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(177.08 KB 1000x1000 14-02-2019-01[1].jpg)
/tech/ and /edu/ banners Anonymous Comrade Admin 04/03/2020 (Fri) 22:55:02 No. 66214 [Reply] [Last]
we need more banners. you know the drill, 300x100 size. We will try to add them when we think of this thread.
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>>66394 People shit on gorillaposter because it exposed their own lack of understanding. Cognitive dissonance takes over and they blame the poster rather than themself. And no, the questions weren't good, they were all basic questions already addressed by Marx and Engels. Sometimes literally!
(66.08 KB 300x100 edu_banner0.png)
>>66255 I made a hopefully better version with the mascot if more banners can be added/if you wanna replace one of the two tomo ones
bump for future use

(10.28 KB 621x160 skribbl.gif)
skribbl.io thread Anonymous Comrade 04/06/2020 (Mon) 20:00:22 No. 67496 [Reply] [Last]
Post ongoing games, play with fellow comrades, have a laff, suggest custom words, share drawing highlights, etc.
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Bumping to preserve wordlists.
don't die...
>page 9 bump

(542.64 KB 2048x1843 .jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 07/02/2020 (Thu) 01:58:56 No. 98179 [Reply] [Last]
what ever happened to Bat'ko?
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>>100420 >ignoring that social justice is a good thing... bruh
>>100361 this. he got white guilt’d on twitter. now he’s an anarchist-sexworkerist. I’m not joking
he's on twitter still, and reactionaries here are upset because he isn't turbo anti-idpol anymore and recognizes that brown people have issues too
>>100420 > social justice is a good thing Idpol out
>>100448 LOL found the chapotard. Being anti-idpol doesn't mean "no probelsm exist for black people", its a rejection pof basing politics on arbitrary identity, especially shallow ones like race. Socialism aims to emancipate all proles, thus solving 90% of idpol "issues". Many modern problems we hear about on the media are either overhyped in the media to provoke racial tensions instad of worker unity or are literal attention whoring.

(74.31 KB 540x860 tmp_32368.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 06/03/2020 (Wed) 21:58:27 No. 91183 [Reply] [Last]
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Dom the police. Wanting the hot policewoman to facesit you is COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY.
>>97077 did her music taste become this trash before or after leaving
>>97080 But what if it's a Stasi agent?
>>97535 Looks like they were always like this.
>>97080 Welp, I've got a new kink.

(72.58 KB 513x513 I know you're out there rat.jpg)
(119.97 KB 800x720 Anon delivers.jpg)
MEME THREAD Anonymous Comrade 07/11/2020 (Sat) 01:53:38 No. 100358 [Reply] [Last]
Why the FUCK is there no meme thread?
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>>100396 Is one of those Lenin?
(437.36 KB 1080x1080 NOTABLE-00117.jpg)
(292.57 KB 1080x946 NOTABLE-00109.jpg)
>>100428 Fun fact: The 36 Lessons of Vivec was written by Micheal Kirkbride while he shut himself in house house for a week and got high off of mushrooms. His willingness to do drugs to think outside of the box for his writing is truly remarkable.
>>100396 That stupid mushroom makes me so happy. If someone took it from me, I think I might die.

Anonymous Comrade 04/23/2020 (Thu) 16:36:34 No. 75193 [Reply] [Last]
This is the only good Chairman Mao
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Futa is based
>>90411 >trans = futa /d/ says fuck you
(91.42 KB 585x768 Golden Baby Senko.jpg)
>>100366 Bruh...
>>100366 >leftist "memes"

(1017.70 KB 1114x814 carlton.png)
Anonymous Comrade 07/10/2020 (Fri) 18:49:53 No. 100275 [Reply] [Last]
UNCLE PHIL! you gotta ₖᵢ𝒸ₖ ₜₕₐₜ ₘₐₙ'ₛ 🅱🆄🆃🆃!

(139.83 KB 921x768 VqIWhML.png)
Anonymous Comrade 07/10/2020 (Fri) 20:36:04 No. 100293 [Reply] [Last]
Leftism 1871 >getting killed lol Leftism 2017 >Would you suck a Swedish fish out of a guy's dick?
Lefism 2020 >We ridn' with Comrade Trump or what?
>>100299 Leftism 2020.1 >Can't wait to send more memetards to the gulag today
Leftism 2025 >if you think about it saudi arabia is resisting american imperialism by having sharia law and frankly we have to support them in their quest against american influence

(269.17 KB 860x848 karl.png)
The state of imageboards Anonymous Comrade 04/03/2020 (Fri) 22:35:34 No. 66207 [Reply] [Last]
What do you think the actual state of imageboards right now? As a medium they are constantly changing, but since 8ch became 8kun I'm wondering what the overall environment looks like and where it might be headed. Thoughts?
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>>66207 4chan's dead, 8kuns dead. I think everyone else just scattered during the 8chan happening. I think we're the only site that managed to keep its userbase mostly intact.
So, what do you think of this? https://kiwifarms.net/threads/im-getting-too-old-for-this-shit.71029/ >Much like how Imageboards have waned in favor of small Discord servers... >...the people on the original forum have left for their own carefully managed cliques. As a someone who has been active on the meetup scene of my local chan I've noticed this. People no longer organize shit on the board but things happen behind closed doors and then an invitation message just pops up after the fact almost like an afterthought. I blame the taboo of absolute anonymity on that, people no longer know how to use the name field properly when it would be completely justified; let them locals namefag on the local thread rather than on telegram. Speaking of that completely justified namefagging, I'm constantly saddened when I see a crisis zone / random 3rd world country thread and immediately multiple people claim to be local. And people just treat it as given and carry on their merry way. Excuse me, what? Is this like some nth level of irony thing of trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls, like demanding tokens of authenticity with time stamp and then maintaining a trip gets on the way of the good stuff. Also: >On free speech. >Fuck it. >That was the big epiphany I got to enjoy after Trump threatened Section 230. The sheer number of people I saw who have ardently enjoyed this site as a platform to be pro-Trump on, when few others afford that liberty, suddenly turn against it was shocking. It became abundantly clear that almost every single user who joined in 2019 and 2020 would gladly throw this site and everything I have ever done under the bus if it meant ‘getting back’ at Silicon Valley. If they got to call Obama a roody poo on Twitter, it would be worth it to them.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>88376 >fucking collapse into controlled boomer pits I've been wondering if the "boomers" have in fact always been here and started at 15 with moot. On that widened age distribution we can also blame why things have gotten more political over the time and also why the memes have stagnated a bit; I for one haven't created anything new in years. Also tell me more about nazis on cons, wtf?
>>95450 Whoops. Meant to quote them: >>66399
lainchan’s the only good one. even this place is shit in comparison imo.

/rep/tile thread Akko 07/07/2020 (Tue) 00:16:27 No. 99238 [Reply] [Last]
please post images of reptiles. all images must please contain reptiles. do not post non-reptile images. scalies are allowed, but they must be relatively closer to reptiles than to humans. pictured: box python, very cute
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(125.11 KB 1192x1060 EBRI1XtWwAEzovh.jpg)
>>99865 Imagine not posting ❀her
>>99938 truly blest :)
>>99938 whomst?


no cookies?