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(172.72 KB 1080x1939 Screenshot_20200801-123919__01.jpg)
(213.00 KB 1080x1710 Screenshot_20200801-123924__01.jpg)
more iFunny cringe Anonymous Comrade 08/01/2020 (Sat) 16:42:31 No. 105713
I have no one to share the cringe with, please enjoy. This is the post and it's comments.
(499.13 KB 1080x2280 Screenshot_20200801-130116.jpg)
>>105716 In response to what?
>>105722 "if you think the government is scared of you guys while they have tomahawk missiles and apache helicopters..." that was the basic gist I find the guy who thinks that conservative billionaires are gonna help fight the status quo to be the highlight
(625.63 KB 1080x2280 Screenshot_20200803-230303.jpg)
Some more.
>>106384 >what even is context
>>106547 something something blm loots small business, something something corona doesnt allow small business to open.
(342.05 KB 1080x2280 Screenshot_20200805-194416.jpg)
(2.62 MB 1080x13375 Screenshot_20200805-194446.jpg)
Not even hidden my guy.
It's about time we recognized what a den of rightoids ifunny is.
>>106954 Honestly if we manage to somehow make iFunny a socialist zone that'd be so great, unfortunately most of the leftists are on there are great in the history department, kinda lacking in the good memes department, plus some are enormous whiners
(2.80 MB 1080x13412 Screenshot_20200806-074144.jpg)
The post was Bernie saying "thank you Jigglypuff" to someone with a Kirby profile picture. The original comment was "of course the commie doesn't know who Kirby is, he has access to food" Now behold the sheer level of ignorance
(291.48 KB 1080x2280 Screenshot_20200806-090104.jpg)
(3.12 MB 1080x13371 Screenshot_20200806-090129.jpg)
This post was just "the only dangerous minority is the rich"
>>107071 >>107066 Holy shit, is anyone there older than 13 ???
>>107072 Somehow yes. iFunny has basically become /pol/ lite. Hell they still think liberals are left on there
(528.94 KB 1080x2280 Screenshot_20200806-123515.jpg)
(493.20 KB 1080x2280 Screenshot_20200806-123456.jpg)
(1.78 MB 1080x8363 Screenshot_20200806-123448.jpg)
One of the main offenders on iFunny, he keeps reposting the same meme on the features for attention.


no cookies?