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A preliminary warning Comrade Board volunteer 04/06/2017 (Thu) 06:46:02 [Preview] No. 82
Hello everyone. So the announcements on 8chan's /leftypol/ about migration were perhaps a bit more premature than I would have preferred, but to those who found there way here because of it: welcome.
If migration is to occur, it will not be an immediate process, so this board in response is in the middle of renovations. To those who have visited early, please be patient: this is not what it will be if we are to be utilizing this board properly.
Open file (8.91 KB 192x262 smilespook.jpeg)
revolution takes time
>it will not be an immediate process

In all seriousness, please do this right or just don't. I like having a place to discuss politics with people who aren't drumpf drones.
>it will not be an immediate process
There are literally no upsides to dragging this out.
Doing it quickly will limit the damage that all of the 'stay' shills can do.
It needs to be done like the removal of a band-aid.
time for a Maoist LONG MARCH to bunkerchan
Open file (148.01 KB 853x436 his7.jpg)
I can't make threads here, or include pictures in replies to threads, the Web 2.0 file upload method causes my browser to crash :( da fuk
Okay, this is a message to everyone passing by. I'm not the mod who made this thread. I can't log into my account on 8/leftypol/. Every email address that was associated with a mod account on 8chan was just leaked. Apparently every ban ever made has been wiped. Our security has been compromised and there is no safety in remaining on 8chan. This is the case for both volunteers and regular users. IMO board migration is looking more and more likely.
Open file (143.65 KB 847x868 1451584708061.jpg)
BO get on the modchat ASAP
My god it's finally happening, they've silenced us.
Open file (29.23 KB 480x360 bloke.jpg)
>Day 10
>Still hasn't done a security write up
>Boards are still down
>8leaks owner says there are more exploits in the infinity source code
Is There really a reason to not migrate here?
That's not his trip password. Lynxchan does trips differently instead of !! or ! it keeps the hashes.
# = insecure trip
## = secure trip
>Is There really a reason to not migrate here?

Yes. No one else is here.
Well your here :^)
Open file (87.65 KB 800x600 1490476624172.jpg)
Hello comrades
thank fuck, the lack of a catalog really bothers me

Right there, in the navigation bar.
Wherever you go, you will forever be known as /leftypone/.

t. /pol/
there are no safe places, bitches...
Open file (34.02 KB 677x702 6928-25903-14091.png)
so did pol just effectively disable Tor posting of leftypol by posting marxian penis in every sensible exit nodes? This sucks
Or 8/leftypol/?

I made that post with Tor so space must have changed his mind. Yesterday I could post in 8ch lefty (not onion site) but rn I can't post anything. Disabling Tor just because some retard wrote js for necrobumping is stupid
Maybe he turn it off after 32ch calm down?
I'll probably re-enable it.
Most likely after this ghastly cheese Pizza spam campaign.
Yes hopefully we actually accomplish something now.
Quality over Quantity.
What's going on? I'm an Italoanon and Italy banned us from going on 8chan a week or two ago. Sorry if I'm a bit out of the loop.


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