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/Coomer/ Anonymous Comrade 02/07/2020 (Fri) 05:51:04 No. 51381
Ok anons this is going to be the coomer general. This is the thread for posting all the girls you would coom in. Coom in and coom'm if you got'm.
(36.76 KB 512x384 unnamed.jpg)
I just want Krystal Ball to sit on my face tbh.
>>51385 we all do
(76.46 KB 1200x379 Monstergrills.jpg)
(77.30 KB 1280x720 UnderappriciatedWaifu.jpg)
>>51381 Even though I could have a harem of monster girls that worship the ground I walk on I'd still (probably) settle for Enri because fuck it, she's both buff and qt.
>> 51381
(46.86 KB 220x261 220px-Anna_Larina.png)
Bukharin's Wife
(32.03 KB 406x406 rgnS4s2q.jpg)
>>51648 Che's wife was cuter
(429.36 KB 1179x1477 0c0103575f80736d7c5189768fb1f42a.png)
3D girls for comradery, 2D girls for cumradery.
>>51767 The opposite
>>51767 >that bulge OwO
>>51767 cum to the furry general on /hobby/ anon
>>51691 you got that right.
>>51767 I'm neither gay or a furry, but I really want to suck her cock
(1.73 MB 1800x1441 furry abu ghraib.jpg)
>>51828 sure you ain't, you'll be joining the furpile soon enough
>>52038 I'd let her sit on my face
(52.08 KB 714x1050 color-ama-large.jpg)
(746.35 KB 1581473223258.webm)
>>52332 what does she look like from the front?
>>51828 Sauce?
(307.90 KB 480x270 not this one dummy.gif)
>>52446 pic related
>>52447 amazing post
(81.10 KB 652x680 EQ6Vb8MX0AEQJ8t.jpeg)
>>52788 She can save me
>>52378 She has Mao's face tattooed over her own. All comrades should aspire to match her dedication.
(143.23 KB 1080x1080 1565141082833.jpg)
>>53258 I want her to sit on my face now
>>51828 Tf sauce?


no cookies?