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hello Comrade 04/15/2018 (Sun) 18:23:15 [Preview] No. 6749
recently someone told me that 'communism doesnt work because there is no competition and competition innovates' whats an easy way to debunk this if they bring it up again??

btw happy ww3
tell them that they are right
There's big list here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Soviet_inventions
What he probably means is that the USSR didn't come up with piles of consumer tat. Which is right, it didn't.
But didn't that come from competition against capitalists countries?
So, there is competition in communism?
Partly, but there were also institutions competing for resources within the USSR.

It's true that capitalism encourages innovation

It's also true that under capitalism creative people are forced to abandon their passions in order to survive.
>It's also true that under capitalism creative people are forced to abandon their passions
Can't you see the irony here?
Competition in economics is the rivalry among sellers trying to achieve goals like increasing profits and sales volume, just because the USSR had some good inventors doesn't mean anything in regards to competition.
only the rich can compete in the first place
>capitalism encourages innovation

It doesn't. Innovation nearly never comes from the private sector. It comes from researchers and scientists who love their job.
Cuba's medical innovations like and HIV and lung cancer vaccines. USSR beating the US to space.

And many of the 'innovations' of capitalism don't make anything better. Look at planned obsolescence of consumer electronics or price-fixing in oligopolistic industries like airlines or telecom.
but like practicing some of these gimme questions is super important for cadre-building. looks bad if you don't have a good answer to the 50 most commonly asked questions.


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