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/GET/ Suggestions, Feedback, and Information Anonymous Comrade Board owner 11/08/2019 (Fri) 09:55:49 No. 31470 [Reply] [Last]
This thread will serve as the suggestions and moderation feedback thread, as well as a source of information on /GET/ itself. Please use this thread for anything related to /GET/, as /gulag/ is not our board and any suggestions there will be ignored. If you were banned and have no way of using this thread, feel free to use the equivalent thread on /ref/ to voice your concerns: >>>/ref/679 (Be aware that /ref/ displays a flag next to your name based on your location, so select one of the alternative flags from the dropdown menu there if you don't want your location displayed.)

Board info:

If you're new around these parts, be sure to read up on the rules of /GET/. This is the most relaxed board on Bunkerchan when it comes to content we allow, but we do still have a few rules:

If you're interested in the history of /GET/ and GETchan as a whole, you can find most of the information you would ever want to know on our United Chans Wiki page:

If you want to keep updated, you can find our official Twitter account here:

Our YouTube channel dedicated to posting communist music compilations and rare socialist songs can be found here:

And its equivalent Twitter account can be found here:

Your conductors are:

Comrade King – Community Administrator of GETchan (2011-Present), Chairman of the Communist Party of GETchan (2012-Present), founder of the GET Threads (May 2011) and co-founder of GETchan (November 2011)
Zeke Roa – Coding Administrator of GETchan (2015-Present), creator and developer of Gochan (2012-Present), founder and administrator of Lunachan (2011-2015) and /luna/ (2015-2018)

MeinFlank – GETchan People's Moderator for /GET/ (2013-Present), recipient of the Order of Cirno (2014)
PB – GETchan People's Moderator for /ref/ (2019-Present)
Yugo – GETchan People's Moderator for /leftytrash/ (2019-Present)
Anon – GETchan People's Moderator for Anonymous Users (2019-Present)

Social Media:
Druže – Manager of the Official GETchan YouTube Channel (2014-Present) and its equivalent Twitter account (2018-Present), original creator of Rodina (2015)

Eternal Staff:
Steven Magnet – Eternal Administrator of GETchan (2015-Present), Coding Administrator of GETchan (2011-2015), co-founder of GETchan (November 2011), recipient of the Hero of GETchan medal and title (2014)
Iara Amelia – Eternal General Secretary of the Communist Party of GETchan (2015-Present), communist revolutionary and theorist (2011-2014), recipient of the Hero of Socialist Labour medal and title (2014)

Enjoy your stay, however long it may be!
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>>67429 Roll, then
>>67429 I want a Czechoslovak Socialist Republic girlfriend.
>>68824 >Heavy drinker lol have fun cleaning up when she pukes on you midway through sex
>>68920 I eat the puke.

Comrade Rat Admin 04/08/2020 (Wed) 20:04:03 No. 68252 [Reply] [Last]
Hello comrades! As you may have heard, we are currently hard at work building a new board software for our beautiful bunker. Now, we want your opinion on the following: While designing the software, we have found that having per-board post numbers proves to be disproportionally complex, especially when performing actions like moving threads, or ensuring numbers actually aren't duplicates of each other. It would be much easier to switch from per-board post ids to site wide post ids. This would have the following advantages and disadvantages: PROS >You would be able to link to any thread and post on the site in the same manner as you do within a board, namely >>number, rather than needing to do >>>/boardname/number >It would make the backend a lot less complex, the database interactions less error prone, the code much simpler >Less work for the dev team >Moving threads and posts would work without needing extra complex code to renumber all references to it on the entire site. >Less mistakes can occur when moving threads by heroes of the proletariat CONS >No more board specific number gets.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by comraderat on 04/08/2020 (Wed) 20:04:29.
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(378.41 KB 564x623 Yui159.png)
Can I ban this guy?
>>68670 This, though.
(23.63 KB 474x474 234234.jpeg)
Official Strawpoll - Should the new board software use global post counts or board-specific post counts? - https://www.strawpoll.me/19737942
>>68836 Anyone that says board-specific post counts aren't true internationalists.
>>68883 Anyone that says global post counts are centralists who are undermining the federation.

(36.36 KB 369x336 animes.jpg)
/leftytrash/ Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:36:48 No. 1091 [Reply] [Last]
Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting
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(108.51 KB 432x336 59b.gif)
>>69076 Sorry Link, I don't give hand-outs. Come back when you mmm... work a little harder.
I made hashbrowns with a light savory country gravy and a bit of chili. It was quite good.
>>69075 i love coco very much but i only have one keychain, as a gift, i wont get more stuff because i don't want to do online business and getting stuff like that from japan is a bit rough doesn't mean i obsess any less about her, she my dearest widdle loli
>>69076 Gee, I'm so hungry I could eat the rich!
I've been in a powerful girl-loving mood for like 3 days now

(108.70 KB 913x1199 ETQpO4PXgAEyulK.jpg)
Corona-chan pic dump Anonymous Comrade 03/25/2020 (Wed) 19:20:11 No. 62389 [Reply] [Last]
I need all the Corona-chans. Dump em.
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(97.50 KB 778x1000 1586407652750.jpg)
Stupid retarded design made by porn addicts who don't even know the origin of the virus and keep repeating to themselves "CHINA MADE THIS VIRUS I SWEAR" like a schizophrenic who hasn't taken his meds >>68679 >3rd image what? Literally not a single person is even saying that, China never fucking said anything negative about quarantines. IT'S THE FUCKING WEST WHICH IS REFUSING TO DO A QUARANTINE. THAT'S WHY THERE ARE SO MANY INFECTED
>>69064 t. impotent dengist
>>69064 Bootyblasted over Corona-chan's superior design. Unbelievable.

(151.99 KB 434x460 IMG_20200129_124345.png)
Anonymous Comrade 02/10/2020 (Mon) 22:07:28 No. 51861 [Reply] [Last]
Hey anon Did you remember to pray 5 times this day?
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>>51861 Does the finger shake during the Tashahhud or not? I've always found it hystertical that you're supposed to have a finger erection when Muhammad is mentioned.
>>69044 you raise the index finger on your right hand. There are different on when you do this as it's Muhammad was observed doing this during prayer. These are the main views among scholars on it: >The Hanafis say that the finger should be raised when saying “Laa (no)” in the phrase “Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha ill-Allaah (I bear witness that there is no god except Allaah)” and it should be lowered when saying, “ill-Allaah (except Allaah).” >The Shaafa’is say that it should be raised when saying “ill-Allaah.” >The Maalikis say that it should be moved right and left until one finishes the prayer. >The Hanbalis say that one should point with the finger when saying the name of Allaah, without moving it. According to scholars, you raise your finger as a form of dua in itself. They also say that in effect you actually point to the Qiblah, raising you finger ever so slightly (dunno why). If you want to learn more about it, here: https://islamqa.info/en/answers/7570/moving-the-finger-during-tashahhud
>>69048 *There are different views on when you do this as Muhammad was observed jesus, i spazzed out there
>>69048 Is this considered a big deal or just some minor difference of opinion that has no bearing on your status as a muslim and your chances of going to heaven or whatever?
>>69055 It’s a minor difference, doesn’t really matter. Just raise your finger at any of those points

(1.44 MB 3264x2448 20200401_004359.jpg)
(137.28 KB 971x1920 signal-2020-04-01-002135.jpg)
Anonymous Comrade 03/31/2020 (Tue) 21:51:59 No. 64942 [Reply] [Last]
Hi comrades i took some amazingly good dickpics and i wanted to share it with you. Dick appreciation thread All dicks welcome
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>>65179 Wish my ex-girlfriend saw it the way you do :'(. Thank you for your kinds words <3
>>65383 Bodyshaming aint radical comrade youre better without her.
>>65395 She was a darn lib anyways. Thank you :).
>>65383 Honestly, I really feel like girls don't tend to be as enamored with cocks as guys. I'm hardly an expert on the topic, being a virgin, but it's the sense I get talking to / overhearing girls or listening to girls online. I have heard quite a few women, both IRL and online, state that they're apathetic towards or even disgusted by dicks and only really feel attracted to other parts of the male body, while I've heard the opposite sentiment only in shitty porn. I dunno, it's just the impression that I get.
>>69052 Don't worry bro The b'ys are enamored by your cock Women come and go, the b'ys stay by your side

(75.39 KB 900x631 real nigga shit (98).jpg)
megaman x how to beat boss megaman x how to beat boss 03/29/2020 (Sun) 01:15:22 No. 63920 [Reply] [Last]
good morning everyone how are you doing. i was diagnioesed with coronavirus
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>>63920 Details? or is this just a shitpost
I am worried about the canolavirus
(748.59 KB 815x601 italian land battleship.png)
>>64658 Call it Cannolivirus Because it will make your lungs like ricotta cheese. Mmm. Also because we blame it on the Italians.

Friday night. Anonymous Comrade 04/03/2020 (Fri) 20:36:11 No. 66145 [Reply] [Last]
What you doing bros?
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>>66145 I'm currently watching a Twitch stream to pretend I'm with other people
(35.01 KB 500x461 1300005630096.jpg)
Caffeinated... exercising... maybe not enough...
It's not night yet, but it's a national holiday here so I am wasting my time as usual.

(49.95 KB 610x368 1528537003535.jpg)
(445.33 KB 2048x1538 EDTp0kyW4AATuvd.jpg)
(143.75 KB 611x900 EDT4DGfXYAAmsY_.jpg)
right-wing Cringe compilation Anonymous Comrade 04/09/2020 (Thu) 10:09:18 No. 68629 [Reply] [Last]
Let's have a laugh
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>>68651 What the fuck is that webm
>>68675 It was at some sort of TPUSA meeting in december. https://twitter.com/bennyjohnson/status/1210376471052771328
>>68675 Pure ideology. This is a TPUSA event and everyone there is someone who paid to attend a TPUSA event, yet the primary "audience" that the speaker imagines is those nefarious, unfun SJWs. Even the culmination of his little video is to point at the camera (at the audience attending a TPUSA event) and say "we're laughing at you," which the crowd goes wild for. The whole thing is performance for some imagined Other that must be so offended right now even though the Other wouldn't actually be present at this event. Like the diapers bit, it is a bizarre performance that ultimately amounts to a self-own in the eyes of anyone who isn't convinced of the inescapable SJW Other.
>>68651 >that webm And these are the people who make fun of the left for being cringe. Really, why aren't there any right wing cringe compilation videos on YouTube?
>>68636 >3rd pic Not sure I get this one, is that saying that net neutrality is a bad thing?

Anonymous Comrade 04/01/2020 (Wed) 01:17:59 No. 65069 [Reply] [Last]
*blocks your path*
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(1.18 MB 1217x1696 image0.png)
>>67542 >trans flag >doesn't identify as trans
>>67455 Wtf, heroes of the proletariat just letting this CP stay up?? >>67155
>>67542 Last I've talked to b00t, she does.
>>67561 isn't she 18?
(17.47 KB 500x334 41lYqjLNiOL._AC_.jpg)
Hiel, lib


no cookies?