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(242.94 KB 1812x2048 benegotherit.jpg)
Simp 3.0 Anonymous Comrade 10/21/2020 (Wed) 21:10:55 No. 120093
Last thread got bumblocked, we must continue our work: LETS SIMP
>>123445 Same, I always had a big breast fetish, the size of the breasts is way more important than ass for me.
>>123460 Holy shit I remember jerking it to that first pic when I was about 11 or something. That takes me back
>>123414 If anybody screeches about "neoteny" in a simp thread they are fucking autistic But then again this is a chan after all
Not enough love for the pussy on here. Tit’s are nice but I love a perfect pussy with medium juicy lips. Also a nice thigh gap is super hot
>>123646 I coughed a dry cough when i looked at that stretched out booty and those sweet pussy lips and i don't know how to feel but it's aesthetic as fuck
(3.46 MB goth_jiggle.webm)
For the ass niggas and for the Goth simps
(4.12 MB 640x1138 BadUnrulyClumber-mobile.mp4)
(979.54 KB 400x714 video7.mp4)
(733.82 KB 640x853 f61d27eed3b062a3.png)
I never knew horniness until this pandemic. I'm going crazy.
recently go into russian ASMR. I think the russian people put more effort in and the language itself conducive to asmr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbUm87PcFwU
(177.57 KB 800x1000 IMG-350.jpg)
Let's gooooooo
(239.04 KB 704x564 fanMen.png)
>>123145 This post reads like pic related Science doesn't stop being true because you posted the right wojak
>>124137 Who’s this?
>>123352 I have been on one date, I'm 34. I guess I'll go on a second one when I'm 65 lmao
>>124212 This is the exact problem you fucking moron. This isn't a problem regarding science being bad, the problem is fucking brain dead retards like yourself who think they can have even the tiniest modicum of understanding of a scientific field by just citing 'muh studies'. >this study said black people stupid! >this study said gambling addiction isn't real! >this study found water on another planet! People who obsess over this shit are the most unscientific pseduo intellectual fucks on Earth. Not everything comes down to some garbage 100 person study where you didn't read (and don't actually understand) the methodology, read philosophy and learn logic and it'll do more for you than googling studies could ever do. Have you ever conducted a multivariate adjusted analysis? I have. Why should I know you have even the slightest clue what you're talking about when you just tell some one line extract from a study? Ironically this is the most anti science shit ever, not actual scientist would want their work reduced to single line reddit titles you regenerate.
(63.00 KB 891x775 hezbollah hottest remix.JPG)
(27.63 KB 673x413 selfie.jpg)
>>124290 >Not everything comes down to some garbage 100 person study The study quoted here >>123044 was a study of 29,342 men, orders of magnitude greater than "just 100 people bro". You know that posts made earlier in this thread are still visible right? This isn't some fast moving cyclical, in case you weren't aware. >And the results held up to rigorous statistical evaluation even after other lifestyle factors and the frequency of PSA testing were taken into account.
>>124532 Wow! You did it! You named a single study that we already addressed that has a decent sample size. Do you want a gold star? Tell me how does this refute anything I've said in my previous post? Are you so stupid that you just pick out single sentences and go >duuhhh wait a minute, I think there are studies of more than a hundred people... *scrolls up thread* just as I suspected! This guy thinks no study exists with more than a hundred people! I'll show him Are you, like, clinically mentally deficient?
>>124536 >You named a single study And you named (Zero) peer-reviewed studies, because NoFap is based on memes and bro-science. >that we already addressed that has a decent sample size. You didn't address shit. What part of that peer-reviewed study of 29,342 men was wrong? It showed a clear direct link between ejaculation frequency and decreased prostate cancer risk which "held up to rigorous statistical evaluation even after other lifestyle factors and the frequency of PSA testing were taken into account." >>123044 This shouldn't even be a stunning revelation. Busting fat nuts daily clears the prostate, thereby lowering the risk of developing prostate cancer. Simple as. >Tell me how does this refute anything I've said in my previous post? Your previous post >>124290 implied that there only existed a 100 person study that you take contention with, rather than the truth that the study you obliquely referred to was a study of 29,342 people. >>123044 Rather disingenuous of you.
>>124560 I can't believe you've even bothered to write this out. You're such a gigantic moron you have so little arguments, you cannot refute my actual points, you can only focus on these tiny points and keep writing the same number over and over again. It's pathetic, and disappointing. Go back to cooming, since it's clear you cannot understand basic logic or read scientific papers with any level of fluency. I never said there exists a 100 person study that I take issue with, are you literally a teenager? You're just so fucking stupid I can't even combat this, you've won. You've actually won by being so braindead retarded that I can't refute your claims. You just change the subject of my post entirely and argue something else. I don't have an issue with that particular study, in fact, if you had the ability to read words, as opposed to copy and paste a single number over and over again, you would note that I said here >>124536 that this study has a good sample size. Is this fucking relevant whatsover? No. Has this already been adressed? Yes. So why are you so fixated on this single irrelevent value? Oh that's right. Your argument is paper thin. Shit it's fucking atomic, you have no idea what you're talking about, you can't discuss methodology, you don't understand basic logic, all you can do is go MUH STUDY MUH NUMBER MUH CHERRY PICKED SENTENCES. Read the post again, try and discern meaning with your human brain, and try to respond with anything with even the slightest bit of value.
(816.47 KB 567x800 Rena Kato.png)
>>124577 >Your argument is paper thin. Shit it's fucking atomic, you have no idea what you're talking about, If the argument I presented via peer-reviewed research is "paper thin/atomic" then yours is non-existent. Keep going on fanatical rants though. That's not going to make the peer-reviewed research go away. Nor is it going to magically create peer-reviewed research showing you can be addicted to masturbation, abstaining from masturbation improves wellness or really any claims of the NoFappers (of which none exists).
>>124606 I can't believe this is what you take from my argument. Are you a bot? I can't imagine a human could have such poor reading comprehension. I've never said this research is bad. The problem is complete braindead morons who have never conducted a single study in their life copy and pasting quotes from papers with zero understanding of methodology, statistical methods, and complete trust in whatever reaffirms their already held views. inb4 >LA LA LA LA LA LA I CANT HEAR YOU 29,342 29,342 29,342 LA LA LA LA LA 29,342 29,342 29,342 WANK=GOOD LA LA LA LA LBLBBLBLBL
(1.88 MB 1920x1080 0182361.png)
just kill me rn
(818.73 KB 698x522 682341.PNG)
(283.12 KB 1080x1074 20200823_090406.jpg)
(264.57 KB 1080x1347 20200823_090324.jpg)
(366.79 KB 1638x2048 oqwbqs2c5p941.jpg)
(62.15 KB 700x865 aKxYGGj_700b.jpg)
(110.14 KB 750x1334 EmGljPrVgAAWE4M.jpeg)
(210.17 KB 1469x2048 EdKarowUwAAh8Pv.jpeg)
(203.47 KB 1302x1956 Eb2-mAlU4AUJHDY.jpeg)
(59.55 MB 1280x720 7431544-720p.mp4)
>>124683 Man Ya know Watching this sort of ASMR shit I really gotta ask How the fuck does it not cause people to develop mental problems? Like, if you’re watching this shit, as a dude, 90% chance you are single. Given how shit life now is, odds of breaking out of your solitude are very low. So you basically watch all this tender, intimate shit from someone that doesn’t even know you exist. At least hardcore porn is evidently just completely soulless and devoid of intimacy, it might fuck with how you view women but it won’t directly fuck with your emotional stability most of the time. Whereas with the ASMR I got less than five seconds in before realizing I can’t watch rhis shit. This is like the JOI from Blade Runner but so much worse, at least JOI could interact with K, this is like the Devil dangling a little dancing minion in your face but you know you can never break through the glass and you can’t ever see her. Over for the ASMRcels tbh
>>124739 i agree. dont get dudes who buy onlyfans stuff either.
>>124739 >Given how shit life now is, odds of breaking out of your solitude are very low. So you basically watch all this tender, intimate shit from someone that doesn’t even know you exist. (not the anon you're replying to.) You make interesting points . What is the difference from this ASMR stuff direct to camera (i. e to you, the viewer), from let's say the escapism involved in reading novels in the nineteenth century, or watching the products of Hollywood's dream factory in the twentieth? It seems to me the difference is you don't psychologically identify with a character on the page or on the screen or nasty Max Hardcore in the case of porn, for that matter. There's no character there to identify with. Ms. ASMR is pretending to speak directly to you, anon. Even with vidya games there's a protagonist to pretend to be. So in that respect, ASMR videos lack escapism! You don't have to imaginatively project into the subjectivity of someone else for it to work. And consequently, there's not even the slight possibility there is with fiction of being inspired to take a character somewhat as a role model and grow in some way. How many kids got into martial arts through watching Bruce Lee flicks in the 70s. or this ex-copper inspired by Batman http://buildingbatman.blogspot.com/2008/10/building-batman.html?m=0 >>124757 >i agree. dont get dudes who buy onlyfans stuff either. Not them either, but I do get this myself. Some of it, it's like the ultimate gonzo porn, you seem to be getting the models own life. It's the same with Tracey Emin's unmade bed. A ticket into someone who is cooler than you, into their life. What I don't understand myself is breadtube/patreon discord chats about politics. If you join a union, now we're in lockdown you'll get invitations to more Zoom meetings than you want.
(75.98 KB 500x668 dodgers waifu.jpg)
>>124767 >What I don't understand myself is breadtube/patreon discord chats about politics. >If you join a union, now we're in lockdown you'll get invitations to more Zoom meetings than you want. I really, really don't like zoom meetings 2bh. Something about them is just exhausting idk how to describe it.
(295.02 KB 800x1147 18077.jpg)
(67.95 KB 1024x683 zanna.jpg)
>>123445 >>123460 >>123488 I think I've noticed that on average authleft and authright seem to focus on big tits, libleft and libright seem to focus on overall attractiveness, and everyone in between seem to focus on big ass. Not sure if this is accurate at all, please don't take offence. It's just a pattern I seem to have noticed. I'm libleft myself and I've always focused on overall attractiveness (and somehow "smug" facial features), so for me my perceived pattern holds at least mostly. Big tits are hot, but so are big asses, and for me with both there comes a size that's too big. >>123515 Someone did in one of the previous threads, to call everyone who has a preference for East Asian women pedos. It's a /pol/ tier argument, but it's not the only time I've seen leftists argue it. I've also been called pedo for finding cute faces attractive, and also gay but anyone who still implies homosexuality is bad is a child at least mentally. >>124739 >>124683 She's very cute and hot, I've fapped to that video twice already. Not a big fan of braces, I've never understood why Americans get them unless their teeth are a total clusterfuck and even think they make someone more attractive but I'm not judging. They just seem pointless to me unless it actually affects your chewing or such, but then I'm not American so what do I know. On her they're kinda hot though, gotta admit. >>124767 I watch hot ASMR videos and nothing goes on in my head when I do except that it's hot, and I literally have a mental illness. There isn't even an illusion of her "talking directly to me" because it's a video. It's not a livestream. With streams I could see the argument made it might fuck with your mind, but even then only during the stream. But, I'm single and for various reasons I mostly have no control over will likely remain single for the rest of my life. Does that mean ASMR is reducing my chances of finding a girlfriend? If anything, ASMR videos and eye contact videos (are you in to be creeped out when you discover those!) have already helped learn to look people in the eyes in real life, because I've been able to practise it with videos. Obviously I know they're not actually looking at me but at a camera, that does mean it's easier to look at a video of someone looking at a camera than to look at someone in the eyes in real life, but it has made it noticeably easier. As for eye contact videos, sometimes I fap to them too even if there's nothing sexual. Haven't started fapping when looking at attractive women in the eyes in real life. I know it's "creepy" to fap to things that weren't made to be fapped to, and maybe I'm just better at compartmentalising than a mentally healthy person, but there's no reason not to fap to something if you find it hot. I've also fapped to the selfies of friends and it doesn't make it any more awkward to hang out with them, because horniness is fleeting. I can fap to a friend's selfies and then talk to her in five minutes, because my mind isn't in horny mode anymore. Before telling me I need to kms because I'm a creep who'll only give women bad memories, I'm not even attempting to find a girlfriend and believe that if I found a "soulmate", we'd be fully compatible. So I'm not even interested unless it'd be real love, which is "cringy" and "bourgeoise" but I'm not having that debate again.
(48.75 KB 600x815 zimg_001_1111.jpg)
(135.43 KB 720x1080 ZuTbCy3jy3k.jpg)
(157.49 KB 975x1300 53456.jpg)
Messed up the replies in the previous post a bit, pretty sure it's not confusing anyway though.
>>124882 things leftists like, lets start a list: Hairy pussy
(117.19 KB 1023x682 172.jpg)
>>124914 a nice healthy patch is also a welcome sight and a sign of good health
>>124914 >>124934 A girl about to say she loves me in the last few minutes until I wake up
(59.91 KB 680x1072 5b3.jpg)
>>124914 Tomboys
>>124683 >Bong accent instant boner-kill tbh
>>125641 Pretty sure that's Australian m8
>>125660 Anglos is the same
>>125641 She doesn’t sound like a Bong but imo she ain’t good looking anyway Like, I’d fuck her if I had the chance but idk probably wouldn’t jerk off to her or anything
have there been any cases of a simp becoming rich and marrying their favorite twitch streamer
>>125728 Never I hope to God
Simping for leftist thots is something I don't understand at all. Does the fact that they wore a Bernie shirt once somehow make them more appealing to you?
>>124015 think this is where i finally give in and fap to a trans chick
>>125729 what is so bad about that I was thinking to myself last night, e-thots and simping are basically just the new cult of Aphrodite
>>125794 Simps deserve to die alone
When covid ends I will be fat and will have fapped my dick to oblivion, should I kill myself fam?
>>125798 nah bro


no cookies?