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Welcome to /GET/, a congregation of everything that's wrong with humanity.

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/leftytrash/ Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:36:48 No. 1091
Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting
(170.71 KB 960x940 no-you-aint-59c9db88168d3.jpeg)
Gestalt consciousnesses meant to convey the struggle of the individual against a homogenises society is a lazy and overused narrative device and I'm sick of people who think it's so deep and meaningful. Come up with something creative instead of regurgitating the same plot 50 damn times, Yeah I'm looking at you Gundam/Mech ripoffs.
>>50051 why, out of nowhere?
(26.31 KB 582x272 ewfwefwef.png)
Even furry gamedevs know the skinny.
>>50052 I dunno, just a thought I've been brooding on for some time
(88.82 KB 731x960 c7bm0xrfyts01.jpg)
>get paid to write instructions on how to make shitloads of different drugs >hosts the file on Uncle Sam's dime How based can scientists get? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6205722/
>>50054 Yeah, I remember you bringing it up when you got talking about eva, which is a fair point, although I don't think it's the one thing Eva hinges itself on. But, why though? What's got you struggling with it?
>>50055 Science is inherently communist. Fact.
>>50056 I just get tired of seeing it, it seems to be the default/fallback for when a writer can't come up with a good enough plot device for individual expression and trying to break with social norms. On the one hand, you could just do the 157th "I defy thee giant brain, I choose my own path" and on the other you can snort space crack like a boss and instead lash out at the overarching cultural and political norms that are present in their already basic state, and go on to create a Golden Path based on the conclusion of all of history happening in a single instance. I dunno I just find the former one super boring and basically a trope. >>50057 Communism is a science.
>>50058 What else have you seen it in? I saw you call out Gundam for it, but I'm not super familiar with the series. Also it's not really a plot device, so much as a physical manifestation as a metaphor. A plot device, to my mind, is an event or object employed solely to move the story onward, but doesn't contribute to the whole. I might be dumb tho.
>>50055 Apropos of that, here's the complete series so far. It's ongoing, and there are a few "bright" classics too. Some of them even review several methods of synthesis. https://pubs.acs.org/action/doSearch?field1=Title&text1=classics+in+chemical+neuroscience&field2=AllField&text2=&ConceptID=&ConceptID=&publication=&accessType=allContent&Earliest=&pageSize=100&startPage=0&sortBy=Earliest
What other image boards asides from Bunker 4chan and 8kun are internationally available (As in shits in English and contains content that is interesting to people on a global scale like hobbies / random etc and not just stuff related to one country like 2channel or krautchan etc) that isnt completely sketchy or ded as fuck?
Good evening, comrades
(477.69 KB 474x663 I can fly can u.png)
>>50065 There's Ponychan and Ponyville. Despite the names there isn't much pony on them, avatars aside.
(71.05 KB 1500x900 Flagof the People of Altosol.png)
GET, thoughts on micronations? (Sealand, Molassia, Hutt River, and etc). Also, if you could make your own nation, what would it be called? {Also, flag I made cause I was bored}
>>50065 Well, by international imageboard standards, Bunkerchan is ded. Maybe 8kun too, I haven't checked it much. I know of 420chan, it seems to be steady as she goes. >>50067 Is that pic supposed to be inspired by a Tarot card? Are those two of the chans which spread from /mlp/?
>>50063 Oh, and for completion's sake, there's also DARK Side of Amphetamine and Analogues: Pharmacology, Syndromic Manifestation, and Management of Amphetamine Addiction, but it's not the fun kind of study.
>>50068 >If you could make your own nation, what would it be called? Either Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or Pennsylvania German Democratic Republic Honestly I don't really know I'd just break apart the USA given the chance
(38.44 KB 474x180 rhthrth.png)
>>50055 He even says how to get the reagents, the absolute madlad!
(1.26 MB 2441x1019 virgin chad.png)
Which would you choose Every creature on earth dies tomorrow Or One human becomes doomed to eternity of suffering
>>50078 As long as I don't know that one human, i choose the latter
>>50078 The second one. One human suffering for all eternity would be far better than everyone suffering for all eternity like we do now.
>>50080 >everyone suffering for all eternity like we do now. Then why not the first?
>>50078 I would choose the first. Human kind is a speck in time, but an eternity of suffering is.. well, beyond even the time span of the universe. Unfathomable pain.
>>50078 the second one obviously, but can a choose the person for it? specifically one i dont like?
(65.84 KB 640x1280 f3f.jpeg)
(263.36 KB 1280x800 10282772.png)
>>50085 >you're cute t-t-thank you
>>50086 You are. >>50087 No U.
>>50088 >No U. NO. Thank you. Thank you very much.
(14.56 KB 266x220 1455964749787.png)
tiem 4 cofi
(5.12 MB korea.mp3)
>>50093 whats witht he haunting tune?
>>50094 morning cofi theme.
(40.70 KB 2000x1000 Dubschanflag.png)
>>50068 Looks like the flag of Dubschan, RIP in peace.
(40.25 KB 500x703 fbd.jpg)
>When your game testing course assignment is having to play at least 15 minutes of Fallout Shelter™ a day for the next two weeks >Also have to make daily notes of your gameplay experience and what you did in the game during your time spent playing even if you did nothing of interest and just left the game to play on its own I keep asking myself why it couldn't have been something a little bit more interesting like Plague Inc. I don't like most mobile games to begin with and idle rpgs are even worse because they are usually grindfests with loot boxes and microtransactions up the arse.
(306.05 KB 765x1082 1409473677432.jpg)
>>50069 >Is that pic supposed to be inspired by a Tarot card? I don't know >Are those two of the chans which spread from /mlp/? No, Ponychan is older than /mlp/. Technically it split from the /b/ pony threads, and Ponyville, GETchan, and others split from Ponychan.
>>50069 >Well, by international imageboard standards, Bunkerchan is ded. <around 1700 posts per day <dead >Maybe 8kun too as far as I know 8Qun has 4 boards with an average pph above 10 /v/ with an average pph of around 50 /pnd/ aka /pol/ has an average pph of around 40 And /qresearch/ has probably an average pph of around 300
>>50095 it makes me feel sad tho
>>50097 15 mins? Isn't fallout shelter one of those builer games in were building anything takes about an hour? >>50100 There's also about 7000 lurkers
(3.70 MB 1545x2000 Unity Makes Us Strong!.png)
>>50098 GETchan split from Stevenchan, though. Not Ponychan. The GET Threads were on Ponychan, but those existed alongside GETchan for a time and had actually been planned to continue for a while until Orange Blaze started banning GETs and Ponychan users began raiding GETchan. There were even plans to bring the GET Threads back after Orange Blaze was kicked out, but that never took off because the users of GETchan were fundamentally different from those in the GET Threads. It's not really accurate to say GETchan split from Ponychan. There's a reason why Stevenchan is included in pic related but Ponychan isn't.
(147.19 KB 590x494 food8.png)
I don't know when, but I feel like at some point I became a doomer. Maybe it was just a slow descent
this is so cool, again i never hear one word about this in american news.
(57.32 KB 960x1280 1579122042470.jpg)
Hey guys! Someone shared this video about autists being cute and awkward on /leftypol/ but I lost the thread. I think it's literally the cutest video I've ever seen. I haven't been diagnosed with autism but I suspect that I might be, because I could relate to their social awkwardness so fucking much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX6rbLSp8Ys I am almost out of words for describing how perfect this video is. It's a perfect representation of cute, nerdy, head-in-clouds, dreamy, forgetful, campy, indigo-like. Almost like a YA movie characters, but in real life. Here is my big ask - can someone please share or point towards a thread where I can find more videos just like this? Like, non-fictional and real-life autists openly talking to each other in a somewhat self-reflective, self-conscious manner? I would be very tremendously thankful to anon who'd to this favor.
(276.52 KB 640x480 37720063_p0_master1200.jpg)
>>50106 what makes you say you became a doomer? i still don't really understand what it means, it must be different to just a plain old defeatist, right? >>50108 a brawl between police and firefighters? >>50110 do you remember the topic of the thread? just cute autism doesn't seem like something that'd become a topic there personally i got nothing for you, sorry hope you have better luck with someone else here
Anyone else make cat noises while hugging people? I haven't hugged anyone since I was 14 but when I cuddle with my pillow I make extremely gentle purrs, is this why cat do it bros? it feels good on the throat, good vibrations
>>50117 this anon's genes will be the basis of the catgirl program
(418.54 KB 768x512 IMG_20200129_122343.jpg)


no cookies?