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Open file (11.87 KB 307x307 turntxblue.jpg)
Turn Texas Blue Comrade 06/25/2018 (Mon) 20:34:49 [Preview] No. 6872
This organization that's working on turning Texas blue is in need of funding.
why do we want to spread idpol "lefty" liberalism?
Open file (137.94 KB 400x400 loli commie2.jpg)
No that sound gay, I rather red.
>>6872 I don't think you know the difference between liberals and leftists
I rather be red too tbh. The socialist red.
fuck democrats
So how does this board feel about Jews being the majority of the 1%? Are they friend or foe?
Democrats are just as bad as the republicans so I would prefer we don't fund capitalists institutions
The religion of the majority of the 1% shouldn't matter only the fact that they exploit worker
say it with me kids

There. Is. No. Jewish. Conspiracy
fuck the democrats, they're criminals like republicans
it doesn't matter that they're jews
what matters is the system that allows the owners to extract value from subordinates, via their ownership of the means of production.
we need to seize industry from them and collectivize it, so the workers have access to the full product of their labor.
it wouldn't matter if they were disproportionately muslim, christian, black, white, asian, whatever. what matters is the system, and changing the system is the only thing that will solve the problem.
This is Leftypol, Einstein, Libtardpol is thataway --->


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