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(11.86 KB 200x182 leftytrash.jpg)
/leftytrash/ 2.0 Anonymous Comrade 07/18/2020 (Sat) 23:53:30 No. 102302
Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet angry typing, fetishes, shitposting, etc. A banbot I'm working on accidentally baleeted the original, I'm sorry about that.
>>108011 black beans black beans black beans!
>>108013 i never made chilli before either my brother does but i'm on bad terms with him, also it's too spicy i don't like spicy stuff, i guess burritos must be spicy too, so that's a nope for me had apple fritters today, which is something "fancy" for me, haven't had it in a while, but it's really just apples fried in some batter wish i could learn cooking, had a better kitchen that doesn't kill my back when working in and actually the motivation to make anything other than frozen pizza
>>108015 Burritos can be as spicy or as mild as you want, Chilli is also pretty easy to make and it doesn't require much work, if you look up you suck at cooking chilli on youtube you'll get a pretty good basic chilli recipe, just cut the spices down a little Cooking is super fun! You could go to an adult education class if you wanted to learn in a social setting with decent kit, but I learned on my own in a shitty little kitchen
(2.24 MB 2100x1500 rodina_beans2.png)
>>108013 niiiiice >>108014 > >>108015 Well a burrito is much like a subway or something in that you can shape it to the way that you like it. Some people have a lot of shit in theres, others only like the bare bones. It depends on what you like
(2.21 MB 1440x2326 1597095950549.png)
I can't stop fantasizing about setting things on fire
>>108017 i love cooking i just got nobody to eat with me single portions are not worth the effort and i don't want ingrediences to go bad also some other excuses i'll just eat some leftover pancake now
>>107999 Yeah but this is my home. Nice trips btw >>108000 Wut
>>107985 You forgot the third circle, "Being Anime" >>108015 You can make non spicy chile my dude, it's just beef + tomatoes + beans + Onions [optional] + spice. >better kitchen that doesn't kill my back Is all your appliances on the floor of somethn? If that then just go all the way and just sit on the floor to cook ala "My Brothers and Sisters in the North" style >Lacking Motivations >Eating frozen pizza Better diet + sleep will kickstart a good portion of your motivation.
>twitter now allows to allow who can respond lmao nice
(49.62 KB 512x509 unnamed-2.jpg)
Curious, if the site begins to act wack, where do we go? The backup board just leads to the yt channel
>>108025 huh...
Is this leftist?
>>108029 Its milky
>>108030 And Ur cute
>>108029 what is she drinking?
>>108020 More reason to go to a night school or something to learn how to cook more gooder and have people to eat with
>>108027 Look up GETchan.net and it just takes you to the youthbe
>>108031 seconded >>108033 i live rural, got no car and have not much money for transport, even less so for classes of any sort >>108034 i'll take your word on it
(33.06 KB 600x450 a3c.jpg)
>>108037 Toad?
>>108042 Where?
>>108043 Mariokart, Toad goes "Yahoo!" I heard it in the toad voice when reading it.
>>108045 Oh I was doing it in the Astolfo voice lel
>>108046 that's pretty gay ngl. do those astolfoplushes come with functional diccs?
>>108047 Where you been you big fucking cutie?
>>108048 niceguy I've been gone for one whole day. how fucking thirsty are you for my sweet ass-juices that you can't stand me being away for a day?
>>107987 Hol' up, what? >>108026 I wonder, got any ideas for megaprojects in Bongland?
>>108050 IF by megaproject you mean massive crater where hull used to be I have a couple
Being as Tomokoposter was talking about cooking earlier, thought she's like to see this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4NJ02dEl8c
>>108049 I just enjoy people's company despite being an autistic cunt .-.
Hnnnngh Holy fuck I want this game!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxdWSyoBcH0
>>108047 Well, if plushies had dicks, wouldn't they technically have erectile dysfunction?
Being nice is idpol
(105.00 KB 359x275 uh.png)
>>108057 that's actually adorable! have a sweaty Akko, as a gift of consolation. >>108059 the dicc doesn't have to be plushy, as long as the plushy is plushy. of course, the dicc has to be soo swollen thick and ready to burst with cummies, or there's no point.
>>108061 then what's bulli?
>>108061 Living is idpol tbh
>>108062 i wonder why she's sweating, she seems flustered as well >plush with dick that takes me back to some childhood fantasies weird shit.
>>108062 I enjoy your company. >*I have to be soo swollen thick and ready to burst with cummies FTFY
>>108065 >that takes me back to some childhood fantasies Wat
>>108065 it's just a humid day ya know :) >>108066 yeah, that would be best.
>>108067 let's just say i was pretty early with being curious and stuff
>>107603 It's gone now >>107604 It was here ! >>107615 Drawings >>107664 I love you. We are a couple now.
>>108063 not idpol
christ I'm tired, sewed up some of gf's clothing and my sausage fingers just don't have the dexterity needed to work a needle. >>108070 hello wheatfriend
>>108068 Lewd.
You see this book? It says ur cute and to have a nice day.
(33.63 KB 480x480 271zge.jpg)
>>108074 Stahp eating my files.
>>108075 it's blank though don't be lazy
>>108075 Why is she nibbling on the paper?
(569.83 KB 827x1169 1594952361098.jpg)
Nami is the best one piece grill
>>108078 There any lolis in One Piece?
>>108077 because it's cute, also take note of the fang i used to be against fangs, but actually they are pretty good >>108079 i haven't seen much of it but neither is the artstyle good to make for nice lolis nor do i remember any showing up at any point
(192.21 KB 700x495 lisa3.jpg)
4 me its lisa.
>>108079 kys pedo
>>108081 How about 5 u lisa?
>>108082 Do I really need to give a warning for this?
(77.84 KB 888x499 Disappointment increases.jpg)
>>108080 >i haven't seen much of it but neither is the artstyle good to make for nice lolis nor do i remember any showing up at any point Huh, how unfortunate
>Maxwell documents unsealed. >Looks like Lez Wexner is about to be linked to dersh and epstein. >Unsealed Docs claim that the FBI in florida literally already has all the videos and photos of epstein and pals raping people but just haven't released them. Feels good man. I saw this thing the other day when someone asked Dersh about the temple and his response was literally something like "I Jeffery may have wanted a personal Synagogue!" Like fucking WOW way to make people way less anti-semetic by calling your våldtäkt temple a synagogue
>>108087 Sauce?
>>108091 >Plebbit I know https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/i0zppc/megathread_ghislaine_maxwell_epstein_documents/ Everything i said and more has been edited into this post over the last two days
>>108046 I don't even know the astfolio voice
(234.80 KB 800x741 lisa5.jpg)
>>108083 1 is enough 2 my heart won't handle it.
>>108045 The Mario Kart 64 yahoO
(231.61 KB APLPJ_05.1_wang.pdf)
I just met a liberal who claimed that china was more neolib than the usa and that xi jinping was the pinochet of asia and when i pressed him for sources all he posted was this article from 2004 right after jiang zemin left office
>>108097 I knew he was a liberal before this based on his histrionic behavior, but he confirmed it when he started talking about accusations of chinese debt trap diplomacy in africa
(462.02 KB 1400x1050 59164871_p0.jpg)
hows your day going or went? have anything good to eat?
>>108098 Didn’t they get rid of Africa’s debt as soon as you this pandemic started?
i love raping fictional characters in their 2D form by licking my desktop screen at their lewd places, their ultra realistic alien sized anime eyes is what it makes it so perfect because looking at the terror in them is the same thing like a real person being emotionally scarred besides this i love living out my fantasies of driving a tank into battle and shooting at 3D virtual very real people, when my shell drives through their bodies it satisfies my very real lust for murder
>>108099 >99 nice It's been ok. I have not eaten anything today, hbu?
>>108099 It was fine, I guess. I’m dreading tomorrow. >good to eat I had beans in the morning, so idk how you can top that
>>108102 thanks for checkin my get. i had a baked potato and some mac n cheese, then went for a walk.
>>108103 whats happening tomorrow?
>>108105 School
>>108106 college?
>>108096 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nyZ2XpBBNo fucking hated that cunt-ass mushroom fuck with it's "III'm the best!" at the end of every god damned race.
>>108101 same tbh
>>108108 youre a highschooler?
>>108109 Now you’re reminding me of playing him and his constant yahoos as you spam the golden mushroom >>108111 Check’d Yes, I’m a freshman
>>108112 baby bear in baby bear highschool toad yahoo is the only yahoo that comes to mind aside from offbrand google
(334.35 KB 1000x1000 65067176_p0.jpg)
>>108112 i didnt know you were that young
(88.90 KB 820x460 kuma_breads.jpeg)
>>108113 https://youtu.be/sZ5bN1NYN58?t=37 >>108114 I kid I kid, I'm not thaaaaat young. I mean, compared to some of y'all, yeah but not that young.
>>108115 go to 00:37 I forgot to add lol
(351.27 KB 1200x900 1542855096958.jpg)
speaking of age and being a babby, I am now recalling the tiems when I first started posting in imageboards. it was 15 years ago. I feel old as shit now.
>>108115 so are there any special arrangements for going back, like social distancing or virtual? >>108117 tiem flies
/leftypol/'s weird love of reactionaries paying lip service to vaguely "leftist" ideas (like Tucker Carlson does) disappoints and frustrates me to no end
I wanna fuck my friend so badly. I'm just playing the long game at this point. Is a FWB so much to ask for?
>>108118 Virtual >>108119 It’s probably people who came from stupidpol. I hear their notorious for praising the tuck >>108120 Is she giving you any signals or is it radio silence
>>108121 >Is she giving you any signals or is it radio silence I could barely care about anything romantic. Granted, I'd probably be sick of her if we were in a relationship. She's very cute physically though and she knows it. We two are very good friends and she can even get clingy, but she doesn't want to do anything romantic, which I understand. I still wanna smash unbearably though.
>>108122 I meant to smash
>>108123 She's a Christian (the kind that gets personally offended when you say anything about the religion) so I don't get to see her make any smash talk. She still presents herself in a very cutesty goth thot kind of way, most likely just as a way to feel pretty, but it doesn't help suppressing any of my primal monkey brain instincts.
>>108124 So what you’re saying is that she’s a big tiddy goth gf?
>>108126 I got extremely feminine by giving egalitarian answers only. I didn't understand the game though.
(44.77 KB 792x473 game gender.PNG)
>>108126 it's basically the same question over and over, wtf?
>>108126 I really don't get this >Hurr uneven amounts male, fair amounts female How tf does that prove anything?
(55.85 KB 777x665 dumb.PNG)
https://www.idrlabs.com/iq-16/test.php alright guys the moment of truth
>>108132 IQ tests are dumb, they test ability to take tests and your experience taking them and your education level, not your base intelligence
>>108133 I know, this one was just logic, geometry and pattern recognition based on three different models.
(8.43 KB 223x226 images (4).jpeg)
GOOD MORNING! Did you all get 8 hours of sleep last night?
>>108130 That may be a dumb test but it still looks like it got you right. >>108132 I honestly don't trust IQ tests since my "official" one gave me a fucking stupid number that drives me crazy whenever I think about it.
>>108135 yes >>108137 why u not sleep
(8.25 KB 216x234 download (5).jpg)
>>108137 Y nut? >>108138 Good child.
>>108138 >>108139 dunno just didn't
>>108132 dab on the brainlets
>>108135 nyet.
>>108142 Y nut. >>108141 Y is it so low?
>>108143 because I've had chronic insomnia my whole life
(26.89 KB 452x500 titties.jpg)
>>108144 oh wow me too let's be friends
>>108141 Impressive, I feel like a subhuman now Thanks to you with those dumb quizzes I got inspired https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIriQYlk5SE
>>108145 Hell yeah
>>108147 >>108141 >Spent 5 minutes staring at the first question and still had to just guess. A...Am i genuinely der untermensch?
>>108149 Its a simple pattern recognition test, it doesn't mean anything other than you're bad at pattern recognition if you don't get it
>>108135 i think i got 4
>>108145 Where did this come from all of a sudden?
(63.64 KB 1139x753 HPtest.JPG)
Ha right on the line 100IQ Either way i found the actual test that matters
>>108153 Confirmation of the UK being in mega recession this morning, minus 20.4% to GDP
>>108126 I got 100% feminine which i argue is really masculine because i'm 0% feminine. Like the answers don't even line up with any feminine stereotype. Giving everyone the same amount of money is logical(sterotypical male). If there were some option to be greedy i might be tempted to pick that one, but all the options were either be equal or give some person you don't know more money than you and someone other stranger. Why would you do that? ever?
>>108156 >Why would you do that? ever? Why wouldn't you? iirc you didn't lose money in any case and in some you even recieved some more
>>108132 I took a different test and got this but i'm not gonna bother taking one again for a while
>>108155 Man who would have thought that killing half of your GDP overnight because of "muh immigrants and regulations" was a bad idea? I wanna see Boris try and say this isn't at all related to Brexit and his shit austerity measures. >>108158 Call me crazy but is 155 really the upper limit for IQ in the US? That's like the average for the Gifted program here.
>>108159 Not even the Brexit effect, purely the coof pretty much, Brexit's happening shortly so we'll see what that does
>>108156 >>108157 it was always either everyone equal, or you give somebody else some more than the others, but you get 1 or $2 more in those cases so that's why you might be tempted to. always with zero justification.
>>108157 lol apparently im so feminine that that thought didn't even come to me. I just always saw it as you losing money compared to B. But yes i get it now the deal is supposed to be that you get power over person C in exchange for person B having power over you. Obviously that's a bad deal. Out of spite or whatever I would always hate and want to destroy person B, person c being basically irrelevant, like how i forgot them in the question. But yes its strange that this conceptual framework would be associated with femininity when it strikes me more as male. Like brotherhood in the military or any similar group.
>>108160 Well it technically happened in January even if its actual effects don't come in until December although that doesn't stop investors from speculating, especially since the news out of the recent negotiations is that the UK is trying its best to get a hard Brexit despite the EU trying to be rather polite about it. I've got this weird theory that Boris is trying to crash the economy on purpose just so he can add more austerity programs and turn the UK into an offshore tax haven.
>>108162 or communism obviously. which is radical egalitarianism. capitalism and similar hierarchy is what's feminine. [insert photo of kings and court nobles wearing high heels and stockings here]
>>108162 >>108164 or maybe these are two completely different things and it has nothing to do with femininity or masculinity at all. who knows.
>>108165 yeah, i mean thats what im saying. its silly to tie it to a gender but if you were going to pretend then going by its own rules i don't know how they ended up on hierarchy=masculine egalitarianism=feminine
>>108166 well, the good thing about this site is they quote their sources, so : >Amir, O., Rand, D. G., & Gal, Y. K. (2012) Economic games on the Internet: The effect of $1 stakes. PLoS ONE, 7, e31461. >Capraro, V., & Rand, D. G. (2018). Do the right thing: Experimental evidence that preferences for moral behavior, rather than equity or efficiency per se, drive human prosociality. Judgment and Decision Making, 13, 99–111. >Capraro, V., Rodriguez-Lara, I., & Ruiz-Martos, M. J. (2020). Preferences for efficiency, rather than preferences for morality, drive cooperation in the one-shot Stag-Hunt Game. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. >Capraro, V., & Sippel, J. (2017). Gender differences in moral judgment and the evaluation of gender-specified moral agents. Cognitive Processing, 4, 399–405. seems like it's mostly one guy.
>>108166 i think the conception of masculinity they're going by here has to do with being a charming buff psychopath who swings their (figurative) 5 foot phallus to fuck over everyone at their leisure IMO while it makes sense to associate masculinity with hierarchy, what doesn't fit is then associating femininity with egalitarianism or whatever. If you for whatever reason accept the former then you accept the latter as the submissive position in that relationship rather than some other independent role. Maybe it's just covert western*id thinking that horizontal organization is always subservient to strict hierarchy and explicit power relations?
>>108169 You're either with us or against us.
>>108169 i thought about it more and this trade-off of. "I accept your power over me in exchange for having power over that other" is done by all children at a certain stage. You have to accept your parents authority and eat your vegetables because you aren't capable of fending for yourself. At a certain age though you want your independence. In primitive societies its usually women that are forced to stay in that kind of deal. They have to accept the authority of men but in exchange they get authority over children and younger women. Group level again, this is like the tradeoff lords make with the king. They kick up to the king and get to be a lord. Then it was men who at first said "this sucks actually, we can take care of ourselves and we want democracy". Then women, etc.. So society is becoming more "masculine" in that sense. Maybe more mature. Idk. I still resist this idea that hierarchy is masculine. It's perpetrated by men historically of course. But they perpetrated it out of trying to not be the ones caught under. And whenever a critical mass of them did get caught under you'd have revolts. So historically speaking, men are the gender less likely to accept hierarchy(even if that means opportunistically perpetrating it) and prefer to struggle for 'brotherhood among men'. Of course you have to avoid the trap here of substantializing it like "women are more submissive like children". The only reason it played out that way was contingent circumstances. Today we can see women wanted independence as much as anyone.
Whats your favorite fast food?
(33.51 KB 710x450 screenshot0.png)
(100.37 KB 717x933 screenshot1.png)
>>108154 buh might as well since i did every other one posted here lets see what theory we can squeeze out of this
(65.36 KB 710x580 nice.png)
>>108171 I know i sound like a radlib, i just lack the vocabulary and intelligence to not seem like one. >>108172 Associating political tendencies with any sex is in general pretty ridiculous considering that any mode of production/organization has to account for both by necessity, and that historically their interests have never been homogeneous across that particular line. But yeah, i agree
>>108173 The chippy from round the corner
>liking harry potter Harry Potter promotes radlib ideology
>>108177 Obligatory HP screencap
>>108177 >a piece of work having certain ideological connotations means it is inherently bad hello retard artwork with different ideological stances are fine as long as you are conscious of the ideological stance the media has so you can adequately critique it rather than passively accept its thought processes and worldview.
>>108177 What Harry Potter house are you in?
>>108180 Which one's the most "left"?
I'll have you all know that i took some online quizzes and i'm a ravenclaw in every one of them. Objectively it's the best house. Also fuck ophiuchus there's only 12 months in a year not thirteen
>>108181 Muggle House
>>108179 The real reason I don't like it is because its popular with normies
>>108174 >lets see what theory we can squeeze out of this strong ENTP energy
(70.65 KB 383x397 monkeyyyy.png)
>>108186 in an alternate timeline stirner edits triumph over wojak ones
Myers-briggs is like astrology but for men
>>108186 spoonke
>>108184 Who cares. Stop letting normies dictate your taste you candy-ass
>>108192 I like a lot of things that normies like such as One Piece, Shameless, ATLA, etc. Harry Potter has the worst normie fanbase of all though, and is comparible to naruto fanbase levels of cancer.
>>108194 How so?
>>108193 Oh no we can see her bloomers. >>108194 Well it was written by one of the most scummy people on the planet so what do you expect. This is someone who went from doing shrooms the alley and writing down her visions into a semi-coherent kids book into a rich bitch who either rides on her own laurels or writes a new book or screenplay whenever she wants a new yacht.
>>108196 poofy bloomers should make a serious comeback. They're too cute.
(181.47 KB 1130x1325 faces of pol.jpg)
(138.87 KB 756x887 1593343921289.jpg)
I like MILFs
(102.74 KB 576x432 1595615123394.jpg)
>Two classes went online >One class I have to show up to even though it's just fucking Java >Last professor has said fuck all so far >Classes start next week I wish I was wealthy and lived alone so I could skip uni this year with 0 shame.
>>108200 >tfw i graduated college 2 1/2 years ago and I havent been able to get a job with this worthless degree :c
Really appreciate how the wifi indicator on my taskbar just lies to me about my connection.
God I love dick
>>108101 Based Tomokoposter >>108208 Based NI poster
>>108209 I fell asleep in the garden for like 3 hours and its 25c I think I have heatstroke Making chilli thinken about dick
>>108210 rip What kinda dick you thinkin' about?
I made burgers >>108210 Make a rehydration drink with like a 60/40 split of salt and sugar mixed in with the water. it tastes weird but it will fight dehydration.
>>108210 >heat stroke at 25 It's not even warm until it's at least 27 lol
>>108211 Smelly sticky ones with big glans and bumpy ridges Jesus christ I need to fuck its been so long I want someone >>108213 I feel comfortable only between -3c and 17c don't >> me
>>108214 >-3 This offends me
>>108214 >Jesus christ I need to fuck its been so long I want someone L-lewd
>>108214 As much as I want to tease you about you being a lewd fucking slut who's incredibly horny for dick, I am actually more worried than anything else. Plz be oki.
>>108199 A man of culture I see. >>108200 At least you know which classes are online and which ones require contact teaching. I have no idea whether I have any contact teaching at all this semester and there's been nothing but complete radio silence on the school's end regarding the subject. I'm kinda running out of time in terms of whether I need to get an apartment or not before school starts again.
>>108200 >>108219 from what I heard over half my uni's classes haven't been assigned teachers yet because there is a fear of a teacher's strike for trying to do on-campus schooling this year
(45.70 KB 1000x384 EfKP38hUwAAQ9yr.jpg large.jpg)
(87.87 KB 1000x707 EfKP38hVAAAnz-9.jpg large.jpg)
(444.47 KB 1536x2048 EfJfJDMXgAIdAnh.jpg large.jpg)
>>108222 there is a surprising amount of Paya on twitter atm
>>108218 Don't worry I'll be fine, more beer will fix the heat problems and the chilli is nearly done
>>108225 I will worry because the NI I know would get mad at me for even insinuating anything lewd about them and probably call me a perv or weirdo and despite the fact that I'd probably enjoy you being lewd I care more about you as a person and your wellbeing.
>>108223 >>108224 So that’s where it’s been. Too bad there isn’t really any doujins of Paya. There’s like only one
>>108227 yeah, she is weirdly popular in animations though.
>>108226 Maybe I feel too lewd to care about your skulduggery >>108228 >>108227 She's a one note character with no real personality other than "I'm shy XD" in a 12+ game, makes sense there's not much on her
(1.04 MB 1464x1500 hahahaha blind people.png)
>>108194 >Harry Potter such a bad fanbase 1) Bitch where? 2) You have never seen One Piece /a/ threads or F:MA retards or ATLA liberals. That's ignoring the sheer actually-harmful fandoms of Steven Universe or the ever-present autism of MLP. >Muh Naruto fans LOL at this point the sheer retardation of people bitching about "muh Narutards" even now 5+ years later comes off as salty jealousy because Naruto is one of the most popular anime fandoms.
>>108230 >sheer actually-harmful fandoms of Steven Universe illuminate us
>>108177 >>108178 >>108230 >Harry Potter arguments Go to >>>/hobby/ Harry Potter thread for this m8
(544.57 KB 600x952 83211689_p0.png)
(701.67 KB 802x845 sidon says trans rights.png)
>>108229 >She's a one note character with no real personality other than "I'm shy XD" in a 12+ game, makes sense there's not much on her link literally doesn't talk but people want to fuck him to exhaustion, so I don't think that really matters as much as how much that character can attach itself to connotations people already hold which kinda retroactively characterizes the character, and the more common those connotations are held, the more of this kind of waifuism can exist.
>>108229 She has more of a personality than like 90% of all Zeldas. Also she’s cute so shut up >>108232 Didn’t the Steven Universe fandom bully an artist that tried to commit suicide because they didn’t like that they drew a character skinny
>>108235 Link is a pre-existing character and the MAIN character, even in BOTW the player will spend maybe 50+ hours on their first playthrough staring at links supple, firm ass and perhaps 20 minutes in Paya's presence, never mind all the interactions in the rest of the series with him And Link is hotter than Paya
(79.64 KB 617x364 s4jy3uhgcfg51.png)
>>108237 Fine if you're gonna be like that take this lewd image and go be lewd with it like a damn pervert ;_;
Passion. Ecstasy. Lust. Fantasy. She walks with confidence, she's turning heads. Causing accidents, wrecking beds. Breaking up happy homes, You can't resist. Addicting sexy moans, kills with a kiss. Passion. Ecstasy. Lust. Fantasy. Spending all your cash, taking up all your time; but you don't give a damn, because she's so fine. Lost deep in her eyes, every breath she takes - Long, fine, freaky thighs... Oh the love we make! Passion. Ecstasy. Lust. Fantasy.
(65.30 KB 788x813 EJuD6d7XsAM5oqh.jpg)
horniness will always elude me
>>108237 >Link is a pre-existing character well, pre-existing protag but without much characterization (save for the toon link games) and to boot BoTW was a lot of people's first real zelda game Paya in that 20 minutes expresses a lot more than link in 20 hours, its (again) more about where the character falls into people's preconceptions. Like, the most romantic expression link has is being flustered getting called a good girl, so there is an entire subculture of like, femboy and trans link because they extrapolated from that and placed link into a set of experiences they already knew. characters are like vessels for reliving aspects of your life in a new context and setting.
>>108236 >Didn’t the Steven Universe fandom bully an artist that tried to commit suicide because they didn’t like that they drew a character skinny Among other things, yes.
What is the best Shin Megami game and why is it Digital Devil Saga?
>>108232 The SU fandom bullied a girl to attempt a suicide because she drew a character slightly less pudgy, the irony of this is that Steven Universe struggles to have its characters retain consistency between scenes. They also vitriolically bullied a dying child for using his Make a Wish Foundation to watch the full season of SU ahead of time before he passed away. I can go on and on, point is, the worst thing that the Naruto fandom has ever done in my recollection is the power-wanking in fanfiction VSbattles and the shipping wars, which were largely self-contained to the fandom anyway.
Does Wobbly's wife know that he lurks in an erp thread on a communist imageboard?
>>108247 I think she posted here a couple of times >>108238 I'm cis tho
>>108248 Idk if it was wobbly wife, I just recall someone bring their gf here one time. It could’ve been wobbly but idk
(109.13 KB 305x323 akari smug.png)
>>108247 Imagine actually being mad that your SO does ERP
>>108250 This isn't even an ERP thread, just an autism thread
>>108250 I would be. Include me as well, jeez people don’t have manners these days
>>108247 >>108249 she has never posted here but she posted on 8chan's leftypol a few times she used to go on chans too, originally she was a tumblr user but she crossed over to the chans because fandom generals and the like, so she kinda gets the appeal. doesn't really care for /leftypol/ generally though because she thinks they are too vulgar (in the vulgar workerism sense as much as the bad language sense) and too isolated to really amount to much, so she never really had an interest to stick around.
>>108248 >I'm cis tho First the lewdness now this, you're just breaking out all the guns today huh?
(29.54 KB 800x450 stupidthicksword.jpg)
>>108251 It is now *opens the door and locks my eyes onto you* MASTERR!!!! *runs towards you and nuzzles your collarbone and laps at your neck* :3 rawr i missed you *sniffs your chest and looks up to you like a hungry lil puppy* awww, is master diwty? i can cwean you up if you w-want....>///<
>>108247 >>108253 oh, and she had an erotic ERP blog on tumblr before they had the NSFW ban so thats never been really a thing she is angry about, its just kinda a way to express my boylust and her girllust without finding some sod to do a 3-way with, cause we're both bi. Sometimes you are just in a mood for lads, sometimes you are just in a mood for lasses.
>>108256 How'd you two meet, anyways?
(61.70 KB 743x743 scientisto_cutea.png)
(59.46 KB 743x743 amy_cutea.png)
(81.17 KB 743x743 anne_cutea.png)
From our game.
>>108258 heh, cute, especially anne
>>108258 V cute. Is the art style for the game going to be like this?
>>108257 I think our first meeting was in late middle school PE? Might've been early high school. Either way I met her via a mutual friend of ours, a cute Chinese lass, were kinda friendly for a while, had a friends with benefits sorta deal, then went steady and all that kinda thing. >>108258 cute
>>108258 >Amy >That fang Hnnngh, so cute
>>108260 I was just experimenting, but I wouldn't be against that.
>>108261 Is that a fucking sage?
>>108248 like, actually cis or just not feeling like you can get over the hurdles set up for trans?
>>108263 I like it, it’s a very cute style >>108268 How do you do Wheat
(28.01 KB 700x590 jiraiya sage mode.jpg)
>>108265 No this is a sage
>>108266 I'm thinken cis at the minute tbh, like properly Not 100% sure but very strongly feeling male and fine with it at the moment
>>108271 I still remember that email fam.
>>108272 Emotions rage in the moment, but cold thought lasts longer I'm not saying definitely no, but that email was wrote in the heat of the moment when I was very deeply confused and spiralling head over heels into things
(2.41 MB 3264x2448 20200812_110350.jpg)
>>108146 I like making new friends! pic unreladed
>>108273 Right...... >>108274 Oh hey how you doin?
>>108275 your mom. er, I mean, doing well :)
>>108276 That didn't even work, I said how not what.
>>108273 yugo is worried for you just because you were so excited and he was happy for you, since he took quite the liking as well this going back on it is just scary because he thinks you're feeling down and also he feels guilty for maybe having done something wrong to you at least that's my impression he's a very caring cutie
>>108277 but I did nut very hard in yo momma's babyhole soooooo
>>108279 heck, you're right. I need to work harder on being a good friend, Tomo.
>>108280 says the bottom
>>108280 I mean that still doesn't fit very well though. As your friend I'm telling you to work on your comedic timing.
(76.75 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>108282 wait this wasn't directed at me :
>>108283 I switch occasionally! smh rudenik >>108284 cum cum in da bum bum
>>108279 I feel fine tbh I blow very hot and cold on things, its what I do on everything Imma take things real slow and figure stuff out properly before doing anything further, but i genuinely do feel quite make and feel fine with that at the moment so I can't really contradict what the head meat is vibing
>>108286 Plz. >>108287 Not to be that guy but I'm pretty sure "I was just heated and confused in the moment" is one of the talk points The Conservatives bring up to not update the GRA. Just saying.
>>108285 You still should always try to be a good friend
>>108288 Look I just want to join the PSNI OK? Their hats are so pretty, and they get guns and get to beat up and våldtäkt people and get away with it I guess this is my way of saying I'm cooming out as a class traitor A very pretty class traitor
>>108290 I mean they accept female members.
>>108291 But I can brutalise more plebs per shift with big strong masculine arms than with frail little girl arms
>>108292 Muscle Girls are a thing.
>>108290 Why no join IRA!
>>108290 >PiSsNI traitor to class and to nation! reconsider your choice or you may as well stop calling yourself Irish
>>108294 tiocfadh ar la á < this goes somewhere but idk
>>108294 They won't let me in, I've been in the army reserve and I don't do enough prescription drugs, don't beat my gf hard enough and have too many teeth to join the modern IRA >>108295 Better to be a traitor than to be uncute -James Connolly I would not actually join the police in case you think I'm serious >>108296 Tiocfaidh ár lá
>>108282 >>108285 didn't say anyone is being a bad one also he likes you a bunch too so i get why you could've misread this as directed at you >>108287 glad you're taking your time, though i hope you don't dismiss some of that euphoria you felt, it still was very cute and not all meaningless
>>108297 lol, good. I'm sure there's some kind of decent socialist republican group somewhere, but I'll leave that up to you to investigate further.
>>108300 There really isn't CYM is OK I guess but they're one stupid member getting involved in naughty explodey things away from being ass våldtäktd to death by the Guards and they've done some shaky stuff in some of their free spaces In Cork that make me think the rots set in already but I'm withholding judgement until I actually see evidence myself or it becomes obvious
>>108299 what's up onii-chan? ~
(6.48 MB 2000x2850 EbKPmsXWAAAD2hj.png)
>>108300 Here. >>108303 You make it sound a lot weirder than it needs to be.
>>108305 big bro ~
>>108306 I meant the previous thing.
>>108307 i'm sorry i just like how feelsy you are hope i didn't say anything wrong...
>>108308 No you didn't say anything wrong dummy it's just that I dunno it makes it seem like it's how it's not????? Me bad speak easy.
>>108309 >>108308 Get a room
>>108310 I mean we're working on it. But in the meantime I'm pretty sure you're trans if only cause you question stuff and that in itself is a sign(looking for signs is a sign ya twat) and you made skirt go spinny. Can't wait for the screencaps of /GET/ forcing trans stuff on someone.
>>108311 i'd think she's trans but that's for her to figure out, and if she wants to take it slow, let him take it slow i know you want to be supportive but i don't want you to become pushy
>>108311 We'll see wont won't we
>>108313 The GRP is intentionally gatekeeping in order to fulfill a political agenda and you're probably being gaslighted about it. And this isn't me saying it, it's the research articles I've been looking at for my essay. Also skirt went spinny and that's not an opinion.
>>108314 Correct However what does that have to do with whether or not I am trans? Also skirt going spinny was meh tbh, didn't feel like anything
(2.06 MB 1149x2048 1595725063402.png)
>>108230 >One Piece /a/ threads Um those threads are great if you ignore the carrotfag and ultifag shit
>threads >imageboard those are good if you ignore everyone and just shitpost
>>108315 You still got giddy at it and enjoyed it or the thought of it. Or the shopping for it. At this point I feel like you're grasping at straws to escape the feeling of doubt rather than take a step farther than you're comfortable with. Dr. Robert would be a lot better at this tbh.
>>108318 I'm not grasping at straws, I advanced to a point where I'm now in a position to start treatment if I want to and am no longer sure I even want treatment at all or if there's anything I actually need to treat I feel fine, I am not in turmoil, I haven't put the idea away, but am no longer convinced, and tbh I barely think about it now, we'll see what happens, I'm talking to a few different groups IRL about it, but atm I really don't feel the need to go any further or act less masculine than I naturally do
>>108319 Those are still just the same doubts, everyone gets them, the thought of permanent change that you gotta think about lots and the possibility it's not real, or it was just a phase, or you wanna go through with some of it but not all of it. I'd say still go through with treatment cause bottom surgery is a long waaaaay off and just a few steps now to get the ball rolling for when you actually need it. This is the same kind of thing like when you're tired from not sleeping and tell yourself to go to sleep earlier and then decide not to because you're not tired right then and then the next morning you hate yourself for not listening to yourself.
>>108320 OK, now you're being pushy
>>108320 Fucking auto correct. *Bottom surgery isn't even a necessary for treatment and not something you even have to go through with with treatment.
>>108322 Yes kinda.
>>108317 tbh but we have butthurt autists who want serious discussions on 4chans /a/ about manga when i just wanna shitpost and tell people who like characters i dont like to kill themselves
>>108324 I'll do anything i decide to do on my time frame and no one else's, I appreciate your initial help but do not try and pressure me into doing things I am unsure of, I do not make life altering decisions based off of things I read on image boards and don't give much credence to amateur hour psychoanalysis
>>108326 Shut the fuck up you fucking cunt I just want you to be fucking happy and make good decisions and stuff waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
>>108327 for a second i got worried there but i see you be shitposting just hope that does come across as such
(69.70 KB 800x800 Ee08xUMXoAYYStg.png)
>>108201 Why are people OBSESSED with this idea that Degree = Job. It's never been the case, and even less so nowadays. Do a degree you like and it's not a waste. Or do a degree that's basically technical/vocational focused with practical experience. Or better still, begin community college/technical/vocational training at 16 and then don't do tertiary/uni stuff until you've had two years in the shitforce and one year gap off at least (and you've at least traveled outside your city and state for said year of three). Fuck I hate what porky has turned education in to. >t.Teacher who did Masters then quit teaching in normal schools and is now trying to create a fuckin' ancom syndicalist mess of online and Flying School education
(61.65 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
why'd you delete that well meaning anon's post
On the one hand I am being too pushy and definitely need to shutup(sorry I'm gonna shutup now and stop being pushy), but on the other I can see post history and recognize those stats from Joanna Cherry's shit.
>>108330 I am a 25 year old adult and in his defence i did say I was trans first, I am just not really convinced now and think it might have been something else, as the feelings are basically gone I have been around for long enough and done enough various shit and been in enough good and bad spots in life to know more or less who I am as a person and am fine with myself other than some body hangups and this previously unexplored potential gender thing, whatever it turns out to be I might have asd of some kind as well tbh, I'm getting that looked into but its another thing I'm not convinced on but think is worth investigating Like I said, other than the initial spark that started me questioning being lit on here by pure dumb chance, I really do not give credence to what the internet says on matters of identity or mental health, and would be massively sceptical of random statistics someone pulled out of their ass to back up their position no matter what it was
>>108333 well meaning farts actually just kill themselves
>>108335 The stats came from that TERF scottish MP and was discredited almost immediately. Er shutting up now, but that part's just straight up false stats.
>>108337 fair enough.
>>108334 Hey, you did a little chiasmus there >>108337 Is that the same hearing where someone printed out an anti-terf meme?
(178.44 KB 1595x1914 DreamyMillennialGirl.jpg)
Who here would like to impregnate chocolate milk gfs? I don't know why, it might be the season, but I've got a huge thing for tig biddy proognate girls rn
>>108329 good takes. I tried going to get a four-year BA in Social Sci simply because I thought it qould be "best for my future", ended up getting incredibly depressed in freshman year, and dropped out fast. now I'm just planning on taking a Multimedia Journalism certificate course online alongside my day job, which is much more in line with my interests and also isn't crazy overwhelming on my ADD brain.
(872.77 KB 1632x1034 Voltaire_in_Toulon-Agence_Rol-1.jpeg)
So how about those French Dreadnoughts amirite? Like those Danton classes, they weren't dreadnoughts but they weren't pre-dreadnoughts either. They were laid down AFTER dreadnought and completed like 5 years later but with the battery made semi-uniform in order to try and copy the dreadnought all big gun approach but just ended up with 2 main guns and a bunch of guns which were ALMOST main guns but weren't quite the same size and weren't hooked up to the fire director and kinda fucked with the ship's ballistics. Oh and everyone else at the same time was actually building their second generation of dreadnoughts or even starting their first generation of super dreadnoughts. The French just can't build ships properly lmao. >>108339 Holy shit I forgot she did that yeah. >a little chiasmus I don't get it.
>>108341 Yeah but ur cute.
>>108340 coincidence, I have leaned more into the preg-fetish side recently! maybe it means I'm ready to become a father. >>108343 I appreciate that a lot, but I don't get the relevance of the point.
>>108344 Yeah but ur point doesn't make u not cute.
>>108345 I never said it did.
>>108346 Also first cumflation now preggo? Smh ur like half a step away from falling down the hole all the way. Still cute. I need sleep ._.
>>108346 Are u a female or a trap
>>108342 I learned about them recently. It’s when you take a phrase and the you inverse it. Like “all for one and one for all”. I just wanted to point it out lmao
incest is a sick fetish
>>108349 when did I do that? >>108350 >*wincest
>>108347 >the hole :) >>108348 no, I ain't >>108349 I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.
>>108350 Any fetish you don't have is pretty sickening, that's what a fetish is, something that gets you off that grosses out or does nothing for the average person So long as incest people don't try and act on their gross fantasy I don't see the problem
>>108352 I mean you're basically into inflation at this point.
>>108353 inbred hands typed this post
>>108342 i miss your ship facts actually kinda wish you'd lecture about that stuff more, and explain more basics
>>108355 Are you calling me an American?
>>108354 for me the focus is on the nice gooey and sticky feeling of cum inside. the inflation part is secondary.
>>108351 >I am being too pushy and definitely need to shutup(sorry I'm gonna shutup now and stop being pushy) It doesn’t have to be exact, as long as it has key elements that switch >>108352 Teres a name for this sorta thing but maybe I ain’t learn it yet
(296.36 KB 2048x1800 IMG_20200812_184935.jpg)
it's always embarrassing when you find another bi person like you but it turns out you are both bottoms, and you have to go shopping for a top together
>>108350 Adult Incest fiction is fine. Real incest is regenerate and means you're too retarded to differentiate between reality and fiction.
>>108358 Cumming inside is the ultimate thrill tbh, anything else pales compared to it
>>108358 Yeah yet you enjoy the preggos.
>>108361 Yeah but hentai is real.
>>108363 I enjoy the impregnation aspect, and the idea of a loving woman carrying our child, but the big belly itself isn't really that erotic.
Imagine seeing an anime character IRL, like one of the fish faced trash ones from the 2000's, jesus imagine a girl with eyes set like that she'd be hunted down by the government and get deported back to area 51
>>108350 Yes, and? >>108351 >>*wincest Based, and Alabamapillled
>>108365 Yes both coincidentally involve big bellies yet are not about that. Coincidence. It is that. >>108366 I'm an anime girl tho.
>>108366 Anime girl and ayy lmao united front???
>>108368 AH KILL IT
>tfw no leftist gf :c
(121.32 KB 763x788 TrumpSocDemGang.JPG)
Can someone add the SocDem gang watermark to this?
(26.58 KB 651x655 SadKnight.jpeg)
>>108370 OK I'm sorry ._.
>>108373 Sorry for what? Being an ayy? No need to apologise, just get in the wood chipper
>>108372 he's talking as if he's paying out of his personal pocket
(73.67 KB 956x720 2k9pyi.jpg)
>>108374 Sorry for everything .-.
>>108376 Its too late bitch, I'm gone forever
(180.01 KB 1920x1080 39e4f9c1d3bd3ec3e36888b1ea6fad7c.jpg)
>>108377 OK, sorry for being rude and overbearing and making you uncomfortable and driving you away.
>>108316 >reddit spacing >muh carrotfags If you think carrot fags are the worst then youre probably part of the autism.
>>108337 1) that's not the whole truth The scottish MP is not the only guy who said that and there are other people who have said as much 2) Why the fuck was my post deleted, literally NONE of it was offensive or related to TERFs, and everything to do with actual issues which NI anon did not take offense to, simply questioning some of my post. Stop being snowflakes and deleting good faith debate.
>>108336 The fuck does that even mean cunt
>>108337 Is that the "52% of post op trans people kill themselves" thing or whatever?
>>108380 Carrotfags are the cancer that kills the thread, retard
>>108335 I personally believe that one of the biggest indicators of being trans is dysphoria, which is depression that usually shows up after hitting puberty, so around the mid-teenage years. I'm sure people can be trans without dysphoria but i have trouble really understanding how that works.
>>108381 >knows your post history >knows your direct quoted source >"it's good faith i swear!" sure thing >>108382 that you're retarded
when haces tus momos en video :v >El futuro es hoy, oíste, viejo? pero te terminan baneando xdddd <Oh, mi lente de contacto!
>>108386 eh, I was depressed as a teenager but I had a lot of reasons to be
>>108344 >coincidence, I have leaned more into the preg-fetish side recently! maybe it means I'm ready to become a father. Basted and fertilitypilled. or maybe you're just in rut/musth and need to coom
(775.58 KB 1200x1600 1596508145612.jpg)
>>108358 hnnnng
(155.76 KB 1200x1157 1596324933673.jpg)
>>108389 el momento bruh
(171.96 KB 500x541 my brain.jpg)
>>108397 I saw your post in the Brazil general. Wasn’t this supposed to basically save the rainforest? Now you just want to get rid of it?
>>108399 I would've explained that i don't actually want the rainforest gone and i just wanted an excuse to post my map there, but i'm banned temporarily on my main vpn for trolling so i cant post. I don't see any good reason to turn jungle into a lake, most of my proposals would actually fill water basins located within or on the edge of deserts, such as the atacama desert, meaning the highest priority basin would be to fill the one that lake titicaca is located in completely and utilize the water supply to irrigate and promote agriculture in the atacama. I've got a whole thread about this at >>>/tech/3840.
>Spend 5 hours helping a customer with their shitty email problems >Calls me incompetent because I can't get his trash outdated setup running like new Maybe Uncle Ted was right
>>108402 customer service and service in general sounds like suffering. im sorry for you papi.
>>108404 Honestly this job is what turned me from a liberal into a communist Though to be honest I can't say how much the shittiness of it is capitalism's fault or just my own personal issues
How my get anons doin this fine night?
If one day all the balkan Orthodox countries (Greece, Bulgaria, FYROM, Romania, Serbia) actually decided "YEZ WE ARE JUST LIKE CRUSADERS :D:D:D WE ARE GONNA TAG BAG HAGIA SOPHIA :D:D:D" And attacked Turkey who we can probably assume would be supported by basically every middle eastern country except like Israel and Syria who would win?
>>108398 Where the fuck does he even find this shit? lol
(339.13 KB 860x658 kuma_iambread.png)
>>108409 Are you /aus/sie bear? I thought i remembered you knowing some Aus politicians and topics off the top of your head but im not sure
(336.32 KB 1280x1024 kuma_oiiiii.jpg)
>>108410 >Are you /aus/sie bear? no. It might have been someone else. I do recall catalanon saying there used to be another poster that went by bear as well that disappeared so it might've been them
>>108409 how was the first day of virtua school?
>>108407 Japan
Since it seems nobody is gonna post in the dedicated thread, I might as well bring the discussion about AIdungeon back to /trash/. I've been doing some digging lately about the game because I got frustrated about the AI loosing track of the overall plot somewhere around 75-100 actions into any playthrough even when I was using the remember prompt for consistency and discovered something called "world info", which is on its most basic level info about the surrounding world that the AI accesses through certain words that you designate as triggers or "keys" as the game calls them. Its a much more efficient way to help the AI retain info about your adventure than the remember function, which is apparently meant to be used for more immediate things like "What time of day is it?", "Do we use the metric system for measuring this?" etc.
>>108406 ok u?
>>108412 It went fine. It wasn’t really anything, it was like basically an introductory course on how things will be working from now on and stuff like that. It was mainly one teacher talking and and we just were there listening. Jesus did Zoom fucking lag. On the upside, they split our schedule between two days so it isn’t a full schedule in one day everyday. >>108414 That’s a lot of work for the AI to remember Sally the store manager.
>>108415 im doing good, picking up mgs5 for the first time again in 3 years. I didnt know this game doesnt have a new game start, its just sort of perpetual. i guess i could just erase my save data, but i gather from the forums that you need a new account for a true fresh start. Atleast i can replay all the missons from the idroid, dont want to eraae my data since i uploaded the sneak suit from gz and my 360 is busted.
(537.68 KB 692x677 316.png)
>>108416 >That’s a lot of work for the AI to remember Sally the store manager. I'm not demanding the impossible here m8, I just don't want my character to measure distance in miles or inches or think about how to survive an attack from the "infected" when I haven't at any point hinted that they're in the middle of a zombie apocalypse scenario. Both of those things happened when I was trying to make a custom Black Lagoon scenario work out. Its been going decently for the most part by the way, I even managed to make it into Roanapur and it was described in about the way I remember it, but you don't want to imagine the amount of times I had to re-do the AI's output when it threw in new named characters out of nowhere or when I had to manually fix things by editing the output myself when it kept doing things like resurrecting people that have CLEARLY been stated to have died in the remember prompt.
>>108418 I get ya. I’m just still pissed it got rid of a character that I really liked. But yeah no, would be great if it would stick to the plot point it’s given but I haven’t really been using it for a hot minute so idk
(11.18 MB Donald Trump.webm)
>>108398 Now Biden needs to upload this >>108414 >>108418 yeah, its shit. has any of you tried the paid version?
How about /leftypol/-/GET/ Vocaroo and then splice together a fake phone conversation between "high commandante of the 55'st Zionist-Islam-Marx Battalion of ANTIFA" And a Hungarian Anon pretending to be George Soros and then email it to a News station?
(434.80 KB 960x960 1c9.png)
>>108420 I have the monthly subscription. Its sort of useful considering that I get access to the more advanced AI model which is able to come up with more intricate scenarios and can actually change the values on the various sliders now. The text-to-speech narration is kinda meh, it does the job but its nothing spectacular.
(441.13 KB 1024x1024 76963704_p0.png)
>>108421 What kinda news station would it be?
>>108421 Even better, find a very fringe QAnon radio show or something and play it for them
>>108423 Fox News / Sky News / Project Veritas other right wing nuts etc. Anywhere where they would be desperate enough to get Audio of a Jewish Billionaire ordering communists to mass feminise western man by putting estrogen in the water supply after they trigger the BLM riots or whatever the fuck that their liable to trust a rando email to the news room from a group claiming to be "/LEFTYPOL/ - ALBANIAS PREMIER WATCHDOG OF LEFTIST POLITICAL EXTREMISM"
>>108424 Or that email it to some QBoomer so trump inevitably ends up retweeting it.
>>108425 seems like quite an op
>>108420 I have it. The AI can imitate a wider variety of writing styles and subjects, but (this is a big one) it still only takes 1000 characters as input. I don't know if GPT-2 had more input nodes, but it's basically a matter of Latitude having little or no machine learning expertise, or at least not enough to retopo the AI for larger inputs.
(76.02 KB 2000x1568 4amtom.jpg)
>>108427 And i suppose it would be funny for all of 5 minutes until we realise that its gonna be reposted unironically as evidence of jewish bolshevik Billionaires for the next 100 years
>>108418 >>108416 >>108414 >>108428 From my experience it does a good job in custom mode if you write a good enough premise that it has enough to work on for about 100~ moves. But after that or after you complete the "Objective" you've layed out at the start it begins to go bonkers
>>108429 Reminds me of a time when a YouTube tricked Fox News into believing he was the leader of Antifa https://youtu.be/vmlyePmLIVE
(21.85 KB 375x512 5fb09.jpg)
One could call it morning. They could not call it good though. Something Something 8 hours last night?
>>108436 ive been up all night, you alright?
>>108437 Uh yeah I actually managed to get 8 hours of sleep I guess.
>>108438 just 1 short of 9
Does anyone have the meme of the three ayy lmao greys touching down on earth like "I wonder what these primitive beings have to teach us?" And then the next image is them wearing pashtun hats and with beards being like "Yes now we finally see the light brothers hmm"?
(637.03 KB 1243x645 Hideri Fallen.png)
>>108147 pretty good content >>108407 Relatively sure Turkey could batter them on their own considering these countries together only have a population of ~45 million. Plus Turkey does buy a lot of expensive military gear (from Russia and NATO).
Anybody here play ACNH?
>>108436 Something Something 9 instead Something Something Darkside Something Something you boomer
>>108440 never seen that i think >>108443 i only ever watch streams and youtube videos of it, can't be arsed to buy one i don't get people who buy consoles
>join some hentai youtuber's discord thinking this could be a cool place to discuss hentai >it's just a reactionary shitposting server Every fucking time. How can you engage in escapist activities when you're constantly being bombarded with politics?
(27.63 KB 418x562 long cat ping.png)
>>108446 >join some hentai youtuber's discord thinking this could be a cool place to discuss hentai were you trying to jack off with some homies?
(1.26 MB 768x876 sissification.png)
>>108446 >he doesn't own reactionary servers so hard that they all become femboy communists
>>108445 I buy consoles if i get gift money. But yeah its fun
>>108436 no >>108441 Que paso? >>108446 Well it usually depends on the activity that’s you’re trying to do, so yeah no it would make sense that a hentai server is probably have more reactionary views that let’s say a knitting server
>>108451 Why would anyone join a hentai server to post MAGA and Nazi memes?
>>108448 I just wanna talk about hentai man. All the feels I got over the years, that I have no appropriate place to share. Hentai is fucking art.
>>108452 Well they don’t. They join to look at hentai and then they start posting their other shit. Why? Idk I guess it feel natural to them or something. You’d have to ask one of them
>>108454 Feels like the internet has created a whole generation of autists who have no concept of social etiquette.
>>108454 sounds like failure of moderation and admin could easily just ban them, if they don't then that's all you need to know
(645.34 KB 360x342 21c.gif)
>>108452 >be a nazi retard >join discord server for specific hobby/topic/whatever >look at stuff >go on general room/shitposting room >talk about things >be nazi retard so you post nazi retard memes for the sake of jouissance >moderation implicitly agrees with it or is asleep and doesn't immediately tell you to fuck off >attract more nazi retards posting nazi retard memes and so on and so on >>108453 you could talk about it on this thread, I realize it's not the same at all but i've never thought of hentai as much more than kinky drawn porn (with all the work that entails) so i'm curious
>>108455 Social etiquette is a bourgeois construct designed to oppress and control the proletariat.
>>108460 >primitive communists don't have social etiquette
(35.67 KB 362x346 CjcQBE6.jpg)
>>108461 Why are you crying Yugo?
I forgot to put on vaseline before I went out running and I chafed my nips Pls help this is genuinely quite painful
>>108464 Spit on your tit
>>108464 if you have any burn cream I find that helps with chaffing
(5.52 MB 460x600 based.gif)
(937.48 KB 575x736 expand.gif)
(5.52 MB 460x600 based.gif)
(937.48 KB 575x736 expand.gif)
(6.02 MB 575x736 inflation.gif)
(32.92 KB 350x300 sad mimmi posting.png)
>>108461 what's wrong?
(43.66 KB 651x436 man feeding potato patata.png)
>>108473 Go on
>>108473 Do you think if you post enough sad images I'll crack and come running back to you ? Because you're right
(83.09 KB 1080x1064 sad cum.jpg)
>>108477 Elaborate
>>108477 Can anyone decipher what all these pics mean?
>>108480 danbooru.donmai.us, search for tag sad
(10.34 KB 556x493 342ebb49.png)
>tfw You've finally reached that point in the game where the AI has started playing nice and making decent responses to your game consistently like using Japanese names for characters instead of Anglo ones, not throwing in mentions of ogres or other fantasy creatures completely at random, actually portraying the characters semi-accurately to how you wrote their descriptions and honest to god remembering past events and conversations that happened like 20 actions ago or something because you wrote a reminder about them in the /remember prompt Feels good fam.
>>108482 what didyou start doing? was it just trial and error finding the right wording and sentence structure to be compatible with the AI?
(361.57 KB 680x451 16a.png)
>>108483 Some things I've found to work are: >Only write into the remember prompt what you need the AI to remember at the moment in simple terms. Don't clog it up with information that's gonna take up a lot of space from further writing or that is contradictory or irrelevant to your current situation. >Fill up the world info with a shit-ton of entries early on about everything important; locations, characters, gear, organizations etc. Any information that will remain consistent throughout your game needs to be written down or the AI will start filling in the blanks with nonsense. If you're writing about some existing property like I usually am don't be afraid to copy-paste stuff from that property's wiki that suits your purposes and edit it as needed. >If there's a lot of information about any one thing that you need to fit into the world info page, divvy up the info into separate categories to save up writing space since you only have 500 letters to work with per entry, ie. for characters have separate entries for appearance, another one for personality, one for their backstory etc. As long as each entry's keys are the same the AI will read all of the entries when you invoke them within the game. >As the official guides state, when you're writing input in the game itself, don't put a comma at the end nor an "I" or "you" at the beginning of a "do" action. Use second person always for describing what you yourself do when using the any action except "say" and if there's thoughts or dialogue use quotation marks. >Don't be afraid to manually edit sentences that the AI prints out by rewriting or deleting parts of them if they are for the most part otherwise decent. Also don't be afraid to scrap stuff completely or just write portions of the plot yourself if you find that you're in a delicate part where the AI easily messes up because it tries to take the easy way out with descriptions by putting out nonsense. This happened to me once where the AI thought I was in the wild west instead of Japan in the Muromachi period and kept throwing in references to sheriffs and mayors when talking about the town I was in. I ended up writing a large portion of that manually to get past it to a point where it was easier for the AI to come up with more plausible responses again.
(4.64 MB 3508x4960 comm_3_mangFIN.png)
It is done.
>>108487 Lmaooooooo. This is so stupid and yet so fucking amazing. And it’s so well done! Thank you based Koba for blessing us with this comic
>>108480 Yugo is sad over Zeke who has had a rough go of it lately.
>>108493 A rough go is quite the understatement from what I could gather. I hope he'll fully recover.
>>108487 kek, good job as always
>>108487 fucking hilarious
(880.28 KB 444x250 nom.gif)
>>108493 I wonder if he's recovering yet or if he's still with the medics, hopefully he'll be OK
>>108505 that is also funni anime image
>>108507 Ur a funny anime image
>>108509 you too sweetie. you too.
(1.20 MB 2nd ACW.mp3)
>trump is dismantling the post office just to own the libs and stop people from voting >literally just seized 4 iranian tankers mid-transit >all while the country is on its knees with a pandemic I could have never expected so much acceleration in such a short period of time
(172.93 KB 1000x700 k6xjhimq3md11.png)
>prepares for walk >checks the temp >99 degrees its gonna be a hot one
>>108513 >trump is dismantling the post office just to own the libs and stop people from voting If Trump wins, the whole election is going to seem so illegitimate
So can anyone give me a riseup invite code?
>>108518 Only if you're a gamer.
>>108518 Rise up When you're living on your knees, you rise up Tell your brother that he's gotta rise up Tell your sister that she's gotta rise up When are these colonies gonna rise up? (Whoa, whoa) When are these colonies gonna rise up? (Whoa) When are these colonies gonna rise up? (Whoa) When are these colonies gonna rise up? Rise up I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory When's it gonna get me? In my sleep, seven feet ahead of me? If I see it comin', do I run or do I let it be? Is it like a beat without a melody? See, I never thought I'd live past twenty Where I come from some get half as many Ask anybody why we livin' fast and we laugh, reach for a flask We have to make this moment last, that's plenty Scratch that this is not a moment, it's the movement Where all the hungriest brothers with something to prove went? Foes oppose us, we take an honest stand We roll like Moses, claimin' our promised land And? If we win our independence? Is that a guarantee of freedom for our descendants? Or will the blood we shed begin an endless cycle of vengeance and death with no defendants? I know the action in the street is excitin' But Jesus, between all the bleedin' 'n' fightin' I've been readin' 'n' writin' We need to handle our financial situation Are we a nation of states what's the state of our nation? I'm past patiently waitin' I'm passionately mashin' every expectation Every action's an act of creation I'm laughin' in the face of casualties and sorrow For the first time, I'm thinkin' past tomorrow And I am not throwin' away my shot I am not throwin' away my shot Hey yo, I'm just like my country I'm young, scrappy and hungry And I'm not throwin' away my shot We're gonna rise up (time to take a shot) I am not throwin' away my shot We're gonna rise up (time to take a shot) I am not throwin' away my shot We're gonna, rise up, rise up It's time to take a shot Rise up, rise up It's time to take a shot Rise up, it's time to take a shot Rise up, take a shot, shot, shot It's time to take a shot, time to take a shot And I am not throwin' away my Not throwin' away my shot
Business idea: Greek Anarchists and Turkish PKK Kurds working together to destroy Turkey and Greece and unite the peoples of both countries so we don't have to listen to filthy byzantinophiles or ottoman revivalists constantly arguing about who owns tsargrad
>>108524 I got a better business idea I pay to suck your dick
>>108531 Are you that one guy who’s obsessed with some eceleb findom something and says she has BPD in /IG/
>>108532 yes thats me
(1.70 MB 3264x1836 20200810_000302.jpg)
>>108530 W-woah lewd
(1.18 MB 1748x2159 1585464737571.jpg)
>>108531 could you just not >all caps >"mental illness!" >"radlib!" >"idpol!" that's all just cringe
(49.05 KB 607x777 Yes 3.png)
(47.05 KB 700x900 1565942071877.jpg)
>>108542 go to bed
what ever happened to the countercountersignal images on the leftybooru
>>108546 Not really an obsession, but I hate virtue signalling about idpol issues. The way she called out users for making a joke about attractive leftist women really pisses me off
>>108550 How is that idpol?
>>108550 Also it was attractive leftist in general, not just women
>>108551 because who cares if people lust after Ashleighs tits. She was giving credence to an identity related issue that doesn't matter
>>108553 here's a tip: don't go around on twitter, or even leftypol or whatever don't get involved in that shit at all it's inconsequential, meaningless and does nothing but rile you up over people thats existence is pushed by followers who'll eat up their shit regardless best is to stay away from that shit and not even touch it with a stick
>>108517 The election will not be legitimate anyway with this pandemic. Shit is fucked.
Here's another drawing I just released.
(382.42 KB 1024x1030 1386974_asykes_slavik-91.png)
>>108555 The sad thing is, Trump would still beat Biden if I'm being honest. And the pandemic isn't helping either.
>>108557 it's nice to see your style develop over time
>>108557 whats her name?
>>108537 i wanna bite
>>108537 ‘‘Tis you?
(1.14 MB 1440x1920 20200814_003654.jpg)
(1.18 MB 1440x1660 20200814_003714.jpg)
(875.89 KB 1440x1395 20200814_003725.jpg)
>>108562 >>108563 Yeah haha (Buttplug btw)
(250.49 KB 388x364 1456679313484.gif)
>>108564 one bite pls.
>>108565 No biting
>>108566 just a lil chomp
>>108567 Well okay but i'm going to sleep so you'll have to cannibalize me while i'm asleep
(42.24 KB 240x214 1554609889024.png)
(144.33 KB 920x555 kuma_perv.jpg)
I'm tired, but I don't want to go to sleep. How do y'all do >>108564 >
(641.34 KB 1024x973 76916525_p1.png)
(254.61 KB 462x492 see.jpg)
>>108568 sank u. Just a bit I promise. >>108571 I can't sleps either. I'm going to play gaems soon. hbu? >>108572 any clue what the runes on the bottome say?
>>108573 Idk, what do you think I should do.
>>108573 idk, maybe something cute
(1.80 MB 332x332 plankton yes.gif)
>>108576 business idea: you inventing a way to send a cuppa cofi trhu the internet instantly
(150.15 KB 860x565 kuma_cuppajoe.png)
>>108580 hmmmmmmm, that would be way to make cawfee tiem more exciting
GDP growth in second quarter of 2020 Spain: -22,1% UK: -21,7% France: -19% Mexico: -18,9% Italy: -17,3% Belgium: -14,5% Austria: -12,8% Germany: -11,7% USA: -9,5% Netherlands: -9,3% Russia: -8,5% Sweden: -8,2% Poland: -8,2% Indonesia: -5,3% South Korea: -2,9% Taiwan: -0,7% China: 3,2%
>>108584 global bruh moment
(212.57 KB 536x512 1563347916525.png)
>>108584 >Its all fucking negative across the board. All of my bruh. I guess the 'rona really did affect the global economy quite a bit.
(162.49 KB 1357x960 Galactic chad.jpg)
Now that ive thought about it that sorta contextulises things when you consider that basically all western politics at this point seem to just be huge copes of the wests precipitous decline into poverty while a nation that calls itself socialist (Regardless of whether you think the PRC is socialist or not)
>>108590 *Suffers a meteoric rise
(695.46 KB 959x489 Simpslayer.png)
>Someone somewhere at some point thought that pic related needed to be made into an actual game
Its one of those Taiwanese / Chinese studios that literally jut puts gibberish or whatever meme of the month as the name of the game and a generic unity workshop shooter
>>108592 Got to respect the hussle, a little team made a wave shooter years ago and have probably been slightly tweaking it and reskinning enemies to meet every meme since >>108564 >>108537 I don't know if I wanna smash you or wanna become you tell me your secrets
>>108592 It's just some assets, I'm sure the simp part is only the text >>108593 The name of the company seems nordic
It is morning but at what cost?
I’m about 95% sure this NeoCon Ex Israeli soldier Youtuber who lives in Australia and has 400k subscribers by calling palistineans subhuman and despite his videos getting like 20k views each managed to get an interview with the current Israeli defence minister is an actual Mossad agent part of a plot to subvert Australian politics. What is the best way to phrase that if I report it to the intelligence service that does not make me sound like an unhinged Neo-Nazi
Oh also Zeke is out of emergency but still not in a good condition. He had a massive seizure and has some scarring on his chest and is generally not in a good place but he wanted to let you know what his status is and that he's not quite dead but he can't really post properly or anything yet. Stay safe Zeke-Senpai.
>>108598 Feels bad man. We alienated King into going away and now Zekes has this problem. Just when he seemed so excited about finishing up Gochan as well :(
>>108598 Get well soon Zeke-san
>>108598 take care Zeke
>>108487 It was worth the wait.
(75.16 KB 1230x438 oh no.jpg)
What are these two thinking /GET/?
>>108598 Hope he gets better, this place is worse off without oldfags like him to remind us of what /GET/ used to be about. >>108608 **rapé*


no cookies?