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>>/GET/2712 >>2678 But who was phone?
>>/leftypol/36890 >>36880 Containment thread >>15551 >>36884 >what are nuclear weapons **There's another read possible on dissolving the comni
>>/leftypol/36889 >>36886 he's a coward, they all are
>>/leftypol/36888 Will socialist youtubers ever be as popular as those "everythings fascist" neo liberal plot heads we call the figureheads of lef
>>/leftypol/36887 JP on JP. Doesn't go well. He's trying to say: >だいたい、英雄で天才で最強で無敵の俺様が迷宮探査の途中で迷子になるなど、実に不愉快。 >Basically, for someone heroic, sma