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ALUNYA AND THE POLITICAL IDEOLOGY CATGIRLS Anonymous Comrade 08/15/2019 (Thu) 13:00:37 No. 929
Thread for Alunya and the catgirls, mostly so we don't flood /leftypol/'s OC thread at >>>/leftypol/8622

>Why a separate thread? It's OC it's ok to post there
Mostly because I feel pressured, when posting there, to post useful OC- OC that'll be useful for shitposting, or so on. And mostly I just want instead a space to be autistic and have fun. I don't want to always have to draw stuff about mocking the porkies, sometimes I might just want to draw Posadist Cat porn or a comic about Alunya being scared of horror movies. My "headcanons", if you will.

>So is this your thread for your own stuff?
No, feel free to use it too, I'll just probably mostly flood it with my own things since it seems I'm basically the only drawfag around here right now.

I'll start the thread with an image dump of various images I like, including lewds.

t. Paps
(757.74 KB 1650x1152 IN THE STREETS.jpg)
>>57292 Original file
>>57302 gross
>>57335 rude
(564.99 KB 285x290 Nekomije.gif)
https://kirrys.tumblr.com/post/190956283755/happy-catgirl-i-am-trying-to-learn-opentoonz-and >Feb 21 Holy shit, Rachel is still drawing catgirls. Fuck, I miss her.
>>58475 BASED Rachel please come back we miss you
>>58475 this is very kute
>>58488 >>58475 You could just message her either on twitter or tumblr? Maybe ask her to just visit us for old times' sake, we don't necessarily have to ask her to stay or anything but just catching up with what she's been up to the last few years would be nice. I mean its not like she holds a grudge against us or anything, she left because partly because of the angry typing with radlibs on reddit and partly because of wanting to be known for something more than being a personal artist for a niche group of leftist Tuvan throatsinging enthusiasts.
>>58504 She has not posted on her political catgirl twitter for years and i dont have a tumblr.
>>58513 This doesn't have any new posts either but this is her personal twitter. https://twitter.com/kirryface?lang=en It might be that she's just neglected all other social media platforms besides tumblr or she made a new account that I don't know of and simply forgot to delete this one.
>>58475 oh wow wonder if she's got another means of contact like, wish she'd get back to twitter or something just because I don't wanna go to tumblr just to DM her
We should name the Makhnovist cat Hulia. After Huliaipolie, Makno's city of birth.
Just downloaded all images ITT. Thanks for your work drawanon
(891.84 KB 900x1500 Post-Stalinism Catgirl.png)
Reposting from /leftytrash/ for archival reasons.
>>60713 Can you please upload a zip?
(67.00 KB 842x1191 nowords1.png)
here's something to entertain you guys add your own dialogue to this comic! you got any other ideas or thoughts on short comics on what the other girls are doing during confinement?
(55.19 KB 842x1191 gorbachev.jpg)
>>61860 I love this
btw nice comic.
Would anyone be interested in doing a Buddhist-Marxism cat? I'm not a drawer, but can give some advice on what they might look like
(43.01 KB 560x288 dx.jpg)
>>61854 I love it. Very cute, and contains recognizably very cat-like behaviour while also playing with very human things and emotions. And, you've managed to express everything with style and clarity in your drawings. It's a sign of skill from a comic artist to succeed in making text supplemental and optional, rather than essential. But surely you know this already, I'm just saying it to express my respect in a way everyone understands. Also, since inspiration often comes from personal experience... You have my sympathies.
>>61922 Get out, reactionary
>>61926 how is it reactionary to ask for wider representation of non-western leftists?
>>61963 it has shit all to do with the west or the east. there are multiple non-white catgirls, but buddhism is a reactionary religion from a feudal time.
>>61966 this is such a reactionary take. Buddhist Marxists used the language and culture of Buddhism to help make marxism and socialism understandable. christian language pervades much of the western marxist canon, but you don't realise because you're so deep inside it
>>61974 you sound like a pomo. yes I am aware of the presence of "christian language" in some Marxist texts, but if you think that it makes Marxism "christian" then you're a retard, and the same would go for any Buddhist metaphors used by Marxists to explain Marxism to Buddhists.
>>61976 you sound really reactionary. recognising the existence and the contribution of Buddhist/South East Asian marxists has nothing to do with spreading religion and everything to do with acknowledging the contribution and participation of non-Western marxisms to the canon. Buddhism is simply their cultural marker, like "West" is for someone like Karl Marx.
>>62000 >Religous belief is the same thing as customs Eat a cock t. chink
>>61922 pitch your design, use a dollmaker or something if needed
>>62000 >Buddhist/South East Asian marxists falsification! I love Uncle Ho and you know very well he was no Buddhist. >Buddhism is simply their cultural marker, like "West" is for someone like Karl Marx. YES, THIS IS WHY I THINK YOU SOUND LIKE A POMO.
>>61922 I'm a proponent of Buddhist ethics and I feel this is misguided. The Buddha should be represented in person if we are to represent Dharmic socialism. Like we do with Marx, Stirner, etc. On that note: the Buddha and Alunya together? That's a neat concept. >>61854 Awesome as always.
>>62009 >implying their not inextricably linked in most Eastern societies fuck off t. gook
>>62019 yeah i'm talking about Po Hla Gyi and Thakin Soe
(2.38 MB 1896x827 Screenshot_197.png)
>>62636 >Reverse bunnysuit Was not expecting to see this trend here, but fucking nice.
>>62636 Ohohoho, nice!
(3.33 MB 800x450 HeavyIsNice.gif)
>>62636 Not really my cup of tea in terms of kinks, but it still looks good regardless so props for that. Always glad to see the more rarely-used catgirls getting their time in the spotlight.
(19.77 KB 144x330 Alunya faggot cat.png)
Not my drawing, but still OC.
(2.55 MB 1944x938 Screenshot_202.png)
some more might end up over a few days here, few days there, doing all the girls might not depends on where the horny takes a man, really
>>62886 A C E ! Somehow I'm not the least surprised Valentina has zero shame and maximum confidence about this.
>>62886 >fitt
(104.00 KB 600x600 alunya thumbs up.png)
Seeing as this thread is nearly at 500 posts, I've made it cyclical to keep it going. Keep up the great work, comrades.
>>62886 can you smell the pussy wafting out of this image?
(84.79 KB 782x960 received_543354493272165.jpeg)
>>62956 Imagine the smell.
(137.74 KB 1076x598 sand.png)
>>62886 who the girl with the PENIS?
>>26950 Post dick


no cookies?