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Welcome to /GET/, a congregation of everything that's wrong with humanity.

(36.36 KB 369x336 animes.jpg)
/leftytrash/ Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:36:48 No. 1091
Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting
(576.80 KB 400x300 lollipop.gif)
>>69036 this is nice
(832.57 KB 1090x643 ripperinos.png)
>>69031 >>69037 they're from this CPC propaganda anime where they're Russia fighting the Chinese: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br_MdLOS7PA&list=PLLw2EZzp3yap3fFadYEa4uJ9MGDta8mOW&index=16 Despite being heavy on the state propaganda and having perhaps the most ear-traumatizing ending songs in all of anime, it's a lovingly crafted show with cute art and voice acting. I enjoyed it.
(91.28 KB 1024x697 GETorgy.jpeg)
Sneaked out and bought some coffee and pepsi from a supermarket So, what are you bros doing?
>>69040 nice. Im having some cofi with breakfast right now. How was the trip to the supermarket?
>>69039 lol. goku bunny spotted
(80.11 KB 750x733 IMG_20180731_210422.jpg)
>>68977 Cute! >>69039 What is the bear doing on this image? >>69040 Isn't coffee a "basic necesity"? I mean, I know nicotine counts as one so why wouldn't coffee.
>>69041 I was feeling suffocated wearing my mask. Sad to see that half the people there weren't wearing any.
(410.55 KB 1170x780 pbr-hard-coffee.jpg)
>>69029 >kafe with or without alcohol?
>>69047 coffee makes me hard whenever i spill it on my crotch uwu
>>69050 >notices coffee soaked bulge OwO Well, guess someone has to clean it now.
>>69050 no no that's not how it works no uwu >>69047 No alcohol. im not a child.
(67.20 KB 520x600 walking garbage.jpg)
>>69036 >Pero mi lengua materna es el catalan
(272.03 KB 700x700 catalonia spain.png)
>>69058 Una cosa es que no t'agradi el independentisme català i fins i tot puc entendre no estar a favor del nacionalisme català (sempre que també es tingui la mateixa opinió de la resta de nacionalismes). Però odiar a la llengua catalana ja es passar-se un pelet. En la meva humil opinió, es clar.
>>69058 >Speaking Catalan is bad Ok, Franco.
>>69061 He has posted here before, he mostly comes here shit-talks about catalonia and then leaves. Weird guy. >>69063 Y u not like lewds? :(
(57.79 KB 1208x1048 ass pain.png)
(32.36 KB 448x818 ES6txrUXsAEcWx7.jpg)
>Have Hideri keychain >Mom notices it >"Wow she looks cute" >MFW I don't have the heart to tell her. >>68977 Obligatory "Nice". It is really good >>69036 Lijepo
>>69065 No lolis.
Good Morning! >>69058 What's wrong with the Catalan language? >>69067 Tell her hwat?
>>69065 >he mostly comes here shit-talks about catalonia and then leaves. I just drop or forget about the flag. Don't really want to start a shitstorm in here. >>69069 It's the "mother language" part that pisses me off, tbh.
>>69069 That Hideri isn't a "she"
>>69070 Are you saying that someone born in Catalonia and raised in that region with Catalan parents wouldn't see the Catalan language as their mother language? >>69071 Oh yeah, sometimes I forgot that Hideri isn't a gal lol
>>69009 alrighty, i will uh, just doodle maybe >>69010 uh oh. h-hi. uhm... that's cool, you're cool s-so ok, yeah i guess you're right, i just don't wanna think of it as math, i hate math but i actually do like drawing, just not when i'm stressed apparently when i try to accomplish something i just feel worse about it though, because i really don't think i can and i'm bad with pressure, even when it's just playing around to learn just for my own sake i guess that's weird i did have some victories and was satisfied with some things, but i'm not getting enough dopamine and confidence out of it kinda just how life goes for me with everything, no matter how good it goes and good it feels, i just never feel like i have any competence in anything uh, and now i should stop, enough psychological stripping
(31.51 KB 580x679 f2eebfd8.jpg)
>>69067 >Have Hideri keychain How deep does your obsession fondness of him go? I bet you don't even have a dakimakura. I do and its an Albedo one.
Lamp oil? Rope? Bombs? It's yours my friend. As long as you have enough labour vouchers.
>>69069 'morning >>69070 >I just drop or forget about the flag. My bad then >It's the "mother language" part that pisses me off, tbh. Well, the definition of it is "One's first language, learned in early childhood.". Using myself as an example the first language I learned when growing up was catalan, so I consider it my mother tonge. Also, considering the fact that alunya is supposed to be born arround the civil war, during that time people who only knew catalan were common so she could have learnt spanish latter in her life. (This is just me making up lore, of course)
(108.51 KB 432x336 59b.gif)
>>69076 Sorry Link, I don't give hand-outs. Come back when you mmm... work a little harder.
I made hashbrowns with a light savory country gravy and a bit of chili. It was quite good.
>>69075 i love coco very much but i only have one keychain, as a gift, i wont get more stuff because i don't want to do online business and getting stuff like that from japan is a bit rough doesn't mean i obsess any less about her, she my dearest widdle loli
>>69076 Gee, I'm so hungry I could eat the rich!
I've been in a powerful girl-loving mood for like 3 days now
(147.05 KB 405x1000 1423245546959.jpg)
>>69085 big saem
>>69086 recently I've been thinking about strong girls and how nice it would be to be cuddled by a girl's soft skin coupled with the firm grip of powerful muscles.
(946.36 KB 2550x3300 uRsIVyK.jpg)
(825.48 KB 2550x3300 l60C54u.jpg)
(679.58 KB 2550x3300 zGVGnOt.jpg)
Should I make a separate thread for this? Not sure, but I'll host it here for now until people tell me to do otherwise. Let's build ourselves a ship and go explore the stars fellow /trash/men. Mayhaps we'll go build FALC with ayy comrades while we're at it.
(216.98 KB 546x1350 1576322168176.jpg)
(803.28 KB 1427x800 ESGnWFuVAAAGTyb.png)
>>69088 Strong thighs would be nice
Y’know what kind of porn there should be? Two twinks on a bench at 3am while it’s cold outside, having passionate sex while sharing a fag. Hot as fuck
>>69088 I just want a government agent cutie
(429.79 KB 300x580 party van.gif)
>>69094 closest you will get >>69095 careful, just because they have your child doesn't mean they don't still work for the fed
>>69096 It ain’t PASSIONATE ENOUGH I need that fuckin gonja-fueled homoeroticism, my man. Fuckin anal sex rock
>>69090 oh nice, i will pick as origin... uh abductee, sounds good the hull would be... biological, that seems cool and as for size cruiser
>>69090 rural worlder, vintage, destroyer. assuming we get into fights with space porky, we will want a small and nimble craft that we can actually afford to repair, and that comes in the form of a destroyer. plus, if it is like conventional destroyers, it will have torpedoes that can cripple larger ships if well placed.
I deal crack and i deal with crackers. Stay woke
>>69090 rural, biological, destroyer. >>69096 I just want a serious and cute tomboyish agent for me. I bet she's watching me right now.
(880.04 KB 2550x3300 LE7ycfi.jpg)
(961.53 KB 2550x3300 3krBDYn.jpg)
>>69098 >>69099 You can choose lots of cool parts for your respective ship designs in upcoming portions, stay tuned.
https://imgur.com/a/fifAm ^For those who want to just ignore my posts and make a complete build in one stroke.


no cookies?