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Comrade 05/01/2019 (Wed) 18:36:42 [Preview] No. 7656
is anyone on the left really ok with this sick shit? i know im not
lolwut? "hello fellow leftists, kill all transpeople"
lolwut? "hello fellow leftists, anyone else hate trans people?"
begone transphobe
If your mentally sane you would find a problem with this. I respect individual rights, but to a certain point. When it comes to that you are dragging kids who don't know any better in a way of life that they are not sure about or decriminalizing pedophiles is certainly crossing the line.
I agree completely.
idk i don't think marxism fought for this tho
eat my ass dipshit
Nazbols fuck off
Most of this is a non-problem. I don't know a funny way to express yourself and spend your time.

We muz protect our children from seks and dezenracy at all coztz
When did you learn about sexual intercourse? Children can do it but adults must make sure that the children are safe.
I don't really care about the LGBT community, they have a right to express themselves and be whatever they wanna be, but I do give a shit when they praise companies for "muh they're progressive too!" when this is obviously exploitation by the bourgeoisie to promote capitalistic agendas. These guys are a marketing gold mine and the porkies know it and so they're gonna squeeze them for any profit they can make.
hmmmm yes this is definitely a thing that's actually happening, not some garbage made on photoshop
This is what the left is you fucks
>literally believing this
why don't you go watch some more videos of Shapiro DESTROYING teenagers with LOGIC, that seems more your speed
Eat shit transphobe
A lot of these things are of singular cases where the parents are pushing their kid into drag etc just to seem extra hip and progressive, no one actuall ytakes this seriously I hope
No, it fucking didnt.
If you pro-LGBT you're a member of the bourgeoisie . Only the sick and hedonistic bourgeois crave materialistic satisfaction which is pushed by their degenracy -- bred by their vice.
That's why mainstream media pushes this shit, do you really think the working class runs the media? NO it's always the rich who try to DUMB DOWN real communists by associating marxism with DEGENERACY.
The problem is that, most comrades, are falling for this trickery (including on this board) instead on focusing on actual problems.
Engels would have slapped said comrades.


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