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Comrade 03/12/2019 (Tue) 15:07:27 [Preview] No. 7521
Hey I'm new to /leftypol/ so sorry if this is a shit post, but...

Do you think that anarchism through the Internet is a viable means to transition to irl?

I'm a programmer and I keep thinking to myself, that it is entirely possible to break up internet monoliths like Goog and amazon by providing decentralized alternatives.

I think it's hard to argue that centralized design is viable in the long run for the internet. Internet centralization has a lot of problems which we have already seen:

- vulnerable to infiltration. Attacks are decentralized but data is stored in a centralized manner. This means that a single database with tons of data can be infiltrated and only one attack needs to be successful to do it. This is a security nightmare.
- downtime of the entire website. If the servers go down then nobody can use the service.

In fact, many technologies indicate that the internet was developing in a decentralized manner (email, routing, websites ect). You can even see companies adapting by distributing their content over many servers (in the "cloud").

What does this mean? The internet is leaning towards decentralization through the direct environmental advantages it has. Unlike any other system before it, it is directly disadvantageous to stockpile resources and play "defend the castle".

The real beauty of it is that even if goog or amazon continue to decentralize their services, because they still have a "point of service" as opposed to a truly decentralized service, they are still more vulnerable than true decentralization.

Because the internet has an increasingly more and more powerful influence over our lives, it would only come to follow that seizing the internet for ourselves would lead to profound consequences irl

I think that violent revolution is unnecessary if people can seize the internet.

Thanks for reading everyone.

Pic sorts related.


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