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The GET Reading Group! D. Drawanon 05/15/2020 (Fri) 22:28:46 No. 86343
Here we will plan and then implement a custom reading list of leftist literature to enhance our understanding of Marxism and further important topics!
(70.22 KB 599x641 mao's list.png)
>>86343 I envision this to be a weekly 1hr study group where we voice chat/text on the leftytrash riot fm for faster response times. I asked the question of what exactly we see the goal of this study club. I think the responses I got was a comprehensive education of Marxism which we can then branch out into other related theories/topic when the time comes. There's a lot of reading lists that we can consider. For Cockshott, he has two lists. The first is subdivided into materialist philosophy, historical materialism (subdivided into political economy of capitalism, pre-capitalism, socialist economy), and politics and the state. The second list is a educational programme at raising new ML in the 70s - much more longer but structured into a school-like format. I don't like how the second list suggests to read this chapter and this section for a book which complicates the matter- I rather just read the whole thing. The first list should be read from politics and state, to historical materialism, to materialist philosophy. Although it is missing important texts like 18th Brumaire. I said this on leftytrash but mao's list is also p simple organizationally. I like it. A lot of short works unlike Cockshott. It's up to what the anons want though. I would rather choose something now and make it up long as we go then get bogged down on the details. First week's reading should def be the Manifesto and the Principles of Communism. Another question, do we want to tackle Capital soon? It's fairly intimidating and we could use the time going much further chronologically and author variety in Marxism. But it's Capital and it's important
(1.09 MB 753x1511 19823.png)
>>86374 (me) I also would like to suggest every few weeks we read fun topics like otaku theory or something for the week to break up the monotony of pure marxism
(2.44 KB 495x495 icon_big.png)
>>86374 Honestly we should start as simple as possible, so perhaps Mao's list would be more appropriate. Personally speaking I don't care so much about the philosophical aspect of Marxism as the practical application to economics and revolutionary organizational strategy, so unless anyone wants to object, I think that would be what we should prioritize first. Also, for Kapital, I think that should be saved until this actually becomes an institution. I recognize it is important, but it by itself is not more important than having a balanced knowledge of history and general theory.
Ordered Capital vol1&2, oh yeah it's big brain time. I'd be down to do a Capital club, it would be motivating and also help everyone digest the contents easier. (but not before the 30th)
Here's a two-column formatted version of 'Principles of Communism' I made along with a copy of the Mainifesto. >>86492 For you anon, here's an introductory text to Capital complete with some nice illustrations.
I’d be down for this study group.
(21.73 KB 134x99 14.png)
>>86386 I agree entirely. I don't care for materialist philosophy and I haven't gotten around to the Empirio Materialism book suggested to me but I will eventuall >>86492 Nice! we have one person for making it a capital study group i personally wouldnt want to do it but its fine if enough people are interested >>86514 if you do participate, please add your own opinions on the direction of this study club see >>86374 >>86386
(898.12 KB 1280x720 84786f5b0c24e3cc.png)
>>86512 Thanks comrade I'll check it out. >>86521 I wouldn't want it to be focused around it entirely, but it could be an aspect of this. I am very much down for reading other stuff too. Also check out the materialism thread on /edu/ if you know your stuff!
(95.86 KB 534x758 final-exams-baku.jpg)
Since it's related, does anyone know a place I can get an e-reader for cheap (or free)? I haven't seen any in my local charity shops and I don't have any large electronics stores nearby. I just want one so that I don't fuck up my eyes more than I already have and to actually read obscure texts (sorta) physically without it costing an arm and a leg.
(1020.88 KB 786x653 6.png)
It seems we have enough interest in the study club. That's good. How does next week Sunday 10AM EST (May 24) sound ? That's 5PM GMT +1 (UK) and 9PM GMT +5 (Pakistan). This week: Principles and the Manifesto >>86532 Hmm I did say I didn't really bother with the philosophical and scientific underpinning of materialism even after reading Hegel's phenomenology and mucking around the German idealists' problems. It doesn't concern me because I find Marx to be useful enough to explain the current trends of capitalism. on another tangent, have you tried emailing Cockshott about your question. I've heard he's quite responsive [email protected] >>86534 I think your only option left is online but I guess you wouldn't want that if you're asking the question oops
>>86540 This is awesome thanks a lot for this. >>86539 Sounds good, my exams finish next week so I will have time. You still sound a lot more experienced with materialism than me though, so you're take could be interesting is what I was getting at. I'm pretty new to it so I want to discuss it more to flesh out my ideas, rather than go straight to the source. >could have studied at Glasgow and got to know cockshott personally dam guys.
>>86540 I've seen this before, but I don't know how I would put something like this together since i'm not a hacker, I don't have a soldering iron and i'm not crafty enough to make a case. If there were pre-made models for sale, that would be great. <pic unrelated
>>86546 bump for more book friends
>>86539 Ah, I have eid on the 24th. Still, I’ll be able to join
>>86808 Forgot naem
>>86539 agh fuck I messed up the times. Should be 12PM EST to be consistent with the other times
>>86539 5PM Sunday is a no-go for me,can we push this forward by 2 hours?
(66.14 KB 144x186 4.png)
>>86864 it's no problem for me
>>86867 Hopefully Pakistanon doesn't mind.
>>86864 >>86870 It’s fine for me
>>86864 fine by me too
(2.25 MB 1690x1048 123490.png)
Reminder: Sunday 2PM EST (May 24). That's 7PM GMT +1 (UK) and 11PM GMT +5 (Pakistan) This week we are reading Principles of Communism and the Communist Manifesto. Both of these documents can be found online on marxists.org We will be discussing this on the leftytrash riot group chat which is normally used for games. Does anyone have a preference for text versus using voice ? I can use either but I also sound like a literal child. I will persevere however
(255.99 KB 704x798 franco_belg_alunya.png)
>>88501 I would prefer text personally. Although it's slower I would rather not have to reveal my voice if I don't need to (maybe next time).
>>88501 Text this week and keep the possibility of voice open depending on how it goes
(22.60 KB 296x475 33460.jpg)
(17.54 KB potato.pdf)
>>89000 oops forgot wordfilter try this pdf
(94.84 KB 235x303 7.png)
This concludes our first reading session. It was good ! Next week ... Sunday 2PM EST (May 31st). That's 7PM GMT +1 (UK) and 11PM GMT +5 (Pakistan) This week we are reading Wage-Labour and Capital & the Critique of the Gotha Programme. Both of these documents can be found online on marxists.org https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1847/wage-labour/ https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1875/gotha/
>>89067 Still plenty of time to read for our next meeting any new people that want to join in!
(2.93 MB 540x406 yuk.gif)
Second reading session done ! Sunday 2PM EST (May 31st). That's 7PM GMT +1 (UK) and 11PM GMT +5 (Pakistan) This week we are reading Engel's The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State
(723.55 KB origin_family.pdf)
PDF PDF PDF We are reading the whole book


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