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Need help with MySQL Comrade 08/10/2017 (Thu) 08:34:01 [Preview] No. 189
Hey /tech/, I'm trying to host a lainchan installation on my local network for my Cuban basket weaving foundation, but seem to hit a bit of a brick wall, and was hoping I could get some help.
I have the website itself running on a virtual machine using Ubuntu 16.04 LTSB, all of which works perfect.
The problem comes when I try to connect the MySQL server, I get an error, specifically,
Got error 1 from storage engine
I'm using MySQL 5.7 on Azure Database for MySQL server with a free trial so I can suck free resources from Microsoft
I've created a database and as far as I can tell the database should be using InnoDB, however I'm new to MySQL so perhaps I'm retarded.
use Lynxchan :^)

Problem is your tables don't exist. so open MYSQL and import the .sql file that came with the software.
Open file (4.81 KB 564x22 errorid.PNG)
Thanks anon, when I run I get the same error.
mysql -h {host ip} -u {username} -p {database name} < install.sql
ERROR 1030 (HY000) at line 24: Got error 1 from storage engine

Here's the script if you're interested, but it seems to be getting caught whenever it tries to create a table.
Does the Database exist?
Open file (11.06 KB 224x235 error1.PNG)
Yes, see pic attached.
For the curious, I think I figured it out. Apparently Azure doesn't support MyISAM, which is what lainchan uses.
Does it?
I'm sure Vichan uses innodb
I thought so too, and my little bit of research lead me to believe so, but I glanced through the install.sql file and found
I ended up hosting the MySQL server on the local machine and it seems to be working now, so it's possible it could have been something else, but as best as I can tell it was the lack thereof of MyISAM support.
Well change ENGINE=innoDB. I can't see why it won't work. Doesn't Azure charge like AWS?
I tried that, but I kept hitting a MySQL error 1.
They do charge, but they give you a trial with $200 free credit. Fuck Microsoft but if I can suck up their resources on my pet project then that's all the better.
looking at Infinity and vichan's install.sql and I see that they use MyISAM.

Try using MariaDB?
What's the difference between MariaDB and MySQL Server?
MariaDB still maintains MyISAM
Oh. Then I'll probably try to migrate it over tomorrow then, thanks Space.


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