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Comrade 06/07/2018 (Thu) 01:55:17 [Preview] No. 6829
what the fuck happened to leftypol?

where is the main leftist imageboard now? since no one seems to be using this one
Try the Chapo Trap House unofficial Discord. They have the opposite problem because people are incapable of shutting up.
Open file (270.74 KB 1878x683 leftypol BO autisme.jpg)
Open file (81.29 KB 569x386 leftypol BO logic.png)
Open file (70.22 KB 197x196 BOPorky.png)
in case you missed this /leftypol/ BO went fucking insane, started banning people who criticized rightists like Assad
right now /leftpol/ is the best board quality wise but /left*pol/ is still much faster
The board owner (aka Che) fucked it all up by getting triggered and banning a ton of people and forcing leftypol to become a 'meme factory'. It's a shameful disaster.


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