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Welcome to /GET/, a congregation of everything that's wrong with humanity.

(11.86 KB 200x182 leftytrash.jpg)
/leftytrash/ 2.0 Anonymous Comrade 07/18/2020 (Sat) 23:53:30 No. 102302
Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet angry typing, fetishes, shitposting, etc. A banbot I'm working on accidentally baleeted the original, I'm sorry about that.
>>119413 What's poggin? I got back from visiting my little brother a little while ago, and joined an internet cult that I think worships Cthulhu unironically. So you know, usual stuff. >>119415 imma slap u
>>119416 Oh yes please slap me daddy~ oh wait, that's what YOU say
(1002.24 KB 500x280 Unbridled rage.gif)
Pez Dispenser
(260.05 KB 900x900 Kanzaki.Hideri.full.2215083.jpg)
>>119418 Inferior. Costume.
>>119418 Oi you got a wussy slapfighting loicense m8?
>>119416 Not much tbh, although I'm pretty annoyed that the launcher to HoI iv is being a cunt, it was doing just fine a week ago, but for some reason Paradox decided to mess around with it for the newest update and DLC and since then I either get an error telling me that an error has occured or the DLC that I currently have are stuck on "loading"
(48.29 KB 564x954 Tsunderedot.jpg)
>>119420 GFDSFSFHSF YOU WONT EVEN SHOW ME YOURS >>119421 Sorry fam these are extralegal slaps. You're gonna have to book me >>119423 I aint even gonna bother with it tbh, the new DLC is apparently a load of crap. Funni genocide buttons abound. At least with TNO when you tried to run a concentration camp simulation it was hard as fuck. But here it's just "click button and a culture magically goes away no consequences"
>i'm a former trump supporter >totally marxist now >economically left but socially conservative because i understand communism better than HURR HURR RADLIBS HURR leftypolacks need to be disposed off, the whole lot of them
>>119424 Everyone's seen it on here fam. Maybe its light is just too heavenly for you to view.
>>119425 yes i too enjoy confirmation biases
(1.50 MB 500x350 of course.gif)
>>119425 "economically left but socially conservative" is the new "I'm socially liberal but fiscally conservative". Right down to people thinking they're being cool and unique for it. >>119426 amgery
(93.62 KB 1872x237 pol-ack priorities.PNG)
>>119427 >same shit >every time >hurr hurr its just confirmation bias hurr X-D bleach, drink it, "convert" /pol/ candy-ass
>>119428 >>119425 Economic leftist but socially conservative is basically the Nazi's schtick: "Why yes I am for liberating the workers of the world.... as long as they aren't black, gay, female, jewish, catholic, slavic, muslim, or any other minority I don't like looking at when I go shopping". >>119428 >amgery :^)
>>119429 Change "raise money for bourgeois children with gender dysphoria" into "kill anybody with a different leftist tendency than me and screech at the top of my lungs how much I want Stalin to dick me" and it becomes surprisingly accurate
>>119429 you go there and find some hateful dumbasses and then you generalize the entire board with it how is that not confirmation bias? >bleach, drink it, "convert" /pol/ candy-ass never have been poltard never will be
>>119431 there's absolutely no reason for the people’s champions there to leave that shit up in this form, no reason for this to be in the OP other than pushing reactionary idpol and it's been up for days now that place is just such a /pol/ cocksucking shithole it's way past funny
>There might be a chance for me to get a job >Feel super nervous since my last job was a year a go working with my uncle as a combi collector idk how to translate the job Emo/goth/ebm music for this feel /GET/?
>>119434 i don't know any such music, but isn't that stuff for when you're depressed? not really interested in slaving away huh?
>>119433 >check the other board >first page >talking about jewish elite domination >akshually the soviet union didn't have progressive ideals Yeah, it seems that you're correct. It's disgusting. >>119431 MLs today are mostly accepting of homosexuality and critical of prior policies of Soviets, and many queer communists are MLs. Don't do this slander, which is often false or lacks the context, towards them.
>>119434 Ebm music?
>>119436 Yeah, that's fair. Most of them at best have a very basic understand of Marxism Leninism that amounts to "bro 1984 was BASED actually" and some platitudes about workers and such. And most MLs are happy to work with me despite being an anarchist, and I'm willing to work with them.
>>119435 >but isn't that stuff for when you're depressed? It depends on the song, some really cheery in a drak and brooding way others are really silly and some can be said to be really anti-capitalist. There is a lot of flavors in those music genres. >not really interested in slaving away huh? Yeah, but I need money so... >>119437 Yeah, like Valium Era or Eisenfunk.
>>119436 the "working masses" from /pol/ are not representative though, even if they clog up the catalog and front page with posts without mod intervention, can't be too harsh
>>119438 Scary Movie Night tomorrow n00b.
(136.22 KB 800x600 Geddit, ROSE Quartz!.png)
>>119441 Based Also I'm so bored I'm playing vanilla hoi4 oh god oh fuck what am I doing
I had a dream where I somehow got the Covenant Particle Carbine from Halo SPV3 and it was battery-operated so I would charge it up via a wall outlet but it was so warm while it was charging that I cuddled it between my legs
So y'all just gonna ignore >>118973 then huh? I catalogue a huge youtube time capsule over the course of two days and you just gonna ignore it?
>>119445 it's a little much with all the links and i honestly got nothing to contribute, but have a thanks for your efforts only thing that would've helped is putting the title above each link to make it more recognizable, but that's asking a lot for someone not doing shit
>>119445 y-yes? what are you gonna do youtube NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD brb checkiing out
>>119445 I put it on a text file for later
>>119446 The goal was to reach character limit by just copypasting a bunch of links to pre-2010 vids and see how many posts i'd end up with lol
>>119429 Quite funnily, they do just that, judging all of the gays off of the worst examples, as if similar or worse antiidpolers couldn't be found.
>>119301 >You got any useful skills with the computer? I knew how to code once upon a time, that's about it >Also, what would you like to do? Sky's the limit, let your heart sing. I've always fantasized about vidya dev and writing comics, maybe writing as well >Also-also, for what it's worth, the best job I've had so far was a menial cleaning job. Completely different from my degree, but who cares? You make a good point, I mean the job I have right now isn't too bad all things considered
>>119451 really not what they're doing and what the problem is they're saying they're either mentally ill or pushed by the bourgeoisie you seem to have trouble reading
>>119451 oh wait you're the sage-fuck that jumps to defend /pol/acks every opportunity while trying to cry about my avatar because you got nothing on the substance, sorry for responding
(321.64 KB 498x373 Cookies.gif)
>>119451 >>119454 get a room already
>>119455 nobody eats like that unless they want to appear cute small nibbles dilute the taste of the cookie so the question is why is the anime character trying to be cute?
(1.55 MB 380x360 1430651674709.gif)
>>119450 too soon
What's the leftist opinion on videogame rule 34?
>>119458 sing for what the years? the laughter? the tears?
>>119461 i said sing
>>119462 Okay okay calm down I'll sing *ahem* Love! Looove will keep us together Think of me babe whenever Some sweet talking guy comes along siiiinging his song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aU57V6VBW0
(135.25 KB 720x668 20201016_235246.jpg)
8kun front page. Notice anything strange?
>>119462 somebody once told me the world was going to roll me
>>119464 lol what is pnd?
>>119467 nu /pol/
>>119466 and that somebody then grew up to be thomas einstein tesla #FACTS #WOW #KNAWLEDGE
(565.72 KB 1280x1488 siging flutters.png)
(130.67 KB 886x411 EkX-wcZUYAEwAcA.png orig.png)
(100.01 KB 1052x592 EkX-yjmVkAEbTlu.jpg orig.jpg)
fellas, is it gay to exist?
*does not reply because i am so straight that i ceased to exist* goodbye my heteros need me in the other world...
>>119473 why the fuck is dame da ne so goddamn funny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JScsAw3ym0w
>>119471 Yes >>119472 o7 ya brave soul
>>119472 change da world my final message goodby e
(8.75 KB 225x225 index.jpg)
>>119476 *gets hit with green gay beam that makes people gay* *returns reborn full of the big gay* Hello
(52.73 KB 576x680 1579153420483.jpg)
>>119476 RIP peridotposter. They never watched scary movies with us and never saw how much better my costume was.
>>119478 there is no costume you are just naked all the time stop the lies
>>119479 Quite the opposite actually.
>>119480 Slutty hijab?
>>119481 No. Bulkier.
>>119480 you take baths while wearing clothes? smart eco friendly amazing wow
>>119482 Slutty heavy infantry
>>119483 Ok well not quite that extreme. >>119484 No.
>>119485 poser so you are naked at times ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!
(351.27 KB 1200x900 1542855096958.jpg)
I can't sleps
(1.58 MB 1200x1189 1602907099874.png)
>>119489 would you like a cookie?
>>119489 I can punch you if you want That always makes people sleepy
>>119490 >>119491 the duality of man....
>>119490 Is it a chocolate cheps cookie? >>119491 violence don't do it.
>>119404 The right hemisphere of my brain is shaking, my pupils are expanding, and my balls are quaking, Shayton, would you kindly post stomach pics? >>119434 Dawg fuck that listen to some triumphit anime music, it's your time to shine babey!
>>119494 sugary things are bad
>>119496 sugar isnt so bad in moderation take da cookie...
>>119490 Stop trying to offer me dopamine!
>>119499 >MFW Marx said “ Religion is the opium of the people” Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, actually sweetie, it’s sugar
>>119404 i wanna bite >>119494 I shan't then. I am not friends with choco cheps cookies.
>>119495 >triumphit anime music But I feel cool when I listen to Creature Feature
>>119501 marx failed to consider the rush of sniffing pixie sticks
>>119454 That wasn't even against you.
G'night /GET/, sleep tight
>>119509 come back you cunt! play with your friends more don't go to sleep
(1.70 MB 3264x1836 20200810_000302.jpg)
(1017.33 KB 1440x1496 20200813_223445.jpg)
>>119495 >>119502 Pics rel is like the best i have of my tum atm lol
>>119514 real tucked in
>>119509 nite famrade >>119514 this is bad for my heart.
(106.18 KB 1772x1181 0000766 (2).jpg)
>>119508 pretty good imo
(1.11 MB 332x332 ce8.gif)
What's the current mood in the thread?
>>119529 pretty chill, playing some vidya
>>119529 I am unable to sleps. u?
>>119532 i warned you bro i told you to get punched bro this is why the world needs more tomboy girls
>>119497 Ahem, but Meow said that sugar bullets are more hazardous than those of steel.
(149.44 KB 600x600 Mebutnotreally.png)
>>119532 I woke up at 9 and now I'm playing TF2 with one of my DnD group members cause we don't have a session this weekend.
>>119529 idk but my friends and I are about to play the new Jack Box Games release while having some drinks and eating popcorn
(50.99 KB 735x645 867.jpg)
>>119536 >TF2® It's the most fun you can have online!™ Enjoy
>>119536 Interesting, do we have enough people around here to form a TF2 squad?
(437.30 KB 605x643 4ca.png)
>>119541 Probably yeah, how many hours do you guys have? 1300+ here.
11h lmfao
(632.91 KB 720x480 a r e.png)
>>119542 A similar amount of hours played here, but it's been a while. How's the game like now, these days?
(1.70 MB 300x168 isnice.gif)
>>119544 The hackers were not really prevalent in any of the games I played, it seems that the recent banwaves and other preventative measures have at least curbed down on the problem. The matchmaking is still sorta broken though in the sense that it produces unbalanced teams constantly skillwise and mid-game autobalance and splitting of parties because of sore losers leaving the match early is still an issue. If you have decent teamwork though (like you would have with an actually organized group of friends in our case) then it is still a very enjoyable experience.
>>119514 Real 69:able
(37.33 KB 640x631 yg25zm09mit51.jpg)
I can't find any women to fuck on tinder. should I embrace my bi side and click show me men as well. I'm not openly bi so I'm scared peeps will find out
(24.96 KB 650x653 Revy.jpg)
We're gonna be streaming episodes of Black Lagoon in the Cytube room in about one and a half hours! We hope you join us! https://cytu.be/r/leftytrashpile
>>119552 Go ahead you can always just unclick it if you don't like what you see
>>119545 Never encountered many hackers actually, but again, at around that time the caber hadn't yet been slowed, lol.
>Yeonmi Park has a Youtube channel >Its called the "Voice of North Korea" https://www.youtube.com/c/YeonmiParkOfficial/videos Can you get more pretentious than doing shit like this?
(158.50 KB 754x837 She awakens.png)
gah, I'm still tired
>>119559 Hi still tired
(657.25 KB 749x913 Neko desu nya.jpg)
>>119560 Henlo there
>>119542 >>119544 2500hrs+ but it's all on a controller yes i know
(66.85 KB 473x480 aa5.jpg)
Reminder that the stream starts in 15 minutes!
>>119561 You gonna get shitfaced tonight?
>>119565 Hell yeah I am!
Hmm, I do not like environmentalists.
(398.47 KB 1200x1112 bishie commies.JPG)
Choose your character
>>119571 lmao @ Mussolini
>>119566 I'll hold you to that.
(239.83 KB 542x515 1572887161605.png)
>>119571 >lenin >hair
>>119578 >he doesn't know about cute lenin.
>>119579 What, like his fucking kindergarten years? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Early_life_of_Vladimir_Lenin Dude started malding his hair off already at puberty (can relate, forged through fire and class warfare).
>>119580 business idea: Visiting /ref/
>>119571 none all look like fire emblem generics
>>119581 What do ya mean by that? (I visit /ref/ from time to time)
(10.57 KB 179x281 index.jpg)
there is baby lenin and then there is old lenin BUT we must never talk about baby "with fake beard standing on top of two toddlers in a trench coat" lenin
(54.17 KB 108x216 move.PNG)
>>119583 visit the mascot thread!
>>119585 Has moe gone too far?
(2.48 MB 2164x3048 p049.JPG)
>>119586 it's possible
(344.77 KB 850x1198 moe castro.jpg)
>>119589 that's Pol Pot pic related is Castro Here's more https://danbooru.donmai.us/pools/6355
>>119590 Pol Pot should be thick, also what is this? Is it from a vn or manga?
(299.74 KB 850x1200 moe zedong.jpg)
>>119591 It's just a bunch of one-off illustrations for MC Axis, a magazine for military otaku.
>>119590 His breasts should be way bigger considering how much Castro loved dairy
(42.04 KB 316x241 f6b.png)
>>119593 He’s got a point
Back at work for a little while I wanna ascend the ranks of the funni Cthulhu Cult, but I apparently have to buy the holy book and it’s hella expensive ;-;
(788.48 KB 360x480 plugwalk.gif)
spooker movie night
>>119599 But it's Saturday.
>>119601 I’m gonna be home by 8:30, calm your titoos
>>119602 But that's late. Oki.
>>119599 > I apparently have to buy the holy book and it’s hella expensive ;-; Bruh
>>119605 Yeah I know. But on the other hand, I could guide these people to Marxism Leninism The choice is difficult
>>119592 >a magazine for military otaku. bravo japan what the fuck do they not sexualize
>>119607 Suck their dicks maybe? Win-Win.
>>119609 Knowing them I might get tentacles latched on my head from that
>>119600 I wish I could attend but im getting dragged off my home in like half an hour and I'll probably won't have internets (((((((((((((((( it sucks (((((((((((((
>>119612 > dragged off my home Whatcha mean? >>119599 How holy can it be? Is it signed by Bella Dephine?
>>119611 Tentacles are good.
>>119613 family
>>119613 No, but it IS from Australia. I suppose I can get it as a “Halloween gift” since I like collecting esoteric tomes and I have nothing better to do.
>check neighbour board >yet another new thread sucking off /pol/ and its nazis and q-boomers aka to "lefty"/pol/ as the "working masses"
(548.86 KB 500x281 1600476366901.gif)
>>119614 Well she's certainly stuffed, literally fucked up.
>>119619 Link?
>>119542 2000+ here
(37.33 KB 640x631 yg25zm09mit51.jpg)
>>119625 How can you love me when I hate myself? Checkmate.
(784.10 KB 340x179 DismalMiniatureHapuku-max-1mb.gif)
>>119625 Love u 2
(98.17 KB 315x412 freakout.PNG)
>mouse/lizard/idontfuckingknow broke into flat >cat is chasing it >lock myself inside my room this is why i need send help
>>119630 be brave and catch it
>>119630 Femoid moment >>119632 Boop
>>119633 Boop to you too with my dick :3
>>119631 no way in hell. i will stay inside my room until my mom or whoever comes over, she got early shift and it's 1am so it will be a while but that's okay. i'm not leaving this room. i'm hearing weird sounds over so fuck that. >>119632 i am in distress, don't laugh >>119633 that's sexist
>>119634 Waah! Bad Britstache! >>119636 Sexism is gender affirming tho
>>119639 it's just afforming i'm a wuss, my mom would clean that thing up no problem
>>119630 Grab a broom and wack it
>>119641 i feel bad swatting flies, i can't wack some animal thats eyes can look back at me
>>119640 Well if it’s a mouse or whatever, I suggest you pet it and take care of it. He is but a little creecher
(1.91 MB 233x300 1601608436372.gif)
>>119630 have you tried offering it some food?
>>119642 I would say leave the door open and let it run away via that but there is a possibly more critters come in
i went in and checked, twice now my cat just sits there, where i saw that thing last, and i can't find it anywhere, i took a stick and pocked around but nothing cat didn't seem interested either hope is that she ate it or something but there was no blood or anything maybe it was just a giant ass moth hope i don't have to find out and it's just gone
(151.89 KB 788x1013 mash the dirty red scum!.png)
I return from the abyss that is work! Now time for alcohol!
>>119648 Welcome back Peridotposter What you drinkin'?
>>119648 Get in here loser
(158.50 KB 754x837 She awakens.png)
>>119649 Beer, as per usual >>119650 Give me the link, I dont know where to gooooo
(206.01 KB 960x593 iskv9cqcyep51.png)
>>119653 Can’t
>>119654 Y nut
>>119655 I ain’t near my computah
>>119656 Then move closer to it.
>>119657 In 2 hours I will be, so if y’all still around, I’ll join
(205.26 KB 1000x1000 Do you think I'm cute.png)
>>119658 Yeah dont worry, I put up a nice MST3k movie as intermission
(132.54 KB 596x676 Discussionpost.jpg)
>>119660 The only thing I will consider is ripping her bra and panties off
>>119661 get in here I or I wont let u fugg me
>>119663 >>119663 Okie, probably won't be in for long though
Why is there this assumption that being passionate about music equals being musically literate? My boomer dad listened to music as a hobby his whole life, collected and sold records, was a drummer in a band, introduced me to a bunch of artists I would have never learned about from /mu/, but if you asked him to articulate why he likes X he wouldn't be able to articulate it. If some /mu/tant met my dad they would walk away thinking he's not into music because he doesn't possess the technical jargon. It's a bit boujee, ain't it?
>>119665 Jargon is all bourgeois shit to make it seem like you're experts on something when really you're just speaking babble to people. It's like reading kamala harris talk about "student debt forgiveness lonas for grant recipients who are also small business owning minorities". Urbanites suck.
(1014.25 KB 800x1300 leftypol-this-month.png)
I probably wont finish this because it stoped being amusing and i didn't know where to post it so maybe one of you might want to finish. :3
(16.02 KB 301x330 what the fuck.jpg)
>>119666 >that video
>>119668 I guess it's a way to get kiddos learn Latin America capitols. But is still left Guyana and Surinam >San te ah go
(82.61 KB 555x513 Long hairidot.png)
So yeah, the previous movie was weird shit, but the next one is weird er shit
>>119670 You were barely shitfaced smh
>>119670 That movie is lovely, I love the little circus part.
>>119672 I'd watch movies with you guys but i have work in the morning Thats okay because im gonna get paid soon and finally buy a dildo online so i can ride one :)
>>119666 Jargon is hyperspecific vocabulary meant to remove the otherwise omnipresent ambiguity in human linguistics so that experts can discuss things in a dense format. Appreciating the role of jargon is a scientific endeavor
(83.35 KB 899x1077 EkgwLs9XEAAEVX6.jpeg)
>>119660 henlo yes i'd like to grab her chubb yes kthxbi
>>119614 >belly hot
(30.71 KB 525x618 1560934079929.jpg)
(67.25 KB 534x486 20201014_114333.gif)
>>119679 Have you ever realized that you could be assassinated by cat?
Y'all ever just cum despite not even enjoying it and you just regret the decision to cum cuz now you're covered in sperm and you're about to go to sleep and you never enjoyed the porn you came to to begin with?
>>119682 It's like you know me from all my life. At least is cheap and I can get a shower and throw some paper than waste 30 bucks or more in a prostitute and get who knows what. (Plus paying for the hotel). Wasn't this talked about in other thread?... The... Fuck I can't remember it.
>>119681 Yes I am very aware. >>119682 You mean like cumming is more like a chore
>>119684 Would you prefer an ugly cat, a silly one, or a cute one to cause you to sneeze?
(145.54 KB 1080x1378 Screenshot_20201018-135507__01.jpg)
(56.09 KB 450x350 unnamed.jpg)
My third eye is opening. I can finally see.
>>119685 Are you trying to assassinate me??? >>119686 Really makes you think.
The roots of the galaxy have grown deep under our careful tender. Where there is life, the wisdom of our countless generations has saturated the soil. Our strength is a luminous sun, towards which all intelligence blossoms! And the impervious shelter, beneath which it has prospered.
(103.41 KB 400x531 misha3.jpg)
>>119688 nice words
I'd like to get into a creative hobby like writing but I just feel like I haven't read enough to be a writer. It's been years since I've read a book just for enjoyment. Hell it's been weeks since I played a video game other than Minecraft. Of course I suppose the answer is to simply read or play video games or whatever but I feel like I could be at it forever. Sorry for the rambling about a non-problem lads.
>>119690 it's true that you have to "just do it", the reward of feeling accomplished only comes at the cost of punishing yourself by applying force on yourself if you want to write, maybe try with something short, can even be smut or any other kind of lesser effort writing, just to get into doing the motions
>>119691 You're absolutely right, I just need to come up with an idea for something short to write about
>>119692 spurdo would probably be more helpful, since he seems rather experienced with writing
>>119694 Even so thank you for your help!
(230.66 KB 482x672 misha6.jpg)
>>119667 Before I forget, nice job anon. I like it. Its really well done and it shows how much effort you put into it. I would say put some comic in there, but if this is the first page, it would be probably look weird, not the usual newspaper formate
don't mind me just testing word filters: n*gger -> roody poo tr*anny -> transhumanist m*trix -> matrix s*cdem -> socdem r*java -> a dozen US military bases in Syria
>>119697 >Anti-Kurd autism Why
>>119690 You don't get good by watching other people do art but by making art. So start writing short stories to practice and after you've got your feet wet look up storywriting theory in small chunks and try and apply it to see what works.
>>119682 >Covered in sperm This is why people use cum socks, anon.
(2.36 MB 400x299 Stalin_is_judging_you.gif)
>>119700 or just go to the bathroom
(72.62 KB 549x767 90b.jpg)
How many of the people who have hours in TF2 here are in our Element room? Asking because its better to organize a party through there than on the board.
>When you dream you're in a zombie apocalypse carrying an SKS and hiding in the back of a lorry with some comrades while some zombies are walking past Feels weird man
>>119697 >>119698 Rojava isn't a wordfilter you dumbass, stop trying to do a god damn false flag.
>try to open /leftypol/ >525 ssl handshake failed
>>119707 I had some lag earlier but it is working fine rn
(34.15 KB 848x480 RevyWhitmanFever.jpg)
Where you nibbas at? We can't really start the stream if there's no-one to participate in it. https://cytu.be/r/leftytrashpile
How to get e-famous as an artist? I feel like I'm finally past the succ and I'm thinking about doing some social media shit but I've no idea where to start.
>>119682 > Y'all ever just cum Can't relate I don't cum. I coom. HARD
>>119710 maybe not enough regulars here might be because the euros usually arrive later evening, because it's weekend they are out and about and also put off from even being here by the bad site performance
>>119680 i coom'd thx
>>119714 np bby
Is it just me or is the site acting up again?
Lordly my head hurts. And I dont remember too much after midnight. So that was a successful night of debauchery I presume. What's good over here?
>>119719 Not much, just had mah dinner (Duck with fried rice, bretty gud), other than that, sitting here sexually frustrated which wouldn't be so bad, but I haven't even gone out for a walk outside for nearly 7 months, not even for a quick walk around the fucking block
oh that explains it, they are trying a DDoS again lmao they are still mad about their lack of a chin
anyone have that one cosmonaut gondola webm? can't find it anywhere
>>119697 You forgot one more word filter: ad*rable -> Shayton >>119721 What is this, like the fourth time now?
>>119697 You forgot one more word filter: ad*rable -> Shayton >>119721 What is this, like the fourth time now?
(1.18 MB GonTube.webm)
(9.56 MB Space.mp4)
>>119722 :( unfortunately no have two gondolas in consolation
>>119697 Yeah I think I'll start off writing some very short stories, thank you anon >>119705 It seems I've fallen for their ruse
>>119728 Is Space mentally challenged? the link to spacechan in his twitter bio has been dead for months now.
(41.23 KB 400x400 perikitty.gif)
I've been sleeping most of the day on account of me being the world's biggest butt, but I'm kinda recovered. Still waiting to get accepted into that cult though.
we being raided again? everything is messing up
>>119734 Apparently we're being raided by Thai royalists. Which is some funny shit.
>>119734 >>119735 GOD DAMN IT GRACE ANON! LOOK WHAT YOU AND YOUR MONARCHISM HAVE WROUGHT ON US! >King of Thailand paying a 10cent army to Ddos a basket weaving forum that dosent like him
(25.62 KB 480x480 Receiving adequate memes.jpg)
https://www.babesociety.com/products/48580 My goal is to one day have a good enough body that I can wear a dress like this with pride
>>119737 pls post pic i don't like clicking links
(101.80 KB 700x1244 cqupeybr92m01.jpg)
(122.67 KB 980x995 1584982852966.jpg)
>>119736 KINGS BELONG TO THE GUILLOTINE Kek, amazing times frankly. I hope that king gets impaled. >>119737 I bet you would look wonderful. Amazing day, I searched my fav porn actress and they will not be ridin with Biden, She's my crush now. (that's how one should write about they/them people right?) Sadly, they say is sick and I bet all the money she earns go into treatment Such is life
>>119738 click it you bitch what's the worst that could happen >>119735 damn it is that why the site is loading so slow
>>119739 You're such a sweetheart~ I'm gonna need to lose weight first though. >>119738 Grawr, it's just a website with dresses
people’s champions confirming on /leftypol/ the site lagging is literally due to 10cent armies from Thailand China and the US trying to throw up smoke over the thailand protests
(14.49 KB 236x336 misha25.jpg)
>>119745 Its now a question of will the coup regime allow it. They've been very adamant about "MAS never getting back to power" so they will absolutely try everything to not allow it
I'm horny and sad
>>119749 I would say rub one out, but then you'd just be sad, and that sounds even worst
images not loading, slow time, nobody posting sad times
>>119751 It's worst when you don't feel lik rubbing one out, but still feeling horny >>119752 Great elder tomoko, what's happening?
(657.25 KB 749x913 Neko desu nya.jpg)
>>119749 Hi horny and sad, I'm Peridot! Still waiting for the results of my entry exam into that cult. The anticipation is killing me.
>>119749 you should jack off to wholesome happy porn yes it exists
(327.66 KB 749x462 PNG image 5.png)
>>119753 Sounds like a super rough time
(7.38 KB 208x243 fcghvjbkn.jpg)
>>119753 you could just to do it to get it over with
>>119754 Hey Periposter, what's your opinion of this: https://soundgasm.net/u/Oolay-Tiger/NSFW-18-Peridot-Experiments-Peridot-x-Garnet >>119755 >>119758 That seems to be the case, it seems. >>119756 Indeed, it is.
>>119753 the stupid ddos attack on bunker is making it barely usable
>>119760 It's that still going on? I thought the /pol/ys had already gone back to other site.
>>119761 Apparently it isn't /pol/, its coming from mainly China, Thailand and another country I forgot https://twitter.com/ericmusicfan/status/1317940744943030277?s=21
>>119761 no, it's supposedly thailand now spamming places that are on their shitlist
>>119759 booo, Peridot belongs with Steven
>>119762 >>119763 What? Why? >China, Thailand Is it for the protest and shit going down over there or something?
What do you think about the loud challenge? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUDyOLjgLho
>>119764 They ain’t even fused yet! Amethyst has more of a chance than Peridot
>>119752 everything is just so laggy and the connection to the server keeps timing out
(551.71 KB 475x750 skeleton union.png)
good morning comrades, and glory to our struggle against the Thai monarchy!
found mouse it's hiding in the couch wont come out what do
>>119770 if you have like a 2 liter bottle you can cut it open right where the bend starts, then take off the part you cut off and fill the inside of the bottle with food and then invert the part you cut off and put it back in the bottle, sealing it with glue or tape. this is a pretty good non-lethal trap which lets you just catch them in the bottle and release them somewhere else so you don't have to deal with the blood or guts of a mouse trap.
>>119771 i don't want to kill it so i guess a trap sounds good though i'll have to set it up and wait for her to braven up and actually come out, which is doubtful
also how does the bottle trap the mouse inside? do i have to sit by and watch? and then try to quickly grab and turn it so she wont escape?
>>119773 I think mice are diurnal, which means they tend to be most active in the morning and evening. otherwise its nocturnal, active mostly at night, but only a few species of mice are truly nocturnal. so as long as you clear out from the room it is hiding in for a good 10 minutes or so during those time periods, it will probably come out to try and forage food and hopefully fall for the trap.
>>119774 its simple, when the bottle is standing upright, just make a ramp up into the bottle. mice are used to being able to climb most surfaces easily, but they cannot really climb plastic very well, so they will go into the bottle expecting being able to climb out, but can't and end up getting stuck. there is also a way to make a similar-ish trap out of just gluing some stuff together here if you want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjsBV25Z5rU it may be a bit simpler to use
>>119776 hmm, can't really set something like this up, i suck at crafting and don't have hot glue having some kind of ramp would be better but i don't know what to use, will figure it out i guess thanks
>>119770 give cheese and befriend
>>119778 i put a mix of raisins and nuts in the bottle and hope that it smells enough
(121.09 KB 1080x1350 1603033890621.jpg)
"Haha, silly boys ;P"
(129.44 KB 1316x1574 a62d3abe84130b60836a47fa3d80ccc6.jpg)
>>119780 Damn that's T H I C C!
made poached eggs and a bell pepper, onions, bacon, and cheese hash brown stirfry
(412.96 KB 400x414 1457983171732.gif)
>>119782 sounds delish. I just ate some tost with decaf cofi.
>>119780 Woah mama, those are some big milkers
>>119737 Damn, I imagine you'd look very cute and sexy in that dress
was looking at hentai and came up on an unfamiliar tag called "corporhagia" regretted googling it but at least it saved me the trauma of reading that douijin and encoutering that disgusting graphic sex mood gone i hate this we'll get 'em next time boys
Im playing TNO as burgundy and trying to win / turn france into a horrific brutalist dystopia etc but no matter what i do every legions loyalty just starts cratering with no hope of recovery once the focus tree to investigate and eventually dissolve them appears. Then they revolt i lose like 200pp 20 stability etc and the get likw 100 fucking units against my life 30 SS divisions
>>119789 I am pretty sure that the Nazis and Burgundians always inevitably collapse, Burgundy is just trying to induce nuclear war before they do and Germany is just trying to stave it off for as long as they can
(3.12 MB 1602969841616.webm)
>>119792 I don't know how to feel about it. Horny or terrified?
We bak yet?
Test >>119793 Yes
(189.42 KB 1280x975 the universe falling apart.png)
damn thai monarchists
>>119792 I wish I could like people who aren't twink-like. It's so limiting. Also, I wish I could find VAGINAs erotic. Like as a hole, sure nice, but as an erotic object, there's literally nothing there. Sighs...
>>119792 "Oh, so you're straight and only like GENETIC women? Go ahead, fuck the musclegirl!"
>>119800 I could fuck her no problem. Well there's one. I think that my dick could get destroyed by her perineal muscles. Oh god, those legs could break me like a stick.
Holy bojangles, this ddos attack has made the site pretty much nonfunctional. We get it Thailand, you're mad, please cease. On a side note, I got my costume today! I'm gonna try it on once I shave my legs and such.
(159.67 KB 706x1131 Forgive me if I have my doubts.png)
>>119804 bitches aint letting me post pictures wtf
>>119800 gonna use this the next time I see a >her
(1.24 MB 1522x1100 8 get.png)
>>119798 What's the matter, bunkerchan? catgirl got your tongue?
>>119807 So it was you the whole time?
(2.66 MB 3408x2800 Gr01m.png)
>>119808 No comment.
>>119809 As satan's spiritually-chosen ambassador to bunkerchan, i shall be issuing a diplomatic objection to god for allowing the site to be DDOS'd.
(615.99 KB 1700x2048 u5DJfJxw.jpg large.jpg)
>>119810 G*d can't help you now.
(2.29 MB 2100x2100 Tania_Gun.png)
(56.81 KB 800x600 HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME.png)
Well, my costume doesn't fit at all. If you excuse me, I think I'll go cry in my room for a while over how hideous and fat I am
(165.43 KB 435x456 8jfh2.PNG)
>>119813 i'm sorry to hear, had similar experiences with costumes and things you'll find something cute for sure
(31.84 KB 640x361 My cakes will burn!.jpg)
>>119814 No I'm not, I'm fat and hideous, even my mom can clearly see that. My shoulders are giant and wonky I keep having hair grow everywhere and oh god I'm so fucking ugly. I feel like curling up in a ball, going to sleep, and not waking up. That would be ideal. Also this damn site isn't even posting shit correctly
(104.23 KB 112x112 620282622.gif)
>>119804 whats the costume?
(132.45 KB 850x850 Astolfo cosplay.jpg)
>>119818 This thingy As mentioned though, it doesn't fit at all
>>119819 why not this one?
(566.57 KB 1439x1081 Baka Drip.jpg)
>>119821 image didnt load
(39.35 KB 500x461 heavy.jpg)
>>119819 TFW i have an otaku friend who would look gourgeous in that costume. >>119813 >>119815 >>119817 Don't worry, be proud. Getting into shape is hard. I'm still working for the summer (if they open the beaches here kek, one can only dream) and is invigorating -the endorfines the body releases are more cheap than any stimulant- simply put, don't give up and keep track of your goals.
>>119817 this is pretty much unusable, might try posting on GETchan but nobody is there so i dunno what's going on with everyone i'll just watch whatever cytube they shitpost
before bunkerchan goes down again, gets some moderators on GETchan dot net
(405.13 KB 1250x1080 Le Juche.JPG)
>>119825 The .net isn't controlled by anyone here. It was a whole thing. Still gonna post over there, seems more stable
(22.25 KB 580x454 1553229471870.png)
>Had to cut my hair because of the heat >Look awful with short hair RIP in peace long hair, I'll await for you in the next fall/winter.
Are we back yet?
>>119827 >tfw winter is coming >mane flowing I AM READY
>>119827 get your mom to knit you a nice warm toque >>119829 omg i can't believe the simpsons would animate something so vile and repulsive, look at that hip thrust, all the pedophiles are jerking off to this
>>119830 Jelly tbh >>119831 >My mom >Knitting or sewing Lol
>>119831 Kek, it's from an old episode (from the 90's I think). But you're right, Lisa is dancing to suggestive music, to which Homer reprimends her for dancing to that. To only get distracted by the beautiful dancers on the Tv. https://youtu.be/AravxL7ojCA
>>119832 you can also do it yourself, it's pretty easy once you figure it out at least from what i remember, i already completely forgot
I get paid this week but at the cost of having to wake up early and my sleep schedule is too fucked up to do that without hiccups.
(17.08 KB 229x276 1533404970372.jpg)
>>119835 > just think of the money and do it, slut butt >>119833 that's actually amazing
(115.43 KB 844x1125 CR-K2.jpg)
>>119834 I tried doing that early this year, it was pretty fun even if it isn't the best thing ever, but I give up on it since I can fix my clothes for shit, mabe I'll try again some other time when I can. >Pic related a little comrade I made to keep me company
i freed the mouse thank you mr wobbly, you saved the mouse she even got a free meal out of it all, let's hope she wont become one
>>119838 Post pic of ms.mouse
(929.14 KB 857x734 mouse enjoying some nut.PNG)
(994.41 KB 498x280 18388391.gif)
>>119838 nice time to celebrate
the rapist from my "family" recovered from covid but his wife who he used to beat is in severe condition fuck this piece of shit planet no justice no power to take matters into my own hands no karma for the bad people i feel sick in my stomach
I don't understand why /pol/yps are so obsessed with "purity" and avoiding regeneracy. My older bro is always railing against even casual drug use and seems to have this weird almost religious Puritan worldview towards any kind of hedonistic release. I've never done drugs but I find it insane that somehow even ONE toke will turn you into some kind of reprobate. I dunno if he has some trauma with this or whatever, but I've known junkies and shit and while they're not productive people in any sense even in extreme cases they're still human. I've also known lots of people who smoke and drink and shit and are still well adjusted and reasonably successful. More well adjusted than the clearly Mexican dude whose room is plastered with anime crap from /a/ and a bunch of Nazi model kits and memorabilia. Dysfunctional families reach a whole new level of clown when you have two imageboard users living in the same house, lel cannot wait to be free of this misery >>119843 yeah as I get older the more I'm convinced this planet is literally actually some kind of hell
>>119840 Cute, you should adopt her.
(3.36 MB 1920x1080 world communism 1.png)
(3.06 MB 1920x1080 world communism 2.png)
did someone order world communism? sidenote, the new DLC is literally just focus trees lmao
>>119850 i kinda would've liked that, seeing it chomp down on the almond without a care while i carried it outside was very cute, but besides not having a place set up and already having cats that were waiting for it to show itself to have a snack, i think it'll do better living outdoors and being able to move maybe i'll leave some almonds lying around to keep it well fed for the winter
>>119838 >>119840 also nice
>>119852 adopting wild animals usually isn't the best idea, unlike domesticated mice they aren't used to being in confined spaces, so you couldn't have it live in a cage or anything like that.
Well AI dungeon has just gone totally porky and is now forcing you to make an account of which they are just openly saying they will share your email address and the shit you type into the game to private individuals and companies. Any other good games that can fill this void?
>>119855 I've been enjoying the latest beta build of project zomboid, though its not really like AI dungeon
>>119855 i actually got a bit tired of the ai becoming dissatisfying so i ended up just writing on my own basically just written out fantasies about what i can get myself off to, same thing as in AI dungeon but entirely self made and then i delete it
>>119849 Communists will turn hell into heaven That is my belief
Trumps retweeting this mega church pastor and in turn getting like 100,000 likes whose saying shit like >"Like jesus was for Israel!, Trump is OUR WAY, OUR TRUTH, OUR LIGHT!"
if I have to solve another motorcycle captcha I'm going to do the great purge v2
>>119857 What sort of fantasies are these?
(22.97 KB 405x250 srs.jpg)
Writing a isekai story in AI Dungeon where the protagonist is sent into a fantasy world that functions on porn logic, AMA. >>119855 Sauce plz? Moreso on the latter part. The account thing I knew about already, it was done a while back already in response to DDOS attacks from anonymous quest accounts that kept bringing the servers down and denying access to the game for everybody.
>>119813 Well shit, that sucks to hear my friend >>119817 Well fuck, you gonna be ok? There anything you can do about your hair growth at least? >>119840 Cute
>>119851 Based, what mod?
>>119852 That sounds good, be careful that your cats don't eat her tho, one never knows with those little vermins.
>>119865 Flag what? Don't say deez nuts
(538.64 KB 1068x759 Lurking Peridot.png)
Stop lurking bimbo or I'll whoop you
(7.81 KB 246x278 325.jpg)
>>119871 Stop lurking and contribute something to the discussion.
>>119873 >>119874 Cant stop lurking, too sad
Site seems to be working again
(5.31 KB 336x286 fce.png)
>>119875 What's making you sad?
>>119874 Can I contribute my Benis :DDDD XD
>>119875 How does lurking change sadness Site so slow it will makes me feel depressed lol
I want to try eating gazpacho How would it taste than tomato soup
(249.15 KB 640x372 I suppose it's a living.png)
>>119877 My costume finally arrived but I'm too fat and hideous to fit in it. >>119879 It doesn't, but if I talk I'll likely feel sadder.
>>119881 Did ya order it the size you thought you were and it came back smaller that you thought?
>>119882 It says on the thing that it's extra large. I can barely so much as wiggle into it, much less close the zippers
(31.07 KB 515x329 79c.jpg)
>>119883 Can you post pics of the costume itself? I'm actually interested to see it now.
>>119863 Read the privacy policy it makes you do when you register an account
>>119885 I've already read it before, didn't find anything that wasn't already done by pretty much any other game service I use. Not saying its justified, just that its kind of unavoidable in the current day where large scale data collection is the norm. In this case there's also no real alternative in existence for something like AI Dungeon since its still such an experimental and niche thing.
(126.18 KB 768x978 Hipster Peridot.png)
>>119884 In a bit, gimme some time to wake up a little
(38.65 KB 472x472 d1a.jpg)
Checking these trips.
(178.11 KB 612x435 EfnUQSUU8AIqXxh.png)
>>119857 based, I adlib porn stories in my mind to get off too. As much as I try to add variation, I find myself returning to the same things. I guess my fetishes have settled.
(29.08 KB 800x600 Mega baka.png)
>>119889 binch Anyways, good news is that I'm now officially a cultist. So that's pretty cool.
>>119888 Check, check’d, chikkity checked >>119889 No >>119891 What does it entail?
(134.60 KB 746x1072 hey, it's a living.png)
>>119892 Not a whole lot, other than now I have more of an excuse to work on void meditation. Oficially, it means that I'm now actually part of the group, albeit at the lowest level, but I'm working through the tier 2 stuff, after which hopefully I'll get cool merchandise. Or something.
Is it safe?
>>119895 It's never safe, Homestar, danger lurks everywhere.
>>119896 Aww man, this blows.
(191.27 KB 539x535 Love a bat.png)
>>119895 Perhaps
(55.16 KB 820x593 Hey Stinkoman.png)
>>119898 Is it not Love A Bat[pony] Day everyday?
>>119898 Can't stop here. Bat country.
(64.93 KB 329x427 shower.png)
>>119900 Not bat country, batPONY country. Don't you wanna pet the batponies?
>>119901 they have batpony rabies. Have you ever seen a man infected by batpony rabies? nasty stuff.
>>119893 Hopefully you can rise up them ranks >>119895 Yo, Zeke, ya got any updates on the whole .net situation
>>119903 .net situation?
>>119904 GETchan.net
>>119891 the chuthutlu chads accepted you? hey you know put in a good word for me with the thing
(3.12 MB 1920x1080 1.png)
(3.33 MB 1920x1080 2.png)
(3.34 MB 1920x1080 3.png)
>>119905 Oh, to be honest I've had some IRL issues so I haven't been super focused on GETchan.net stuff.
gimmie the gimmie the gimmie the pussy b0ss remember whenever everybody said this? yeah me neither but seriously give me the bpussy pl0x
>>119908 M’kay, just wondering >>119911 a
>>119912 bare pussy
internet is a spooky place. my dad has been looking at yt videos of people converting vans into campers, with beds, electricity, etc. I'm on my laptop, which I never even use in the house, i'm at waves coffee right now. yt reccing me a camper van conversion video right now. internet is a spooky place.
>>119862 self insert stuff with tomoko, sometimes with inflation elements, and stuff with yugo it's pretty bad written but i enjoy myself >>119867 when i released the mouse i had my cats locked up inside, nowadays they only steal something like a sock or some cloth they find lying around instead of hunting, i'm glad for that >>119889 please come back
>>119891 Based >>119893 Interesting, hope you'll get to the higher ranks of the cult >>119898 W-what kind of bat loving? Which country? >>119919 Did you give the Mouse a name?
(10.70 MB 1602469595285.webm)
>>119924 >>119925 >>119926 >>119927 We did it r/GETdit
Take my upvote
>>119922 Thanks for the words of encouragement. Sadly, I have yet to find a date for Halloween ;-;
>>119930 >Thanks for the words of encouragement. You're welcome my friend >Sadly, I have yet to find a date for Halloween ;-; Why not ask one of your fellow cult members?
>>119930 >Date Why? Is this like Christmas where countries outside the Americas use the time as an excuse to fuck? How many other holidays are like this? >>119928 Nope, my achievement, It is my achievement now, my property.
>>119932 I've tried, I dont think any of them are very close to me. >>119934 No, it's just because I'm a lonely fuck and want some pussy or dick or somebody to have pancakes with idk
>>119937 Wait, don't you live somewhere in north america?
(58.28 KB 952x839 Awooooo.png)
>>119938 east coast, near DC, yeah why? You wanna be my date?
>>119939 Dunno. We could prolly just get in touch online off-bunkerchan tho lol
>tfw horny but committed self to 3 weeks of no porn also how to deal with voooter dad, for whom non voooters "deserve trump"
>>119934 Where I live is just an excuse to get drunk and party, of course that you can get laid too. Like, the amerikkkan influence only extends to 3 upper and middle class moms getting their children to get candies, while the mayoriry of teens or young adults go to have a blast, costume or not. Some years ago there were drunken riots even in my town kek
>>119943 Saying that 'Murica deserve Trump and it's a simpton of decadence. Plus, if you are going for 4D chessmoves, just agree or be glad to pop some jokes. My father and I are always doing jokes about me joining the socdem party he was part in his youth.
(25.62 KB 480x480 Receiving adequate memes.jpg)
>>119942 Fair enough, I just wanna do stuff >>119943 Oh god, oh fuck, I'm, I'm gonna...I'm VOOOOOOOOTING
>>119946 Lol ill do a disposable email you can contact me at later then we can throw all the opsec in the trash by you adding me on botnet social media for convenience :)
>>119943 Ain’t a leaf? >>119939 Wow, you live near DC cause I sure don’t lol
(132.69 KB 1000x1000 Classy like Carl Sagan.png)
>>119948 Well either that or you can just add me on discord sometime soon. If you wanna meet up and eat pancakes that's just a bonus.
>>119945 I have said that america deserves trump, actually i'd go so far to say that we all (as nations closely tied to america) deserve trump because we've propped up their shit with only the faintest ocasional critique that's far to fucking little, far too fucking late. All the $first world$ imperialist nations deserve trump, and whatever will come to pass. we've made our beds, now there's no choice but to sleep in it. I will say, at least my dad has moved somewhat further left overall. I guess my reason not to vote is that I don't want to legitimize any of the mainstream parties, and the only good thing imo to do, is to explicitly not vote, and rather plaster up anti-capitalist anti-imperialist, pro-internationalist propaganda everywhere. Only I hardly have the balls/motivation as it is, to do things that I supposedly enjoy doing, let alone becoming a political activist.
>>119953 Xi should watch the cartoon Himegoto, because it accurately describes how the contradictions of capitalism lead to trapification of the poor, which is communism.
(235.87 KB 604x488 eggman.png)
>>119953 >>119956 Of course he writes for the Atlantic
(34.69 KB 556x701 1585233339979.jpg)
I saw some Qboomers here for the first time yesterday.
(1.27 MB 1024x7883 Sexbot 1.png)
(1.64 MB 1024x9249 Sexbot 2.png)
(824.62 KB 1024x4829 Sexbot 3.png)
(1020.13 KB 1024x6549 Sexbot 4.png)
(1.35 MB 1024x4615 Sexbot 5.png)
>>119958 Based. I missed that.
(40.54 KB 412x600 Ekn7I3RXUAYF-g9.jpg)
>>119955 Checked, quality television.
GET on >>>/GET/ in about 36 or 35 posts.
>>119960 Cyoas are pretty great :)
>>119964 We're in the final countdown!
(358.25 KB 2048x1152 bokxc8sjlds51.jpg)
>>119950 email me lol
(139.56 KB 567x496 1540766221988.png)
>wake up >no pain sweet, this is gonna be a good one
>no lag >no captcha based
(47.97 KB 28x28 1x (3).gif)
>>119972 not familiar with the context of the vid but thats quite the funky beat
>>119974 It's psy/goa trance which originated from a guy named goa gil and his friends in the goa province of india.
(186.23 KB 640x360 un tan.mp4)
>Literally dozens of ideas for video games, books, and comics that I will never make spread out amongst numerous Google Docs Wish I could do something with them but I'm only just starting to flex my creative muscles again with writing micro stories Perhaps my greatest fear is that I will die and all my thoughts will be stricken from the world forever Oh well I suppose they weren't that unique anyway Also I don't care what /leftypol/ says I ain't supporting the Thai monarchy
>>119977 Put it in your will for those docs to be made public on death then son
so much for no pain fuck >>119977 doing stuff is always the hardest part hope you can focus on the things you want the most and get there by practice i just really want to keep learning how to draw but i'm not good on my own this sucks...
>>119977 whats going on in leftypol, did they concede to the thai ddoser's?
>>119980 nah. I mean, how do you concede to ddoser's?
>>119982 ha just making a funny
(157.58 KB 1136x852 58cd425e112f7043268b4ddd.jpeg)
>>119977 I feel ya
>>119972 Based China for liberating the Tibet from those feudal monks
>>119989 Tibet would be better off as a monastic-communal socialist society led by the maoist dalai lama tbh
>>119990 Well, nothing is perfect in this life
euro peein'
(365.27 KB 819x477 838.PNG)
i need music
>>119978 Maybe >>119979 Thank you I suppose we just need to keep practicing and honing our skills You'll get better, don't worry, just have to keep at it >>119980 Well I've seen some people saying we should support the monarchy though to be fair there are plenty of posters opposed to the Thai government as well >>119987 I hope one day that I can see your finished game
>>119993 https://youtu.be/3mKJFrzBfOc A mix of some sayas Kjarkas- exitos inolvidables https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=-_oGcfww7qs Sayas are great.
Ain’t gonna be here for the GET, but here’s one more closer to that elusive 9
>>119994 i would love to keep at it but on my own i feel lost my sensei helped me a lot, even if it was frustrating being corrected and not always understanding at first but at least it kept me going alone it's so hard, i wish i had a teacher >>119995 thats cute music thanks
More music Mix Tinkus (traditional dance, represents or is a fight between villages or rivals for x reason) https://youtu.be/DBfK03aBmQM Mix Kalamarka (Based group, there are a mix of everything there, including Tobas)
(604.21 KB 720x480 um.png)
>>119998 I forgot the link https://youtu.be/zUunRuDw0Sw Plus some Llorando se fue/She left criying but with some japanese in the end. https://youtu.be/GoPBs1YrRuA That would be all for now. Take care!
>>119997 True, I suppose the most important thing really is to learn self-discipline, to look forward to that feeling of accomplishment once you've finished a task At least that's the way I've come to see it But yeah teaching yourself is hard, it's much easier to do in a structured setting But at least then you can go at your own pace I suppose
bought new headphones but it arrived very soon 2 days so have to quarantine it for 3 days so that i don't get infected by covid from the ears but... my mind is getting tempted help me
>>120005 Best thing I can recommend is to do something to keep your mind off it
So anyways here's Van Darkholme talking about sucking down a 12 inch cock https://youtu.be/L3LxF9YHi1A?t=469
>>120010 when dick sucking is just work it just doesn't make for an interesting story
>>120010 Why are low budget gay pornstars such oddly nice outgoing people?
>>119958 Here as in on bunkerchan or here as in where you live in the real world?
>>119999 >>120000 who is this girl eatin the sammich? also checked, nice job!
>>120009 I didn't know Mr. FUCK♂YOU was a streamer. Amazing. >>120015 in irl life.
>>120017 >In IRL life under what circumstances?
>>120019 Take a big guess.
(263.36 KB 512x512 1553215231801.gif)
>tfw no visual key bf REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
>>120020 Family member? Some march as you were walking down the street?
>>120021 visual kei is dead ((( just like gyarus ((((( >>120023 trump supporters, yeah.
(650.60 KB 720x480 bus.png)
>>120016 That's Nanako Misonou, most likely.
>>119999 >Not posting loli smh
(151.76 KB 385x408 0005.png)
>>120026 This.
>>120024 >visual kei is dead Not in my heart


no cookies?