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Antifa Comrade 01/05/2019 (Sat) 17:43:27 [Preview] No. 7357
Opinion on antifa?
They have my support as long as they attack actual fascists
I hope they defeat fascists as well, but yeah.
Just an SJW army that ironically silences people who have an opinion that they don't like, which is a trait of fascism.
fasc sympathy
And Antifa is confirmed as a terrorist group, which is no shack to me. They always destroy property and beat up people for the facists they are.
>I hate facism and proud of it!
fasc sympathy
Based and redterrorpilled!
Yeah anti-fascists who beat up real fascists are fascists... kill yourself, retard!
Kankahalla kasvaa kaunis kukkanen,
nimeltään Kaarina.
Perhot kirjosiivet kiertää kilvaten,
miss' on hän, Kaarina.
Hällä huuli kun on hunajaa,
tuoksu kummustansa tulvahtaa.
Kankahalla kasvaa kaunis kukkanen,
nimeltään Kaarina.

Siellä jossain tiedän sievän tyttösen,
nimeltään Kaarina.
Mua hän muistelee tuo hellyys herttainen,
aartehein, Kaarina.
Voi kun luonto säihkyy väreissään,
hälle lennätän mä laulun tän.
Kankahalla kasvaa kaunis kukkanen,
nimeltään Kaarina

Kukka kaunis myös on kammarissa mun,
nimeltään Kaarina.
Aamunkoittehesta päivän laskuhun,
katsoo mua, Kaarina.
On kuin kuulisin sen kuiskaavan,
pikku morsiantas muistathan,
Suahan täällä jossain itkee tyttönen,
nimeltään Kaarina.
Yeah forget about the fact that Nazis fucking gassed people who disagreed with them and Antifa just slaps you across the face,
remember the last time they tried that?
a bunch of juice got glassed and an austrian painter made the roman salute really popular.
good times, good times
>he's never heard of the martyrs who we're killed by the KPD
only dumb boomers say that shit
They are based, but mostly radlibs.
They are ok but the indian version of antifa are really badass. they kill people.
i wish they did something other than knock over trash cans, how badass would it be is pharma billionaires started dropping dead. neo nazi training camps ambushed by lefty militias. i wish the left wasnt pussy here
antifa is a bunch of basement-dwelling lowlifes too lazy and entitled to contribute to society but still too beta to take on the "fash" that fucks them up on a regular basis...
They have effectively deplatformed lots of fashies w/ threats of violence. Fine by me.
>>7357 antifa are chads
they're not an organization. it's just a loose association of people who generally don't even really know each other (mostly leftists) who oppose fascism at all costs, which is respectable.

the black bloc is fuckin stupid and bad optics to go around tipping over trash cans and shit, but pressure from antifascist forces has successfully gotten like 50 fascist rallies canceled, so i'd say it's been pretty goddamn successful.
the harder it is for them to hold a rally, the harder it becomes to recruit.
charlottesville was extremely publicized and pushed into the mainstream, but almost every rally after that, nobody reported on it because it was just the same story. everybody stopped talking about the conflicts, so it stopped being a valid argument that "antifa are just giving the fascists more publicity and empathy in the public eye"

the more we can publicly reveal each group's actual aims, the harder it becomes for them to conceal the purpose of their group and effectively indoctrinate people who have no idea what they're getting into.
when you join a group that's like "traditional values" but when you go to their event, people call you a nazi and punch your fellow group members, it makes you consider what could possibly be wrong with this group, why would people be this hostile towards a group that's allegedly just about not masturbating or whatever.
it makes it a lot more difficult to herd the sheep into right wing extremism, so to speak.

so it's a good thing. anything that can at the very least slow the rising tide of fascism in this country is fine by me.
people generally don't understand that 99% of the work is behind the scenes; most people who would consider themselves "antifa" have never fisted a natsee, and many people who have fisted natsees don't consider themselves "antifa"

check out this video if you'd actually like to learn about the philosophy of antifa:
>implying im a neo-nazi
>implying i'm a neo-nazi
It creates sympathy for fascists in the public space and legitimizes their ideology to the layman.

Plus, remember it's the right who has all the fucking guns.

Yeah, the right being way more powerful than the left means a smart left should learn how to influence subversively and use guerilla tactics against its ideological opponents, not attack (figuratively and literally) directly with bullshit overconfidence that isn't sustainable.

ANTIFA physically provoking fashy knuckledraggers who would slaughter them in a real fight without the law acting as a deterrent is just fucking stupid on so many levels.

The left overall is pretty terrible at appealing to fence sitters or cold recruiting new comrades. Rabid idpol Twitter pogroms and retard wannabe enforcers are massive own goals...which is why the LIBERAL ESTABLISHMENT LOVES THAT SHIT and puts on the news...THINK ABOUT IT! For the average right winger, an anarcho-communist and Hillary Clinton voter are both "the radical left" and, of course, "liberals."

This needs to change if the left is to have a chance at real power. I despair at idiot leftists who don't get how weak the left is at the moment and who think milquetoast social democrat (barely) Bernie fucking Sanders is going to usher in a socialist utopia. The guy is a fucking liberal and a sheepdog with no balls for going past the water's edge.

Their tactics definietly work, the theories that people sympathize with the fascists because of them is bs. They need to be fought both politically and physically.
Open file (94.14 KB 316x347 facepalmbear.png)
>imagine being this much of a mongoloid
literally no one is advocating fucking gassing jews, what we want is LESS violence and vigilante justice, and more freedom of speech. thats literally what we are advocating for. fucking dumbass.
>literally no one is advocating fucking gassing jews, what we want is LESS violence and vigilante justice, and more freedom of speech. thats literally what we are advocating for. fucking dumbass.
You are the literal definition of a useful idiot.
Antifa is just a overly exposed organization that thinks being "Bernie Sanders 2020 status quote" makes them socialist edgy their a cancer on the revolution and subsequently make things harder for the real revolution to get underway by making fascist scum feel more acceptable and sympathetic compared to the worker and liberation of the working class...
>muh hantei-fa makes us look bad
The high school is that way, Mr. Avakian.
the kpd never killed people they were getting murdered by the fascist that took power
saying antifa is fascist for punching nazis is like saying the allies were fascist for fighting them.


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