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love shack Akko 07/14/2020 (Tue) 21:37:50 No. 101250
/GET/ talks a lot about sex, and I mean a lot. that's cool, but we should also talk about love. love is a wonderful thing and everyone should be so lucky as to have somebody to love. this is the thread where we talk about love, and where we love each other. welcome to the love shack!
I've never been in love or had sex and only ever had one crush ama
>>101252 what was your crush like?
>>101256 that's a shitty thing to say, Slavoj, and I disagree completely. love is one of humanity's highest motivators and most overwhelming emotions. it is great because we can take this immense joy in love, and do great things because of it, and it is also great because it can cause immense suffering and terrible consequences. it is great because it is violent, serious, unbalanced. Slavoj is a bitter, contrarian philistine.
>>101268 that's just what he says in the video, love is evil in a formal sense not because love = bad but because in order to perform it you have to subordinate yourself in an obsessive manner to an specific imbalance which can only occur if something goes wrong (which is why it's called 'falling' in love). Much like any other passion, really.
What is love
baby don't hurt me
>>101250 i came today
what's there to talk about though? experiences? the chemistry? its deeper social meaning?
>>101271 imagine intentionally using words to imply the opposite of what you mean. ugh, I hate this guy! >>101281 the first and third of those, chemistry is boring >>101298 FUCK YOU
>>101304 i could write paragraphs spamming up the thread with the little experience i have now, love is pretty strong stuff once it really hits like that would get sappy and awkward really quick but it's pretty good stuff, that love, it changes everything not all becomes easy and worry free but it gives you air dunno how i will make things work in the long run but i actually want to see how i can make it rather than feeling overwhelmed or scared it's very much focused on satisfying my urge to be with him more than anything kinda mad but that's how it be
My present list of socialist writers who contributed on the topic of free love: Emile Armand, Alexandra Kollontai, For Ourselves collective
>>101253 She was cute but when I asked her out it turned out we had nothing in common.
>>101278 I'm proud of you anon, well done
>>101399 LOBSTER
>>101399 NUTSHACK
(520.98 KB 765x908 3d5.png)
Consensus on hand holding in the love shack?
(6.25 KB 226x223 1527249597111.png)
>>106121 Maybe its because I'm not in on the joke or something but I don't see what the big deal is regarding handholding. I see it happen all the time in public and it never causes a bigger reaction in me than "oh, those two are together."
Love is a mental illness. Read Goethe.
>>106169 elaborate
(115.36 KB 727x639 laughing baboons.jpg)
>>106138 it's a meme you dip
Love always manifests first in me as a deep, raging pain that lifts me up and drags me down at every move the other makes. When I'm in love I can't work nor think but can write for hours. With enough focus I can make it fade away or calm it down a bit. Then there's the other kind of love, the one you nurtured over months and years, the burning steel that cooled into an unbreakable armor and shields you from the world around. I don't know which one is preferable.
>>106431 Nice edit
i like love
the 'rona has made me realise that my greatest goal in life is to make love to a woman
how do i love?
>>111139 it begins with yourself
(115.22 KB 500x216 1484598821612.png)
>tfw too chickenshit to use dating sites or approach strangers at social situations guess i'll just die alone then
>TFW have not seen or spoken to oneitis in 8+ years
>>111152 Join an extracarricular group, a book club or something. Or dance classes, tons of ladies there.
>>111152 do it, you will realize that your fears are unfounded there is many issues that will come from it, but nothing worth to completely avoid it and spend your time without making the experience, wondering about what if
I can count the number of people I've ever wanted to fuck on one hand. Normies just don't understand, bros.
akko you are too wholesome for this world :' )
(880.36 KB 3840x2160 marxistfeministidiocy.png)
>>101348 >My present list of socialist writers who contributed on the topic of free love: >Kollontai lol
>>111162 But he said he can't approach strangers so how would that help?
(71.54 KB 722x459 013a.jpg)
(70.59 KB 715x488 030.jpg)
(50.22 KB 500x581 032.jpg)
This is purely sexual.
I felt love in the beginning of this year and it was fantastic, sadly it was short-lived and I haven't felt the same since. Though right now I have a pretty comfy fuckbuddy to cuddle, smoke, and discuss communism with.
>>111465 I miss being in love too. I've also got a fuckbuddy I may not see again and I'm sad bc I've got attached, we have the same humour and ideology, I'm gonna miss them.
>>111593 THen marry them you fucking coward
>>111285 Because the group activity guides you. No need to initiate some crude mating ritual, just have fun with the activity and the rest will follow.


no cookies?