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(36.36 KB 369x336 animes.jpg)
/leftytrash/ Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:36:48 No. 1091
Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting
>>100488 Did you fall head-first from a roof? What happened?
(72.08 KB 313x382 you die now.jpg)
>>100488 >bringing "i'm a epic fascist and i hate the commies. AMA" to /GET/
(1.03 MB 849x1200 2lewd.png)
>>100492 oh please if i wanted to do that i'd post some giant retarded wall of text instead of just coming to /leftytrash/ also post traps pls
(209.97 KB 500x410 reeducation.png)
(251.79 KB 443x455 i'm not gay.png)
>>100493 pornography is not to be given to underage people, whenever mentally or otherwise
(397.51 KB 1075x1518 crossteach.jpg)
(392.24 KB 1075x1518 crosstreac.jpg)
(344.25 KB 1075x1518 crossteach21.jpg)
>>100495 not a fan of fun ?
>>100496 Dude, fuck off.
>>100498 Why do you hate lgbt people's anon ?
>>100496 Damn nigga that shit is fucking gay no wonder youre a fascist. Source?
god i fucking hate redditfags i always find myself thinking "nobody can be that retarded they're probably not all that bad" and then that illusion always gets shattered
(11.01 KB 272x185 frcdwas.jpg)
>>100505 OMG! This is not a wholesome 100 big chungus keanue reeves elon musk fortnite bad minecraft good moment right now >>100507 damn this bitch thicc
>>100474 >bear in the big blue house? more like like big Blues house, amirite?
>>100464 I want to give her the arachnaDICK
(711.87 KB 1000x1000 df124bfc5a4ca3e972e50eef3110c036.jpg)
Whats goin on tonight get?
>>100513 destroying social reactionaries with facts and logic over on /leftypol/ since the people’s champions have seemingly renewed the fight against reaction also fixed my CDDA install earlier today
>>100513 i prey gaem u?
>>100515 probs gonna play some games till i get sleepy
>>100513 i have goddamn insomnia, i've been chain smoking and i'm exercising for a more feminine body (shitload of cardio and squats)
>>100516 What are you gonna play? >>100517 Know what's causing it? Also smoking is gonna fuck up your cardio
>>100518 playing some online pubg at the moment
(49.24 KB 651x326 kuma_kookitime.png)
>>100513 idk cirno, idk
>>100519 is there offline pubg?
>>100523 its a online gaem
(2.14 MB 2100x1410 myao_purge!.png)
>>100525 i think copy the image location and pasting it in the google searchbar, depends on the browser, works better on chrome i think.
(511.85 KB 1280x2038 IMG_0001.JPG)
>>100527 >>100528 IITS NT WORKING< NOTHING IS COMING UP! I don't think I'll ever find the original sauce of where i got this image from, I even recall the twitter handle where I found it, but apparently it doesn't exist, so maybe Im going insane
>>100529 how long have you had it?
>>100530 Since September 2018
>>100531 OOF thats gonna be really hard to find, plus google is bad with comic images
>>100531 do you know what character that is or is it oc?
>>100532 fuuuuuuuuuuck me >>100533 I believe it was an OC. It was a part of a two comic series and it was so cute and I wanted to look at it again but sadly I’m not able to find the other parts of the comic
Oh god why's it so hot
I'm learning turkish now as I can't find any good resources on yiddish nor am I interested in most major languages. Plus turkish and urdu share a lot of cognates
So i went to the bathroom and my crap was slimy to an unusual degree (Like sorta tarry and so on but not cancer tier or anything) and then a short time after returning to my bedroom i felt some pressure near my ass. I picked it for a sec and popped out what i could basically describe as a tiny shit (or something) ball that was about the size of the head of a pin but also a shade lighter then crap usually looks. It was very hard as well i attempted to "Crack" it to see what it was and it took the full force of my hands on either sides of some toilet paper to break it into smaller pieces. Was it just some hard piece of undigested food or am i dying?
>>100513 Apparently a self-described fascist has decided to show up, all that needs to happen now is for him to be sent to the pits
>>100537 If your diet is poor you might have had a bit of compacted crap stuck somewhere
>>100529 if it helps in any way this is 100% a manwha
(156.29 KB 942x770 20200712_071612.jpg)
>>100540 wheres the fash, i'll smoke em
>>100543 Out of interest, how big is your Cirno folder?
>>100542 >manwha ??? >>100543 scroll up the thread. Though I will say, for a fascist, he has some good taste in doujin
>>100545 Korean chinese cartoon woodcuttings
>>100544 3.03 gb with 4383 files
>>100546 >korean Oh shit. I’m recalling that the artist was Korean, so that’ll come in handy when looking for them
I gotta say, for the brief 2 days i had to use it LXDE was pretty comfy
>>100507 Thanks for the nut, brotha
>>100549 it's quite comfy for what it is.
(394.70 KB 700x900 well done.jpg)
after german politician rejected a study on the germans police and use of racial profiling, the police in stuttgart is now investigating the bloodline of german rioters to stick it to migrants nice i also realized that, yes, if epstein had called his plane "lolicon express" and had jerked off over drawn images on parties together with trump and clinton, it'd have been the exact same thing as raping real people, there is literally no difference furthermore i think we should outlaw violent video games, people that are willing to shoot at 3D (!) people are basically shooting real people and are murderers finally, i see the light i also think that we need to have a discussion whether strasser was actually a leftist and nazbols are the better communists, since leftypol really is more of a leftist place than GET will ever be no, i didn't have a stroke, this is actually intelligent thought, guys i have swallowed the red pill and am a true leftypolack now who is very smart and totally shouldn't be banned from now on i will only reply to peoples spoilered images and shit up the thread with complaints about what they just posted, i am very intelligent thank you admin for making this place so awesome for total geniuses like us, you're doing a great job at turning this place into something glorious


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