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Comrade 06/28/2019 (Fri) 23:01:54 [Preview] No. 7851
Hey bois, Im wandering what make you guys live?
I am an communist, I do believe much of what Marx said and I analyse society as it, but since I'm in a deep depression Im starting to feel as I'm no use anymore. I'm afraid to kill myself soon. The revolutionary fire doesn't fill my desire to live anymore.

I don't have access to treatment

I don't have anyone more to relay on

Help me please
I feel the same as you
You have a comrade here my friend...
join the dark side anon, /pol/ always needs more autists.
theres loads of chuds that would want to kill you. live out of spite. it everything fails,get a pet and live for them
Look to god comrade.
I think you think that Marx was just some guy who wanted to help the poor and workers. Actually read Marx. He believed in people selfishness and self interest.
>>7872 based
don't make your death useless,
bomb yourself in a big bank or try to make something significant.
why not be a foreign fighter somewhere in the world, where lefties are fighting? at least you kill some fash.


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