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(36.79 KB 175x115 logo.png)
Hunger Games ⑨ Anonymous Comrade 01/11/2020 (Sat) 16:57:55 No. 47850 [Reply] [Last]
I need 24 participants same events as last time
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(1.38 MB 2742x3342 FDR Press release image.jpg)
(418.76 KB 1069x605 8720.PNG)
congrats Lenin
>>47937 District 11 dominated, wtf. >11 Nice dubs.
>Lenin kills Lenin, making Lenin the winner lmao
(820.38 KB 860x1424 yFPXVpW.jpg)

Doom & Moo'm Anonymous Comrade 01/11/2020 (Sat) 19:13:58 No. 47882 [Reply] [Last]
pew pew

Translating GETchan's Slogan Anonymous Comrade Board owner 09/17/2019 (Tue) 03:54:49 No. 13166 [Reply] [Last]
Let's translate GETchan's slogan into more languages. Any additional languages that have yet to receive a translation below would be greatly appreciated. The translation doesn't need to be too literal, it just needs to keep the general meaning while also sounding natural.
Sister thread: >>>/ref/434

Languages included in GETchan's logo:
-English: It's Game Time!
-Spanish: ¡Es hora del juego!
-French: C'est l'heure du jeu!
-Dutch: Het spel begint!
-Swedish: Det Är Speldags!
-Japanese: ゲームの時間だ! (Geimu no Jikan da!)
-Russian: Время играть! (Vremya igrat'!)

Additional translations:
-Traditional Chinese: 是遊戲時間了! (Cantonese: Sih Yàuhhei Sìhgaanlíuh!)
-Simplified Chinese: 是游戏时间了! (Mandarin: Shì Yóuxì Shíjiānle!)
-German: Das Spiel beginnt!
-Catalan: És hora del Joc!
-Latin: Ecce ludorum tempus!
-Finnish: On peliaika!
-Esperanto: Jen tempo por ludi!
-Korean: 게임의 시간이다! (Keimŭi shiganida!)
-Hungarian: Eljött a játék ideje!
-Serbo-Croatian: Време је за игру! / Vrijeme je za igru!
-Danish: Det er spilletid!
-Norwegian: Det er spilletid!
-Portuguese: É Hora do Jogo!

(Be sure to format your translation with correct punctuation, capitalisation, grammar, etc. for your language. We might actually want to use these somewhere.)
Edited last time by comradeking on 10/29/2019 (Tue) 05:15:20.
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Would this also apply for the Swedish version?
>>13166 Urdu: اب کھیل کا وقت ہے Hindi: अभ खेल का समय है Swedish: Det är speltid
Ukrainian: Час грати!
É hora de xogar! Galician one
>>47330 >Galician Que carallo dixeches da miña Jalisia ti, media merda? Direiche que gradueime con honores nos mariscadores de Rianxiño, e teño estado relacionado con multiples asaltos secretos contra os putos ilejales jodendo pulpos polas pedras, e teño mais de 300 pauasos confirmados neses fillos de puta. Estou entrenado en manejo de fousiño e son o máximo exemplar de todos os forestadores do Barbanza. Ti para min non eres mais que outro toxo. Arrancareiche de raís cunha precisión que aínda nunca se veu nesta comarca, que che quede claro. Ti pensas que ser un comemerdas en Internet che vai saír jratis? Pensato ben cabrón. Ahora mesmo estoulle pedindo a contraseña de wifi ó camarero, e penso avisar a meu tío Fransisco pra que traia o todoterreno. Así que preparata pra a tormenta, fulano. A tormenta de ostias que che vai deixar a cara coma a suela dun sapato. Estás morto, neno. Podo estar en todos lados, a calquer hora a partir de que volvamos do mar, e podo escarallarche vivo en mais de setesentas maneiras. E eso e só usando o sacho que levo no maletero. Non solo eso, teño á miña disposisión todos os tipos da cofradía que están aquí a tomar o vermú, e penso avisalos a todos pra que che abran a cabesa. Se ten solo soubeses o que fasías cando merdaposteaches sobre Jalisia, ó mellor habías estar calado. Pero non o podías saber, non o fixeches, e ahora vas pajar o pato. Me cajo en dios que non che vai conocer nin túa nai. Estás morto, rapás.

porn thread Anonymous Comrade 01/08/2020 (Wed) 22:48:38 No. 47535 [Reply] [Last]
post pictures of Alunya getting fucked hard into becoming a cum dumpster
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(126.20 KB 1000x625 Frogged 2.jpg)
(363.05 KB 2026x1433 Porked 1.png)
(515.84 KB 790x1166 Alewdnya by Papadripopoulos.png)
(6.52 MB alunyahassex.mp4)
>>47600 Funniest shit I've seen in a while
>>47600 bruh
>>47589 >1st pic I wonder what the context of that is lmao

Jerking off at work Anonymous Comrade 01/04/2020 (Sat) 15:58:24 No. 46937 [Reply] [Last]
I just gave myself a quicky on the clock. Anyone else ever rub one out at work just to flex on the borg?
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(184.21 KB 500x280 78hj66.png)
>>47536 reserve army lmao
I masturbate thinking of my manager.
>>46937 Probably a couple times a week on average.
>>46937 >tfw sneaking snackies on the clock
>>47213 >security guard Jason?

(1.21 KB 324x216 anarcho sydicalism.gif)
anarchist land today Anonymous Comrade 01/05/2020 (Sun) 04:18:33 No. 47096 [Reply] [Last]
im considering moving to a anarchist country so i can live their someday,does /GET/ have any suggestions?i heard mexico and Rojava have anarchist territory,is their a possibility moving their someday?
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(46.99 KB 480x360 snieckus_cringe.jpg)
>>47300 >Y-yo-you can't just justify Stalin's actions, that's illegal! <Just read this and I will join you if you can refute what is said here In what sense was the USSR socialist? Here we base ourselves on the classical Marxist analysis of society. In Marx’s view, the most basic distinguishing feature of different modes of social organisation is the manner in which they ensure the ‘extraction of a surplus product’ from the direct producers. This requires a little explanation. The ‘necessary product’, on this theory, is the product required to maintain and reproduce the workforce itself. This will take the form of consumer goods and services for the workers and their families, and the investment in plant, equipment and so on that is needed simply to maintain the society’s means of production in working order. The ‘surplus product’, on the other hand, is that portion of social output used to maintain the non-producing members of society (a heterogeneous lot, ranging from the idle rich, to politicians, to the armed forces, to retired working people), plus that portion devoted to net expansion of the stock of means of production. Any society capable of supporting non-producing members, and of generating an economically progressive programme of net investment, must have some mechanism for compelling or inducing the direct producers to produce more than is needed simply to maintain themselves. The precise nature of this mechanism is, according to Marxist theory, the key to understanding the society as a whole—not just the ‘economy’, but also the general form of the state and of politics. Our claim is that the Soviet system put into effect a mode of extraction of the surplus product quite different from that of capitalism. To put this point in context, some more general historical background may be useful. Consider, first, the distinction between feudal and capitalist society. Under feudalism, the extraction of a surplus product was plainly ‘visible’ to all. The specific forms were various, but one typical method involved the peasants working their own fields for so many days in the week, and the lord’s land for the rest. Alternatively, the peasants might have to surrender a portion of the produce of their own fields to the lord. If such a society is to reproduce itself, the direct producers must be held in some form of direct subordination or servitude; political and legal equality is out of the question. A religious ideology that speaks of the distinct ‘places’ allotted to individuals on this earth and of the virtues of knowing one’s proper place, and that promises a heavenly reward for those who fulfill their role in God’s earthly scheme, will also be very useful. Under capitalism, on the other hand, the extraction of the surplus product becomes ‘invisible’ in the form of the wage contract. The parties to the contract are legal equals, each bringing their property to the market and conducting a voluntary transaction. No bell rings in the factory to announce the end of the portion of the working day spent producing the equivalent of the workers’ wages, and the beginning of the production of profits for the employer. Nonetheless, the workers’ wages are substantially less than the total value of the product they generate: this is the basis of Marx’s theory of exploitation. The degree of exploitation that is realised depends on the struggle between workers and capitalists, in its various forms: over the level of wages, over the pace of production and the length of the working day, and over the changes in technology that determine how much labour time is required to produce a given quantum of wage-goods. Soviet socialism, particularly following the introduction of the first five-year plan under Stalin in the late 1920s, introduced a new and non-capitalist mode of extraction of a surplus. This is somewhat obscured by the fact that workers were still paid ruble wages, and that money continued in use as a unit of account in the planned industries, but the social content of these ‘monetary forms’ changed drastically. Under Soviet planning, the division between the necessary and surplus portions of the social product was the result of political decisions. For the most part, goods and labour were physically allocated to enterprises by the planning authorities, who would always ensure that the enterprises had enough money to ‘pay for’ the real goods allocated to them. If an enterprise made monetary ‘losses’, and therefore had to have its money balances topped up with ‘subsidies’, that was no matter. On the other hand, possession of money as such was no guarantee of being able to get hold of real goods. By the same token, the resources going into production of consumer goods were centrally allocated. Suppose the workers won higher ruble wages: by itself this would achieve nothing, since the flow of production of consumer goods was not responsive to the monetary amount of consumer spending. Higher wages would simply mean higher prices or shortages in the shops. The rate of production of a surplus was fixed when the planners allocated resources to investment in heavy industry and to the production of consumer goods respectively. In very general terms this switch to a planned system, where the the division of necessary and surplus product is the result of deliberate social decision, is entirely in line with what Marx had hoped for. Only Marx had imagined this ‘social decision’ as being radically democratic, so that the production of the surplus would have an intrinsic legitimacy. The people, having made the decision to devote so much of their combined labour to net investment and the support of non-producers, would then willingly implement their own decision. For reasons both external and internal, Soviet society at the time of the introduction of economic planning was far from democratic. How, then, could the workers be induced or compelled to implement the plan (which, although it was supposedly formulated in their interests, was certainly not of their making)? We know that the plans were, by and large, implemented. The 1930s saw the development of a heavy industrial base at unprecedented speed, a base that would be severely tested in the successful resistance to the Nazi invasion. We are also well aware of the characteristic features of the Stalin era, with its peculiar mixture of terror and forced labour on the one hand, and genuine pioneering fervour on the other. Starting from the question of how the extraction of a surplus product was possible in a planned but undemocratic system, the cult of Stalin’s personality appears not as a mere ‘aberration’, but as an integral feature of the system. Stalin: at once the inspirational leader, making up in determination and grit for what he lacked in eloquence and capable of promoting a sense of participation in a great historic endeavour, and the stern and utterly ruthless liquidator of any who failed so to participate (and many others besides). The Stalin cult, with both its populist and its terrible aspects, was central to the Soviet mode of extraction of a surplus product. t. Cockshott, who is pretty much a libsoc, very much so in fact, but unlike you has the brain to think for himself and not get all his facts from CIA
>>47302 You seem to be under the impression that i care for a textwall after you start it off with a greentext strawman that has literally nothing to do with what I said. That's funny. What gave you that idea? Your reading disability?
>>47302 The poster you replied to literally called themselves ML in their post. Are you okay?
Holy shit, all the posts in this thread are completely worthless to OP. Even >>47169, which calls out the previous posts, goes on to just praise the Zapatistas and Rojava instead of actually giving any useful answers to OP's question. So here, I'll point out the extremely obvious things that nobody seems to have mentioned yet due to the fact that this thread is all just ideological shitflinging. Point #1: These places are dangerous to live in. Rojava is at war right now, not only against US-backed extremists and ISIS guerrilla forces, but an invading Turkish army. Their future is anything but certain at the moment. If you actually decide to go to Rojava, you will not be merely "moving" there to just live a normal life, you will be going there to actually fight and potentially die at the hands of imperialist forces. The Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities are safer, but are always at risk of being invaded by the Mexican government. Point #2: These areas are quite poor. Even if the systems they abide by are good, they're still third-world countries. Regardless of how they run themselves, there is only so much that can be done in a dominantly capitalist world with ruthless imperialist powers. Chiapas itself is the poorest state in Mexico, with a poverty rate of 74.7%. And now because of the war, 80.5% of Syrians live in poverty too. Do not expect it to be easy. It will be a hard life, regardless of how fair the system is to its people. Capitalism will always be antagonistic to any form of socialism and attempt to choke it. Point #3: It's hard to get in. It should be mentioned that the Zapatistas often don't take too kindly to outsiders, especially those that do not speak Spanish. Chances are they won't even let you in, let alone actually allow you to live there. Rojava is more likely to accept you, but that's because they need help in the war effort. Bonus point: These areas are not anarchist to begin with. As mentioned before in this thread, they can at best be described as libertarian socialist, not anarchist. Now while there are similarities, if you're looking for a true area of anarchist activity, you're not going to find it here. If you're okay with settling for libertarian socialism, well then that's fine, but don't go to these areas expecting full anarchy. If you are okay with these points, then feel free to try (emphasis on try, as there really are no guarantees) it out. The only actually good advice given in this thread is to stay where you are now and fight for the system you want there, I'd say. Especially in your case, where the system you're looking for simply currently doesn't exist on a mass scale at the moment. If you want to see change, you have to fight for it.
>>47169 >>47357 if you read this,thank you,i will think about it

(38.06 KB 451x767 nFjw40k_d.jpg)
Communist anime girls thread Anonymous Comrade 01/04/2020 (Sat) 15:24:38 No. 46931 [Reply] [Last]
A thread for communist anime girls
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(529.92 KB 1203x897 very cool.png)
>>47532 very cool
>>47532 what soviet empire? are you having a fever dream?
(3.54 MB 1409x949 69d.png)
(59.26 KB 368x368 stalin_crop.jpg)
>>47532 >build socialism in one country <get called a traitor to internationalism and a fascist >spread the revolution internationally after building up your country <get called an imperialist
(49.16 KB 720x389 fidelsmoking.jpg)
>>47691 Why not National Internationalism?

Anonymous Comrade 01/09/2020 (Thu) 16:21:10 No. 47622 [Reply] [Last]
Era mais uma manhã de domingo, ainda com os olhos fechados, conseguia sentir a luz do sol radiante batendo nos meus olhos. Logo decidi acordar e abrir meus olhos, a primeira coisa que eu vi foi uma homem velho, de cabelo grisalho em cima de mim, so fui perceber depois que era Karl Marx! Ele estava em cima de mim repetindo sem parar: - Condições materiais Eu sem entender pergunto: - Marx do que você está falando? - Repita - Marx o que está... - EU NÃO ESTOU PEDINDO EU ESTOU MANDANDO - Condições materiais, condições materiais E eu não conseguia parar de repetir a mesma frase, quando eu olhava nos seus olhos azuis claros, era muito intimidador, mas ao mesmo tempo sexy. Após isso ele começou a descer sua mão pelo meu corpo até tocar no meu pênis, e falou: - Percebo que suas necessidades materiais não foram atigindas Pergunto corado: - Marx.... Oque você vai fazer? Marx tira o meu pênis da minha calça, e começar a cavalgar em cima dele sem parar. Eu não aguento e começou a gritar: - AI AI AI KARL MARX, CONDIÇÕES MATERIAIS, PUTA QUE PARIU VOCÊ É UM GÊNIO - Sim camarada está sentindo o verdadeiro poder da teoria marxiana? - Estou sim papai, aí continua, eu quero mais dessa teoria
ahh filho da puta agora sim entendo
(23.30 KB 643x477 images (21).jpeg)
Bravo, estou chorando de emoção

Oldfag nostalgia thread Anonymous Comrade 01/07/2020 (Tue) 14:30:41 No. 47378 [Reply] [Last]
How many here are washed-up oldfags? Former underageb&s who covertly spoiled their brains on 4chan, before it all went to shit. Disillusioned with the current state of things? Surprised that a communist book club would end up being your final resting place? Come bitch and moan in here
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>>47491 it depends on the penetrators PENIS size it can feel comfortable and good to rather painful and rough, which can be good in it's own way too but takes some time getting used to
(30.01 KB 198x960 192873019.jpg)
>You will never experience pre-2016 chan culture. why even live
post dolan it's late but it's still good

Anonymous Comrade 01/01/2020 (Wed) 17:31:00 No. 46541 [Reply] [Last]
Is it just me or is /leftypol/ the second biggest alt-chan board? The only board that I could find that was seemingly bigger was /qresearch/ with an average pph of 372.
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>>46553 kohlchan's /int/ is also bigger with a pph< 300
>>47120 >pph < 300 *pph > 300
>>46553 qboomers have ruined 8kun before it even had a chance
Wouldn’t it be better to count IPs?
>>47599 Not all sites show the IP count of a board and even if the pph isn't shown it can normally still be calculated.


no cookies?