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I'm thinking we need to be more like /pol/ (not politically) remember when they stopped he will not divide us Comrade 10/04/2018 (Thu) 00:05:23 [Preview] No. 7173
So is there like some /leftypol/ version of that stuff?
I'm thinking the same thing, but we never do because the left thinks that only rightists can piss off the liberals. If the left did more shit like crash He will not divide us, then we would have a better image than we do now
The left has very bad rep right now, mostly because of the "diversity police" pretending to be united voice of all the left against the right.
Showing dissent wouldn't be that bad.
I'd like to partiicpate in a debate between a good leftist and a non-leftist.

Just an honest debate. no triggerings, no overpowering the speakers. Just fucking figure out how to best manage a globalizing mass economy without any of the ethnospergs around or milltiant cries of revolllolution.
This right now. The left are in a pickle at the moment but we can regain our popularity. The right gets followers because they troll our events and make us look stupid and them cool that's why we need to do the same tactic. We need to bring back the old days of the left again. The new left eats itself
Haha dude! we really can't bash the fash alone! Go out there and SMASH some fash bro dude gangster!
I think both side should just stop being edgy. Oh wait, are you american? I guess that's impossible there.
liberals fuck off, you aren't 'the left'
The left is the side of the faggot. As long as the left are fags they won’t be popular. People who are unpopular are leftish so why would their party be popular except amongst the outcasts? It’s truly the faggot party in every sense of the word

>thinking faggots aren't cool

this is why the right won't win lol

too up their own assholes
I also think some people on the r ik yt are overly serious.
I think some people in the right are overly serious about stuff. Not all the time. Wait, I think I'm talking about the alt-right.


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