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Comrade 04/03/2017 (Mon) 18:07:36 [Preview] No. 133
What do y'all think about the BUGs system employed by Stormfront, (likely influenced and developed by state agents) that they brought "racial awareness" (spammed) /pol/ with? Do you think this could be used to spread class-consciousness, and should it be?
Could you elaborate on what this system is?
Open file (356.02 KB 1360x1888 Sturmcuck.png)
This image should help, and their threads are still up. But I'll try and explain. Essentially BUGs was an automated response system to spread generated messages incorporating pre-existing "mantras" to be posted in youtube comments, 4chan, wherever. You can see a more advanced version of this in Twitter Bots. This is what some claim made /pol/ "racially aware". I personally believe that government entities had a hand in this at some point, since it serves their interests and it seems odd that they would come up with this on their own.
By "their threads" I mean the Stormfront threads, you can check and see for yourself.
honestly left does more real life activism than internet. The real tech things the left should be focusing on is economic computability and planned economics using computers. The only reason stormfront guys have so much time to develop fucking botnet software is because they are unemployed.
Good idea actually, I've been messing around with my graphing calculator to calculate business shit, like pricing of products to how much will sell, but I bet these equations would be a lot less guess based and easier if money and "le market" wasn't part of it and was only based on supply and need. Someone who knows more about this shit should make a thread to discuss something like that.
have you heard of Paul Cockshott? hes a scottish computer scientist who writes about marxist economics and using computers to plan socialism


>implying it wasn't developed by the CIA
*tips tinfoil hat*
Really though, the CIA and porky's intelligence community are extremely involved in numerous activities. If you haven't read about COINTELPRO, or paid attention to the election-rigging and infiltration of the governments of other countries, Voice of America propaganda, or the recent Vault7, the raid of the FBI in 1971, or Snowden, you should. Very few of the documents from leaks and raids get published, and those leaked so far reveal an extreme level of involvement. We could assume that they're just the tip of the iceberg. I'm just trying to say that if the CIA/FBI/NSA/ETC. used stormfront and other shit to build the alt-right it wouldn't be the first time.
Maybe they are prepping the U.S. to become a fascist state. It would be the first time forces in the government conspired to do so


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