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Open file (3.29 MB 2344x6104 nsfl.jpg)
Comrade 05/01/2019 (Wed) 18:36:42 [Preview] No. 7656
is anyone on the left really ok with this sick shit? i know im not
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lolwut? "hello fellow leftists, kill all transpeople"
lolwut? "hello fellow leftists, anyone else hate trans people?"
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begone transphobe
If your mentally sane you would find a problem with this. I respect individual rights, but to a certain point. When it comes to that you are dragging kids who don't know any better in a way of life that they are not sure about or decriminalizing pedophiles is certainly crossing the line.
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I agree completely.
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Edited last time by pyongyang on 06/02/2019 (Sun) 00:14:24.
idk i don't think marxism fought for this tho
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eat my ass dipshit
Nazbols fuck off
Most of this is a non-problem. I don't know a funny way to express yourself and spend your time.

We muz protect our children from seks and dezenracy at all coztz
When did you learn about sexual intercourse? Children can do it but adults must make sure that the children are safe.
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I don't really care about the LGBT community, they have a right to express themselves and be whatever they wanna be, but I do give a shit when they praise companies for "muh they're progressive too!" when this is obviously exploitation by the bourgeoisie to promote capitalistic agendas. These guys are a marketing gold mine and the porkies know it and so they're gonna squeeze them for any profit they can make.
hmmmm yes this is definitely a thing that's actually happening, not some garbage made on photoshop
This is what the left is you fucks
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>literally believing this
why don't you go watch some more videos of Shapiro DESTROYING teenagers with LOGIC, that seems more your speed
Eat shit transphobe
A lot of these things are of singular cases where the parents are pushing their kid into drag etc just to seem extra hip and progressive, no one actuall ytakes this seriously I hope
No, it fucking didnt.
If you pro-LGBT you're a member of the bourgeoisie . Only the sick and hedonistic bourgeois crave materialistic satisfaction which is pushed by their degenracy -- bred by their vice.
That's why mainstream media pushes this shit, do you really think the working class runs the media? NO it's always the rich who try to DUMB DOWN real communists by associating marxism with DEGENERACY.
The problem is that, most comrades, are falling for this trickery (including on this board) instead on focusing on actual problems.
Engels would have slapped said comrades.
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This is what happens when people read Foucault.
no i hate them they are idpol and fake leftists
No fuck idpol and bourgeois feminism it is a stain on the left and when they label themselves marxist or Communists it makes us all look bad. I have no problem with trannies but if they are gonna force it on their kids fuck them
are you trying to say that children should have sex with adults so the adult can make sure the kid is safe? If so your fucked in the head if not I don't see your point.
>bourgeois feminism
As though there was any other kind...
Of course, but it all comes back to those bastards, comrade.
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lol in general no but in this pic theres a really weird mix of shit that legitimately is or boarders on child abuse and shit thats just "i don want muh chilluns lernin bout gay shit and the transes in school!!1!" which screams reactionary dipshit afraid of a non-existent enemy devised by the conservative wing of the ruling class to divide us the same way liberals do with their bullshit

Sexual morals are entirely bourgeois ideology. Religion is a lie meant to keep the working class docile and is a remnant of the past that must be completely and utterly destroyed for socialism to exist. Anything subversive to arbitrary religious dogma is genuinely revolutionary and if you don't like it I'm sorry you're a reactionary.

Obviously adults shouldn't fuck kids because there's the issue of consent, same reason they can't fuck animals, but kids should be able to fuck each other without moralistic retards causing more harm than good with reactionary sexual education. I don't give a fuck what a kid calls themselves or dresses as because I'm not attracted to children, I don't think of them in a sexual way.

How is most of this any different than when parents say shit like "Aww is he your boooyfriend?" to a literal toddler who meets a boy at preschool and plays with him on the playground?

Some of you prudes need to get the stick out of your ass.
Anybody can do anything they want with their own body and opinions but dragging kids into this immediately turns it from a free speech thing into a potential abuse thing.
>you know, i'm perfectly OK with belts, people can buy what they want but as soon as they start beating their kids with them then it turns from a freedom of commerce thing to potential child abuse.
The mental gymnastics are more obvious here but it's the same thing. right-wingers (not calling you one) will force a discussion on these terms. Their arguments are usually bad but that doesn't matter because the longer the discussion goes on on these terms, the more people will make a mental connection between child abuse (or other bad things) and trans people, despite it not being supported by logical arguments.
Regardless of what Neb Spirano may tell you, right-wing 'arguments' rely almost exclusively on evoking emotion, most prominently disgust.
people abusing children has nothing to do with anything trans.

I may have worded that in a haste. Im pro lgbt, I myself am a bisexual and I could care less about what people do. But kids are definitely a touchy subject. I was sexually active at a young age but that doesn't at all mean I understood sexuality or the complexity of it and I could have easily seen myself being naively guided in the wrong directions. Im all for kids doing what makes them happy and comfortable but I'm not for parents pushing their kids into life changing situations either due to delusion or ulterior motives.
Abusing children is an intimate part of the movement for "trans rights". It is queer theorists screaming that biology is simply some idea in our heads; a "social construct". Similarly, queer theorists have been quite vocal about involving children in sexual activity from the genesis of their ideology in the writings of Foucault. Califia, another prominent queer theorist, was both a transperson and argued for performing BDSM on small children. Judith Butler, current paramour of identity politics liberals, studiously refuses to condemn such acts.

This is why we are seeing such scenes at in OPs photograph; Foucauldians are once again attempting to push society into allowing them sexual congress with infants. That >>7779 attempts to claim that the perfectly understandable upset most feel at the suggestion our young are fed to sexual predators is "right-wing" is a despicable act, though unsurprising coming from those liberals who seek only hedonistic self-gratification of every imaginable urge.
tough luck pol cuck
>You know we have a real problem with wild grass growing on public land in the city. It's a much more serious issue then anything else the MSM talks about. If this goes on unchecked we will all suffocate in wild grass and the grass is going to start molesting all the children, i saw it in a hentai. What? you don't agree with me? Why do you liberals insist on stuffing grass down everyone's throat? I'm not letting you stuff any grass in my kids ass, that's for sure. Not in my backyard!

I'm not a liberal. I'm a bolshevik communist, faggot. Nobody's gonna fall for your namedropping trick and think you are smart so go back to /pol/ where you belong.
Protip: using the words "bourgeoisie" and "comrade" isn't enough to trick people into thinking your a leftist.
you outed yourself by demonstrating that you don't have a clue to what materialism is. Solid proof you haven't read any Marxist theory.
>I'm totally a communist! That's why I'm aggressively pushing ideas that came from an anti-communist Frenchman and an American liberal academic! If you disagree with me you must be a nazi!
Please go away.
you didn't even try
>frenchmen invented trans people
Open file (46.88 KB 800x597 Mao-Zedong.jpg)
The goal is to make the society as grotesque and absurd as possible so it collapses. So yes Jews love pedophilia.
tough luck pol cuck
>Samefagging in a desperate attempt to look popular.
Please return to r/chapotraphouse
>Sex, gender and gender fluidity

>Is sex important? Attempts are being made to confuse us as to what ‘sex’ is. Are ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ synonyms? Well they are synonyms, but a certain group of academics in the seventies in the United States decided that they weren’t synonyms. They were going to use ‘gender’ in their own way; they were going to use ‘gender’ to mean the social construct of behaviour surrounding what was expected of the biological differentiation among human beings (men and women).

>But biological differentiation between male and female is a real thing. It doesn’t just exist in humanity, it exists in many species throughout the natural world. Sexual reproduction is a natural biological process that has persisted in nature due to the diversity it engenders; it is a phenomenon encountered in the natural world.

>And let’s not forget how this debate impinged upon us. We’ve been following this ideological trend, and encountering identity politics among supporters and candidates for membership of our party, and amongst people we’ve been working with for at least four or five years. Because idpol has become a fashion in that period.

>And it is a fashion; it is a trend. And it suddenly – from being very marginal to certain academic institutions in the 1970s – became mainstream globally worldwide; it was actively promoted. Not promoted by communists, not by socialists, but picked up on and accepted by many of them, because they are led by, and they blindly followed, bourgeoise society down this dead-end.
>I'm being reactionary on a board where the moderators and the majority of the posters have made it clear where they stand
>no, no it's them who must go to another site
>Everything that makes me feel icky is bourgeois and unscientific I say quoting no scientific studies
>Let me just post this unsourceable rambling like I'm quoting from some official tract written by someone with knowledge and authority who can speak on behalf of literally every single communist and socialist when it really just reads like a forum post by Jason Unruhe
>I never leave the basement bunker and I don't really like to read, I just have my flavor of the month worldview which I claim to follow just for the aesthetics of it and don't really challenge any of my core beliefs or really change anything about myself at all
>Really at the end of the day I'm still a /pol/tard with crippling autism and an unwavering fear of an enemy that doesn't exist
As can clearly be seen from the posts in this thread, Foucauldians have no problem using "trans" as an excuse to dress children in sexualised costumes and take them to what amounts to open air sex parties. Any suggestion that is it inappropriate for pre-pubescent children to be in such an environment is met with every pejorative term that can be thrown.
words can not express how much i dont give a shit about this, why do any of you care about this? is it the autism? this isn't sexualizing children anymore than child beauty pagents, which are wrong but they're objectively full of conservatives, why not go after them?

half this shit is abuse and half this shit is completely innocuous and they aren't related at all, conflating the two is just an excuse to feel better about yourself because sure you're a KHV with no friends whose only social contact is posting on anonymous image board along side pedos and racists, but hey at least you aren't trans
I stand against malevolent cults of rapists and child abusers, that's why I care about this, you idiot. Let me guess, you're going to pretend that "trans" means someone with an acute mental disturbance who will harm themselves unless given some bizarre medical treatments. Except "trans" activists themselves insist that you don't need to be in mental distress to be "trans" ( https://www.google.com/search?q=%22You+don%27t+need+dysphoria+to+be+trans ). So, no, "trans" is, by their own admission, someone doing sexual cosplay. Probably because of their weird fetish (https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/9csb92/i_am_recovering_from_a_nonstandard_vaginoplasty_i/).

Of course, this weird cult of fetishists that is "trans" preys on the mentally unwell and confused children ( at leasr ~50% desistance in children: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0890856708601422 Zucker's study claimed even higher) resulting in an ever growing community of people with irreparably damaged bodies ( https://www.reddit.com/r/detrans/ ) because the fetishists falsely told them changing their bodies would resolve their psychosocial issues.

Those fetishists who don't care about chopping themselves up then seek to force others to engage in their fetish with them, screaming that anyone who finds sexual anatomy that looks like the after-effects of the movie Hostel is an evil bigot, equivalent to people who beat and murder those people (https://medium.com/@QSE/when-you-say-i-would-never-date-a-trans-person-its-transphobic-here-s-why-aa6fdcf59aca, Contrapoint's video "Are Traps Gay").

Then there's the debacle with Karen White. A convicted serial rapist got locked in with lots of female prisoners because he self-id'ed as a "laydee". The results were predictable (https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/oct/11/karen-white-how-manipulative-and-controlling-offender-attacked-again-transgender-prison ).

So there's the tip of the iceberg of foul shit coming out of "trans". Go on, keep telling me I'm the bad person for caring about my fellow man and thinking "trans" shit is wrong. You're totally not a scumbag for defending this movement, right?
All of that shit fucking rules, dude.
shut the fuck up /pol/yp lmao
when real leftism is gatekeeping whether someone is a woman or not bourgeois destroyed
Reality exists.
It's hilarious harmless fun until it's your son getting felt up by AIDS-dripping faggots during "Drag Queen Story Time," amirite guise?
Le epic Gender

You don't need to kill trans people, they kill themselves.
I honestly don't know why bunkerchan would support faggotry, after all. from the wiki itself:
>The Hoxhaist regime in Albania penalized same-sex sexual intercourse with long prison terms, bullying and ostracism. Article 137 of the Crimes against Societal Moral of the Penal Code stated that: "Pederasty is punishable or up to ten years of freedom privation". The word "pederasty" was used as a code word for sex between two consenting adults or sex between an adult and a child of any gender.[52]
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lolol we shouldnt be following the example of failed communist states. anti gay moralism is retarded and has nothing to do with establishing a classless stateless society.
Thing is that faggots are concerned with faggotry and not establishing a stateless classless society. To the point that those faggots are attempting to take over organizations aimed at establishing a classless stateless society and repurposing them to spread faggotry instead. That is in and of itself good reason to, at least temporarily, be hostile to those who're trying to make everything about their odd sexualities.
The homosexual does not come as a result of the attempt to create a classless system, you could say lgbt and other deviant people are compatible with the communist sense of equality, but deviants are far more compatible and does come as a result of the capitalist urge for a better worker/consumer.
Notice that homosexuals does not necessarily make a better worker, that is because our modern world needs consumers more than they need workers at this point in time.
That is of course because capitalism is so amazingly more effective at generating more capital than any other materialist system communism included.
This excess of assets demands nothing but more demands, more consumers.
And homosexuals, and other deviant peoples comes as a direct result of people becoming the perfect consumers.
You ask any right wing white man when he last bought a pair of shoes and he'll say something like: a couple years ago I bought some shoes used, but most of my shoes I have acquired through other means such as inheritance.
This person is highly incompatible with the current consumer-culture.
Gay's simply make better consumers which is why they are constantly shilled on commercials despite anti-gay incentive still being so prevalent in our culture through for instance language.


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