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help me broaden my mind on left-wing stuff Comrade 05/09/2019 (Thu) 22:13:19 [Preview] No. 7683
hello, ladies and gentlemen. based off the title of this. i'm just a simple boy trying to look into socialism and such. help me understand left wing idealogies more, pls. Thanks in advance.

> i just want books and shit about left wing idealogies or youtube channels
>Capital, the Communist Manifesto, and Other Writings
An introduction to general leftist theory
>Property Is Theft! A Proudhon Anthology
Anarchism, Mutualism
>The Conquest of Bread
Remember that anyone not an enemy is a friend. Don't belittle fellow anticapitalists because their beliefs are drifferent than yours.
>Post-Scarcity Anarchism
Forgot to add this. Very important to modern anarchism/libertarian socialism.
State and Revolution by Lenin
Check out Michael Parenti on YouTube
Start with "On the method" by René Descartes (the matrix pill, clears your mind)
Follow up with "Ethics" by Baruch Spinoza (Christian liberalist dribble, useful for knowing where all the bad ideas comes from)
Then read "Beyond good and evil" by Friedrich Nietzsche to understand why Spinoza is wrong.
Read "Das capital" by Carl Marx to become a basic gommie.
Then read the Unabomber manifesto "industrial society" by Theodor Kaczynski (He pisses on the left in the start but has some good points.)
then read siege, Hail Hydra


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