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(29.13 KB 423x750 1586850819770.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 06/22/2020 (Mon) 13:01:06 No. 95593
When and how did you lose your virginity fag/GET/s? I lost mine when I was twelve when me and my buddy were sucking each other's dicks in the stable.
(251.98 KB 617x342 chmelvlakbok.png)
>>95593 >When did you lose your virginity
>>95593 Am I asexual comrades? I'll be 24 in a week and I'm still a virgin. Honestly I don't really care about it, but all of my friends are expecting me lose it, which is really the hardest part. I don't give alot of thought to it anyway, I'm unconfortable around most people anyway and even those I do like I can't interact with them for longer than like 2 days at a time, so I don't see myself in a relationship. I also never had a crush on anybody, or if I did I don't really remember any particluarly strong emotions. That being said, I do get horny and watch porn, but even then I don't really have any desires beyond that.
>>96501 I have similar problem. Tho im not asexual for sure, I have large problem with the "erotic" part of the relationships. I just have this aversion to it. I have probably developed it in the childhood where I was quiet kid for the most part. But when the puberty striked, suddently I have become more attractive to girls who hitted on me like crazy. But there was a problem - my body might have been ready, but mind definetly wasnt. Popular girls even touched me around just to flex on their friends. It was unconfortable as fuck for me. Eventualy tho, I got more bold and started going out with those girls on the night outs. At first, they were great, but when girls realised they could not experiment with spicy stuff with unexperienced quiet boy like me, they just have gone to older men and I have just became their "sidekick". That completely destroyed my perception and trust in women. And considering I was 14, all that shit stuck with me (there was also a cases of public harrasment by one female teacher but idk if I want to talk about it). Nowadays, I know there are a lot of great women. I dont even have problem flirting with them. But when shit gets real, I often become nervous, or when I feel confident at the time, I just get repulsed by it.
technically lost it when I was 18. but it was really disappointing and then I didn't get laid for six years. really lost it at 24. it was really nice.
>>96501 If you fap you're not asexual. You should be concerned about your difficulties dealing and connecting with people, not lack of sex. >>96510 If you're nervous or have issues just be honest about it. You don't want to have sex with someone you can't be honest with anyway.
>>95593 i recieved hand jobs,blow jobs etc before but i never boned anyone before,now im too nervous i'll be inadequate of whatever for my partner when the time comes im 18 tho hopefully that changes
>>96594 If you're 18 you'll be fine dude. >inadequacy It's really simple. Most guys finish fast in the first round and women do not cum from it (though they enjoy it). The solution is: - eat pussy and get good with your hands. find her g-spot by being attentive while you're fingering her and licking her clit. - go for multiple rounds. fuck, come fast, cuddle and play around while getting your boner back, and then fuck some more. -
>>96643 how do I git gud with hands? I'm a poosee slobbering champ, but my midget fingers just can't seem to do anything :\
>>96658 Just practice stimulating the clit on a mouse wheel, trust me I have one and it's the motion I do
>>96658 Lick your thumb and rub the head of the clit
>>95593 technically våldtäkt first consensual time was experimental stuff with a friend and were mutually romantically curious about each other
at 22 or 23 with my first and only gf. i made an okcupid profile back before it was purchased by match and turned to shit and got lucky with a chick who liked me. If i didn’t get lucky like that online, i’d probably still bea virgin, im pretty ugly so doubt I’d score another chick if the gf dumps. I have money at this point anyways so I’d probably just sex tourism to columbia or something.
(21.93 KB 520x452 EMIVE11XUAE5quU.jpg)
>>96658 This is like 80% of what you need to be good with your hands. Stroke it, push it, tickle it etc. If you really hit that spot, there's a good chance you'll even make her squirt. Look up the "how to make her squirt" guides on porn sites. The clit is important too of course, but when it comes to penetrating, this is key.
>>96658 >>96744 Oh yeah... trim your nails really short and file them.
lost it with my high school sweetheart after 1 year of relationship at 19 yo we lasted 2 more years, 1.5 years since that ended still miss her sometimes ;_;
>>96726 >sex tourism to columbia kek, probably better go to Borat Kazhakstan. >>96899 Sorry :c
>>96659 M-middle or index finger? >>96695 So, kind of like a Nintendo Switch joystick? >>96744 >>96745 It looks like it's more forward and up, almost like fisk hooking back towards oneself. And I'll learn to file my nails, I've, uh, never done it before...
>>96916 >It looks like it's more forward and up, almost like fisk hooking back towards oneself. Yes the basic motion is like you're gesturing "come here" with your fingers. But you have to understand every woman's body is different. So while you can know some basics, you should always experiment to get the proper reaction. Slowly try out different motions and pay attention to her noises, and to how her pussy is reacting. If her pussy squeezes your fingers really tight, she's either cumming or close to cumming. When something is working, just keep doing it repetitively.
>>96916 Middle finger
>>96936 This is good advice, don't be afraid to talk too, every woman is different. I'd recommend starting. with your middle finger and incorporating a second finger as the session gets more heated. Also some girls just don't really like clit shit, some don't like fingering in compared to dicking etc, if you ever in doubt just ask them what they want. Clit needs to be kept wet though, not with your thumb, I'll usually begin massaging the whole pussy with 3 fingers to get warmed up, but when it gets fast I'll only really have my middle finger in contact with the clit. Pro move: using the other 2 other fingers to stretch the pussy apart to make the clit more sensitive to the middle finger. t. sex expert who lost v card at 13
(78.96 KB 960x712 Like this.jpg)
>>96973 >Pro move: using the other 2 other fingers to stretch the pussy apart to make the clit more sensitive to the middle finger. ????
>>96980 This would probably create discomfort with the nail of the middle finger.
I recommend you guys to look into 'kunyaza': https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kunyaza
>>96982 >that labia elongation was an associated [integral] cultural practice. Hmmm Still could be fun to try out, but seems a long VAGINA is needed...
(12.44 KB 739x135 Kunyaza_phases.jpg)
>>96987 Lmao no you don't need to keep to the obscure surrounding traditional customs like elongation of the labia (the related pic didn't even include that). I'm was referring to the specific technique, a very good way to give a girl an (ejaculatory) orgasm: <First act: >The male partner first stimulates the labia minora of the female partner by tapping and also rubbing with his PENIS and then, at a certain level of arousal, >proceeds to stimulate the internal surfaces of the labia minora and the vulval vestibule, including the urinary meatus in the same manner, >followed by stimulation of the clitoris, vulval vestibule, labia minora and the VAGINAl opening. <Second act: >The male partner penetrates the VAGINA with alternating shallow thrusts (gucuga) at the VAGINAl opening with deep thrusts (gucumita) pushing against the cervix while maintaining exaggerated circular movements between VAGINA walls in a "screwing" fashion during penetration, often facilitating the movement by holding the PENIS between the middle and the index finger.
Goddamn it these word-filters...
>>96992 I forgot, and then you alternate between these two acts in quicker succession (that's usually when she squirts).
>>96992 >>96994 Aha. I had to look up some videos, but I think I get it now. However I will need to stretch my hips or take up dancing to get the right hip gyration. Best part is it doesn't have to be fully erect :D So fingering, kunyaza, one of those triangle sex pillows for just going to pund town, licking, and communication. Good tool kit imo.
>>96995 Yeah I was gonna say there are a few amateur smartphone-videos of this on tube porn sites This has got me horny again in my single quarantine, feels frustrating man Do people still hookup on dating sites or are people social distancing / frowning upon it?
>>96980 y u staring down the pussy? lay next to your girl. Don't spread that violently also. (like I said, it's a pro move)
>>96980 how do i bend my fingers horizontally
>>96996 A lot of people are taking quarantine seriously when it comes to dating, which is kind of dumb when they'll still go shopping and stuff which is more of a risk overall. But it has people freaked out and more cautious even when they're open to hooking up or dating. Of course not everyone is like that. >>96992 This sounds complicated but interesting.
>>96982 >>96992 >>96996 >>96995 After watching the vids and reading some papers about it, it does appear to be a real and effective technique. But I'm worried if I try it on a western woman she might think I'm crazy lmao. I'd have to ask first I guess. Anons, has anyone (such as the guy who originally posted the link) actually tried this? Have you reliably gotten squirting orgasms from women with kunyaza?
Sex with women is complicated. Fuck that. Gay sex is where it's at.
>>96980 lmao You have to be next to the girl. I know for myself that stretching the top of the vulva back (above the clit, where it's still skin and not vulva) makes my clit more sensitive. Don't know if it's normal or usual.
can we get some graph itt this thread PLEASE I am so confused because I don't know VAGINA and am a virgin ;_; I just want to be a good partner
>>97120 If you do it in the butt, hetro is basically homo. There'd be fewer complications if we'd all just pipe the pooper.
>>97128 Same my dude
>>96446 >Morocco >Middle east lol
(1.95 MB 1589341626435.webm)
>>97129 I wanna pipe his poopchute
>>97222 good post
Gay sex doesn't count.
>>97417 Why? :3
>>95593 Im a virgin but I prefer that over lewding with people i dont know well irl
>>97222 Any Sauce?
(2.49 MB 2600x3718 grace unhappy.png)
Yes, I am still a virgin. I am probably too autistic to get laid. I almost had a gf once.
(1002.12 KB 845x846 SEXNOWWWW.png)
>>95593 Right before quarentine started a guy asked me if I wanted him to suck my dick in a bathroom, sometimes I think I should,ve said yes.
>>95952 was your fren a horse?
>>96446 >middle east. >morocco wat


no cookies?