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Anonymous Comrade 07/18/2020 (Sat) 04:46:42 No. 102067
is people feeling bad after jerking off just sexual repression? I just coomed and I feel very good
no, you're right. jerking is only unpleasant if you've got the Catholic Guilt Blues (or other equivalent). I see the whole "nofap" thing as a complex rationalization to make it seem more like a conscious, intelligent choice than the subconscious, fearful impulse that it actually is.
anyway, I'm gonna go listen to some hypno-audio tracks and cream my bedsheets before I go to sleep
They're broken husks of people who believe they are still pure enough to remain innocent and untainted by strange, fetishistic porn. There are two paths for two different kinds of people who want to become better human beings. There is dakṣiṇācāra for those who remain untainted by the world and can afford to go without experiencing the strange and terrible things life has to offer, and for the wretches of society there is Vāmācāra. The issue is that, if you're lowly mentally ill traumatized scum, you can't afford to practice dakṣiṇācāra. It won't do you any good. These people hopelessly cling to a path of learning and experience which doesn't help them.
I'd probably be considered 'sexually repressed' and I get no bad feels after jerking off. I think it has to do more with perception of jerking off itself. Look at the nofap movement. It's not repression that makes them feel bad but more that they blame jerking off for all their problems in life.
>>102067 >people feeling bad after jerking off just sexual repression? It's just your dopamine levels decreasing after cooming
>>102067 not really, I'd say its more or less the same feeling of boredom and loneliness you get from finishing any other activity but a few thousand pounds stronger. I wouldn't consider myself a masturbater hater or sexually repressed and I still just get the feeling of it just being...eh
(394.54 KB 610x610 cum frog meme.png)
>>102067 It's not jerking off itself, its what you get off to. Like getting off to something that, were you not in a horny haze, you'd find sickening. Also some people have shame, some don't, it depends on upbringing and character.
Nofap is stupid but there's a lot of good reasons to go noporn. Not that I've done so.
Fapping has become for me a stupid repetitive mechanical process that I don't even really enjoy anymore. It feels like an occasional massive snotty sneeze that I have to get over with, only to return to the anxious space where I anticipate having to empty balls again soon. There is only coom and the waiting room for coom. It's not torturously bad or anything, just exhausting and very distracting, feels like a huge waste of time I know on a subjective level that coom is not really the best thing ever, and that it's one and the same mind which decides either for or against fapping, and not Satan vs Jesus or something. I can't help but believe that something inhumanely stubborn lodged deep within me believes that masturbation and actual sex are indeed the meaning of life, and insist in repeatedly demonstrating so. Monky brain, right? I lasted for the entire month of nofap last november. The real horror came at the beginning of december: when I decided that I hadn't really become any happier. So I returned to jacking it near daily. A month is probably not nearly enough rehab. Would maybe have to go at least half a year of nofap for a full libidinal re-investment to start kicking in.
>>102085 This. Back when I still use to watch porn I usually felt disgusting after cumming. Now I jerk off to either my imagination or more wholesome content on r/gonewildaudio, and it feel nice.
>>102095 Then just stop
only when I watch porn or hentai
(116.95 KB 1920x1080 TransAnarchism.png)
Its funny because that feeling only occurs with testosterone. How orgasms work on cismales is like a sharp spike of pleasure. But then you can rebound lower after post nut clarity. But with trans women, due to estrogen, it's more like a wave but it travels through your whole body. So sometimes trans girls just spaz like ciswomen do. and since there isn't a huge drop like the spike of pleasure men have, it brings them gently back to normal instead of crashing down. T.trans girl (Also i know its kind of counter productive, but can we have a queer anarchist cat girl, maybe even trans. ;)
>>105860 Drawing alunya with a cock works just fine, we don't need a trans catgirl
>>105861 I mean, i guess... She goes more for ancom. And there is more rep for other forms of anarchist movements
>>102067 As someone who used to feel coom shame but doesn't any more, I agree OP. I do sometimes feel weird if I got off to something unusual, but I haven't felt bad after cooming in years.
To me it’s just that the usual „phone in one hand, dick in the other, quickly jerk yourself to some porn” approach is deeply unsatysfying. Even without the porn, it just feels like scratching an annoying itch. I cum but not really orgasm - I no longer feel horny, but I don’t feel satisfied. Just sticky and gross lol In order for it to truly feel good, I gotta be in the mood (not just horny - maybe I’m weird but to me it’s a slightly different feeling), loosen the grip and also to take the time to explore other parts of my body. Rub my thighs and chest, squeeze my nipples and whatnot. Basically touch myself the way I’d like my non-existent partner to touch me lol Only then, cooming actually feels pretty fucking good.


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