Welcome to albania

>>/leftypol/663941 >>663911 Also doens't that make FDR, Clement Attlee and Stalin far right then. Does the term even mean anything at that point.
>>/leftypol/663940 >>663932 >o i am laffin not an argument >so is fascism yes >ww2 makes much more sense when you realize it was just the fascists
>>/leftypol/663939 >>661471 physical strength is great but it's way more important to organize with your community.
>>/leftypol/663938 >>662520 >>662526 ==Overlooked post== Thnx anon, can't stress this enough. Directly attacking FPtP was the #1 thing Bernie
>>/leftypol/663937 >>663818 ayy lmaos? is that you?
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