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(423.62 KB 800x600 BidenCirno.png)
Anonymous Comrade 11/06/2020 (Fri) 18:22:10 No. 122574 [Reply] [Last]
wtf?!?!!!? Cirno is ridin' with Biden!!?!?! Based!!!
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(3.77 MB 2100x2100 Cirno_Biden!.png)
i hope trump steals the election through american retardation and everything collapses
>>124500 I hope I steal a kiss from your plump fucking lips
(189.69 KB 1908x1146 irl bishounen desu.jpg)

(262.85 KB 720x638 20201109_184729.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 11/09/2020 (Mon) 17:54:37 No. 123172 [Reply] [Last]
>Your mind could be the only real thing and everything else a mere figment of your imagination. For all you know, you could be a brain in a vat somewhere or a digital conciousness being fed stimuli by some greater being or an alien civilization to make the world around you make sense. It's impossible to disprove this because any "debunk" could just be a part of the simulation made simply to calm you down and stop you from considering this possibility anymore. You may be the only concious being "alive".
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A scarier thought: there are innumerable other minds, but all of them are unable to really connect with one another and will all die alone and afraid.
>>124139 Gabapentin is good shit, especially when you stagger your doses with no tolerance. One of my favorite drugs ever, abeit a weird one. It's also good for it's legitimate (or off label I should say) purpose.
>>123172 Did you smoke weed for the first time or something?
>>123172 no no no, don't solip-pill yourself, that's even worse than the infallible egoism and skeptic extremist positions
>>124247 Have you tried pregabalin? :0

Babbonpostig Anonymous Comrade 11/17/2020 (Tue) 15:30:59 No. 124294 [Reply] [Last]
post baboons
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(151.79 KB 1300x910 1592637554974.jpg)
(527.45 KB 2500x1662 1591896736115.jpg)
(539.59 KB 542x480 1591848705489.png)
(494.50 KB 724x742 1591666461664.png)
(166.70 KB 960x769 1591651977857.jpg)
(87.56 KB 600x577 1593460338030.jpg)
(193.09 KB 797x960 1593279399135.jpg)
(348.24 KB 964x964 Orangutan_offers_help.jpg)
(1.26 MB 1426x1080 1592710591831.png)
(116.74 KB 1000x667 1592704695258.jpg)
>>124526 >Second pic Holy shit it's Danny DeVito!
(114.59 KB 753x1000 14920014.jpg)
>>124475 >Has the baboon poster ever posted baboons and not other primates? Chimps etc. Lol. No, baboons is really the whole of his schtick.

(43.99 KB 600x603 b.jpg)
/b/ Anonymous Comrade 01/29/2020 (Wed) 06:59:35 No. 50074 [Reply] [Last]
abstract images
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>>115460 cuz he's a janitor
(43.27 KB 821x758 come and eat.jpg)
(1.92 MB 1241x978 sneed come and sneed.png)
>>118501 look at this city slicker
(38.04 KB 534x467 1605496526082.jpg)

Anonymous Comrade 11/20/2020 (Fri) 11:56:54 No. 124638 [Reply] [Last]

(22.60 KB 300x100 red scarf banner.png)
(35.65 KB 350x125 get.png)
Anonymous Comrade 02/22/2020 (Sat) 10:10:44 No. 53816 [Reply] [Last]
New banner thread, last one slid off the board. Remember to use the /GET/ logo (second pic related) somewhere on your submissions.
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(43.65 KB 300x100 zoomers_today.png)
(18.92 KB 300x100 the truth.png)
(78.89 KB 300x100 GET Christmas.png)
(45.71 KB 300x100 GET Christmas 2.png)
>>64530 Here are some updated christmas banners I made, but with Rodina edited in them, since that time of year is coming again

(1.20 MB 1280x720 1519606308216059839.webm)
Anonymous Comrade 10/24/2020 (Sat) 22:57:54 No. 120543 [Reply] [Last]
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I’m so alone.
>>120543 >>120558 You realize all of these people will die horribly in probably less than 30 years, right? Climate apocalypse is the great equalizer, comrades, sure you’ll never experience love, but they will still die. Watch this clip for lifefuel in these dark days https://youtu.be/OoSOmcTZ1ok
>>123996 okay who the fuck gives a shit what will happen in decade or more i want something now
it amazes people can still feel like this. don't you burn out after a decade or so?

(13.91 KB 480x360 ratafakPlachta.jpg)
(13.46 KB 480x360 ratafakPlachta2.jpg)
(16.10 KB 400x300 ratafakPlachta3.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 11/15/2020 (Sun) 04:11:46 No. 124023 [Reply] [Last]
I hate this puppet so fucking much I hate him
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I love this puppet!
>>124133 whot really? I saw this thing fucking years ago on youtube and thought it was the strangest funniest shit.
>>124205 Yeah i felt the same way but learned it's a czechoslovak anticommunist puppet

(96.31 KB 512x512 file_29873.png)
/worry/ Anonymous Comrade 09/09/2020 (Wed) 18:37:22 No. 112803 [Reply] [Last]
ITT: thoughts that bother you on a deep level. Also general venting thread. >Nobody can withstand torture, there's no trick to cope with pain and it can be done with very simple tools to anyone even to people you love a lot. Imagining them suffer in such a way.
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>>123301 I know, but being part of it and spreading the notion of class struggle and class hate is worth the try. Plus, things are going to get shittier with time,so better go all-in in what I can do.
Absolutely everyone's understanding of socialism always degrades from working class power over society in general, to just having the government intervene more often and make a stronger claim to legitimacy.
>>112803 Everything is fucked and there's nothing to do except grow mushrooms and wait for my death
i havent had friends in years and im hoping to leave everyone who is related to me behind but i feel like i dont have the ability to do it
That mind control will successfully end world history at some stage of growthless capitalism forever and ever.

(255.74 KB 1125x646 Are you coding comrade.png)
Bunkerchan Catgirl VN Anonymous Comrade 10/13/2020 (Tue) 04:29:44 No. 118498 [Reply] [Last]
Hey comrades, I'm currently working on a person project Visual Novel about romancing some of the Political Catgirls in a secret commie bunker after a capiatlist nuclear war lead to a fascist world order. So far I know I'm including Alunya, Posadist Cat, and the Hoaxist bunker cat. As it's a project oriented for your enjoyment, what kind of things would you like to see included in the VN? What characters, features, ect? It's obviously going to be a lewd dating sim, because I played Katawa Shoujo. Also I'm making it with Ren'py, and it's my first project. Does anyone here have experience with the program?
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Fuck off, commiecat shitposter!
>>119250 It's heavily Katwa Shoujo inspired. Expect love scenes to be along those lines. At the moment we have a couple of girls planned, but we could use more writers that share the actual ideology with them. Both to diversify how characters are written and to get a more realistic ideological feel for them. Right now for sure Nekomije, Valentina, Alunya, Stephanie, and Chloe are going to be included. Vlada, Nicola, Kathrine, Ye Mao, and either Leila or Emma are likley contenders to be included.
>>119265 You wont have much luck getting memeyist of ideologies so couldn't you also just base some characters by combing traits of actual people you can watch videos of for reference? It's not difficult to be more inspired than unbirthing. For example a fuck machine that works by a gunshot recoil. An AnPrim into fire play.
How’s it coming along?
>>122806 OP seems to have abandoned their thread.....or died of covid....


no cookies?