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Anonymous Comrade 03/31/2020 (Tue) 09:50:28 No. 64736 [Reply] [Last]
Will women under communism be allowed to have big beautiful bushes?
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(232.04 KB 640x622 learning cliff.gif)
Bunkerchan Dwarf Fortress Thread Anonymous Comrade 03/28/2020 (Sat) 20:46:25 No. 63701 [Reply] [Last]
I'm going to be starting a fortress in Dwarf Fortress, and you guys are going to help run it by deciding the names/traits/skills/etc of the dwarves. In case you've never heard of it, there's a very good reason why the official slogan is "Losing is fun!" Here is the sign-up sheet: https://forms.gle/i1mdkvuZieBSS8ub9 If you want to get an idea of what it's all about, you can watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FW23bamIZI
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>>64287 I checked the relationships screen and didn't see Vabok anywhere in the list.
>>64298 Oh boy, sounds like it's one of them infamous Dwarf Fortress info spaghetti threads. Probably a god the dwarf only vaguely knows. How's the fortress doing? Digging deep yet?
>>64303 There's only one deity in that dwarf's relationships and it isn't Vabok. And no, I have dug down a little bit but not deep yet.
I fucking love Dwarf Fortress but my saves keep corrupting
>>68110 Oh wait I just necro'd this thread whoops

(10.28 KB 621x160 skribbl.gif)
skribbl.io thread Anonymous Comrade 04/06/2020 (Mon) 20:00:22 No. 67496 [Reply] [Last]
Post ongoing games, play with fellow comrades, have a laff, suggest custom words, share drawing highlights, etc.
>>67496 The custom words got eaten along with the last thread, however it should be trivial to make a new one. Let's get the ball rolling: People Marx,Engels,Lenin,Stalin,Trotsky,Bakunin,Stirner,Brezhnev,Khrushchev,Gorbachev,Castro,Che,Tito,Sankara,Maurice,Chavez,Maduro,Gaddafi,Roosevelt,Reagan,Mao,Deng,Kim,Xi,Bernie,Rosa,Hitler,Mussolini,Hegel,Althusser,Gramsci,Bookchin,Bordiga,Debord,Hoxha,Posadas,Pinochet,Foucault,Nietzsche,Nick Land,Pol Pot,Churchill,Nicholas II,Hayek,Freud,Zizek,Cockshott,Trump,Obama,Biden,Chomsky,Mises,Orwell,Wittgenstein Organizations CIA,NSA,FBI,EZLN,NKVD,DSA,NATO,UN,EU Countries & Related USSR,Yugoslavia,GDR,Soviet Bloc,Cuba,Best Korea,British Empire,Paris Commune Ideologies Anarchist,Communism,Capitalism,Feudalism,Nazbol,Tankie,Anarcho-Capitalist,Anarcho-Primitivist,Libtard,Accelerationist,Centrist Anime & related Tomoko,Cirno,Yugi,Monika,Backpack,Trap,Loli,Konata,Yotsuba,Hideri,Rin,Serval,Yui,Peter Griffin,Akko,Eva,Link,Astolfo,Thigh Highs,Miku,Nico,Pomf /GET/-related GETchan,Bunkerchan,leftypol,leftytrash,Alunya,Rodina,Catgirls,Brony,Pony,GET,Programmer Socks Memes & miscellaneous Boomer,Zoomer,Coomer,JC Denton,GRAND DAD,Gay,NAZBOL GANG,Potato,Corn,Wheat,Porky,Wojak,Pepe,Spurdo,Gondola,Corona,Bane,Pickle Rick,Wonderbread,Janitor,Sionista,911,MC Ride,Furry,Weaboo,Nice,Glowie,Reddit,Society,Clown,Shobon
>>67509 I had this saved on my scratch disk. General content: Catgirl,Anime,Hand holding,Alien,Boomer,Millennial,Bread,America,USA,CIA,FBI,NSA,Crisis,Dolphin,Jazz,Rose,Derp,Fedora,Lobster,Panic,Druid,Wizard,Loli,Trap,Pony,Wolf,Garfield,Shrek,Egghead,Pinko,Gay,Organise,Whitey,Twitter,Cheese,Vendetta,Smug,Seinfeld,Thinking,Snake,Skribblio,Irony,OK Boomer,Aniki,Bane,Yotsuba,Urbanite,Baboon,Cat,Bird,Body Pillow,Shobon,Guillotine,Skinhead,Pig,Cult,Virus,Lain,Link,Vodka,Coomer,Rat Local content: ,Porky,Cirno,Gondola,Bunker,Benis,Turkroach,Nazbol,Jucika,FALC,FALGSC,LARPer,Glowie,Doomer,Alunya,Rodina,Drawfag,Drawfriend,Leftypol,GET,Daddy,Fenyas,Leftytrash,Orange Man,Hibernian,Beggorah,Tomoko,Dirtbag,Oink,Anon,No Step,Inshallah,Redpanels,Nazbol Gang,Bunkerchan,Smashies,Anonymous,Eat The Rich Special content: ,AKM,AK47,JC Denton,Stallman,Linux Cerebral content:

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>>67607 While, I'm at it, here's a simplified list. You could easily construct these yourself, by adding the first four categories, but whatever: Catgirl,Anime,Hand holding,Alien,Boomer,Millennial,Bread,America,USA,CIA,FBI,NSA,Crisis,Dolphin,Jazz,Rose,Derp,Fedora,Lobster,Panic,Druid,Wizard,Loli,Trap,Pony,Wolf,Garfield,Shrek,Egghead,Pinko,Gay,Organise,Whitey,Twitter,Cheese,Vendetta,Smug,Seinfeld,Thinking,Snake,Skribblio,Irony,OK Boomer,Aniki,Bane,Yotsuba,Urbanite,Baboon,Cat,Bird,Body Pillow,Shobon,Guillotine,Skinhead,Pig,Cult,Virus,Lain,Link,Vodka,Coomer,Rat,Porky,Cirno,Gondola,Bunker,Benis,Turkroach,Nazbol,Jucika,FALC,FALGSC,LARPer,Glowie,Doomer,Alunya,Rodina,Drawfag,Drawfriend,Leftypol,GET,Daddy,Fenyas,Leftytrash,Orange Man,Hibernian,Beggorah,Tomoko,Dirtbag,Oink,Anon,No Step,Inshallah,Redpanels,Nazbol Gang,Bunkerchan,Smashies,Anonymous,Eat The Rich,AKM,AK47,JC Denton,Stallman,Linux,Capitalism,Communism,Accelerationism,Praxis,Socdem,Demsoc,Proletariat,Class Traitor,Bourgeoisie,Class Struggle,Nazi,Dengists,Juche,Eat Cake,IWW,Ancap,Lumpen,Anprim,Infowars,NAP,Tankie,Body Without Organs,Landlord,Stonks,Dow Jones,Occupy,Antifa,Anarchist
(48.00 KB 542x441 adorno thumbs up.jpg)
>>67607 >>67615 You're a lifesaver, anon. I love you, no homo.

(269.17 KB 860x848 karl.png)
The state of imageboards Anonymous Comrade 04/03/2020 (Fri) 22:35:34 No. 66207 [Reply] [Last]
What do you think the actual state of imageboards right now? As a medium they are constantly changing, but since 8ch became 8kun I'm wondering what the overall environment looks like and where it might be headed. Thoughts?
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(477.69 KB 474x663 I can fly can u.png)
Pretty much this >>67067 for the most part. At the same time, I feel like internet anonymity can be a bit of a double edged sword. Yes it can be nice, but I don't think it's a coincidence that the alt-right sprang out of 8chan and 4chan.
I prefer to stay in the bunker and not think about those other places.
>>66926 imageboards are as superior to other forms of discussion platforms as the worst shitflingers and loudmouthed retards it allows on it being open to anyone to post doesn't give it any other quality than being convenient
>>67793 That's where moderation comes in. Free speech absolutism isn't a prerequisite for an imageboard.
>>66524 In screencap: >I don't know when the tipping point came I'd place it as far back as advice animals and memegenerator, circa 2009. I cannot quite put it in words in the way it deserves, but it's more than just "normalfags" becoming increasingly aware of the so called chan culture or the concept of memeing entering to the mainstream internet culture. Instead this happened merely after the fact, when the new kind of formulaic template memes had driven the old mashup edits into all but extinction. Another end of an era was when moot quit. I don't trust this Nishimura, If nothing else, dude's multitude of frauds, scandal milking "insider books" and association with 8kun's sugar daddy Watkins tells that the influence on the anonymous legions is now on sale for the highest bidder. These were the gold and silver ages of western chan culture. Unlike Hesion, I find us currently living in the bronze age. The iron age will finally come when the focal point of the western online counter culture moves to some other platform or format be it because of "sanitization", stagnation or major technological shift. >>67800 Indeed my friend. Imageboards are marketplaces for ideas (memes if you will) in the purest form. You all surely know what the logical end game of completely unregulated free markets are? -Monopolies. In this context echo chambers. That celebrated anonymous "hivemind". This is because stuff that's controversial will generate the most discussion, so it will stay on the 1st page the longest, until the the argument fizzles out and one side emerges victorious. What's more, the conclusion is the incorporated into the cultural backdrop of the place and from then on treated as given. "Lurk moar!" >>66926 put it: >"no karma whoring, therefore more honest, no downvotes, therefore more open because opinions can't be supressed"

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(221.01 KB 2564x1024 1b0 (1).png)
cuckpit parkinsonliberationarmy 04/07/2020 (Tue) 18:03:03 No. 67841 [Reply] [Last]
>>67841 >lost to a catchy song What song it was?
>>67844 El Pueblo Unido, if I had to guess.
>>67894 That's it.

Terrible OC thread Anonymous Comrade 03/19/2020 (Thu) 15:22:53 No. 60589 [Reply] [Last]
give me your worst OC, /GET/
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>>67830 What do you think you're doing?
>>67831 >What do you think you're doing? Making terrible OC of course. Didn't you read the title of the thread?
(28.55 KB 970x600 serious-lifeguard-fish.jpeg)
(486.99 KB 1770x1170 chadocmaker.png)
>>67857 Touché, teddy.

(120.98 KB 254x345 Sip sip sip.png)
Mein Anonymous Comrade 03/12/2020 (Thu) 05:19:09 No. 58594 [Reply] [Last]
Girls with stuff in their mouths
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(148.30 KB 850x850 hair.jpg)
(271.50 KB 756x945 smoggggg.jpg)
(23.92 KB 500x500 smikk.jpg)
(27.96 KB 480x600 snnn.jpg)
Does this count?
(89.54 KB borgar.mp4)
(10.49 KB 260x194 ersdrfthgyjhui.jpg)
>>67771 smoking is not moe, it's repulsive

(41.15 KB 400x524 hamsterfragment1.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 03/29/2020 (Sun) 22:15:21 No. 64239 [Reply] [Last]
bump this thread if you want to die
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>>64243 Suicide is haraam
(1.83 KB 125x53 1512691879763s.jpg)
>>64517 Merde merde idiot. I mean, one ain't enought.
>>67208 Ohhhh reallyyyy :>>?
(146.04 KB 1012x1439 escape rope.jpg)
(172.06 KB 765x605 hanging.jpg)

(3.00 MB video0-2.mp4)
Satan-kun 03/07/2020 (Sat) 05:32:51 No. 57321 [Reply] [Last]
Real footage of the empty streets of wuhan. Ominous!
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>>57629 Thanks for proving my point.
>>57602 Jesus Christ read fucking stirn you autists.
hope to see empty streets in america too :)
>Chinese amateur >no BIG bushes what's the point?
>>64403 Nah, I'm not into whale watching.

(69.51 KB 800x734 1518887576139.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 04/05/2020 (Sun) 09:20:20 No. 66878 [Reply] [Last]
/leftytrash/ is on page 2, again
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Thinking about the good old days.
>>67040 what's wrong?
>>67041 /leftytrah/ on the first page
>>66878 Tell me Why are we taking down leftytrash?
>>67291 I think it's because GET is /leftytrash/ the board


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