
morning all, what you drinking?
>>98838 there is always chanses.
>>98841 nothing atm, but soon enough a special drink. Need some bread first tho.
Having no friends or a big butt gf fucking sucks ;_;
>>98817 I've never got this response, only "you can apply again for another opening"
>>98841 water
(1.46 MB 1485x2000 book of sketch.png)
>>98841 It's evening and I'm drinking some kind of coffee. I have a tiny espresso machine with the steam wand and everything. What I like to do is mix a fat teaspoon of honey into the milk before foaming it to hell, so you get this airy and vaguely sweet topping over your espresso. I do this because the last time I made ca phe trung I had to run to the bathroom. Also sitting down to get my last drawings in before Monday eats my soul
>>98841 Carlsberg, the official drink of making power points
Using manjaro gnome now, not liking it so far. >>98841 Gonna make coffee in a bit
>>98851 What actually is the benefit to Manjaro Gnome over POP_OS anyway? I though Pop was pretty thoroughly optimized for gayming, even comes with the blob nvidia drivers out of the box if you want
>>98852 my laptop heated up too much when using pop for some reason, with manjaro I haven't had that issue even when playing a relatively heavy game. Also I just like rolling-release.
>>98828 Noice >>98841 Water
(565.47 KB 751x602 averageteaconsumer.png)
>>98841 Tea. >>98845 I can be your friend anon.
>>98853 Did you have the CPU manager Gnome extension installed? My machine endlessly turbos if I don't specifically tell it not to, 5th gen U processors run like dumpster fires when turbo-ing I've just straight up turned turbo boost off since Mint doesn't have a decent gui cpu frequency controller, the noise and heat isn't worth dealing with for the extra performance on a 2c/4t chip I don't know if Manjaro uses different governor settings by default but I wouldn't imagine so, maybe its just less obese compared to deb based Gnome
(17.89 KB 225x350 Anime is a spook.jpg)
>>98855 >Not wanting to be anon's big butt gf
(31.15 KB 450x230 yotsuba.jpg)
WARNING DON'T OPEN THE SPOILER!!!!!! you just lost the game.........,...
(32.20 KB 512x512 Perplexed Unruhe.jpg)
>>98859 I think you've forgot to spoiler it friendo
>>98852 Pacman > apt
>>98857 >Did you have the CPU manager Gnome extension installed? Nah, I didn't. But I did keep it on battery saver mood so it might not have turbo-d.
(29.90 KB 680x435 f1d.jpg)
>>98858 >Wanting to be a girl Naw man, that shit ain't for me and never will be.
>>98865 you can be his big butt bf too though
>>98865 Clearly I need to put more soi in your water then
(578.70 KB 2100x1500 marxist coomer.png)
>>98866 >>98867 leave the man alone
>>98868 All will embrace Marxist-Leninist-Coomerism or get against the wall
>>98870 >or get against the wall i bet that turns you on too ya fucken pervert
>>98866 Not gay or bi so no thanks. >>98867 I tried drinking soy milk at one point it was pretty meh. Plus most of the stuff in the market has been sweetened with sugar so its not really healthy either, on the other hand the non-sweetened ones taste like ass so its a "damned if you do damned if you don't" kind of situation. Soy chunks and soybean meal is pretty decent though if you get the right spices to go along with it and mix it with regular meat and other animal products like eggs. >>98870 I don't know about the "coomerism" part, but I already participate in an ML party's theory club. We're currently covering a pamphlet about materialism called the "Working Class Worldview". So far we've covered the age old debate between idealism and materialism and what the main features of both views are.
>>98872 Tofu fried with spices, peppers and chillis in a little oil is pretty good, you can add a can of chilli kidney beans for an actual meal
(51.16 KB 374x541 iu-2.jpeg)
>>98843 Bro get hydrated, there ain't enough moisture in capitalist air >>98844 What's a special drink >>98847 Based >>98848 I like your drawings, I don't remember your flag are you new? I like the honey idea I may steal that, staying at my gfs rn tho and don't have my coffee grinder with me :( >>98850 >carlsburg based >power point blue pilled >>98854 Nice >>98855 What kind of tea?
(40.98 KB 204x206 124683712.png)
No one here has read any Marxist theory
(110.19 KB 1000x816 gweentea.jpg)
>>98874 Japan Green. >>98875 As in, theory written by Marx specifically or people who called themselves marxists?
>>98875 bruh don't you know there's a book club right underneath this thread
>>98876 Glorious Japan leaf, dried 1000 times
>>98875 uh, wrong, i have read Kaname 01-08 and Futabu at least 90 times
>>98875 Too busy reading Connolly, sorry
>>98456 She gave me my last happy wanking memory when she hosted jimmy kimmel live in that epic dress. Life was so good back in 2019.
>>98882 >Life was so good back in 2019 In the before times
i think i just slept like 16 hours, interrupted with a pause of 4 hours being awake inbetween i didn't know thats possible >>98832 it was a surprise
>>98875 Sorry I only read Dune >>98872 Girls can like guys, other girls, or even a rock if you're into that. >>98886 I bet you didn't even get any sleep in the past 8 hours smh tbqfh fam >>98887 I told you specifically not to fall asleep as I watched you cuddle further into your blanket and say "I'm not sleeping I'm only closing my eyes for a mome-" *immediately falls asleep* Also numbers?
>>98888 Hold on are the two of you posting from the same room or something
>>98889 Nah it was just on webcam. We haven't been in the same room since February and probably won't be again until February next year thanks to how fucking horribly the UK is handling COVID. >"We need to open the economy for school in September" Even my university is calling bullshiti that and physical classes don't start until January and warn international students not to come back. Also >Gamerstan and EU on each other's safe flight lists >UK is considered to be unfit for travel by both Lmao take that Boris
>>98890 I was wondering what yous were on about with your surprise sex and healthy relationship shit
>>98888 nice numbers you dummy, and it's not embarrassing at all... >>98889 if i had his ass right next to me he wouldn't get to post much >>98890 some states here already want to take back mandatory masks because numbers are low for most places can't wait for the map to go more grey again and red at the usual places >>98891 it's just that he works a lot during the week and sometimes gets busy on weekends, so i didn't get to spend this much time as we did just now
>>98891 >healthy relationship shit heh
(41.52 KB 810x960 1593869178756.jpg)
What are your personal favourite, like top four short, Marxist and Communist works (I guess Socialism and Anarchist too)? I'm trying a new learning methodology in which one tries to "blow through" the greatest number of works in a select field. The reason being that, so long as the works a quite short even if initially incomprehensible (i.e. Unfamiliar terms, too advanced, etc.), due to the number and breadth of works the brain starts recalling and making more connections. One thing you read one week may become more clear after you read something else next week basically.
>>98894 Uhhh Labour, Nationality and Religion War: What It Means To You Old Wine in New Bottles Ireland and Ulster: An Appeal to the Working Class Industrial Unionism and Constructive Socialism All by James Connolly, all quite short, probably a page or less each Also, for a at the time spicy historical take The German or the British Empire? For a longer read, I'd suggest Ready for Revolution, which I think can be got from haymarket books and is a a detailed look at how the CNT/FAI defence committees were positioned on the eve of the Spanish Civil war, how they changed as the war went on, and how they eventually failed militarily The Irish Counter-Revolution 1921-1936 is also worth acquiring imo, I'm reading it at the moment and its interesting if niche It may be out of print now
>>98894 i liked stalins introductions to marxism texts, but i can't recall the titles now since he wrote it to be broadly spread and understood it's good stuff to learn how to introduce people without experience i think it's most useful
>>98895 Never-mind out of print it currently costs $1000 on Amazon US, although its a more reasonable £80 on Amazon UK I think my copy was 5 Euro at the Dublin Anarchist bookfair
(931.15 KB 2969x2648 surprise.jpg)
Just had one of the weridest conversations ever
>>98903 elaborate
Wearing skirt and striped thighs rn AMA
>>98906 striped black or blue?
>>98907 Blue.
>>98906 Did you do a little spinny?
>>98908 R̶҉̞̙̖͎͉̰E̢̠͙͚̭̥̣̪̫̩̰̬̖͢ͅP̷̥̩͇̯͈̞͉̟̺̗͞E̳̭̮̙̰͍͜Ń̝̻̺̱͉͘͠Ṱ̨̛͕͉͓͖̹̙̭̗̬̝̥͚̼̫̳͙͢͠͞ͅ
>>98909 Yes. >>98910 No.
>>98906 Where2Cop Skirt My skirts are all ugly
im leaving bunkerchan
>>98914 This site is aids tbf, outside of like three threads on /GET/ and the /tech/ board
(12.76 KB 240x240 kuma_fashion.png)
>>98911 nice! spinspinspinspinspinspin >>98913 ¿Por Que? >>98915 oi! you calling /ref/ aids. Also which three threads, besides /leftytrash/?
>>98916 Reading thread, and uhhhhhhhhhh Quest thread Some of the others might be OK I guess I guess I can't judge /ref/ either, seeing as I'm a filthy Anglophone mongrel and can't speak anything else well enough to carry on a conversation /leftypol/ which is undeniably the focal point of the site is incredibly bad though, I can't ever remember it being good but its damn near insufferable now
>>98912 I just got mine on Amazon. >>98913 Plz nu. >>98915 But we have you here so it's not so bad. >>98917 I never really stray outside of /GET/ and maybe sometimes /edu/ or /tech/. Haven't been to /tech/ since I left my brand new comp build in storage back in the UK tho.
i have tried to be in a internet community several times. it just doesnt work for me as i eventually get annoyed on something, why waste my time?
>>98920 I need some actually nice clothes but I'm loathe to spend money on anything right now, I need to get another job first
>>98923 i got started with second hand clothes, nothing fancy either
>>98917 I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt and try to be more optimistic. But yeah no I can agree that leftypol has been rather lackluster. My opinion of that board has gone further down when people began to adamantly oppose putting filter on roody poo. Like idc if you want to say the word, but why die on that hill >I guess I can't judge /ref/ either, seeing as I'm a filthy Anglophone mongrel and can't speak anything else well enough to carry on a conversation Theres plenty of threads that are in English, so don't worry. Its a nice place, you should check it out one day
>>98923 I literally just have a single skirt and 3 pairs of thigh highs and japanese style panties cause they both came in 3 packs.
>>98904 idk it was about how I behave and things and It made me think a lot about myself wich isn't a thing I normally do >>98925 https://youtu.be/USE86UbsV8c
>>98927 So when's the wedding?
>>98924 Yeah I love second hand stuff too, but its more like I want some stuff I don't strictly speaking need and might not want to buy second hand anyway, so I'm tempted but at the same time cringing at the thought of putting down the cash right now >>98926 >Japanese style panties Interesting, I need to get some cuter panties definitely, two people have now commented on the apparently "granny" style of the stuff I'm wearing now, which I don't get, I mean sure they're a bit high waisted and cover most stuff but they're comfy and the pattern is cute Good underwear is again, fucking expensive tho
>>98928 rn you coming?
>>98929 I bought literally the cheapest stuff on Amazon.
>>98930 Yeah bro I just need to grab my camera.
>>98931 I need to buy to last though >>98930 How you getting married to, cheese?
>>98929 get some panties with lace, they're cute
>>98930 >>98932 Can I bear the ring bearer
>>98934 Oh I plan to Mad as fuck floral cotton isn't in though, so comfy
One million springs! And spinning things!
>>98932 'kay but be fast >>98933 yes >>98935 hhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes
>>98936 That's some sexy lookin' lace panties
>>98940 Won't look sexy when I'm wearing them but I'll feel a little nicer
(15.98 KB 228x225 kuma_breaaaaaad.gif)
>>98941 NI! I need to tell you two things
>>98943 What
(34.76 KB 1242x202 IMG_0952.jpg)
>>98946 Firstly, is this you lmao. And secondly, I must confess my sins
(144.42 KB 1200x794 what monthy.jpg)
>>98947 No I wish
>>98947 >he watches porn with a blue checkmark on it
How the hell do I stop checking out other girls and fantasizing about sex with other people? I love my girlfriend so much but I constantly find myself listing after other women in my head out in public, trying my hardest not to do double takes, etc. I don't want to be a cheater. God dammit I love sex and women
>>98951 Have more sex with your gf, or you could pavlonian condition yourself to only get hard by her. idk man good luck tho
>>98947 Still waiting to hear about these sins
>>98952 We have plenty of sex. But I'm attracted to so many different kinds of people I can't help but feel guilty every time I see someone in public and am attracted to them. The thought crosses my mind "damn I'm never gonna be with anyone else ever again huh"
>>98951 If you stop beating yourself up so much when it happens and just ignore it it will get better, rn I bet your actively trying not to think about other girls when you see them and feeling guilty when it happens anyway which is causing you to go must not think about lewd things even harder when you see a cute girl, which of course leads to you thinking about lewd things more often
>>98951 Make your gf wear the mask of another woman while having sex with her. Simple.
>>98950 Nah, I simply found it on the home page >>98951 Well firstly, I'm glad that you've thought this through rather than simply acting on your impulses. All I would say is to maybe remind yourself why you love your GF. Like find things that you like about her that maybe other girls wouldn't have. So that if you do see another girl, and she looks smoking, you can remind yourself "yeah she hot, but she'll never have my GF's laugh" idk just a thought >>98953 i haven't been working out these last couple of days
(38.14 KB 657x527 1575638507043.png)
>>98951 >>98954 Disclaimer: Take my advice with a large grain of salt, everything I say is purely based on my own thoughts on the situation with the information provided to me and I haven't actually been in a relationship before. If you decide to follow my advice I am not liable for any emotional or physical damages that may result from it. Be open about it with your girlfriend and talk it out with her, if you keep it to yourself the feelings will just keep bubbling up until you eventually end up actually cheating on her instead of just fantasizing about it and she will be pissed possibly to the point of leaving your sorry ass behind. Most likely case in my mind is that she might end up being annoyed at first but she will eventually understand that you don't actually plan to go through with your fantasies unless you have her consent to do so. As cliche as it may sound, talking helps.
>>98954 i get finding people attractive still while in a relationship but actually wanting stuff with them i cannot relate to maybe that comes from being an introvert, i don't want to really act on any of it and i desire only my bf to actually get physical with just don't worry about it and know you are lucky to have the gf you have
>>98959 That's a really good idea. Thanks >>98960 Yes I've thought about bringing it up with her. We're close enough that we could have a conversation about it
(85.16 KB 680x764 72a.jpg)
By the by: The quest thread(>>73353) has been updated again, remember to voot! I'll check in tomorrow to see the results and write the next part.
>>98959 That's it? Fat ass, I thought it was going to be something exciting based on the first message
just found this lollololol anyways off to sleep now
(49.24 KB 651x326 kuma_kookitime.png)
>>98966 Nah, thats its
>>98964 Hehehe I always get my way
(52.72 KB 400x400 mfw.jpg)
(144.33 KB 920x555 kuma_perv.jpg)
Can a drawfriend please make this a reality >>>/ref/4012
(71.61 KB 1280x800 kejasmr7h1201.jpg)
>>98969 Yeah but what happens when you don't?
woooah yankee
>>98974 I become a sulky little bitch
(1.67 MB 1613x882 Eb2W78IXYAAhmHy.png)
>>98976 >*I become a subby little bitch FTFY ;^)
>>98977 Stop that
So now we're alone anon I need to ask you something, would you, well, consider reading settlers with me? :3
>>98981 Maybe I will and then that will be one less person calling you cute every day >>>>>>:S >>98982 Read Dune first you floating fat man.
Holy shit, what's up with the smash community? Why are there so many creeps and allegedly predators? I'm been reading some of the "responses" to the allegations some of these guys have posted and they are laughable.
>>98985 community that dicksucks players just for being "skilled" that also just happens to probably have the highest amount of underage and female competitors and figures in the FGC, not to mention the game itself is mostly a celebration of being a manchildren. But really, it's not a problem exclusive to smash at all and I'm somewhat suspicious that it's mostly just the fact that grassroots communities like these tend toward 'leaders' acting cultish and abusing what little status they have.
The flesh yearns for another.
>>98989 Bullshit, mine yearns for to go fast in an agv
(276.16 KB 443x525 aa.jpg)
>>98991 I want xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao
I post on the internet AMA
>>98993 y do u?
(264.06 KB 689x781 image0.png.jpg)
I've been binge drinking for 3 nights straight trying to must the courage/stupidity to do something and its not working. I don't want to give up.
>>98994 Cause I got nothing better to do.
>>98995 What're ya trying to do?
(8.38 KB 235x199 kuma_tired.jpg)
>>98985 Honestly, I have a hard time explaining this, and can only recommend this video by Leffen, which I think best explains the situation from someone within the community https://youtu.be/_Y9Mfch7XXg >>98993 Why did you choose the Yugoslavian flag as your first banner?
(15.12 KB 207x310 cirno-25359.jpg)
(22.27 KB 480x480 kitbleach.jpg)
Somebody called me a "Marxist supervillain" on the internet
>>98998 Cause I'm a titoist. >>98999 Checked.
>>98999 waoh
>>99000 >99 >000 nice. Why did they call you that?
(942.86 KB 1800x1500 sleep de kuma.png)
>>99000 Lmao, for some reason I read it to fast and my mind came up with "marxist supermarket" lmao >>99001 >Cause I'm a titoist. makes sense. Also, you're like a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge history nerd roight? I saw this thread and I thought you'd be able to maybe contribute something. >>>/edu/2198
(29.09 KB 480x525 FB_IMG_1593735247388.jpg)
>>99003 I dont know they got mad because i posted an infograph on which human body parts are fit for cannibalism, what dish they are used for, and also my obsession about turning ronald reagan's bones into jewelry and my plan to flood sacramento to turn it into a lake
>>99005 Did they know you were left leaning or did they just assume? >ronald reagan's bones into jewelry based > flood sacramento to turn it into a lake That makes me wonder what it'd be like flooded. Probably way more trees than already there
(563.19 KB 960x960 wbb1b33imou31.png)
>>98999 Nice Getsu ne
>>99006 They're leftists too And the flooding places thing is a new obsession of mine tbh
(72.87 KB 480x480 kuma_baka.gif)
>>99008 >They're leftists too Thats odd that they would use the phrase "marxist supervillan" against you. >mfw not flooding fresno you has one job!
(336.32 KB 1280x1024 kuma_oiiiii.jpg)
I was staring at some stars just now. Just admiring them. Got pissed at the amount of light there is and wished I could be somewhere where their was no lights so that I am able to see more stars. Wonder what posadanon is doing? What are y'all up to
>>99010 i just got done eating my zucchini and now figuring out what game i want to play
>>99010 I am playe games. I see no stars because of trees, dust, and light pollution. Only very few.
>>99010 hbu?
>>99011 >eating my zucchini nice. I was eating watermelon earlier, but tbh, it was a 6/10. I had better melons. Also what kinda game you thinking about >>99012 >I am play games wham types of game? >I see no stars because of trees, dust, and light pollution. Only very few. :( >>99013 school shite
>>99014 hmm thinking about playing some online battle royale or some retro style games
>>99014 playing Observation. >school shite. what du you study?
>>99015 >some online battle royale what are some you play >>99016 getting high
How high is your libido, bros? My dick is limp as fuck and can only manage getting erect and cumming once a day. I have begun running to increase stamina for erections, strength training and eating for testosterone, and doing kegels to train my pelvic area. Will that help? I just want to be horny all the time and coom 3 times a day like all others :(
>>99017 oh, just pubg
>>99018 i wanna get less erections and you're out here wanting one.
>>99018 Stop taking SSRIs
>>99018 >>99021 the duality of man
>>99021 i am 18 years old and i haven't gotten an erection touchless in three days, am i a libidoomer?
(103.91 KB 606x720 monkeread.jpg)
>>99018 Quite high but it has decreased since teenage. years. Just don't cum everyday and don't watch porn, maybe once a week if you have to. You'll get stronger boners, but you probably won't ever be a triple cumming giga chad like back when you were 15, that's just how it be. Being healthy is unironically good for your dick, but none of this testosterone shit dude that's a meme. Personally vegetarian diet works well for it too (makes ur cum taste better also).
>>99026 Bruh I know a 47 year old who is a triple to quadruple cumming Chad, who says he is horny all day. He seems really well-exercised and high T as well. My envy for him made me start being insecure about my libido
>>99018 I can cum multiple times per day but what's the use of having such a high libido if you have never gotten laid anyway.
I'm finally getting these ingrown hairs out. In a week or so I won't have an excuse not to try and get a date anymore and I have to face the fact it's just my personality that I've never had sex or a gf.
>>99029 If you're 47, your 47 year old wife ain't gonna want her pussy smashed in 4 times a day, you got more important shit to do in life. She wanna be plating her perennials. Your shot is to get healthy to improve what you have, but you'll likely never be him. The testosterone thing is a meme btw if you do T your dick will suffer
Everyone take you bets who Ghislane is gonna hang out to dry (Assuming she dosent get shot in the head by some sniper who then immediately shoots himself twice as shes walking into the courthouse). >dershowitz Is irrevocably tied to Epstein and the other members of the american elite have spent the last few years since epsteins original arrest in 2008 trying to basically burn bridges with him and build plausible deniability in the event he goes down as well. >Prince Andrew Royal fail son. No one likes him. No one in America gives a fuck about him and he will easily avoid ever having to go to court for his actions. >Barak Ex-PM holds no real power. everyone apparently burned their bridges with him years ago and Netanyahu would fucking love for a "Left-wing" Israeli politician to end up being a pedo
>>99032 yeah that's why he cheats with her. apparently the magic trick is doing kegel exercises, which train the muscle responsible for boners/orgasms. sex is literally the meaning of life, you can't call it not important
>>98951 1: Go fuck yourself chad 2: >Imagine actually being attracted to women on the street Can't relate. I have to know at least a bit of their personality before I am attracted to women. Also just jack off daily
>>99034 Shut the fuck up
>>99033 She'll sell out some small fish and take whatever slap on the wrist they give her If she talks she'll die
>>99034 You wanna create the conditions that would cause you to cheat on your wife? Honestly dude it helps some bit but really not much. Have you ever even had sex?
>>98951 I have this issue too :( I guess you just learn to not take the impulses seriously or think about it too much. Don't think it'll ever stop though... The gf will always be better in the long run than any short term excitement >>98959 this is great advice though
>Bro my cock works as it should even though I am a fat fuck and have never even thought about it I HATE coomers. Imagine having what every man wants, a libido, and wanting to get rid of it.
>>99040 Why the fuck would I want a libido. I can't use it anyway.
>I have a gf and I cannot stop having sex with other women >Ugh it's so hard to have all this sex >Women constantly hit on me >Sex is the meaning of life Yeah you're right I will kill myself this afternoon probably. I'm so fucking done, even on this autistic website im the loser fucktard.
>>99043 Only the virgins ITT are saying sex is the meaning of life and shit, most people know it's not a big deal
(251.48 KB 1450x2048 rma7nzfrx9e21.jpg)
GOOD MORNING! Did you all get enough sleep? Cause if not I'll slap you.
>>99043 >Killing yourself over sex No Its not even good most of the time >>99046 I still haven't done this powerpoint and the interview is in 2 hours :^)
(2.05 MB 300x263 735.gif)
>>99049 That's not related to sleep but you still deserve to be slapped anyways.
>>99046 I slept for 9 hours and i still feel like shit. >>99049 I just want to feel intimacy and a sense of belonging bro. Life has been a constant hell for all of the 24 years ive been alive. They keep lying that shit gets better but nothing ever gets better.
(105.00 KB 368x284 kuma_idiot.gif)
(53.80 KB 587x524 what-am-i-supposed-to-feel.jpg)
>>99046 I think so, I mean I went to sleep at around 3am and woke up close to 12. I just don't think this kind of sleeping rhythm is healthy in anyway but I can't stop doing it either because most of the interesting stuff happens during nighttime and I wanna be there to witness it.
>>99051 >I just want to feel intimacy and a sense of belonging bro. Life has been a constant hell for all of the 24 years ive been alive. They keep lying that shit gets better but nothing ever gets better. You and me both, but if you just constantly take other people's sexual success as a marker of your own pathetic, endemic failure then you're going to end up killing yourself over watching porn. It's not worth it. Just take a deep breath and remind yourself of all the horrible things that make your life a living hell besides the fact that you have no pussy to slightly lighten the weight of your suffering
>>99056 I dont watch porn
(852.08 KB 500x717 wojak-rain-feels.gif)
There's a storm going on outside, I can hear the thunder striking faintly in the distance as the raindrops hit my room's window and I watch the tops of trees bend in the heavy winds. Its calming to look at in a sense, but on the other hand it also makes me ponder what kind of weather we might have in the future when climate change kicks into high gear and events like this get more extreme with higher wind speeds longer droughts and heavy thunderstorms.
>>99058 I mean, were already seeing some of it, like with the Australia fires.
I keep coming home too late to get any daylight on my Marin MTB, so I tried this HIIT thing and it turned out to be a pretty convenient workout. Looking forward to shedding the corona thicc. >>99058 Roving permastorms are the next thing, my dude. I'm imagining a hail-riddled twister touching down around freak tornado alley in Missouri and just never leaving, constantly destroying buildings forever. Also a +5°C equator creating a Malaysian/Singaporean refugee crisis and methane hydrate sublimation causing all boats to sink as they cross the Atlantic. That right there is the good stuff.
>>99059 I get what you mean but I meant like where I live specifically.
>Nail interview Oh yes >Forget to highball salary expectations Oh no
(76.62 KB 695x589 961561.jpg)
>>99060 >Coming home too late to get daylight Imagine not getting daylight to at least 10pm in Summer time <This post made by 54th parallel gang
(2.79 MB 2732x1536 n8mmwzst23951.png)
>check r/unixporn >see the most comfy rice >it's for openbox
>>99065 Ricing is overrated tbh There's no way that guy actually uses that on the day to day, its just a flex, your fucking eyes would bleed looking at that
>>99066 These numbers is like a mirror
>>99066 it has a dark theme, which is also comfy I need a nice de but kde and gnome are so fucking awful. I hate almost every de I've used. Manjaro's default theming also looks shite.
(2.20 MB 640x640 unknown.gif)
NI is such an innocent and wholesome creature. >>99052 That's a slapping. >>99055 Well since you got more than 8 hours of sleep you're legally in the clear.
>>99065 >that font >that lack of contrast on absolutely EVERYTHING AHHHHHH That bar is real nice though. It's like the Dreamcast aesthetic caught on modern OS UI design.
>>99070 Also you shouldn't be legally allowed to take screenshots of your desktop with at least 1 folder or browser tab labelled dolphin porn.
>>98895 nice Thanks
(60.96 KB 1000x800 1557833635437.jpg)
Your daily dose of questing is out once again.
>>99068 I thought you said you like guhnome? Might be time to take the i3 meme, though I don't see what's wrong with the chad Cinnamon or even something like XFCE >>99069 I am like the opposite of innocent though
>>99074 I roll for a san check with the shoggoth. >>99075 Nonsense, how can a girl like you be anything other than innocent? You've shown nothing but purely innocent thoughts. Definitely no gross lewdness in there
>>99077 I mean, I am pretty cute, have watched people die before though so that's a negative modifier to cute Like -2 at least But yes I'm pretty popping
>>98951 >Dump her >Have secks with many other women >Start to feel a bit empty >I wonder if she's found someone else >Search for her on social media >See she's happy, married, has children >Just like you both planned >Once >Long ago >Look in mirror >See you're now 41 years old >The years of chasing new pussy now a distant memory >She loved you >She's living the life she wanted with you >Now with someone else >And she's happy >And you're alone >All because you wanted to chase new tail >Drink self in to a stupour >Get fired from job >Get drunk and try to hit on women >Can't even get so much as a second glance because your alcoholic edema bloated body >And your hairs falling out too >Stagger to car >It could have been you, why'd you subcome to your base desire, why'd you let your dick dictate your life >A toothless addict calls to you, says they'll suck your dick for a dollar >You recoil in horror >But a dollar is a dollar >You shamefully nut in the female [male] meth hobbo >Feeling worse then you could possibly imagine you wander to a nearby bridge as the sun rises >Tears fill your eyes >It should have been you >Memories of what could have been >You loop your belt around your neck and tie the other end to the grating >Tears in your eyes just as the sun crests >You throw yourself over >A loud snap >And its over >As your conciseness ebbs away from your body you shit and cum >Again >Nothing but regret >Nothing but remorse >Of what could have been >Nothing >Anymore So yeah bro, totally just go for it.
(31.33 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>99081 How long have you been writing this for?
(110.69 KB 1500x1165 mucho texto.jpg)
(195.10 KB 540x750 cafee.jpg)
l8 cofi tiem (aisu cohi edition)
>>99084 >l8 cofi isn't that too much?
>>99085 ? why would it be?
>>99074 WHY ARE THESE ROLLS SO BAD! SPURDO I KNOW YOUR PULLING SOME CIA BULLSHIT!! >>99079 >I'm pretty popping yes, you get it girl >>99081 weird fanfic bro
>>99084 oh fug, Its cawfee teim already
(312.76 KB 2048x1739 sipp.jpg)
what do when alone and pathetically needy for outside attention?
>>99089 >what do when alone and pathetically needy for outside attention? Nothing...
>>99089 Message the IRL friends I haven't seen in years because they're in a totally different country Or talk to internet friends
>>99088 >99 >88 nice.
>>99089 You have to [REDACTED].
>>99089 artist sauce
(3.86 MB 4165x6112 spoonfeeding.jpg)
>>99094 gelbooru says it's menthak0
>>99095 lmao, i was going through their twitter and its nothing but feet
>>99075 >I thought you said you like guhnome? I like the pop theme. Gnome as a whole can eat my britches >Might be time to take the i3 meme might use dwm or bspwm, i3 just fucking sucks. >though I don't see what's wrong with the chad Cinnamon or even something like XFCE XFCE looks like Windows XP and Windows NT had a premature child Also cinnamon just looks unpolished to me, kind of like stock kde
>>99097 Cinnamon with the mint theming is somet good shit
>>99098 it just looks like a more polished version of mate tbh
>>99096 The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. No person or entity associated with this film received payment or anything of value, or entered into any agreement, in connection with the depiction of tobacco products. No animals were harmed in the making of this motion picture.
(1014.96 KB 3030x2807 EYiw9Y9U0AEdHzG.jpeg)
>>99095 Interesting
>>99079 As I said: Entirely wholesome and innocent with no trace of lewdness except for that one screencap I saved >>99089 Be extremely clingy to my gf >>99102 That's not very wholesome.
>>99103 Delete that please What should I do with the rest of my day? My second interview cancelled on me
>>99104 I'm sorry to hear that. Also maybe I will delete it cause now I have a replacement with that lewd picture you posted.
>>98993 Is consent a spook?
(46.06 KB 815x721 penis facts.jpg)
>>99081 5/10 Missing a scene where he looks at his peen.
>>99071 I remember back on 8ch where people posted 3dpd dolphin porn.
>>99110 So glad 8ch is dead >>99105 What should I do for the rest of the day though?
>>99112 Something wholesome you damn cuddle slut
>>99110 based
(246.10 KB 908x510 Akko.jpg)
Holy based, Akko is back!
>>99115 but he posted quite a while ago
>>99117 I haven't been here in like three maybe four days
>>99107 >pic related Top kek
>>99118 and (you) have changed your name again!
>>99121 Yes. It's been my go-to for at least a week
(25.41 KB 400x400 0f7.jpg)
>>99087 Previous rolls are clearly visible in the screenshots, I'm afraid you're just having a bad time with socialization since your character is not what one would call a people person (ie. his empathy level and social skill level only gives a +2 in total to his rolls). I'm writing the next part now since I'm back from playing Tarkov again.
(369.14 KB 2080x3657 EUmBfBiUMAAJj1O.jpeg)


no cookies?