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/leftypol/ humor thread Comrade 06/09/2019 (Sun) 20:01:12 [Preview] No. 7809
Post your best leftist memes
Open file (36.45 KB 500x408 z46wkm54wu231.jpg)
Open file (776.44 KB 750x773 brtbwbncub331.png)
Wait, why not just stick with simpsons instead of also adding the sopranos layer.
Because the Left can't meme and this is further proof. You people made me cringe so hard I turned inside out. h4lp pl0x

Remember, you can vote your way into Clown World but you can't vote your way back out. HONK HONK, fren.
/pol/-types are loving this meme but they are too stupid to realize it is just a rebranding of conservatism. It is the same exact thing as how their boomer dads would say "look at these clowns" while watching the news. It is a boomer-tier meme repackaged with a cartoon frog for their infantile brains.

Yeah, the world continues to change and some people (conservatives) are not happy with it. They used to say "think of the children," "family values," "proud traditions" but now we get "honk honk." Same shit, different label.

At least William F. Buckley had the decency to call himself what he was. These modern conservatives are so embarrassed by their history that they need to hide behind this pathetic cartoon. Just look at these broken old men wearing clown shirts and honking horns to keep the attention of children.


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