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Welcome to /GET/, a congregation of everything that's wrong with humanity.

(11.86 KB 200x182 leftytrash.jpg)
/leftytrash/ 2.0 Anonymous Comrade 07/18/2020 (Sat) 23:53:30 No. 102302
Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet angry typing, fetishes, shitposting, etc. A banbot I'm working on accidentally baleeted the original, I'm sorry about that.
>>125681 IT YOU
>>125694 Yes. Hello.
>>125681 >>125687 Hola Eti, Can you show what you’ve drawn?
(646.29 KB 670x1000 Char sleeping.png)
>>125696 Just more little doddles and comics of Char, here is one example
>>125686 West coast has the mildest weather, it's only frosted in the mornings twice where I live. But west coast is a major outlier. Winters in the prairies start in october and end in april, sometimes there's snow all the way through. I hate cold and I hate driving in snow, and I hate shoveling it.
>>125693 >I have awoken myself Yes I see that you're awake, shame that I myself have to sleep :( >I wish I knew a girl or a femboy who'd wear it. It's just so cute and perfect and unf. I mean, I'm not a girl or a femboy, but...... >>125697 That's a pretty good pic my friend
>>125681 Hey best poster on the board, how ya doin >>125685 Everybody i know tells me i should stop posting nudes for free and start a porn thing or streaming thing but i dont rlly feel like it yet cuz im not confident about my appearance
>>125699 I gave Char a gf :> >>125700 Oh lovely little kun, I've been very good and excellent ! How about your safe ? !
>>125701 >I gave Char a gf :> Noice
>>125686 Well, we all do things we regret later >>125697 berry nice, as always
(3.18 MB 3264x2448 Char tweets 1.jpg)
(3.33 MB 3264x2448 Char tweets 2.jpg)
(3.30 MB 3264x2448 Char tweets 3.jpg)
>>125702 She's CIA Here is a 6 panel little comic Messy handwriting is messy. (1)
>>125701 I don't need a safe when i have a padlock and a backpack. It's good to hear you're doing well for yourself :)
(3.13 MB 3264x2448 Char tweets 4.jpg)
(3.04 MB 3264x2448 Char tweets 5.jpg)
(114.62 KB 1182x520 Char tweets 6.png)
>>125706 >>125704 My ability to draw hands were not good that day >>125705 <3
>>125707 That's fine, lots of comic artists have simplified hands.
>>125706 >conponent spelled component. but great work anyway.
The communist red dragon of china and the plague-mistress corona-chan giving birth to global socialism, visualized
(124.45 KB 640x269 avgvm2ktcau51.png)
(28.12 KB 640x345 tbeht2wb6h351.jpg)
(15.82 KB 615x279 x0t1w7oosq151.jpg)
i've been a volcel my entire life but ever since the pandemic hit all i want to do is to lose my virginity and make a woman orgasm sex sounds like so much fun. experimenting with each other's bodies and all i want to make my own sex move one day I'll call it something anime like "Tornado Twin Finger Blast Attack!" or have a signature movie like ULTIMATE WORLD RECKONING EXPERIENCE! god i hope i don't die a virgin please
>>125713 > I'll call it something anime like "Tornado Twin Finger Blast Attack!" or have a signature movie like ULTIMATE WORLD RECKONING EXPERIENCE! > god i hope i don't die a virgin please
people are so weird
>>125714 smh i will find me a women who likes silly sex move names she will have her own moves that she and i will develop together
>>125713 This TBH, I'm incel but IDK why sex-haver chads say that sex is overrated or w/e. Maybe because I have lvl 99 horny sex drive and would jack off 4 times a day if I could without feeling disgusting but like, I have a great time by myself, I don't see how having a consenting partner who reacts and y'know, does stuff in response to you railing them with your COCK isn't an objectively good time. i actually find the intimacy of sex the most appealing part too, the idea of being able to let loose and have fun with someone else in such a primal way and share with them your deepest, basest desires (in my case, slobbering all over their feet) and them being accepting of, and even enjoying those desires the pinnacle of human interaction. It's safe, if that makes sense
>>125718 the point is usually that sex is fun but not exactly the kind of emotional fulfillment people think it is, its having a meaningful relationship with another person which is what gives people fulfillment, of which sex can be a wholly optional or incidental part of said relationship. After all, asexual people still find non-ace romantic partners and have fulfilling relationships together devoid of sex.
>>125719 Sex is fulfilling as fuck, whenever I go six months without sex I become deeply suicidal, which is why I’m suicidal almost every day almost any year The only thing more fulfilling than sex is participating in a particular brutal and grueling battle and managing to survive it And even then sex doesn’t give you Shell Shock You will never understand the horrors of failed normiedom
>>125721 I think you are just supplementing an actual fulfilling relationship with sex and its not really working very well, like I did as a teenager.
>>125721 >The only thing more fulfilling than sex is participating in a particular brutal and grueling battle and managing to survive it >And even then sex doesn’t give you Shell Shock reminds me of famous pornstar Jamie Gillis talking about how he thinks war is just the human desire for a release bigger than sex that's why he thinks we've never managed to move past violence, it's the only thing probably more exhilirating and awful than busting in a ho
>>125721 bruh you got some other issues if not having sex makes you suicidal there are millions of regular people who live for years without having sex and live normally
(456.57 KB 400x330 image0-25.gif)
>>125730 fake it resets at 58
virus don't click
>>125733 clicked image and now my computer got corona virus don't click
>>125734 Oh good I thought you found the real virus for a second.
>>125735 The one that turns us all into girl?
>tfw my town is one of few in my entire country that don't have a single confirmed corona case Feels good man. Tbh though, the reason could be that maybe no one from here has gone to get tested even if they have all the symptoms because it's inconvenient to go to the city... especially now with all the corona restrictions.
Periposter awakens My god, still need this outfit. Once I slim down some more, perhaps it will be my time.
>>125739 Welcome Peridotposter, Chu~ I imagine you'd look real cute and sexy in that outfit <3
>>125739 i remember i saw some futa fluttershy that had a green hoodie i really wanted that one, looks cute
(504.89 KB 1000x1000 Happier edge horse.png)
>>125740 Well of course! It's got great color coordination, it's cute, it's got a short skirt, and it's probably not too hard to find the component pieces. I'll have to buy them once conventions open back up, maybe I can attract some qt boys owo
>>125738 You still have restrictions even with 0 cases?
>>125735 is the real virus the friends we made along the way?
(171.43 KB 480x480 4.mp4)
>>125743 There are restrictions on both the national and regional level, so yes.
(51.69 KB 828x522 biden maids.jpg)
>>125747 finally, I can just spend the next 4 years drinking booze and breeding femboys
>>125746 I suppose they don’t want to take any risks
>>125747 Since Yugo made this a malarkey-free imageboard, maybe Biden will give him one as an honorary burger lmao
(94.65 KB 640x855 Catboys.jpg)
>>125736 N-No. >>125737 N-Nice >>125747 I knew I could get behind Biden. >>125750 >
(139.22 KB 303x283 7WDO3MC.png)
>>125751 Or Biden gets behind you
>>125751 >that pic >#catboyrevolution was Trending in the United States on Twitter Oh fuck bro’s!!! It really happening!!!! Biden is truly the communist they all warned us about!!
>>125753 It's not the revolution we wanted, it's the revolution we needed.
>>125742 Woah mama, that pic is cute and sexy af
>>125752 Nah, Yugo's too old lmao
>>125757 Bruh, have you not seen the times where Biden has been sniffing young girls' hair lmao
>>125757 its a meme in the US that Biden sniffs young girl's hair
(21.29 KB 1405x645 20201129_115104.jpg.png)
<this is the future incels want
How many THINGS have you NOTICED today?
>>125756 You're never too old for Uncle Biden
>>125760 >Jack >Not anon smh
>>125760 Now all I can imagine is Biden saying all of these things
>>125765 Not impliying that the gov appointed gf are just one of the many mental tentacles of Biden himself.
>>125760 honestly at least rose actually loved raiden in the end. the idea of someone who "loves" you only as some sort of punch-clock obligation is much more depressing and dystopic than this
(151.09 KB 360x360 Imperial Guard.mp4)
(2.18 MB 1920x1080 catboyrevolution.mp4)
>>125760 But what if gf the government assigns to you is... you??????
>>125768 true but only because Raiden likewise gave up the facade of who he was and gradually came to terms(ish) with his own past and thus was able to find a cause to fight for a real future.
>>102302 why my beard so squiggly every time i step out of the shower it looks like the squid guy's tentacles from pirate of the care-a-biene
(44.26 KB 634x576 asas.jpg)
>>125777 hope that kid had fun, he's cute VOTE https://www.youtube.com/user/kingworld30/community not sure what this is about but you can vote for the GETchan youtube
Back from lunch with my family >>125755 If all goes well, I'll look something like pic related later in the evening. Only with possibly less chair.
(72.30 KB 974x884 wut.png)
>>125781 Toe beans
>>125779 yeah they hugged and shit later tough the meme clip is way funnier
(92.44 KB 800x600 5.png)
>>125781 my results btw
>>125779 It was the first one Maradona did to the kid, that's why he's excited.
>>125781 Toe beans. The pink pads on cat paws.
>>125787 ok thank u
I got a 5 piece tendies combo at Popeyes, ama
>>125780 >Back from lunch with my family Noice, what'd you have? >That pic >If all goes well, I'll look something like pic related later in the evening. Only with possibly less chair. L-lewd Although you'd be on your knees with your hands tied onto something >>125781 >>125784 Link to test? >>125789 Is the 5 piece tendies combo any good?
>>125790 I like it.
>>125791 Cheers my friend
(187.04 KB 640x512 udi2jjb7ia651.gif)
>>125786 masterful
(696.52 KB 910x910 Proper Stuff.png)
>>125800 >duni >rank herber that's a classic
(49.90 KB 500x457 Why.png)
My heart is dead
everyhere I go BANANA EAT i cannot stop it goodbye~
(23.05 KB 632x485 ADHH.jfif)
>My Society and Culture (I think Americans call it "Social Studies") teacher. >"So i lived in Vietnam and China for a few years each while doing study abroad as part of this program blah blah blah" >"So the governments of Vietnam and China are what are generally called 'Marxist-Leninist' because they are 'old-school' socialist style economies led by a communist party" <This fucking Lolbert who always tried to get us to watch Jordan Peterson in class says some bullshit about how shit these places are or muh dictator or whatever >"Actually nah Vietnam and China aren't really like that their actually pretty developed nowadays." >Further into the lecture >"So while i was in China i talked about politics with the guy giving us the lecture and he talked about how much more efficient the communist party is at running things then the australian government. I didnt really get what he meant but then he gave an example. If you wanted to build some sort of road upgrade running from some tiny town in the NT you would have to get council approval, local government approval, state government approval and depending how massive the project is federal government approval + a whole bunch of checks and probably lawsuits from different people and companies going through court all of these things being run by different political parties" >"Meanwhile in countries like Vietnam and china since the government and the party are undeniably linked if a town sends a request to have some more infrastructure built then its approved very quickly and construction begins almost straight away" <mfw i actually had a "crypto-marxist" professor
>>125804 or maybe he's a proto-fascist, as is usual with these so called libertarians
(700.60 KB 640x640 kamala.mp4)
>>125805 The student was a "Libertarian" not him
>>125808 Uhhh... source?
(88.79 KB 805x851 Silk Wojak.png)
>Uhhh... source?
>>125808 >SHE WORSHIPS MOLOCH. that sounds a little... based...
(33.86 KB 447x302 My Fetish.jpg)
>>125813 Makes what so "freakin' hot"?
>>125814 The filename
(830.58 KB 1178x960 Godemperor3.jpg)
>>125811 Nah Nazis and Porky worship chaos and darkness. Commies are Imperium pilled.
>>125804 I had an actual, literal Marxist as my Intro To Political Theory professor. He kept dropping about red pills about the USSR whenever Marx came up, and there was actually an older Russian woman in the class who one day decided to share her parents experiences, and basically said that almost everyone past a certain age, including her parents miss the fuck outta the USSR. She said her parents really liked not having to worry about employment, or paying for education and what not I looked him up and he's actually pretty based, one of the founding members of OWS, published tons of shit on Rojava and dual power systems and etc. cool guy, but admitting to being a Marxist in community college seems really fucking risky, esp. considering the chance of some weird rightoid being there ready to debate is very high
I forgot to eat today time for pot pie
>>125816 I think the imperium of man should embrace (positive) chaos (khorne god of valor, nurgle god of life, slaanesh god of happiness and love, tzeentch god of knowledge, the emperor god of order and embodiment of good deeds) and turn the emprah into a chaos god, and then unite humanity to destroy the tyranid invaders :)
(222.50 KB 416x1113 20201125_154032.jpg)
Sunday sassy signature: Did you know Che Guevara wrote a book about his journey in the Congo? In that book he praises Lumumba, who was in Cairo at the time and blastes the guy who proclaimed the DRC for being a lavish dude who was a bad commander.
just to be clear, i never had a crush on jimmy dore but he is kinda cool, sometimes
>>125825 he should read some fucking books but he is ok. left-populism won't be enough forever though.
(218.42 KB 685x479 15wf3.png)
Jeez, you guys have been pretty quiet since I was gone.
>>125827 yeah sorry I was making food and also dying from not eating
(146.68 KB 500x563 aab.jpg)
>>125828 I wasn't really criticizing, it was just an observation. I'd be a hypocrite anyway, since I was gone too. Though I would have much rather been here with you guys.
>>125827 hey, i just got back. whats up?
>>125827 >>125830 ya going back to Rin?
>>125827 i've been playing gaem. How are you doing?
>>125831 >>125833 Long, frustrating day, tired and such. Probably gonna hop on Space Station 13 and go around strangling monkeys and beating them to a pulp. >>125832 Yup
Oh, it looks like my computer's time was off, it said that >>125826 was made 9 hours ago. Oops.
(1.14 MB 400x382 tenor (25).gif)
I was watching meme compilation videos like usual because thats how i get my brain to make the happy chemical and i realized that a lot of the clips were using the same music, and it wasnt pop music and it didnt sound like the type of music people would put in their clips, instead it sounded like royalty-free mesothelioma-commercial type music. Then it occurred to me; the meme compilation editor was editing the music on clips to be replaced with royalty free music. Our society has reached the point where people refuse to use popular music in memes because it's copyrighted.
>>125835 baka moment >>125836 cute >>125837 link to one of those? I've never watched any. All I do on youtube is watch videos of cats and birds and shit, and music.
>>125838 https://youtu.be/AE5jmkQpWIs Skip to 1:55 for an example
>>125836 Spoiler this shit
>>125840 But then it wouldn't be uncensored
>>125836 you always make me smile one way or another you silly
hey guess what I'm not coming back
>>125841 Uncensored pussy is clearly NSFW material!
>>125839 I don't know if it is because im finally turning into a boomer or something but this was painful to watch.
>>125844 nice dubs
(171.47 KB 750x721 Emy7zmNW8AEmZRX.jpeg)
>>125844 Wut why but ;_;
>>125848 >*Why not
>>125844 I was wondering where you'd been comrade, why are you leaving us?
>>125844 explain.
Radio silence Leader / ?????? Faction / N/A - - - - - - - Please remain calm The President endures Barron lives The United States of America’s will endure Trust the plan There is much to be done
>>125844 that's a bit random well, it's an announcement i guess hope you're doing alright since you seem cool good luck out there
>>125847 >>125848 >>125850 >>125851 >>125854 allow me to clarify. I'm not doing perfectly, but I am doing well. no offense to y'all, but being on bunkerchan (or any such internet replacement for socialization) is not very productive or rewarding. also I have made new IRL friends, and all of them are the kind of people who I would immediately date if I had even a hint they're into me. seriously these are cool attractive people and I wish I could smooch em. still, my love life is a work in progress, and so is moving out and getting a higher paying job. these are things I intend to work on in 2021. thanks for being cool to me /GET/
>>125856 Ahh, its sad to see you go, but im happy for you and wish you the best.
>>125856 Take care of yourself comrade. You're always welcome back, if you ever feel like popping in.
>>125856 you were and will be missed if you ever feel like just saying hi and checking in once in a while, that would be nice, but if you you need to cut this place off to move forward with how things are going, then i just wish you good luck with where you're going glad to hear you're doing well though, i did wonder what happened
>>125856 That’s sad, but I’m glad you’re doing alright. We’ll miss you but wish you well on your journey. Find someone to smooch and goodbye my wizardy friend
>>125856 Shit goodbye fren will miss you :(
hi you are all very cute, do any of you play smite or anything :v
(619.28 KB 900x1500 Akko.png)
>>125856 Sad to see you go, but if you're truly happier this way then who am I to say no. Take care fren, you'll always be welcomed back here with open arms if you wish to return one day.
I awaken to sad
>>125856 farewell comrade, hope the irl stuff works out for you. I'll see you on the other side of the barricades.
>>125865 what's making yuo sad?
>>125862 u too I don't play any net game really.
>>125867 its rainy today and I wanted to go hiking today
>>125869 Have you ever gone hiking under heavy rain?
>>125871 yeah a few times, but its always a bit dangerous since you can slip and fall and injure yourself in the middle of rain, which is not a fun situation to be in. I'd do it if I had a friend to go with, but rn it seems like I am homebound for now.
>>125858 >>125856 Take care comrade, I will remember you from the maoist threads on the other side
fuck you don't look at me
>>125876 Hypothetically speaking, what if I were to instead notice you
(176.88 KB 552x709 20201130_101637.jpg)
(311.76 KB 567x677 image0.png)
>>125878 Kek, got a link to that article?
(292.63 KB 2048x2048 C44QiRXVYAA8Btc.jpg)
(52.17 KB 496x722 gp5trpdftb261.jpg)
(43.57 KB 492x555 lt3n10ii2a261.jpg)
>>125879 Prequel memes? Prequel memes.
(272.62 KB 1440x1708 En9L4NpXIAE7B33.jpg)
>>125879 >>125881 Clone wars was the real good shit. Rebels? I mean.......... they ended Maul's story finally? although then somehow still used him as clickbait in Solo. Otherwise it feels soulless just like almost every other product Disney touches.
ugh, my neck
(457.77 KB 933x933 EnZVWbqWMAAYEBU.png)
>>125884 is that trotsky
>>125884 Ya sleep wrong o something?
(247.86 KB 1000x600 Rin's bad end.jpg)
>>125885 No, it's a creepy art teacher. >>125886 Yeah, I think so.
trips for ur gay
(268.06 KB 1920x1080 fsjal.png)
>>125888 bi, not gay
(109.07 KB 500x500 d67.png)
(5.88 KB 277x205 5638.png)
>have dynamic IP >About to post Lmaooooo Someone was fucking around with this IP feels like im wearing an used condom and no, I'm not using a VPN unless my ISP is handing them out to VPN and legit costumers at the same time which is shady af but I wouldn't be surprised honestly
>>125892 If they are geographically assigned, it might mean your neighbor is a leftist.
>>125893 Or a reactionary who was banned for posting fascist shit.
>>125894 >>125893 I love how these polar opposites are equally plausible in this situation
>>125881 obiwan is basically a Smash Bros pro with how he exploits edge hopping in combat.
>>125856 see ya next week mate
(37.00 KB 247x204 eowr.png)
>"AKKO NOOOOOOOOO" >me: https://youtu.be/5S2nj7ekT4Q?t=82
at least we're supposed to get first snow tomorrow
>>125898 boo, the embeded video doesn't skip to the time
>>125898 >The following is a fan based parody Damn, a man of words if I ever heard it
(300.06 KB 750x742 image0.png)
I got banned on /leftypol/ for posting a thread with an edited "you will never be a woman" pasta that was directed toward middle class people saying "you will never be a billionaire" Did anybody save the pasta?
>>125902 kek Is leftypol being overtaken by radlibs. like happened with SCP?
>>125903 I don't think so. It was after all a spam type thread, and was irrelevant because /leftypol/ isn't middle class. Still, it wasn't moved to /b/ where it belonged.
>>125902 Isn't this the 2nd time you've been banned for something similar? I thought I remember you mentioning something similar to this before.
>>125902 Play stupid games win stupid prizes I guess.
>>125905 I've been banned many times. However, not much recently.
I am playing path of exile and messing with the settings keeps kicking me out to the menu
>>125909 Oh, it might have been someone else.
>>125911 I was banned like a week or two ago because the mod had 0 reading comprehension
(560.19 KB 680x1007 c99.png)
(51.43 KB 700x394 EoFwfWiXUAAeOWZ.jpg)
(54.12 KB 590x350 EoFwfWwXUAEwv8r.jpg)
(513.29 KB 2048x1365 EoFwfWYXEAMzHFy.jpg)
BREAKING: France's ruling party agrees to suspend and rewrite controversial 'Article 24' security measure that has sparked nationwide protests https://twitter.com/euronews/status/1333434320338497537
so left, two three! so left, two three! to the work that we must do! march onwards in the worker's united front, for you are a worker too!
>>125916 >rewrite as in trying to rephrase it in some bullshit way to give them enough of a tool for repression with hope it goes undetected or facing less resistance?
>>125918 Paris can burn for as long as it needs to, and it shall burn so long as the legislation isn't tailor-made to make police unaccountable
>>125919 >it shall burn so long as the legislation isn't tailor-made to make police unaccountable <3020 AD: the UN declares the Paris Volcano a historic landmark.
>>125922 >Ebri Knight every time I see them being posted here I regret more and more not going to that concert
>german socdem youth is being accused of antisemitism over some lose ties with some BDS group wonder who's behind this "outrage"
Wish I could separate my youtube subs into categories.
>>125924 I wish I had supported their latest disc. It had a promo of the signed disc and a shirt and tickets for some concerts. >>125925 Didn't the EU approved a law that equalised antizionism with antisemitism? >>125926 True, but that only would fed the algo more info. I drank too many coffe, I'm so euphoric that I've ordered like 5 books about social studies!
>>125927 Forgot flag, coffe is the best.
(39.55 KB 624x509 167131.JPG)
>>125927 i have not heard of any such thing not that it really matters, there is no real opposition to israel anywhere in the EU and the most criticism that is allowed in public discourse is some lukewarm condemnations of "excessive force"
>>125925 I'm glad he was Jewish. Or they would've 100% have tried this. Hell, they did, albeit immediatly shut down
>>125928 i miss cofi
>>125931 Surprised they didn't call him a Kapo
(234.23 KB 432x480 1422317061303.png)
my brain is going fritz guys. I thought I was hallucinating but it seems that either my brain is too advanced and im perceiving some shit or there are issues or I just have some sort of disorder or whatever. help.
>>125934 what kinda stuff you hallucinating?
>>125934 you should try sleeping, maybe you will feel better when you wake up.
>>125934 Maybe you're just tired. Sometimes extreme tiredness can do that.
>>125934 If there is no risk on it, have you tried taking a cold shower? It can help you relax
>>125934 What did you hallucinate?
>>125935 it's not hallucinations really. It's just that colors seem off or something, I can't describe it. Like, I feel clear headed and I can think straight and can focus on stuff, but things just seem off and I can't explain why. >>125936 >>125937 I just woke up from siesta, also had 9h of sleep. >>125938 good idea.
>>125940 hmm that seems strange, by off color you mean literally or a feeling?
>>125940 >I just woke up from siesta, also had 9h of sleep. oh, that is probably just your mind not fully awake yet. get some fud in ya and maybe a coffee and you will come to.
>>125940 Yeah, like >>125942 said, you're probably just not fully awake yet.
>>125942 yes, cowfee
>>125940 That's called a headrush.
>>125941 I can't explain it. both I guess? and it is just not color its like things in general. It's so damn weird and it won't go away. >>125942 >>125943 I've been awake for 30mins, but it might be that. but I still feel it so strongly. Imma take a shower and eat some stuff. no cofi tho.
>>125925 The USA accuses its enemies of being antisemitic because israel is a puppet state of america and any leftist who questions the ethnostate of israel is an enemy of that puppet state. The reason there was such a big propaganda campaign after world war two was that the jews were seeking people to support and build alliances with after the holocaust. They might be a small minority, but they had money and influence due to centuries of persecution. After they fled germany, both the soviet union and america attempted to win them over, and america has been more successful in this regard.
(573.82 KB 343x498 tenor.gif)
>>125949 Not even secret tbh.
(14.52 KB 139x202 a.png)
>>125949 Unexpected, I haven't watched a single Yaoi in my life
(33.96 KB 603x325 yaoi.png)
>>125946 coooofiiiii >>125949 >pic Not really a secret. And does that kind of thing really count as a fetish?
(75.14 KB 326x443 but it is obvious.PNG)
thanks captain obvious
(28.52 KB 386x516 snip.JPG)
took quick shower and ate. It's not going away at all. >>125953 big saem >>125952 no cofi! had some melk.
(263.75 KB 665x687 Monster Girl.png)
(150.95 KB 625x479 sip3.png)
>>125954 no. cofi now.
>>125885 mando milkies
>>125957 I can't! >>125958 estoy interesado
(314.25 KB 572x443 crying.png)
>>125959 You make Rin sad :(
>>125960 Im sorry ((( i didn't mean to. I just can't. What can be done to get her back to her normal bored face again?!
(1.01 MB 1920x1080 the gloop store.mp4)
Holy SHNIT it was cold out tonight, literally 34 degrees out
>>125963 >34 degrees >cold in what part of the world is that cold? i don't want to know what you consider hot, probably boiling point
>>125964 it hasnt been cold like that here in awhile, we texans arent used to such temps. had to wear 2 shirts underneath my jacket.
(501.68 KB 900x900 1401853284372.jpg)
>>125961 Fiiiine, I forgive you. I guess. >>125963 Is that the lowest it usually gets in winter?
>>125965 same here in florida ; _ ;
>>125964 I think they mean Fahrenheit
>>125962 this is 2 deep >>125963 how long was walk? >>125964 It's in Burgerstani units.
>>125969 >>125970 oh, about an hour a half or close to 2
>>125968 >>125969 i was doing a funny one we got about the same temperature now as the texas that's wild
>>125966 the last time it was way worse was a long time ago, maybe 2010 we got a severe record breaking blizzard. cars were buried in the snow and when it would calm down at night, it was dead silent; but the noise of thicc tree branches breaking in the distance due to the weight of the snow. after that there hasnt been any regular snow days or freezes, just oddly warmer and warmer periods of seasons. because as a kid i could count on there being atleast some snowfall each year, but havent seen any in almost ten years since that time, which means rag weed and all other irritant plants get to flourish out of control, which is why i have allergies all the time now.
(33.76 KB 658x463 snip.JPG)
>>125966 good. nice dubs btw >>125971 Do you walk in a city area or in a city park or do you go out into woods or stuff like that? >>125972 that's too cold. Here its quite nice. >>125967 I thought FL had weather similar to ours. I guess not.
One of the joys of today was finding in nitter this thread abot a girl (football player) who didn't participate in a minute of silence as a tribute to Maradona, and later his team got kicked in the butt by 10-0. El 10 se aseguro qe le hicieran 10
>>125973 >2010 >long time ago
>>125974 where i live is not really in the city just a aort of basic town, i walk on the sidewalk along the road.
(154.67 KB 700x394 withered.png)
>tfw life has gone steadily downhill since 2010 >tfw all the hope and optimism (or what little of it I had) turned out to be meaningless life since ~2010 has consistently been one disappointment after another.
It's not going away and im getting worried. I went outside to take out the thrash and some of the xmas lights are of colors I have never seen nor can describe, even though when I asked my sibling I was told it was just regular colors. >>125975 what does that mean? >>125976 for zoomers it be. >>125977 I see. Nice dubs btw
(476.83 KB 523x523 given up.png)
>>125978 >tfw all the hope and optimism big saem, but for me it was 2012. I was on top of the world the future seemed so bright, and then everything went to shit and never recovered. But I am not sad about it, since I've discovered things I would have otherwise never discovered.
>>125980 I guess I've discovered a few things, but for the most part nothing earth shattering. Most of the things I discovered were either things I could have learned in other ways or just tidbits that didn't affect my life in any significant way.
>>125979 https://nitter.net/DapenaPau_3/status/1333126717280579587#m It has a lot of misoginy and radfemism with maradona on the top as icing. >>125978 Mine since 2017, but thee were some good moments too.
I just want the fucking Phanteks p500a to get in stock so I can finally finish my computer fuck you capitalism reeeeeeeeeee
>Finally found place that has the p500a in stock > It's a company in the USA >That's OK I've never known a place to not ship to Gamerstan from the US >Go to delivery details > "please choose State" >Oh that's alright I'll just switch the region >there's no region option >oh it must be one of those ones that you type it in, it'll probably figure it out after >nope, it's just a drop-down menu for the 50 states >There's no way around it. I don't fucking understand if they can ship it to Hawaii or Alaska they can damn well ship it to Gamerstan.
>>125984 Maybe it's abot the lazyness from the company to develop a plan to ship to other lands in North America. Reagan and the mexican farmers didn't die for that!
>>125985 Well for anything to get to Alaska it has to go through Gamerstan so it's just facetious at this point. I was debating using a proxy service to get it but most of those were pretty slow even before COVID and I don't wanna see how bad it is getting across the border now. It would probably take until past Christmas which at that point I'd rather take my chances waiting for stocks at local store and not pay custom fees on it.
>>125986 Maybe they send them to Alaska by plane!! Nah Ouch that sucks, but well we are alredy in december, and getting to save some money from it is not a bad idea.
>>125981 Well, I hope the new decade brings better things for you. >>125982 lmao la estan pasando por la piedra lol. >>125983 is there no other case you can get or are you set on that one? >>125984 i suffer that very much, even though I technically live in the US. They will ship to Hawaii which is much more further away, but they wont here.
>>125979 which colors are off, did you sleep in a awkward position?
Just thinking about how the "you will never be a woman" copypasta is doomed to fail in its goal to cause people to commit suicide by default because logically, according to the blanchard theory of "heterosexual transsexuals" versus "autogynephiles" (a transphobic theory which even blanchard renounced), it doesn't matter to true transgender people (the ones who like men) whether they pass or not, because their valid gender identity (women like men) pushes them to transition in order to appeal to a wider variety of males by looking fertile (because they are women who want to breed) and autogynephiles don't care about passing because they like women (who generally like masculine people) and themselves (because "woah im hot in the mirror", which a majority of cis women feel towards themselves), meaning no trans people actually care very much because at the end of the day either they wanna just look cuter to men (face it, they generally look more fem even if they don't look like a supermodel) or they wanna be transbian
>>125988 It's the only case that can fit my GPU and cooler into it at the same time AND keep the HDDs since I need a 360mm radiator on top for the cooler and most cases of that do have a 360mm slot have them on the front where the fans go. And my 3080 is a super long boy and would actually crash into the HDD slots(unless left empty) on most computers including the p400 which is the p500a's predecessor. And it needs to have a good mix of quietness and airflow cause my room is dusty af and I'm gonna overclock it at some point. Honestly if I could find another case that fits all the points I'd jump on it in a second just to say "fuck you" to phanteks for making so few cases. >I suffer that very much Oh fuck that's right, the territories don't count do they? Holy shit and fucking DC fits in there too. Imagine the poor fucks who live there(not the government, fuck them) not being able to order shit despite being in the middle of the US because of arbitrary delivery address standards.
>>125990 p much this copypasta barely gets an eye roll out of me, have not even bothered to respond to it once and i am known for "taking bait" really weak shit that misses on every point i'll give them some fuel for the fire here: shit that "gets" me is "concern trolling" and them pretending that their thinly veiled hostility isn't obvious to everyone basically it's getting annoyed at someone "merely pretending" to be retarded problem here is that they can't help themselves but eventually come clean, they always do and then screech "yes i am a fascist now!" if you just poke them enough, so there's no winning for them their only hope is drowning out opposition by being allowed a platform where they copy paste fake stories and find fellow retards to join the cause, but that is pretty much rallying people already on their side, and simply "winning" by drowning out the facts with pure number, autistic obsession and fatigue by their opposition in addressing repeatedly debunked points so basically the same spiel you'll see with /pol/ and their jews
Trying to decide which games I should buy in the Steam sale
>>125988 Thanks, but experience has taught me not to get too hopeful. Or hopeful at all.
>>125995 >>125988 Shit, forgot my flag. I wish lynxchan saved that.
>>125991 I see. >Oh fuck that's right, the territories don't count do they? sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't. It's fucking annoying. Even tho USPS works here just the same as in any other state. >>125993 What kinda games do you like? I won't be buying anything cuz I have so many games I don't know what to do with them and also cuz im out of neetbux till friday.
>>125997 I'm considering buying some of the DLC for CK2 or HOI4, because honestly I'm like you and have way more games already than I can actually play really Could also buy some game dev software that I'll never use too
>>125998 Well, if you're looking for recs you should get Outer Wilds if you have not played it. one of my favorite death simulators of these past years. Not really into map games myself. >>125995 Don't lose hope while you're still at it. You can only do that once you've given up, and I see you still have chances out of the hole, so don't give up.
(850.02 KB 367x537 1498360347839 (1).gif)
>>126000 >tfw accidental trips this is proof of my unbound power I will destroy GET
>>125999 >>126000 Check’d >>126001 Just you wait buster brown. Just you wait
(1021.86 KB 500x281 1461196366340.gif)
>>126001 that's nothing check my 5
(83.79 KB 344x499 gae.png)
>>125949 mamma mia
(213.45 KB 500x647 1570420253651.png)
it fuckin snowed lads
>>126007 Do you like sno? Here somthing collapsed.
(1.04 MB 1200x1080 1591469560450.png)
(151.94 KB 562x906 1467788514984.jpg)
>>126008 I love snow and I hope it was capitalism that collapsed
>>126007 >mfw i have to walk to work in this
(97.47 KB 363x507 siblings.PNG)
>>125949 ( ._.)
>>126015 >KissxSis >Not Oreimo or Eromana Sensei
(168.56 KB 314x369 sip.png)
Good morning
(217.33 KB 521x296 1232312283324.png)
>>126018 Evenin'
>>126018 Hi Those are some strong toes
>>126019 >>126020 What's new? >>126020 Well she uses her feet for everything, so they would have to be.
>>126021 Not much, what about you?
(552.04 KB 800x600 eating.png)
>>126022 About the same, eating breakfast and drinking coffee. Though I went too slow and now the cereal is kinda soggy. So just drinking coffee I guess.
(72.19 KB 1500x1308 FGC-9.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlB2QV5wVxg >Untracable >Can be made in a matter of weeks >Can actually take punishment for more than a few rounds >All materials and machinery required for production can be purchased completely legally >Distribution of blueprints done in a decentralized manner so authorities can't just take down one site or database to bring the whole network down
>József Szájer, Hungarian MEP and founding member of Fidesz was caught in an orgy with 25 people, mainly men, and drugs in Brussels this weekend. Fidesz is the party of Hungarian PM Orbán, protector of conservatism and actively fighting against our LGBTQ+ siblings. >Sources indicate that Polish diplomats were at the event as well. As someone who has reported on the anti-LGBT sentiments in Poland, I never thought pro-LGBT activists would be able to use the "you had a gangbang in Brussels" argument against the government. >BREAKING: New statement from Brussels police says TWO OTHER people attending the sex party invoked diplomatic immunity. They say MEP József Szájer fled the scene, was apprehended with blood on his hands, and they found narcotics in his backpack. But WHO are the other two?! https://www.brusselstimes.com/brussels/143352/police-shut-down-sex-party-with-25-attendees-in-brussels-lockdown-coronavirus-measures-mep-european-parliament-drugs-rue-des-pierres-fined/ https://twitter.com/AsherSerrana/status/1333760830941388801 https://twitter.com/eublogo/status/1333456407312609282 https://twitter.com/UnaHajdari/status/1333793816952803331?s=20 https://twitter.com/jackeparrock/status/1333803892967055360?s=19
>>126024 quick question, the guy said he used discord, isnt discord super cooperative with the authorities? wouldnt discord see who opened up the server that he started?
>>126018 'Sup Zeke >>126026 Ebin
>>126024 Huh, that's pretty cool. >>126025 >yet another anti-LGBT conservative caught involved in homosexuality related stuff golly gee willickers, how surprising and not entirely predictable.
>>126026 presumably he has some degree of cyber security going into having a discord
>>126029 I thought discord didnt allow vpn connections or something like that? i just kinda hope this guy doesnt get raided, and it seems like he wont be because he would have been by now
(47.31 KB 384x401 526833.jpg)
(134.17 KB 1200x828 Coomer+gf_e2ffea_7517483.jpg)
I have now fapped five times in a row and needless to say, my dick fucking hurts.
>>126031 >5 times n00b
(19.16 KB 657x527 670.png)
>>126031 >my dick fucking hurts Well, maybe stop hurting yourself then dummy?
>>126031 why are some guys so rough to their dicks? i was gonna say more but i started drooling
>>126034 theyre sad, sometimes the hurt makes you feel alive
>>126034 pain can be pleasurable too sometimes
(108.75 KB 288x443 why.jpg)
>>126031 yikes and a half
(246.78 KB 1241x1730 EnwzhBRXYAUm4Ck.jpg)
another german went on a "rampage", killing 4, including a baby again using a car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HD95f1m7aq8 twitter nazis: "the usual suspect group?" twitter nazis hours later: "how dare you point out it's a german!"
>>126034 Sometimes pain can make the soul reach other plains of existence. >>126039 Amazing isn't it?
it is the height of wintertime boy domming to make your girlfriend (male) write your own name in the snow for you
>>125949 >>126015 same >>126031 You're only supposed to do it once on December 1st for DDD, and increase as it goes. >>126041 By spelling it out via pee?
>>126043 If you had a really long name, thats a lot of pee lmao
>>126044 I mean some guys like that but thankfully for all other boys the name I go by is fairly short
(571.96 KB 800x600 giving the world a big hug 2.png)
>>126047 Heya Yugo
>>126047 >Not pictured is Tomokoposter giving Yugoposter the good succ
>>126047 Business idea Share a long scarf with tomo and when they don't suspect it pull the scarf in tight to pull her in for a surprise kiss
>>126051 >Not pulling her in for a surprise fuck 555-Come-on-now
I sometimes get on /Pol/ once in a while, and they're still acting up about their "savior" losing. I could care less about politics, I just think it's entertaining. I still think both the far left and right can be petty to each other.
(14.20 KB 320x180 sksw.jpg)
>>126054 Fufufu~
(81.77 KB 720x405 angry window.png)
>>126050 >>126051 >>126052 This is a Christian meeting place, no lewdness allowed.
(54.84 KB 346x498 the voices.jpg)
>>126057 but they are the board's ship!
not like some fucking retard like me is worth touching anyways i'll just quit everything, no point in trying, it all goes to shit anyways, i'm useless and unneeded
>>126059 I would hug you tbh
>>126060 Same tbh
https://youtu.be/apaJ3A56XbM There's a face that I've seen in the windows There's a face of a stronger man When I turn, as a leaf when the wind blows Gone away is the will in his hand You've been fed what they wanted to feed you You've been bled of the will to survive Now you stand just as long as they need you But you're the only one that keeps you alive
διαρος είναι ανώτερες εκδόσεις των τάκος
>>126063 that makes no sense in greek
>>126063 I can't speak greek, darn.
>>126059 >>126060 >>126061 Everybody <3 Tomo
>Hungarian Politician who argued in favour of recriminalizing Homosexuality photographed fleeing the scene of "a 25 man strong orgy" by jumping out a window. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
>>126025 Oh shit someone already posted it lol. Anyway this reminds me of when the leader of what was basically Proto-AFD but for Austria whose big thing was hating Slovenes and Gays literally got princess Diana'ed while running away from a tabloid that photographed him at a gay bath house.
(359.21 KB 500x375 help.png)
>>126067 Kek, got any of the pics lmao
>>126054 cute butt >>126059 Don't be to hard on yo self
Will someone please let me use their thighs as a pillow, tired as fuck lmao
>>126068 oh you mean when he drunkenly raced into a village and crashed?
(2.07 MB 244x180 b3b.gif)
>a vigilant of stendarr after realizing that nirn is the daedric realm of lorkhan and every man and elf is a daedra
>>126075 Isn't that basically the plot twist of oblivion? The evil cult thinks that Lorkhan is actually the evilest Daedra of all because he basically killed all the aedra just to make a fucked up world that dosen't work right? And their whole plan was to summon Dagon to kill and destroy everything because they thought it would set everyone free or whatever? Haven't played it in a while so i dont remember that clearly
>>126069 Aww, that's sweet
(318.24 KB 988x580 8911.PNG)
why is it that when i'm up all night i don't feel like doing anything but during daytime, as unlikely as it is, the chances are still higher i have a deadline to get a thing done but i keep sleeping in the day or just feel too tired and i don't wanna draw when tired or stressed because it just frustrates me and things look shit how to feel nice again?
>>126072 if only i had fat thighs...
>>126079 Thighs are thighs my friend, as long as I can get to lay my head in some, I'm a happy bunny :3
>>126076 Everyone always rips on Oblivion for a bad story, yet it's actually one of the most original since A: Hell is literally invading(fuck your dragons), and not only are you fight back against them you're bashing their faces in, breaking into their home, and breaking their balls(literally) to get them the fuck off your lawn. B: It's one of the few stories where you're not the most almighty being that becomes head of the Mages guild after punching some gay ass elf playing with a glowie blue ball, instead Martin is the protagonist and you're the Samwise to his Frodo. C: Oblivion is actually the story of Sheogorath telling Dagon to get the fuck out of his house cause he's been stuck in an endless cycle of self-destruction since the beginning of time and when he's finally freed from the cycle Dagon decides to smash his favourite source of madness. The virgin Dragon Born that could barely slap a pussy dragon Versus The chad Hero of Kvatch that becomes a literal god and stops the invasion of hell on the side when he feels like it.
>>126072 Reminds me when I convinced a friend to let me lay on their thighs. They were a nice pair
hey wait a second nobody told me we were a terrorist group
(3.04 KB 232x76 Twittertransthing.png)
>>126086 I was wondering what this thing was about. Twitter forcing the dead name of the person on it too. Heh.
(50.35 KB 640x360 1589330523432.jpg)
>>126021 Trouble, trouble, but only the usual stuff. Just another day.
If JFK was shot on TV, does that make him the first stream snipe?
>Bloody Sunday which was pretty much the tipping point that began the final death spiral of the Romanov dynasty literally happened because after Nicholas was told that some Tolstoy'esque priest and some Social-Democrats + Liberals were doing a literal actual "peaceful protest" and walking towards his palace while praying he panicked because he apparently though they were coming to kill him and began literally running around the palace grabbing his family and jewels and hopping into his car and driving off like it was 1917 all the while telling everyone else in the army and the police to panic and that a violent uprising had just begun against him.
>>126089 only if oswald or whoever was watching the thing on live tv to use the broadcast to get the shot right >>126090 guilty conscience, huh?
>>126089 Can’t believe the CIA stream sniped Kennedy
>>126089 JFK wasn't shot on live TV but Oswald was.
>>126089 >>126092 >>126093 Why is Kennedy so revered by Americans? It seems like he pretty much failed at getting at all the shit he wanted passed. Failed to coup castro, Started a boondoogle that america eventually lost and plunged them into a decade of despair in the 70s and then got his head blown off. I even remember this last year some Kennedy family weirdo trying to primary some Bernie Sanders democrat and his only policy was basically "Im a kennedy dont you remember and love us?"
>>126094 the Castro thing was basically a plan by the previous president that the military lied about to get approved hilariously, knowing that the invasion would need air support but figured it was a better idea to ask for forgiveness than permission, but JFK hilariously shot their request for air support down in the middle of them getting their asses kicked. even though the ensuing Cuban Missile Crisis was basically his fault, him not cocking it up and ending humanity made people somewhat relieved and kinda put the worries of total nuclear genocide for rest for a little bit because JFK led a bit of a detente with the Soviets. he also had a desire to cut down the influence of the intelligence agencies on US politics and diplomacy. probably the main reason he was assassinated but really about every aspect of him could have got him assassinated. Overall I would say liberals are nostalgic for JFK for the same reason they are with Obama now: in an era of successive failures and clowns that only fucked up and weakened the US time and time again, JFK carried the office with a bit of dignity and grace even as he was cocking up in a lot of the same ways and enabling the same sorts of bad habits. that plus some meagerly good policies make him an above-average politician by US standards.
I feel that TNO despite its best efforts continues to fall into the "clean Wehrmacht" Myth especially in regards to its treatment of people like von Tresckow and Spiedel and Manstein (Aka: "We were just pretending to like Hitler guise come the fuck on on hahaha please no nuremburg....") And even fucking Hermann Goering and Ferdinand Schorner are given this whole "Honourable soldier" shtick to them. For instance one event Goering and Schorner are literally writing down a list of people they want to execute when Goering becomes fuhrer and how. and obvs they want to hang everyone and embarrass them publicly beforehand. But then when they reach von Tresckow (Who for context in this story have taken an opposing side to Goering and Schorner in a power struggle) Goering is like "NO! They will be executed by firing squad with dignity in private! They are a soldier! They deserve a soldiers death!" And Schorner who is the more bloodthirsty of the two reluctantly agrees. And then if Goering wins and you go down his path pretty much all mentions of Nazism or Nazi atrocity just disappears and it just becomes a straight up weraboo LARP basically
>>126094 It's a little bit similar to the attitudes with Obama (minus the conservative racism and Islamophobia), with people seeing him as a young, handsome breath of fresh air compared to his contemporaries. But then again, I wasn't alive then so I could be full of shit.
>>126096 The only ""clean"" german officers would be Manstein funnily enough, since he hated Hitler so much that he got sent to do the worst jobs on the eastern front and his credits to most of the planninifof stuff like Plan Yellow scrubbed from the books. However that's like saying Von Papen and Blömberg were clean cause they were just conservatives who put Hitler in power. The weird part is that german officers who were historically opposed to the nazi takeover and would be described as "liberal" like Dönitz are portrayed as worse than Göring. Dönitz, the guy who spent the years after WW2 trying to bust clean wehrmacht myth by saying "oh we totally knew about the holocaust and stuff, and we weren't just following orders, we just went along with it cause it was convenient and didn't effect us in any way" and slated unions for uboat crews is portrayed as an ally of fucking Bormann and decides to murder half of Crimea. Honestly the dev's claim for it to be a portrayal of how stupid nazi economics and politics are but from what I can tell it's just a /pol/ LARPing mod. I mean ffs Thatcher is one of the leaders of free England while the Labour leader is portrayed as western propaganda of Stalin.
>>126098 I can't play TNO without cheating because i keep trying to play as a russian warlord (lysenko) for the story and can't even find myself getting on my own pc to play video games since i started working
>>126099 I have been thinking in playing HOI4 again, as always TNO requires all the dlcs right?
Today I found that once, people thought that exploding a whale was the best way to clean it. https://youtu.be/V6CLumsir34
>>126101 I literally watched that 20 minutes ago wtf.
>>126078 Personally I find that I do feel better when I get up and do things instead of just laying in bed all day I dunno I'm pretty fucked up so I can't offer too much advice unfortunately
>>126102 Yt algo and recommendations at its finest.
(1.02 MB 2017x1307 USSRspace4.jpg)
>China has landed and then retrieved the first probe from the moon in 50 years with the last one being a Soviet Probe sent in the 70s. Not even Dengist-Xi'ist but if Xi literally went back to the moon or maybe mars before Elon and planted a Chinese flag and maybe a USSR flag as a bit of a in-memorium before americlaps did it would unironically be based AND redpilled
(1.19 MB 4032x3024 1603724572070.jpg)
Why do I feel rightoids universally despise foot fetishists every rightoid I've met ALWAYS fucking mentions that they think foot fetishists are freaks when the topic of sex comes up I despise them just for this I cannot forgive this sin
(216.61 KB 1143x1143 rz4r9m2xzrk51.jpg)
>>126107 feet are more of a side dish for me but how are they not sexy and cute? there is so much you can do with them sniffing, stepping, massaging...
(311.76 KB 342x512 Calm down.gif)
>>126109 Not to mention kissing, licking, tickling
Maid uniform or cat costume? >>126095 Even the resolution of the CMC was probably less to JFK's credit than it was to Corn-kun, who proposed the missile withdrawals. This gets spun into proof of JFK's "determination" getting gains, even though from a sane assessment it makes them out to be a bunch of lunatics who were willing to start a nuclear war, because the Soviets did the same thing they'd already done to the Soviets to a higher level. >>126097 This is probably is correct, but it also might have to do with the president aesthetically having to "match" the "mood", 'cause the blue-rapist-president-elect isn't very new or possessing any youthfulness at all, yet nevertheless is being feted for having "presidentialness" which brings calm to all the troubles of the recent few years.
>>126112 >Maid uniform or cat costume maid uniform with cat ears
>>126112 Cat maid uniform
Good morning >>126112 These >>126113 >>126114
>>126115 Afternoon Zeke
(35.72 KB 688x1024 CrusaderRin1.jpg)
>>126116 What's new?
>>126112 Cat uniform and maid ears.
>>126107 feet are super mundane, it's not overtly sexual like boobs, butt, and benitals, but there's more going on there than calves or forearms. I don't have a specific thing for them, but if I find a person attractive, generally any part of their body can be sexy. I'm more a small of the back, shoulder blades, and collar bones kinda guy though.
well would you look at that, i slept the whole nite
>>126107 Fuck off foot cunt Sick of online left claiming stuff like this Stop grouping me with rightoids just because I make fun of your fetishes
>>126120 congrats. Yugo would be proud.
(420.56 KB 1200x906 1548185248386.jpg)
>>126112 Maid uniform >>126121 Weird way you're into Kink Shaming but OK >>126123 >>126120 But was it 8 hours?
>>126125 i think it was.. 9
>>126126 Poggers
>>126107 Not really that crazy about feet, but don't make generalizations, that's not good. Just wanted to say that, and Rightoids?
(586.21 KB 800x600 one eye open.png)
>>126125 I slept for 4 hours, woke up, went back to sleep, and slept for another 4, does that count?
>>126128 >>126121 Kinkshaming is kinda shittty tho? Aside from non-serious razzing between friends, I don't think anyone has a leg to stand on complaining that they can't shit on others without recompense.
>>126107 shut the fuck up footie
(1.64 MB 2100x2100 mlg_rin.png)
>>126121 chill bud
>>126087 Oh great, more dead memes...Just what everyone wants...
>>126130 I know kinkshaming is pretty bad, I just find it ironic that anime puritans would freak out over anime ladies showing skin. I'm just rambling at this point. I think feet are alright tbh.
we did it!
>>126137 >spank me harder daddy
>Trynna order PC case >See case on sale but with no fans >"OK I'll just buy the fans separately, in fact I was gonna do that anyway" >Put case in cart >Put 4 fans in cart >PC case: <Sorry this part is actually out of stock >Fans: <Sorry we don't have these item(s), you cannot order this amount Well fuck you too
Also why the fuck do they put it as "in stock" but then it's out of stock? If I had my full legal degree I'd fucking take those whackjobs to court for FA.
>>126139 >>126140 you on amazon?
>>126117 Not much my friend, been mostly playing the Cold War Iron Curtain mod for HoI IV (Although the GitHub version that I got from their discord rather than the steam version), although the Korean War is bugged in the sense that it doesn't happen, not sure what happened there, but I'm sure the devs'll fix it soon enough >>126121 Damn, imagine being mad at people liking feet >>126132 >ywn smoke a spliff given to you from Rin's bare sweaty feet Feels bad man
>>126142 Newegg. Amazon doesn't sell the parts I want here in Gamerstan. Which I don't understand since most stuff on there already comes from a warehouse in the US, it even says "ships from the united states" next to the item so how fucking hard is it to sell the rest too?
>>126144 >Although the GitHub version that I got from their discord rather than the steam version post link
>>126136 >Manhattan Commune more like <GREATER YORK
>>126150 More like <YORK
(994.64 KB 274x240 frogge.mp4)
(159.99 KB 1305x2048 EoONqA_WEAAQqPp.jpeg)
Crona is def a would fuck.
>>126153 look at that bulge and tell me you don't want that
>>126151 Fuck Old York. Greater York's creation is the duty of all north eastern americans
I give up trying to play TNO lol. I was trying to play as lysenko and then thermonuclear war triggered multiple times each time i loaded a save, so i googled it and found out that the only way you can avoid thermonuclear war is if you're playing a major country and cuck out diplomatically or use commands to do a white peace. It's like the people’s champions want me to stop playing
>>126156 There is an option in the game rules where you can make sure that it doesn't happen
>>126156 also a mod that disables the nuclear war event
There are four types of people
Anyone wanna watch some Anime from the DPRK? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TO7gZiWAbsA
>>126161 >Not squirrel and hedgehog
>>126159 IIRC, this had something to do a pony
>>126164 >/b/ >>126162 they do have a couple other animations that are pretty cool, just not big of a fan of it, since i like slice of life better
https://downloadmorerem.com/ Plz downlode iz saff Verry trust wordy
(21.60 KB 547x540 I ain't clickin that shit.jpg)
>>126167 Click it
(110.18 KB 592x887 1512683751792.jpg)
>>126168 >He thinks I'm gonna click it
>>126169 yugo will love you for it (he already does but sssh)
>>126170 Do it
>>126171 i'll do you instead, how about that?
(168.06 KB 445x472 attacked.png)
>>126174 >tfw nothing like that yeah i'm salty
>>126175 It's a meme. The chances of anyone having sex, even gay sex, at the age of 20 these days is extremely low.
>>126176 it's really not all i had to do was be available, and for that all i needed was not feeling like shit and being put down constantly there was enough interested people, but all i did was do dumb camshows
>>126177 Shhh shhh dont remind me that people have sex besides me it hurts my ego
>>126178 go down with me in the salt
>>126179 I don't wanna. Salt suc
>>126180 imagine it's balls
>>126181 Fun except im going to sleep cuz i gotta wakeup early
>>126182 oh ok.
Whats the haps yo?
>>126185 Not much just tormenting myself, how are you?
>>126186 not much, baked a onion and will play some vidya later
(96.06 KB 1024x748 1469053193044-4.jpg)
>>126109 >>126110 Yes, it is a very intimate part of the body so it remains well suited as an erogenous zone >>126119 yes, they are quite visually complex and appealing >>126121 >>126131 fuk u posting more feet out of spite >>126128 I've seen lots of them mention it, both from when I browsed 4/pol/ and in person >>126132 very based
(23.52 KB 657x527 persepurkeri.png)
Just tried using a condom for the first time, ama.
>>126190 For what?
(560.58 KB 1079x923 jez84d23lfk51.png)
>>126191 Mostly for practice and so I could see how much of a difference it makes in the sensation when using my fleshlight sleeve, but also so I wouldn't have to clean up the sleeve every time I use it.
>>126192 they're pretty useful for keeping things clean and honestly it feel better, things glide easier
>>126190 will you fill one with spaghetti?
(114.28 KB 680x559 0b5.png)
Some observations about condom usage after going through three of them: >Impossible to get on without a whole lot of lubrication (lesson learned with the first and second attempt) >You can only put them on one way (ditto) >Sensation is not that much different from bareback, one might even say its better because putting the rubber on is pretty hot in itself and I even coomed faster than I usually do while I had the condom on >You will have to maintain erection manually while you're putting the condom on because once its unwrapped and slips off its almost impossible to put on again >Condoms break pretty easily
Maybe I'm smoking crack, but doesn't it feel like rightoids generally don't have radical thoughts? It's like, killing a bunch of jews and niggas isn't exactly a radical thought when it's been done so often. Agitating to further reduce the amount of time people spend working per week, no matter how well articulated, is usually met with dismissal, even by those who are amenable to the idea. On the other hand, maybe like a third of the people I've met (mostly white) genuinely can get behind the idea of an ethnostate, or any other of the bullshit /pol/ pushes if you sanitize it enough to where it seems like patriotism. I don't think a lot of conservative talk shows would be all that popular if large amounts of people in the USA didn't already feel that way to some degree. Teflon Don is nearly saint like figure to his supporters, and a huge part of his campaign and overall appeal was the green light to be as openly racist as possible. I mean fuck, Jim Crow laws used to be a thing. I don't know why /pol/ seems to think yelling roody poo in public places is as radical as shit like John Locke saying, "yo, private property n shit" like a billion years ago or Garrrls Margs :D D D D in the present day bring like "ogay we musd abolish da provate proberdy :DD D D"
>>126195 They are all too long but also too narrow for me :(
(29.42 KB 741x568 af2.png)
>>126197 How many have you actually tried fren?
(97.08 KB 768x1024 EoLGvtvVcAAMB_F.jpg orig.jpg)
for my next magic trick, I will make shaytan's virginity disappear!
(365.35 KB 1005x664 xd7.jpg)
>>126195 I worked some time selling condoms for some time, so this is my experience. >Impossible to get on without a whole lot of lubrication (lesson learned with the first and second attempt) Normally they have lubrication Or I would offer it as a combo >You can only put them on one way (ditto) True, one has to differentiate or if not, baby time. >Sensation is not that much different from bareback, one might even say its better because putting the rubber on is pretty hot in itself and I even coomed faster than I usually do while I had the condom on I never tried them, but how does the retardant one works, it was the most expensive one kek. >Condoms break pretty easily I remember there was this ones, Marxiststrong or some shit, it wasn't the best for feelings, but for that one existed the sensitive. >>126199 I believe someone did that trick before you fella.
>>126200 That's a good name for some condoms THE MARXISTRONG
(170.89 KB 657x527 7gfan.png)
>>126200 >Normally they have lubrication The problem is I need to use either one that is non-lubricated or one with a water-based lubricant applied since a silicone-based lubricant (which most condoms I found when looking online have) don't really work well with fleshlights due to the fact that the silicon degrades the texture of the sleeve. >I never tried them, but how does the retardant one works, it was the most expensive one kek. I haven't tried that either, I just got these condoms from a safe sex event that was hosted by the student council earlier in the year. I'll probably order some non-lubricated ones online in the future if I can find them in big packs from local retailers.
(204.91 KB 960x960 20201203_123026.jpg)
(492.33 KB 1894x2497 1605461965381.jpg)
>>125656 I live north of Toronto and frankly shit is cold
(1.95 MB 960x720 banality of existence.mp4)
is it collective naptime?
(82.67 KB 1280x720 thestrongest.jpg)
>>126210 im still up, for now
>>126210 im lurking
Trying some soylent for the first time. not bad
(564.93 KB 744x422 lgeme91.png)
>>126210 Have you ever had the feelin' that you'd really like the taste of coffee, but it's far too fucking late for that? So my answer's both yes and no. I took tea instead, but I guess I've gotta tap myself a good-night beer instead. Depressants instead of stimulants, you know?
>England is trying to build a highway UNDERNEATH stonehenge which experts agree with most likely destroy its foundations and damage it irreparably Who does this even help? Is Boris just trying to own the.......... um..... .Celts I guess???? Is it a contest to see how much he can ruin the country in the next 4 years or something?
After a soulcrushing hour, I feel happy https://youtu.be/WxW4gSjbptU >>126214 Yeah, I also took tea, sleeptime is important for the body and mind. >>126215 Boris is going to own the earth at that pace.
>>126215 it is the goal of the Anglos to make everywhere they exist as miserable as possible >>126214 Why not just like, try it in the morning the next day?
>>126217 Coffee? Sometimes you've just got the feel for things, and sleepin's just in the way. But that's just the way all things are.
>>126215 I’m trying to find an angle for this but I just can’t. Seems like the dumbest thing ever
>>126215 maybe he knows something we don't know and once the first car drives under there it will be teleported by an alien device to another planet and this is his way of getting unsuspecting people to become the first pioneers since they have not figured out where the return-portal is hidden
Trying to use writing (among other things) to tackle my major psychological issues, and I'm having a bit of luck Now I just need to figure out how to tackle my OCD and germaphobia
you guys better come get your shitposter before he gets out of line >>>/b/18613 >>>/b/18626
>>126222 why would it be anyones but his business where and what he posts?
Are there any leftist otaku youtubers? Or, even just ones who're not alt-right?
>>126222 >complaining about shitposters on a /b/ board
>>126225 i can understand the frustration, it's really just meant to be /idpol/
Looking for a lighthearted JRPG that's not too serious and has various strange yet humorous enemies
proud boys https://youtu.be/1XuaTMA4U4A >>126227 radiata stories for ps2 enemies aren't strange but it's fairly lighthearted until the end
>>126228 Thanks for the suggestion, but I may just have to make what I'm looking for myself
(53.02 KB 540x720 musiikki.jpg)
That vaccine cannot arrive soon enough, I`m already so tired of these new regional restrictions. No larger gatherings than 20 people at max. Mask recomendation in all public spaces. Public events being closed down, effectively killing my meager social life since there are no church services, party related events nor even the usual AA meetings.
>>126198 13 tiems ;_;
some conservative minister president wants to go into minority government and use the afd as a cushion to carry him without openly going into coalition hmm, black-brown when
>>126222 >Creates /b/ >Gets crazy shit they don't want on /b/ Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Everyone here said /b/ was a bad idea but no… ohhh no it’s just a harmless little bunny board isn’t it now well it’s always the same thing we always tell them
(2.14 MB 640x414 still alive.gif)
>>126222 we are boards without borders here on bunkerchan
>>126222 Damn, imagine seething about someone shitposting on /b/, a board for shitposting
(8.64 MB 720x1280 OGAS.mp4)
guys look I found OGAS
boba fett just got canonized as a mandalorian, as did the Mandalorian Civil Wars and the Mandalorian Supercommandos. Boba also got his armor back. plus, we got our reveal of the new Darktroopers.
>>126245 pls spoilers
(730.68 KB 1920x1080 SPOILER_unknown 1.png)
(1.33 MB 1920x1080 SPOILER_unknown 2.png)
(448.08 KB 1920x1080 SPOILER_unknown 3.png)
>>126246 oops, none of the images there were particularly spoiler-y at least
>>126245 wait didnt he die in the movies?
>>126248 last time he escaped with the help of his good buddy dengar, we've known he was likely alive since like 2 years ago when his armor showed up in basically a jawa store in some new canon novel but the Mandalorian was the first appearance of him after Episode V in canon. Dunno how he got out yet though.
(390.80 KB 1366x768 scmoon1.jpg)
(390.31 KB 1366x768 scmoon2.jpg)
(1.10 MB 1366x768 scmoon3.jpg)
(1.05 MB 1366x768 scmoon4.jpg)
One can only dream It was the sino-soviet expedition, I forgot to take a capture of that option
(347.01 KB 488x737 wiggle woggle.gif)
Wake up comrades, it's funposting time!
(79.35 KB 577x680 image0.jpg)
>>126256 its been fucking raining all day so I have nothing to do
(12.05 KB 626x650 023.png)
>>126257 Then play video games and post.
>>126258 I dunno what game to play tho
>>126259 The Boku no Pico VN
>>126260 I don't care for visual novels generally
>>126262 You should play VA-11 Hall-A. It's technically a visual novel but it's unique in gameplay.
>>126263 right now I am just being comfy and having squirrel stir fry
>>126264 Fair enough


no cookies?