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GWII: Guess What I'm Into Gomrad Spurdo#HTmBuh 07/27/2020 (Mon) 16:54:19 No. 104401
Let's play a game /GET/! Post about your fetish/preference without actually outright posting the subject of said fetish/preference and let your fellow users guess what it is. The more obscure the better. I know mine might be kinda obvious for those in the know, but this is just an example so I'm making it purposefully easier. Rules: >The one posting about their fetish/preference needs to state at the start whether what they are posting about is a fetish or just a preference >The definitions for what a fetish and a preference are in this case: <Preference: Sexual orientation, body types, personalities etc or a combination of two or more of these things. ie. Attraction towards qualities that are more intrinsic to a person and harder to change like being timid, having thicc thigs or archetypes (big tiddy goths, sissies, gyarus etc.) that embody said qualities. <Fetish: Something that you developed over time and may or may not be a thing that stays with you for extended periods or even the rest of your life once it sticks. May involve physical objects or mannerisms that are specific only to that fetish. Often involves fantastical elements not seen all that often outside of porn. ie. having a thing for stuff like body inflation, vore, animal parts or literally just eating shit <tl;dr, liking androgynous men is a preference, wanting to be tentacle-våldtäktd is a fetish >Only one fetish/preference can be presented at a time per entry >You are allowed to only allowed to hide hints in the titles of the pictures, but again they are not allowed to be overly long, or outright state the fetish/preference they are in reference to (ie. no pictures with names like "femboy hooters" if your preference is femboys) >You are not allowed to drop hints after the initial entry, only state whether a guess was right or wrong >You're only limited to 1 post/3 reference pics per entry until someone guesses it correctly, so choose wisely >Hard Mode: No NSFW reference pics allowed (not even spoilered ones) >You can only make one guess per entry in your post(s) until confirmation or denial, this is so the game stays fair for all participants and nobody can spam their way to victory If you at any point have questions regarding the rules or think something about them is unclear, just ask and I'll provide clarification the best I can. Asking is always better than assuming. With all that out of the way, I'll start with my preference.
>>104625 shortstack femboy
>>104522 >>104542 You are almost there. That Simpsons image is really throwing you off, isnt it? >>104625 You either want to be filled with seed or want to fill someone else with seed. Possibly to an absurd inflation fetish level. Also, please tag the batdick nsfw.
>>104631 >>104635 Close, a fusion of these two... >Also, please tag the batdick nsfw. No, because it's nature photography.
>>104637 furry scat
>>104637 gay furry cumflation/ anal prolapse
>>104637 something furry and cumflation/butt expansion
>>104625 Big-Breasted insectoid women with PENIS?
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(36.41 KB 370x262 knee.jpg)
(37.49 KB 1200x900 engles.jpg)
(20.63 KB 550x367 baby-bird.jpg)
(567.41 KB 872x534 8484.png)
>>105176 Digitigrade girls? also, easy preference
>>105176 Knots >>105199 Pear shaped/bottom heavy.
(30.88 KB 245x245 thighs.png)
(88.37 KB 450x300 dome.jpg)
>>105199 pear shaped tits
(27.18 KB 620x310 mathz.jpg)
(97.89 KB 1280x720 vove_day.jpg)
(69.32 KB 242x212 comparison.png)
I will not count incomplete answers, nor will I tell you if you are getting close, unless it takes too long.
>>105254 these filenames are red herrings
>>105255 Not entirely. If you want I can give a hint to the filenames, though I would prefer to wait a bit. Since I am going to sleep now, I'll post the hint (if its needed) tomorrow.
>>105252 Big thighs and tits, easy >>105254 NTR
(112.79 KB 828x1116 argentino.jpg)
>>105286 >Big thighs and tits, easy I really thought i made it way too easy. It's not that.
>>105300 Big thighs and ass then I dunno, you can't just put a dome and somehow distinct from ass and tits, they're the same shape.
>>105302 The hint has nothing to do with shapes or things.
>>105252 thigh 'spansion >>105254 platonic... love... gay???
>>105252 Femdom
>>105304 You wanna be trapped or between thighs. That or the femur breaking machine.
>>105324 Ding ding ding
>>105334 BOOOO
>>105334 A pun? You stink
(3.07 MB 640x358 output.gif)
>>105334 That's terrible and I grimaced a little
(1.10 MB 2598x3263 71227243_p0.jpg)
>>105231 hello winner
>>105377 Correction, nope to guesses of this post >>105254
>>104701 >cumflation >>104725 >cumflation >>104725 >expansion >>104868 >Big-Breasted >>104635 >want to fill someone else with seed. Possibly to an absurd inflation fetish level. >>104631 >shortstack A combo of all these tbh
>>105176 >>105199 >>105231 It's all in the knees
>>105199 Small tits, big ass?
>>105254 Tall hunks
>>105334 I don't understand the pun
>>105419 femur dome femdom
>>105176 Knees that bend backwards
(88.95 KB 1600x900 hmmmmmmm.jpg)
(235.67 KB 738x510 hmmmmmmmmm.png)
(24.08 KB 336x342 hmmmmmmmmmmm.jpg)
>>105394 Women contemplating dog knees
(1.74 MB 2560x1968 dog knees.png)
>>105710 No... can it be, the Dogknee man?!
(14.20 KB 324x451 1459644372938.jpg)
>>105791 >>105710 what in god's realm
>>105887 Welcome to /b/-random
(843.17 KB 942x611 Usual Business.png)
(413.70 KB 500x929 vt61zpzopfr31.png)
(20.21 KB 250x290 Bleh.jpg)
>>106085 cute disheveled autists obsessed with military specs/who have a hidden ARMA :^)
>>106095 Meh, kinda close.
>>106111 cute thicc disheveled autists obsessed with military specs/who have a hidden ARMA :^)
>>106114 Not really much closer.
>>106085 fat fucks who eat pies


no cookies?