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Starting from nothing Comrade 11/05/2018 (Mon) 21:22:34 [Preview] No. 7221
I come from a small E.European country(Latvia) and while it does have a long history with leftist politics nowadays all resemblances of it have disappeared and I mean all. I have searched all throughout Facebook, Reddit and some local social media platforms but with no avail. No leftist parties, no actual leftists, nothing. So what are my best options if I want to do something productive? Go to somewhat leftist rallies and try to radicalize someone? How can I do something literally by myself? I have a pretty good understanding of marxist theory... that's not the problem. Any advice?

ps. If any leftists from Latvia see this please reach out to me...

>If any leftists from Latvia see this please reach out to me...

recruiting with posters tends work and shouldnt be that hard to organize. and start a facebook group.
Not from latvia but in a similar situation. It gets worse as im generaly bad at social interactions. Doing anything public would probably get me beat up or incarcerated
Address the problems in your community. Find ways to feed the needy and clothe the naked. Organize the defenseless and inform the ignorant.
Esmu priecīgs redzīt citus leftistus no latvijas. Un žēl ka mums nav reālas strādnieku kustības valstī. Bet domāju jo vairāk cilvēki redzēs kapitālisma patieso seju jo vairāk viņi sapratīs ka Ļenins un Stāļins nebija sliktie.
The worker's movement comes from workers, not mothers, not blacks, or anything else, coming together for themselves.
Start a group. Don't call your group anything with "party" or "revolutionary" in the name, because it's extremely unlikely that you'll be big soon, and so having these words in the name would make you look delusional.

I live in a country with lots of parties and various small radical groups. There is a common horrendous habit of radicals (also of moderate parties, but more so with radicals) that they carry tons of pamphlets, books, etc. to all sorts of events where these things are offtopic. The reason they carry it is because they rather not throw it in the trash. This is a mistake. You don't like offtopic spam in online discussions. People certainly don't like the offline equivalent of that either. Make pamphlets that directly relate to the protest you are attending or don't bring any.

Don't sell newspapers. DON'T SELL NEWSPAPERS. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT EVER DOING THAT. Don't. Don't sell magazines or booklets. Ever. You want to reach people. A person reading your stuff is doing you a huge favor, is giving you attention, a limited resource, don't ask them to also pay money on top of that.
Labour front of Latvia


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