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debating cuCKs Comrade 06/30/2018 (Sat) 16:50:16 [Preview] No. 6888
How do i deal with the human nature argument. I debate politics with alot people (mostly on the internet) and most of their arguments are shit but this one thing the human nature argument i dont understand how to repell which is the Communism/Socialism goes against human nature and it is really annoying so please help me how i am going to repell it.
Easy, just show them evidence of functional excisting communist societies.
There are none
There are none
>functional excisting communist societies.
404 nothing found.
obviously, its a kids dream
Human nature is not a defined value. Nor will it ever be. Rather you should use Structuralism/Agency theories to help define aspects of human nature.

Marx and Engels - Capitalism, Alienation, Class.
>Bourdieu - field and habitus, social-cultural-economic-symbolic-capital
>Max Weber - class, social mobility.
>Gramsci - hegemony
>Connell - hegemonic masculinity
>Foucault- power, surveillance
>Parsons - social action
>Goffman - impression management
>Beck - risk society

Realistically you only need Marx and Engels, the other subtheories are just that.

To believe in anything other than Marxist theory and other subsets of the theories from the left is just retardism. ie Trickle down, Neocon, Egalitarianism, Social Darwinism, all laughable pseudoscience and brainlet ideologies. dont argue, scoff at the able-minded subversion of knowledge.

Just remember when you represent the cause on the internet, people will see. Don't sperg out, know when to cut your losses. show mercy to the feeble and cunning ruthlessness towards the enemies. If you do not have an army you must be an assassin. cut them down with one strike. Be a leader and others will follow.
>Human nature is not a defined value. Nor will it ever be.
Total bullshit. Psychology has clearly shown that humans are not born tabula rasa with simple studies such as the universality of human facial expressions. The fact you are expounding this as a cornerstone of beliefs renders them worthless. Be quiet.
thank you for your input. But as I made clear there is both structure and agency. Structure is the environment that we are bound to and everything within. And agency, is our decisions that we make both consciously and subconsciously. Your ideology is essentially nestled within structure and agency dynamic.

You make a universal face expression of spite, when you see a far superior post, debunking your spiteful and pathetic attempt at discourse. You feel spiteful because the norm is to feel spiteful when you've been embarrassed socially. It is your human nature both facilitated by your autonomous decision to express spite within the social structure of being socially ridiculed.

Now I cannot actually see your face, you expression may be rage, or maybe you are hiding you expression. no matter what your expression is it is your agency norm writhin your structure. Thankyou for offering an example comrade.
So not only full of bullshit but nothing but insults when your nonsense is challenged. Be quiet, wrecker.
Off topic. What is your hot take on human nature and communism?
Kropotkin pointed out the innate human tendency towards cooperation. If "human nature" were as the Hobbesian right claim, civilization would not exist; humanity would have focused on an endless cycle of rape and murder instead. That being the case, it's inevitable that we're going to see an economic system that is based on such at some point.
We wouldn't need a government if we were good m8
The post says that people tend to co-operate not that they are good. Go have a pointless argument elsewhere.


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