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Open file (8.21 KB 240x137 clash.png)
The United States should replace all secular laws with Sharia law. Comrade 03/21/2019 (Thu) 02:43:03 [Preview] No. 7549
The United States should replace all secular laws with Sharia law.

Sharia is divinely inspired, and is not only the most humane legal system ever created, it’s also the only legitimate form of authority.

Sharia Is merciful. There is no hadith that says a teenager with 3g of hash gets a felony conviction and 10 years in prison

Sharia is logical. There is no fard that approves civil forfeitures and no-knock raids

Sharia is mandatory: to not practice sharia is to run afoul of God.

Some of you may be saying: America can't have Islamic law when most people are Christians. This is nonsense, as Sharia is applicable to kafirs as well as muslims. Islam commands that Muslims protect the lives, property, and religious freedom of those disbelievers who are loyal to the state and pay the Jizya.
Are you retarded? sharia law is not compatible with socialism. and is horrible anyways
Open file (16.33 KB 600x600 e9d.jpg)
I smell bait
>we should form a LITERAL neoreactionary society
that is literally an altrighter's wet dream aside from the scary brown people.
is this bait? if so you failed splendidly and we can all have a hearty laugh at your expense.
if this is serious then pic related
nice bait, sharia is extremely far right
Go to fucking gulag, you motherfucking jew.


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