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(180.00 KB 715x942 mid-arlanric-states_3.jpg)
Mid-Atlantic States gang DNY 05/20/2020 (Wed) 23:03:56 No. 88006
Hey everyone! I was curious how many Mid-Atlantic-ers we had on here. I am defining Mid-Atlantic states as the ones in the picture. Feel free to talk about anything you'd like or just send memes if you wanna -DNY
he-hewwo i'm from the mid Atlantic-SNY
(10.00 MB 4608x3456 IMG_20200518_012426.jpg)
Picked up GTA for free last weekend, found this great sign
>>88007 Hewwo mister jersey boy
how do you correctly spell pigeons, i think it's spelt this way but it doesn't look right to me-SNY
>>88011 That is the correct way to spell pigeon
pigeons are cuties, every one calls them flying rats but they aren't. pigeons are just out here just eating seeds and worms just trying to get by. same thing with sharks
>>88017 Birds are just fucking dank bro. Pigeons, and all other birds are just fucking cutie patooties
i've seen some cute looking sharks. idk why people still shit on them bro, all the myths of them being maneaters have been debunked over and over again.
new york is new england master race
>>88023 share some cute shark pics famalam
>>88027 you sure about that, look up a map of new england
>>88027 Bro I fucking wish, Mid-Atlantic doesn't have the same punch
>>88034 Is this CIA posting?
>>88035 Are Sharks part of COINTELPRO too?
>>88035 (alpha bravo cheesecake they found us out)
>>88037 Roger. Sending homosexual reinforcements over
>>88038 we may need more then the homobragade, bring out the coom
>>88039 Roger, higher ups have permitted use of the COOMER prototype series soldiers
>>88045 be careful about your EXIF data on your photos
what are the first things
so what do y'all think about pigeons
pigeons are great
>>88006 Stupid old map leaves off the Burgh's 'h.' Also has McKeesport and Braddock as separate cities. Interesting.


no cookies?