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Simp 2.0 Anonymous Comrade 08/26/2020 (Wed) 15:35:38 No. 110610
Let's simp.
>>113807 Link?
(193.53 KB 759x1024 visser2.jpg)
(317.98 KB 803x1000 Palsyte.jpg)
(237.89 KB 936x1361 klishina.jpg)
damn we're missing the Olympics this year guys :(
(180.81 KB 1200x953 fidel smoke.jpg)
(33.87 KB 640x430 fidel grin.jpg)
(20.68 KB 329x444 in the field.jpg)
>>112623 >>113498 Che or fidel tho?
>>113658 at least it's not /pol/ or we'd be simping you
(102.17 KB 487x693 008.jpg)
(107.08 KB 465x743 005.jpg)
(80.34 KB 960x1280 044.jpg)
>>111618 >>111614 >>112139 >>112648 >>113578 Thread requires more ebony goddesses.
>>113852 >Event designed to show off national pride >Fug id bro, leds paperclip a shitty brand add on top of their clothes so that no one can even tell which country they are from >Tfw humanity is united under the banner of the great Zaibatsu's >>113874 Depends on if you are more of a cousin or uncle magic kinda guy
(22.66 KB 296x296 indoorcorporateolympics.png)
(692.65 KB 1149x1200 shieldbois.png)
(237.67 KB 1200x1536 uhh.png)
>>113922 How much further along the ancapistan pipeline until they add back pederasty? also who the hell is uncle magic?
(239.07 KB 1600x1200 543874047.jpg)
(235.29 KB 1080x1350 1576415481958.jpg)
>>113681 Sometimes, but I only watched a couple of her videos once upon a time and just didn't "get" them. I still have no idea who she is tbh, the shit I can find doesn't really explain. Not gonna lie, though, I think she's hot. >>113786 Damn... >>113852 First one's cute, other two look like dudes to me but there's nothing wrong with that if that's what you're into. >>113920 The first girl is an absolute beauty.
>>113946 pretty sure that second pic is not meant to be lust material have some decency
>>113953 >pretty sure that second pic is not meant to be lust material Neither are 90% of the other pics in this thread. If anything, I'd argue that from a purely visual point of view it's more "lust material" than most; if you didn't understand the writing on their backs, you wouldn't think twice about it being at least borderline erotic. Besides, protesting isn't mutually exclusive with being sexy. The power of sexuality is often underestimated in politics, but it's guaranteed to get attention and getting attention is vital for any political cause. Sure, just fapping to pics of women with anti-våldtäkt slogans written on their backs won't magically eliminate våldtäkt, but I could imagine some would-be-rapist fapping to these pics like "I'M RAPING YOU!!! I'M RAPING YOU!!!" instead of actually raping someone... at least for the time being. >have some decency I do in general, but in threads like this it takes a backseat due to the nature of threads like this. Anyway, here are a few more pics from that photoshoot to help you gauge whether it's "lust material" or not. Unfortunately all the other pics I can find except the first one I posted are watermarked and lower resolution, though...
(82.33 KB 680x1020 niharika-sharma_13558065503.jpg)
(109.68 KB 680x905 niharika-sharma_135555388017.jpg)
(136.61 KB 680x942 niharika-sharma_135555388018.jpg)
>that wordfilter What's the point, especially if "raping" and "rapist" aren't filtered as well? Anyway, here's certified lust material of the woman on the right in those pics to make that anon happy.
>>113953 Wait is våldtäkt filtered?
>>114017 LOL fucking why
(352.94 KB 1392x1329 Kim_Kum-ok.JPG)
>>113922 In this age of Zaibatsu dominance, there is one state which has not submitted and upholds the Soviet style uniform Even Cuban athletes have those corporate logos
>>114051 That hairstyle in the first pic... Damn, I wish more men had hair like that nowadays
Any Trans anon can post some pics ? Only amateur transwomen pictures who took pics for me can get me hard
I’m a millennial and am getting old af now, yet I’ve just started to realize after watching some hottie zoomer teens on social media my tastes aren’t maturing and I still like young chicks. Meanwhile I get older and uglier and less likely to get any girl that age. What kind of cruel joke is this, why has nature cursed me with this static sexual drive? Is this how people end up as old creeps and pedos? What do bros?
>>114307 Find yourself a girl that likes older men, they exist all the same as girls who are chubbychasers.
(416.35 KB 1836x1837 Eg4p6tEU8AAnG0D.jpeg)
Sauce: https://mobile.twitter.com/PennyRed?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor I don't really like Laurie Penny. The word "insufferable" seems meant for her and yet, when I look at the picture, I don't feel like that. It feels like something is melting inside me.
>>114307 If you're in late 20s/early 30s the 21-23 year old girls WANT you.You could go younger but let's be honest, the 18 or 19 yr olds are insufferable and it could be a little weird buying them alcohol.
>ywn experience pure innocent teenage love with a qt wtf bros this just isnt fair at all, this thread is making me suicidal, i cant cope with this anymore
>>114338 >pure >innocent >Implying teenage love is automatically either of those things You know innocence isn't a number where past a certain age you stop being innocent, right? Its a state of mind. You could be sheltered by your parents till you're in your thirties, without ever having experienced romantic love or sex prior to that. You'd be older when meeting your first love, yes, but the experience would still be just as innocent for you as it would be for someone who has just reached the age of consent. On the other hand you could come from a family of perverts where you knew about sex long before you ended up having it and you'd already developed several hardcore fetishes from watching porn that you would want to try out with your partner. That doesn't sound like its either pure or innocent, but you'd be a teenager with a potentially qt gf that for now loves you.
>>114313 I'm in my early 20s and I find late 20s/early 30s men too old for my taste, and kinda creepy when they hit on me.
ITT: baboons >>114312 >It feels like something is melting inside me Pooped your pants maybe?
Trans women might be up for that.
(137.58 KB 667x1000 5276486092.jpg)
(39.93 KB 566x607 20293880543-0.jpg)
(138.77 KB 685x1023 40893043733_46c48f83f2_b.jpg)
>>114307 I'm in a similar boat, I'd say most men are since it's biologically hardwired into us. I won't bring up older studies that put the age lower as they've been deprecated by more recent research, but the latest research indicates the age men of all ages find the most attractive is 20. Personally I do think I find 20-year-olds the most attractive in general, and actually just a few days ago I was feeling down about that because my biological clock is ticking in spite of my decision to never pursue relationships. Nothing I can do about it, nothing you can do about it. As we get older, we get more and more "irrational" in our attraction to young girls and feel like it's wrong, even though it's just biology: even if we make a decision to never have children, our bodies don't care and will increasingly turn against us as the impregnation train speeds farther away. We can't undo evolution, which is what has made us want to impregnate someone at peak fertility, no matter how solid our reasons to not want that and how hard we try to not be attracted to girls considered by modern society to be too young for us. Someone at 20 is much more likely to get pregnant than someone at 30, and someone at 30 is much more likely to get pregnant than someone at 40. That's what determines the biological aspect of the attraction. There are also societal factors leading us to find young girls more attractive: they're more likely to be open about their sexuality, dress in revealing clothes, act in a sexualised manner publicly, and so on, and the media is constantly using sexualised teens as a carrot in advertising and such. For us, biologically it makes no difference if she's 15 or 20, and often models in ads are somewhere in between those ages. The legal ambiguity, not knowing whether she's legal or not, is a kind of forbidden fruit set up by society. It's also part of why the age of consent is often lower than the legal age for porn. There's a capitalistic motivation behind it, in addition to judicial opportunism. If people were allowed to freely form relationships of any kind with whom they want without risking shame or arrest, the status quo of modern civilisation would change and the power structures would shift to be more equal. Obviously those in power don't want that, and controlling the youth is one of their ways to ensure their own sustenance in the future. An artificial separation between age groups is being created, growing more and more as time passes. In less "civilised" societies, a 20-year-old girl marrying a 40-year-old man is often not considered weird, but in a couple of decades it will be as they become "modernised" too. Many societies used to practise marriage at menarche or even earlier, often those barely pubescent girls being married to men old enough to be their fathers. It's still common in certain countries, even ones that are technologically modernised like India and Iran... I personally think it's fucked up for a 10-year-old or such to marry anyone, but the UN definition of "child" as anyone under 18 with the intention of enforcing a clean artificial separation between "children" and "adults" is bullshit. You don't magically become an adult when you turn 18, and it used to be universally acknowledged that childhood and adulthood are on a spectrum. Not anymore. Even some old people are starting to think of 17-year-olds as the same as toddlers, and society is intentionally infantilising teenagers while also sexualising them, a kind of carrot and stick where both the infantilisation and sexualisation are carrots for teens but sticks for anyone older than them. Teens are the most profitable demographic, so by separating them from "adults" for as long as possible, profits are maximised. Society needs to accept "naturalism" in all of its range, or things will only get worse. It frustrates me that so many leftists are starting to get just as much in denial about "naturalism" as far-right morons, letting the UN or their country's government or whomever dictate how they should feel and suppressing their own selves. Of course, "naturalism" is not to be upheld as the sole standard upon which society is built, but for it to be increasingly actively rejected by essentially the entire political spectrum. Getting back to what you actually said, at least I find solace in the fact that I wouldn't have a chance with them anyway and I'd only make them miserable in the long term. If you actually have some hope and can't remind yourself of a relationship-ruining flaw in yourself, it's probably even worse. I'm sorry.
(90.03 KB 769x1024 1543682987254.jpg)
(220.36 KB 560x920 1573268130168.jpg)
(294.02 KB 952x1194 1573360944595.jpg)
>>114359 >but for it to be increasingly actively rejected by essentially the entire political spectrum. Meant to type ... at the end instead of just one full stop.
(51.57 KB 720x960 1574193345205.jpg)
(277.57 KB 1365x2048 1576214869327.jpg)
(93.58 KB 683x1024 1576299088391.jpg)
>>114347 Not saying all do, but there are many who do. It's not super hard to see why. Older guys are more experienced, reasonable, and last longer.
(495.88 KB 2400x1600 201307311647111341-2089977.jpg)
(108.40 KB 682x1024 B-jPyTdCAAAmpjB.jpg)
(191.92 KB 1080x1355 D2sD8QkW0AAVvzM.jpg large.jpg)
>>114368 >more experienced tfw never even hugged
(188.83 KB 1600x1227 dsc_03072.jpg)
There's shit and blood in the second pic, so if you don't want to see that, don't open it. It's that famous anti-ISIS protest pic, I'm posting it because to me it's really hot and I've fapped to it probably a dozen times. >inb4 fapping to it is weird
>>114347 (me) >>114368 I was with a 28yo guy and he was basically a virgin, very sweet but naive and kinda uncomfortable with sex.
>>114349 >ITT: baboons Is that you? Baboonposter??? Where have you been? Have you been on holiday?
(489.61 KB 2000x3000 1576462703570.jpg)
>>114374 Sorry if this is an offensive question, but why is it that women seemingly always want men who've been with at least one other woman before? Why is it offputting to have to teach a man sexually or to get him to come out of his shell? I've never understood it. It's so deeply ingrained in society, but it can't be biological since it's not universally the norm in all societies at all times, and it also can't be derived from religion because all the major religions consider promiscuity bad regardless of sex/gender. It seems to me like the farther to the left and more progressive you go, the more women are repulsed by male virginity, which is incredibly backwards and makes no sense. Men usually prefer virgins, so why is it the polar opposite for women? Personally I wouldn't care if a woman I fell in love with had fucked dozens of men as long as she didn't fuck dozens of men if she married me, but I'm certain she'd dump me as soon as I told her I'm a virgin so it's a moot point. I'd prefer a virgin, though, that way all the sexual things we'd try would be new to both of us and that'd be romantic in a way... but only religious conservatives get married as virgins anymore, and they already get engaged at like 13-15 and marry at 18 so it's not like I could find a 20-year-old religious conservative girl and turn her into a leftist or something. Not that a 20-year-old would want to be with me in any case, or anyone since I'm ugly, fat, my health isn't the greatest and so on, but even theoretically speaking. Of course I don't expect you to have all the answers, you can't speak for anyone except yourself and maybe somewhat generalising... I just had to vent because it's something that, as I'm getting older and more left-wing, I feel increasingly confused and frustrated by. But if you can maybe explain the rationale and don't feel like it's too personal or anything, I'd love to hear it because I'm absolutely baffled by it. >inb4 you're actually a gay guy In that case, sorry, I assumed otherwise from your posts being replies to saying that about women.
(1.80 MB 3000x2000 A09.jpg)
(57.73 KB 666x1000 [email protected]_V1_.jpg)
(177.69 KB 1080x1920 gungirl.jpg)
Leftist+Girl+Gun = ETERNAL COOM
>>114401 because women want to cum too. that's about the extent of my philosophy.
(5.81 KB 225x225 stalin.jpg)
>>114411 >girl idk I need to inspect first
>>114411 dont see anything leftist there
>>114474 Well, she does look trans tbqh senpai, but when has that stopped anyone from simping?
(34.54 KB 639x960 Myanmar-Hnin-Thway-Yu-Aung.jpg)
(119.63 KB 1048x786 mylatinabride13.jpg)
>>114473 Okay, but why can't you teach a man to do the things that make you cum? You'd have to at least tell him what you're into and what you're not into anyway, though? I've heard there's a lot more individual variation between the things women get off from than men, but even if that's bullshit and there's some secret magic trick to make every woman cum, why not teach it to men? It's not some esoteric "female eyes only" knowledge, is it, so what's the big deal? If it was (only or mostly) conservatives who have that perspective, maybe I'd understand it since the rationale could be that it's contrary to traditional gender roles for a woman to have "power" over a man like that, but that's clearly not it. Maybe I'm severely underestimating the difficulty of making a woman cum, maybe it is basically an arcane technique that a man must fuck a dozen women to unlock or something... but even so, couldn't he just fuck the same woman a dozen times to learn it? If couples have a lot of sex in the beginning in any case, wouldn't the odds of him learning to give her an orgasm only grow with each time they have sex? Or is it that the first time must lead to an orgasm or he's basically not man enough? But aren't all women virgins at some point, too, even if they're likely to lose their virginity before 15 nowadays? I refuse to believe that a 15-year-old girl losing her virginity thinks "the guy must have fucked at least one other girl before", that isn't a realistic expectation at that age. I know guys lie about it, but is lying really a necessity to get laid even as an adult if you're a virgin? Again, sorry for the questions. I know I sound like a literal autist, and I will admit it's something that has been suspected by doctors but it was declared that I'm not actually autistic.
>>114308 Hm >>114359 The age of consent might be lowered. For many guys not having a car, real job and house by 23 became alienated by their female contemporaries as their female contemporaries compared them to their boomer fathers and uncles: I GOT MINE! YOUR UNCLES GOT THEIRS! ASK YOUR MUM! Of course, there would be disgust by the public and if they cant find ways to restore and preserve fertility as well as expending life they may resort to reducing the age of consent. Those girls marrying much older men you talk about are virgins anyway its not like they date older men in the first place. >>114401 This experience first attitude had cascaded to boomer HR too (le experience). Aside from that and if I can recall correctly it was something to do with "awkwardness" that "the guy doesnt know what to do" kind of thing. Maybe its a form of perfectionism, maybe its a form of contradiction, maybe its a refusal for perceived "compromise" of satisfaction for them. I would not be surprised if for most chicks it was a form of idealism (common definition). >>114528 There tends to be idealism among the common chicks and projecting "I has standards. LOL".
>>114411 This ass is perfect
(99.55 KB 877x1267 perfect.jpg)
Find a woman that is sexier than her. Protip: you can't.
>>114578 It doesn't look as big in her videos. It does look nice enough to spank though. https://twitter.com/tacticoolgf/status/1246977829658447873?s=20
>>114583 sexy is in the eye of the beholder, I do not find this female attractive, because I find non-materialistic things sexy. Like KNOWLEDGE, in fact, I find these 7 bookshelves I just installed in my room to be the sexiest thing I have ever fucked.
(69.18 KB 1024x768 1600607266285.jpg)
(45.98 KB 582x596 carnivalousw.jpg)
(178.44 KB 1595x1914 DreamyMillennialGirl.jpg)
Give me fats with hooge tiddies and tight round bellies
(56.90 KB 540x960 1591100499198.jpeg)
(62.07 KB 579x1200 1599798503291-4.jpg)
(161.67 KB 1280x960 1597857249271.jpg)
>>114594 or give me sticcs with also hooge tiddies


no cookies?