Open file (517.03 KB 626x626 porky.png)
Comrade 02/20/2019 (Wed) 03:13:13 [Preview] No. 7480 [Reply]
If you don't vote for the least corporate friendly candidate you're a lazy tool of the bourgeoisie.
Voting, when it comes to our shitty, violent-authority based barely representative democracy in which the outcome of referendums and elections when they happen always result in decisions which fluctuate from the actual general will of the people through the processes of government and corruption from both capitalist and state forces...

*gasp* essentially like gambling.

Now I'm gonna give my own anarchist perspective on voting, seeing as anarchist would be the most likely people avoid voting.

So, despite being an anarchist, I'm not entirely against voting.
It technically can be a good thing for you to vote.
After all, each referendum (or whatever the American equivalent for referendums is) or election will present a variety of purposely vague and unpredictable, but real and distinct outcomes, with some being clearly better than others.
You can never be sure that the state will ever uphold the results of the outcome, campaigning will be abused to a point where it makes use of manipulation and brainwashing (e.g. the capgemini incident), and the options themselves will often be vague, but better to try and aim for the best outcomes through voting rather than do nothing at all.

With that said though, I can understand why other anarchists would not want to vote.
Firstly, the elections and referendums themselves are always designed in a way which limit choice for the different outcomes.
Too much variety in a referendum or election risks an option being voted for which does not serve the interests of capital or the state.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I'm kind of glad I didn't vote, the voting booths are probably still rigged unfortunately.
Open file (30.85 KB 680x680 emj.jpg)
>being such an armchair ultraleftist that you are literally thinking of ideological excuses not to vote
Woah, are you guys felons or disenfranchised workers? No, you're a bunch of weirdos who probably live with their parents and I bet they'd drive you to the polls.

Open file (1.14 MB 1409x480 fkewazmqa.png)
Antifa Comrade 01/05/2019 (Sat) 17:43:27 [Preview] No. 7357 [Reply]
Opinion on antifa?
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only dumb boomers say that shit
They are based, but mostly radlibs.
They are ok but the indian version of antifa are really badass. they kill people.
i wish they did something other than knock over trash cans, how badass would it be is pharma billionaires started dropping dead. neo nazi training camps ambushed by lefty militias. i wish the left wasnt pussy here

Open file (8.21 KB 240x137 clash.png)
The United States should replace all secular laws with Sharia law. Comrade 03/21/2019 (Thu) 02:43:03 [Preview] No. 7549 [Reply]
The United States should replace all secular laws with Sharia law.

Sharia is divinely inspired, and is not only the most humane legal system ever created, it’s also the only legitimate form of authority.

Sharia Is merciful. There is no hadith that says a teenager with 3g of hash gets a felony conviction and 10 years in prison

Sharia is logical. There is no fard that approves civil forfeitures and no-knock raids

Sharia is mandatory: to not practice sharia is to run afoul of God.

Some of you may be saying: America can't have Islamic law when most people are Christians. This is nonsense, as Sharia is applicable to kafirs as well as muslims. Islam commands that Muslims protect the lives, property, and religious freedom of those disbelievers who are loyal to the state and pay the Jizya.
Are you retarded? sharia law is not compatible with socialism. and is horrible anyways

Open file (52.68 KB 365x423 pc2.png)
Comrade 04/21/2017 (Fri) 07:06:54 [Preview] No. 163 [Reply]
Hey guys care to answer a survey about programming economic planning software? just getting a feel for what languages, etc. people would use. Thanks
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gonna close the poll soon, last chance to answer
k the survey is closed now, will be posting results soon.
Where did you go?
Open file (61.42 KB 640x631 TurningPointAlbania.jpeg)
Where the fuck have you gone? We need you.

"Workers of the world, unite!" Comrade 03/19/2019 (Tue) 19:49:39 [Preview] No. 7547 [Reply]
"Proletarians of all countries, unite!"
you're a faggot and your board sucks

Reactionary Worker Movements Comrade 03/14/2019 (Thu) 21:03:52 [Preview] No. 7533 [Reply]
Opinion on National Bolshevism (the unironic ones in russia)?

Opinion on Strasserism?

Opinion on National Anarchism?

Opinion on National Communism?
1 post omitted.
Shitty facism
Kill every last one of them.
>implying there's such thing as good fascism
nationalism is really retarded
I don't like anything that's related to nationalism.

Comrade 03/18/2019 (Mon) 08:22:48 [Preview] No. 7544 [Reply]
What does /leftypol/ make of Operation Blueism & Esoteric Entity soliticing cp to try and slander Bat'ko and the rest of lefttube? Why hasn't Bat'ko made any follow up videos? I found this ed page
Bat'ko is cancer. "Lefttube" fans are predominantly cancer. This is of no interest except for the extremely online idpol filth

I have a question for you cultural Marxists. Comrade 02/27/2019 (Wed) 04:48:59 [Preview] No. 7499 [Reply]
Do you believe in race?
Given that we can consistently attribute certain IQ to races and we are also sure it is not environmental because of the trans racial Minnesota adoption study, why do you think race is unimportant?
According to Wikipedia, academics are arguing about what that study really says.
praise xi jinping
Do you believe in the Sun?
no but i believe in the power of images and the abject and understand why you believe in race, OP. i dont blame you

Comrade 03/11/2019 (Mon) 18:46:08 [Preview] No. 7520 [Reply]
Name a more iconic duo
Protip: ya can't

Open file (5.17 KB 153x166 images.jpg)
debating cuCKs Comrade 06/30/2018 (Sat) 16:50:16 [Preview] No. 6888 [Reply]
How do i deal with the human nature argument. I debate politics with alot people (mostly on the internet) and most of their arguments are shit but this one thing the human nature argument i dont understand how to repell which is the Communism/Socialism goes against human nature and it is really annoying so please help me how i am going to repell it.
11 posts omitted.
We wouldn't need a government if we were good m8
The post says that people tend to co-operate not that they are good. Go have a pointless argument elsewhere.
Societies with mechanical solidarity like the Kalahari Bushmen are far more ancient than anything the dipshit hollering "human nature" at you has studied. They're a good example if you just want to point out how stupid the argument is- we've lived in communal societies before. Marx talks about that. Marxism (See The German ideology) posits there has been a departure from our ultimate state of being and that a reconciliation is necessary. Our natural state isn't rampant individualism and capitalism. The increased compartmentalization of people via identities based on gender, race, sex, political party, etc isn't natural. Only class is real, and class is determined by material conditions. All of history is the history of class struggle.

Like the guy above me said, you need to be addressing broad social structures and how they work down on people to shape them and their behaviors. The superstructure (what constructs how we are) is determined by the material base and access to the material base. Also, if whoever is making this argument wants to live purely by some made up laws of nature being pumped into their skull by a brain tentacle attached the Yog-Sototh beast known as capitalism, then they can live alone in the woods- ostracized from the group. That used to be a death sentence.
This is a good list for navigating complex social structures, every day social interaction, as well as a little poststructuralism. I recommend maybe the addition of some symbolic interactionist thinkers like Meade or Cooley or Phenomenologists like Husserl and Dorothy Smith.
You are dumb as fuck m9

Open file (4.41 KB 200x112 155197660553s.jpg)
Superpeople Comrade 03/16/2019 (Sat) 16:46:40 [Preview] No. 233 [Reply]
The parts of the spectrums of each thing that have the opposite reaction of the parts of the spectums that cause aging,retards,sickness,etc,etc,and there's the other parts in the middle(example-in the berry spectrum there are healthy berries and poisonous berries and the other berries in the middle).The elements.Recreating various outside crisis situations(hungry,thirsty,stuck,etc,etc) or not results in invisibility and speed,omnipotence,youngness,altering you and reality,personally affecting reality,your mind returning to the past(time travel).People who are acidic,nervous,shitty and others are being assalted,bleeding and puking acid.The soaps are killing people,the nerve and skin damage and where's the sweat and tan,feeling hot,dizzy,throbbing,burning and sick?The soaps are turning peoples faces into monster scar faces.Peoples bodies are being damaged and aged by the shampoo,hot tubs,swimming pools,soap,stress,working,gravity,infections,viruses,rubs,creams,pills,people,food,beverages,etc,etc.Air bubbles and dissolved air in IV bags,tubes and syringes is being injected into people,strokes and deaths.Operating table and bed murders and people being numbed by the dentist.People are being euthanized in hospitals and hospices.They're hungrily pulling and grabbing peoples sleeping genitals,thirstily turning peoples places into a hotel/outhouse and anally attacking colon cleansed people .Surrounded by the future,the past and nightlights,barking dogs,abductions,disappearances,suicides,murders,cuts,suffocations,draining energy.Being pulled towards the future or the past along with your iron coins and other materials your in contact with and surrounded by,people are disappearing,people are being replaced with clones,robots,etc,people travelling back in time are being attacked,getting into accidents or sending messages.People are travelling to the future and to the past.Aliens,people are visiting and sometimes leaving this world,which worlds and times are they from?They're stealing peoples DNA,cloning,growing,making and using the clones.The souls of the dead and others are travelling into other peoples bodies to be young and healthy.Connected minds communicating.Some people know other peoples thoughts and are communicating telepathically,interuptions,influencing,scolding,interference,torturing and controlling peoples minds and bodies and murdering and bothering other people listen to the sounds similar to the heat bug and electronic sounds.Body twitching.People are communicating with other people through nightmares.People are using other people to say their thoughts.Your superstitious,nature's,etc examples,stuck in this nest.They're waking people up again and again and they're causing other sleeping problems and deaths,picking,poking,prodding,digging people with medical instruments.The TV creeps and others are accusing people of being criminals and others in a past life,threatening,hynotising,insulting and bothering people about what they are doing,saying and their thoughts,maybe they'll reach through the screen and your reality show from this world,concluding the experiments and cleaning the cages.

Open file (3.98 MB 1920x1280 fuck cops dont vote.png)
Open file (8.55 MB 3000x1967 1.png)
stuff i made Comrade 03/15/2019 (Fri) 18:08:42 [Preview] No. 7534 [Reply]
hello everyone just wanted to share this with you

Open file (8.29 KB 182x277 download.jpeg)
Comrade 03/14/2019 (Thu) 20:59:54 [Preview] No. 7531 [Reply]
Opinion on Guild Socialism>

Open file (40.17 KB 660x371 stupid nazi.jpg)
Comrade 02/20/2019 (Wed) 12:32:04 [Preview] No. 7481 [Reply]
How the fuck do you take on nazis
Indiscriminately and unwavering. Help the people around know that they are being actively betrayed by the fasco. You also have the opportunity of converting the Nazi (honestly they just fall in line with the powers that be because they are spineless scum). After all it's not about you, it's about the collective, and that would also includes the hypothetical fascist.
Finally a serious reply

Open file (53.99 KB 1350x1005 nazbol_gods.jpg)
Comrade 02/04/2018 (Sun) 03:32:34 [Preview] No. 6557 [Reply]
Unironic nazbols are now a thing. When did that happen?
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So basically, they're pieces of shit. I see.
Ever since /pol/ laid their eyes on it and couldn't tell the difference from a meme ideology to a real one.
it's a good thing.

nazbolism is just petty bourgeois socialism

t. nazbol

nazbolism is just petty bourgeois socialism

t. nazbol

Comrade 12/09/2018 (Sun) 13:50:16 [Preview] No. 7308 [Reply]
Thoughts on the current shitshow in France?
6 posts omitted.
Open file (2.80 MB 3323x3364 France-chan.png)
And here's a drawing of France-chan.
>My empathy goes to France as well tbh
I probably will have to redo the entire France-chan drawing.
Open file (12.47 KB 360x140 download.jpg)
It's fucking beautiful. Global revolution when?
tbh i don't think we should get too excited. Yes most of the protestors are left wing but there are also plenty of fascists in there
i support the yellow vests. the corporaations caused global warming but the workers get the blame.

Porky Echoes Comrade 09/01/2017 (Fri) 02:40:23 [Preview] No. 515 [Reply]
You know how on /pol/ they use the (((echoes))) for Jews? Do you guys think /leftypol/ should Porky or porky sympathizers should have their own echoes, maybe {{{something like this?}}}
5 posts and 1 image omitted.
i'm all for it tbh
nah that's too obvious >>7456
fine by me.....

Open file (240.48 KB 680x603 1551981779555.jpg)
Comrade 03/12/2019 (Tue) 15:07:27 [Preview] No. 7521 [Reply]
Hey I'm new to /leftypol/ so sorry if this is a shit post, but...

Do you think that anarchism through the Internet is a viable means to transition to irl?

I'm a programmer and I keep thinking to myself, that it is entirely possible to break up internet monoliths like Goog and amazon by providing decentralized alternatives.

I think it's hard to argue that centralized design is viable in the long run for the internet. Internet centralization has a lot of problems which we have already seen:

- vulnerable to infiltration. Attacks are decentralized but data is stored in a centralized manner. This means that a single database with tons of data can be infiltrated and only one attack needs to be successful to do it. This is a security nightmare.
- downtime of the entire website. If the servers go down then nobody can use the service.

In fact, many technologies indicate that the internet was developing in a decentralized manner (email, routing, websites ect). You can even see companies adapting by distributing their content over many servers (in the "cloud").

What does this mean? The internet is leaning towards decentralization through the direct environmental advantages it has. Unlike any other system before it, it is directly disadvantageous to stockpile resources and play "defend the castle".

The real beauty of it is that even if goog or amazon continue to decentralize their services, because they still have a "point of service" as opposed to a truly decentralized service, they are still more vulnerable than true decentralization.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (1.23 MB 2560x1600 spacechan.jpg) Comrade 02/11/2019 (Mon) 04:29:25 [Preview] No. 7464 [Reply]
Greetings from SpaceChan!
Come visit if you'd like

Open file (7.87 KB 271x186 images (1).png)
Comrade 03/02/2019 (Sat) 11:04:44 [Preview] No. 7506 [Reply]
anyone here?

Open file (149.89 KB 770x1071 1433969079791.jpg)
Comrade 03/10/2018 (Sat) 06:09:30 [Preview] No. 505 [Reply]
u no u liek it
I'd get on my knees for that meat

Open file (40.48 KB 1150x375 51MfENdJV0L._SL1150_.jpg)
Comrade 03/09/2019 (Sat) 04:20:22 [Preview] No. 7514 [Reply]
i like how the far left is red (communism) and the far right is blue (alt right)

and the center-left is blue and the center-right is blue

Open file (25.38 KB 1200x600 o7o1rkqx4yg21.jpg)
Comrade 03/09/2019 (Sat) 04:09:52 [Preview] No. 7513 [Reply]
greetings comrades, i've turned possadist and now believe nuclear destruction and alien invasion is inevitable and necessary to rebuild new socialist kingdoms cause these societies have been tainted bu capital and greed, only we and the aliens can rebuild it and live in harmony

Open file (13.97 KB 337x337 finishedgondola2.jpg)
Comrade 03/06/2019 (Wed) 21:02:12 [Preview] No. 722 [Reply]
ITT post your favorite gondolas

The big problem for national anarchists is that most of the other anarchist factions would kill them on sight
Interesting. But looks like nazbol.
Typical fascists, trying to infiltrate and subvert everything towards their evil. Of course, they can always be spotted by their obsession with spooks like """degeneracy""", """race""" and """natural order""".
Blech, fucking fascists. Always finding a way to fill shit with their retarded emphasis on race and nation.
quite possibly the most cancerous thing i have ever read. this person doesn't get a spot on the spaceship

Open file (79.41 KB 440x440 communist facepalm.jpg)
Open file (5.92 KB 224x224 communist LMAO.jpg)
Open file (909.01 KB 1280x1233 Communist_pepe_2.png)
Leftist Memes & Comebacks Comrade 02/12/2019 (Tue) 23:54:41 [Preview] No. 7467 [Reply]
General memes and comebacks because why not
5 posts and 15 images omitted.
Open file (177.39 KB 468x1101 trigger fiscalcucks.jpg)
Wow, so people still use this site?
Since the relevant thread is locked I'm just gonna post my reply here

You failed genetics, didn't you? Golden Jackal species are distinct because they have concrete genetic differences, even if phenotypically they look the same. Humans of various races are genetically the same, the conservation of genes is identical, the variation in eyes, melanin etc. is a result of natural selection, in hot, sunny africa, having darker skin, shorter hair and shorter noses is better for that environment, thus the ALLELE(s) that support such phenotype differences are prevalent. THe same goes for narrow eyes in Asia (windier, colder environment), or long noses in caucasians (lets air heat up for longer before it enters the lungs allowing for easier breathing in colder environments) etc. This is basic fucking biology.

do something with this?

Open file (11.87 KB 307x307 turntxblue.jpg)
Turn Texas Blue Comrade 06/25/2018 (Mon) 20:34:49 [Preview] No. 6872 [Reply]
This organization that's working on turning Texas blue is in need of funding.
why do we want to spread idpol "lefty" liberalism?
Open file (137.94 KB 400x400 loli commie2.jpg)
No that sound gay, I rather red.
>>6872 I don't think you know the difference between liberals and leftists
I rather be red too tbh. The socialist red.

Comrade 02/22/2019 (Fri) 05:57:03 [Preview] No. 7486 [Reply]
hey commies. what do you guys generally believe about federalism? would you guys mostly oppose me if I said we should leave basically as much as possible up to individual states and leave only the most important, basic functions up to the federal government? meaning, no welfare or healthcare at the federal level, no SALT deduction, basically let each state succeed or fail based on the merits of their own government and its constituents, and as long as basic fundamental human rights aren't being violated, the feds can't do shit about it. I'm not including unconstitutional antidiscrimination laws in that by the way, I believe according to the constitution we all have the right to freedom of association. Since I guess you'll probably be against that, though, let's just say we don't make freedom of association a right at the federal level, but we'll leave that up to the states as well, meaning states would be allowed to implement their own antidiscrimination laws if they want.
Well the soviet union's republics had quite a bit more power than usa's states. I don't think letting any countries regions have more power than the Central power is good mainly for stability reasons. Also I would like to add that the freedom of association is very important to non SJW Communists as that freedom has been restricted to us historically

Trump pee tape? Comrade 02/12/2019 (Tue) 16:46:27 [Preview] No. 7466 [Reply]
This is something that came across my radar a couple weeks ago and I’ve been surprised to see nothing on it sense.

I’m sure we all know about the rumoured Trump pee tape, as written about in the Steele Dossier–Russia_dossier

A lot has been written about the likelihood of this tape by people far smarter than me, but what I haven’t seen written about is a supposed leak of the tape about a month ago.

I first saw it posted on 4chan, from a now dead Liveleak link. (

People chatted about it on 4chan for a couple days ( but I didn’t see anything else. Then one day searching through Liveleak I found another upload:

Obviously it’s blurry and not a lot can be made out, but out of curiosity I checked the footage with the actual Presidential Suite and they look pretty similar:

Same wall paper, bedding etc.

I’m not saying it’s real, just that someone tried pretty hard to make it look real. Any thoughts on what it could be?
Who gives a shit? If he likes being pissed on then good for him.

Serious question Comrade 01/27/2019 (Sun) 09:46:34 [Preview] No. 7426 [Reply]
this is /leftypol/ and therefore the leftist equivalent of /pol/ which is inherently uncensored as long as you are on topic and don't post porn or extreme gore.
My question is why is all dissent censored. you can go on /pol/ and talk about wanting to end the white race because of it's inherent privilege to your heart's content, but on here, no no no
my dear tovarische, the best way to defeat your opponent is to beat him with your mind and not your banhammer, and if you know your enemy and you know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of 100 battles. also no one is going to get harmed by opinions on a bootleg version of a mongolian underwater basket weaving forum
It's because ushijima is a permatriggered faggot.
I am incredibly buttflustered
Edited last time by pyongyang on 02/19/2019 (Tue) 23:04:42.
We know, ushijima.
shut the fuck up liberal

Comrade 02/13/2019 (Wed) 04:49:03 [Preview] No. 7474 [Reply]
Thoughts on Enver Hoxha?

Open file (115.14 KB 786x960 60f21439.jpg)
RAID Comrade 02/09/2019 (Sat) 03:24:06 [Preview] No. 7463 [Reply],-4,2

Epic raid against nazi flag going on. Feel free to join :)

Open file (21.75 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
The EU Comrade 04/24/2018 (Tue) 18:39:58 [Preview] No. 6766 [Reply]
Comrades! I seek to know what your opinion of the European Union is! As a British Comrade, the status of the EU has been a very heated topic over the last few years and I seek to understand what my fellow comrades believe about it.
It's clearly a tool of capitalism and is used to perpetuate the economic power of the capitalist class against their workers, but it's also a major opportunity. The building of a pan-European identity separate from the old nationalist ideals could be used to create a European Federation, and later a unified socialist state in Europe instead of having to incite proletariat uprisings in each separate country. In other words, the EU sucks, but it's potential to unite the workers of each current state also shouldn't go to waste.
EU is a typical porky shit. Only retards think that EU is socialism.
I despise the EU. It's capitalist, imperialist, and a creation of the bourgeoisie. Its only interests lie with those of the elite. That being said if there was a 'Socialist European Union' i'd definitely be in favour of it.
socialist europe when?

Comrade 02/07/2019 (Thu) 14:08:34 [Preview] No. 7457 [Reply]
Can I kill jews

Open file (33.26 KB 741x147 unknown-52.png)
Comrade 02/08/2019 (Fri) 15:13:47 [Preview] No. 7458 [Reply]

porker Comrade 06/21/2018 (Thu) 22:04:31 [Preview] No. 6859 [Reply]
send porky memes
3 posts and 7 images omitted.
Open file (60.16 KB 750x929 IMG_0823.jpg)
ah, i see leftypol is still full of you faux leftist reactionaries who are perpetuating fascist outrage politics :(

Open file (59.41 KB 800x450 12c-2.jpg)
Comrade 07/17/2018 (Tue) 22:37:37 [Preview] No. 6919 [Reply]
why has it failed?
6 posts and 1 image omitted.
'It' hasn't you absolute lackwit.

>First he reviewed eighteen studies of technical efficiency: the degree to which a firm produces at its own maximum technological level. Matching studies of centrally planned firms with studies that examined capitalist firms using the same methodologies, he compared the results. One paper, for example, found a 90% level of technical efficiency in capitalist firms; another using the same method found a 93% level in Soviet firms. The results continued in the same way: 84% versus 86%, 87% versus 95%, and so on.

>Then Murrell examined studies of allocative efficiency: the degree to which inputs are allocated among firms in a way that maximizes total output. One paper found that a fully optimal reallocation of inputs would increase total Soviet output by only 3%-4%. Another found that raising Soviet efficiency to US standards would increase its GNP by all of 2%. A third produced a range of estimates as low as 1.5%. The highest number found in any of the Soviet studies was 10%. As Murrell notes, these were hardly amounts “likely to encourage the overthrow of a whole socio-economic system.” (Murell wasn’t the only economist to notice this anomaly: an article titled “Why Is the Soviet Economy Allocatively Efficient?” appeared in Soviet Studies around the same time.)
>Two German microeconomists tested the “widely accepted” hypothesis that “prices in a planned economy are arbitrarily set exchange ratios without any relation to relative scarcities or economic valuations [whereas] capitalist market prices are close to equilibrium levels.” They employed a technique that analyzes the distribution of an economy’s inputs among industries to measure how far the pattern diverges from that which would be expected to prevail under perfectly optimal neoclassical prices. Examining East German and West German data from 1987, they arrived at an “astonishing result”: the divergence was 16.1% in the West and 16.5% in the East, a trivial difference. The gap in the West’s favor, they wrote, was greatest in the manufacturing sectors, where something like competitive conditions may have existed. But in the bulk of the West German economy — which was then being hailed globally as Modell Deutschland — monopolies, taxes, subsidies, and so on actually left its price structure further from the “efficient” optimum than in the moribund Communist system behind the Berlin Wall.

>The neoclassical model also seemed belied by the largely failed experiments with more marketized versions of socialism in Eastern Europe. Beginning in the mid-1950s, reformist economists and intellectuals in the region had been pushing for the introduction of market mechanisms to rationalize production. Reforms were attempted in a number of countries with varying degrees of seriousness, including in the abortive Prague Spring. But the country that went furthest in this direction was Hungary, which inaugurated its “new economic mechanism” in 1968. Firms were still owned by the state, but now they were expected to buy and sell on the open market and maximize profits. The results were a disappointment. Although in the 1970s Hungary’s looser consumer economy earned it the foreign correspondent’s cliché “the happiest barracks in the Soviet bloc,” its dismal productivity growth did not improve and shortages were still common.
it hasn't failed. it was (and still is) sabotaged

Open file (289.45 KB 1156x1648 PoliticallyCorrect.jpg)
MCVXVII 04/29/2017 (Sat) 03:13:18 [Preview] No. 263 [Reply]
I've seen that the alt-right have yet to realize they are subconsciously becoming anti-capitalists as time goes on.
Yeah, some of them. We must agitate them and not just ignore them.

With help of trump, for trump, bolton and pompeo

Comrade 01/19/2019 (Sat) 21:42:39 [Preview] No. 7403 [Reply]
Help a centrist understand. So historically and logically we know that revolutions tend to be carried out by the libertarian leftists and then shortly after taken over by authoritarian leftists. Knowing this what's the pont of trying to bring about ancom-like revolutions? In rightist circles there tends to be a firm line between right libertarians and right authoritarians. In leftist circles there's also that divide but clearly both sides (at least should) know that in the end the tankie-types will always end up being the ones in power. I just don't understand this.

tl;dr whats the point of being left-libertarian if you know that a revolution will always end up with stalin-like regimes instead?
Despite some left-libertarians not having the brains to examine over a hundred years of history, some actually understand and consider all authoritarians to be enemies rather than simply privately-owned ones.
>So historically and logically we know that revolutions tend to be carried out by the libertarian leftists and then shortly after taken over by authoritarian leftists.
You're a moron
it's because they're insane. do the exact same fucking thing over and over and over again. THIS TIME we'll get our anarchocommunist paradise, woops it's authoritarian, rinse and repeat
Libertarian Revolutions always fail thats why us "tankies" need to be in controll just look at catalonia

Open file (1.92 MB 1920x1080 MINIONJASONUNRUHE.jpg)
Robykyun Comrade 01/25/2019 (Fri) 23:28:10 [Preview] No. 7416 [Reply]
Sorry not sorry.
Ok then

Open file (50.75 KB 1034x814 CPUSA.png)
I love America Comrade 11/26/2018 (Mon) 15:19:35 [Preview] No. 7259 [Reply]
Best country on earth!

>be me
>22 years old, live and work in Washington, DC
>get searched going into airport
>get searched going into any federal building
>get searched going into my job
>get searched going into any museum
>get searched going into clubs
>get searched going into a fucking restaurant last night

Gotta love all the freedom!
1 post omitted.
America doesn't have much freedom anymore it seems.
>American pride starts draining.
We need more left philosophies to get more freedom, right guys?
pick one
Demod ushijima
die mad faggot

Race is real. The left must accept this Comrade 01/16/2019 (Wed) 03:46:03 [Preview] No. 7390 [Reply]
Race realism is true.
Prove me wrong
Pro tip: you can't
Race retard
Open file (296.46 KB 656x570 porky.png)
This argument falls apart if you think about it for more than three seconds, which is seems you failed to do. The Golden Jackal is a Jackal, it isn't a wolf. The African Golden Wolf is a wolf. They belong to the same genus, but you calling them both Jackals is just stupid. Second, the Golden Jackal and Golden Wolf have 1.3 million years of divergence. Modern humans have about 100,000 to maybe 60,000 or 40,000. That's not enough time to make us "different species," that's an ungodly stupid argument. Third, why do we have to accept race realism? And to what end do you mean? Accepting that people have different skin tones and facial structure? Sure, but to accept intelligence different in races? Yeah no, that's just as idiotic to ask me to accept the fact that we're "different species." Just fucking moronic. Race realism is just idpol covering itself up with a fancy mask of pseudoscience.
Open file (47.87 KB 400x326 soviet ethnicities.jpg)
Comrade, you sound like a western liberal.
Breeds of dog have different average intelligences so that's not much of an argument. Remember, very small individual average differences can have large effects when viewed at the scale of millions of people.
Race retard
Read a science textbook, retard.

Comrade 01/25/2019 (Fri) 21:36:45 [Preview] No. 7415 [Reply]
Report this lad on ifunny

Open file (129.88 KB 559x845 compas.png)
Comrade 07/23/2018 (Mon) 23:25:13 [Preview] No. 6933 [Reply]
My political compass test
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Open file (240.28 KB 800x1200 inaccurate test.png)
Open file (234.39 KB 800x1200 lataa.png)
People with less than 100% communism should go back to /pol/
0% Capitalist boiisss
Open file (283.41 KB 1585x1026 PolitiScales.jpg)
This post is brought to you by the Socialist republican gang.

Like my flag ? Comrade 12/19/2018 (Wed) 23:50:54 [Preview] No. 7333 [Reply]
Do you guys like my Austro-Hungary socialist flag?
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Not really tbh.
its fucking gay
Open file (14.28 KB 240x320 137593505136.jpg)
i think it's
It's bad

Open file (134.81 KB 656x785 1537187492612.jpg)
Comrade 09/26/2018 (Wed) 22:19:16 [Preview] No. 7166 [Reply]
leftist are idiots.
You are so fucking stupid
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their logic against this is

>whites have privilege and power and to destroy this we must persecute them

Of course the niggers, spics and Muslims who go along with this narrative will install themselves as the power class and wipe these leftist out as soon as they can.
You are so fucking stupid
Open file (209.64 KB 600x600 422`1212112.png)
>Blacks and Latino's cant be Leftist Themselves
jews want to destibilize the countries of the west and get some new pseudo communism
You are so fucking stupid
Open file (1.35 MB 2909x2068 jewish organizations.jpg)
it's the jews that want this... nobody else
You are so fucking stupid
How will white/The Left people recover?

Open file (39.88 KB 709x765 1tm2uy.jpg)
Comrade 01/21/2019 (Mon) 23:59:25 [Preview] No. 7406 [Reply]
Oh great 4chan is planning another retarded operation
I mean, it's inevitable when 4chan does do an operation.

Space_##m0Wyzz 04/15/2017 (Sat) 01:34:08 [Preview] No. 622 [Reply]
Alright lads.
I've enabled SFW Overboard. Seems I need to add a link to the menu bars on everything except boards.js .



NSFW Boards
Is it right that this thread is the only one I can see on the sfwoverboard?
Yes. Threads on SFW that now get bumped will appear on the SFW overboard.
what is overboard for

Open file (37.84 KB 900x900 unnamed (3).jpg)
Open file (37.84 KB 900x900 unnamed (3).jpg)
Open file (19.98 KB 170x220 Leo_Trotzki.jpg)
NazTrot GANG Comrade 01/17/2019 (Thu) 15:58:53 [Preview] No. 7398 [Reply]

no cookies?