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Feminist cancer kill the left. Comrade 03/23/2018 (Fri) 12:53:47 [Preview] No. 6660
most left wing groups online have feminists gatekeeping them.

if you challenge the anti male, anti working class feminist narrative you will be banned, it is as simple as that.

Also you get a lot of disingenuous leftists who pretend to be against SJW's but do nothing to tackle feminism. So that means they are enablers of misandry.

Also the left is full of lgbt nonsense as well. The LGBT is a feminist term, as there is no such thing as a LGBT person.

The old gay man's movement was called GLBT, but feminists told gay men to check their privilege and took the movement over.

you know after gay men did all the rioting and took the risks, women then took over.
>enablers of misandry
feminist misandry isnt really a serious problem in and of itself. Its only a problem inasmuch as its retarded and drives people away from things too heavily associated with/sharing a label with the retards.
I mean, I'll defend you here- the basic, stupid, un-nuanced background ethos the average person calling themselves by some label have does matter. it shouldnt change what you actually believe but it should make you stop and think about how to describe yourself, labels can get poisoned and veer too far off course to keep being useful, and regardless of what you personally believe as a feminist, or what feminists you actually like and agree with say, the broader meme has been run into the ground with idiotic misandry and the same myopic blindness to the other genders experiences and feelings they accurately observe men as having for women. you could reply, "well you could say the same thing about socialism and obviously that would be wrong", but thats not so obvious. if socialism really, thoroughly means 'things republicans accuse of being socialism, and social justice' in everyones minds, then itd be good to drop the term. not the ideas, but the term. it no longer describes the ideas accurately. the word means what people use it to mean, not some ideal thing that comes from its etymology or history.
its stupid to talk about those things like they're some sort of dangerous threat, or to get upset at them as morally abhorrent, using terms like "enabling misandry" as though the misandry itself were a serious problem. you're under no more threat from misandrous feminist as the average woman is from mysoginistic wizards.
also, you could call it HBT. homosexual, bisexual, transsexual. Thatd make it less alphabet soup too.

As for how to handle idpol cunts parasitic relationship with leftism:fuck, man, I dunno.
nice try FBI
Nice quads!
You are deliberately trying to downplay the potential danger that feminists represent to others by asserting that they need to gain strong control of the system in order to produce affects on the lives of others. This is demonstrably false: the feminist movement has enough power in western societies that men are imprisoned because a woman placed his name on a piece of paper, are made homeless because a woman accused him of violence and can generally use their position in society to negatively affect the lives of those for whom they hold animosity. Furthermore, there are laws women can use to rein in those wizards you point to. Feminists are a threat in the same way that black nationalists are a (lesser) threat and neither are something that needs to be allowed greater access to the levers of power.
Nice digits comrade.
I think negotiation/sabotage are in order to establish better class consciousness. Economic capital needs to be reestablished as the dominant unifying variant. LGBTs and feminists all of which can and should work and they, like us want economic rights... Well, that can be established through labour unions. They are existing pillars of power, that can be brought back to glory with the redirection to class struggle over all else. By oppressing those within the proletariat, class disillusion is further diluted. Lenin and Stalin first made progressive policy that involved people previously excluded from the workforce.

That said idpol, bourgie, pop, and consumerist feminism needs to be surgically removed, unfortunately while they are not under the hammer and sickle banner there will be little change.

Change the discourse from within. let the Marxist-feminist surgically remove the cancer that is widespread within.

a call for memes at tumblr tier - specifically calling out non class-based-feminism.
Here are a few examples of feminists attempting to negatively influence the lives of others.

Teacher actively discriminates against people declared outgroup by intersectionals
Feminists engage in double standards when one of their own is accused of sexual harassment (intersectional paramour Judith Butler is one of those defending the alleged molester)
An instance amongst many of women making false domestic abuse claims
Peter Tatchell decries constant attempts to expand "no platform" policies to anyone feminists find "problematic"

All these are instances of feminists influencing the system to produce negative effects on the lives of others, in accordance with the case made in >>6669.
I agree with
So, feminists should just go back to Marxism and class struggle, instead of this bourgeois consumerist nonsense. Women should seek liberation though work and labour unions, instead of demanding more freebies. It all sounds well and good, if it actually worked. We all know it doesn't.

What is your plan? How are you going to pressure feminists/women into putting class struggle first? Feminism was never about Marxism and class struggle either. It was always about deanding more privileges for women.
Marxist feminism is not Marxism. Marxist feminism applies Marxist class analysis to the dimension of gender, defining men as the bourgeoisie and women as the proletariat. This is a very false framing of reality. Women are not an oppressed class. Women have always enjoyed privileges. Marxist feminists talk a lot about women's so called unpaid labour. A housewife for example is supposedly working for no pay, which is not true of course (she gets to live rent-free and has various other expenses covered).
The majority of feminists don't even seem interested in equality now. I've picked up on a couple of cases of outright and overt discrimination against women in the sporting world recently, over the usual relegation to second class status that women's sport usually gets. A few notable execptions aside, they all seem focused on cosplayers and weird sex. It's rather pathetic, truthfully.
wtf read Engels

I have you idiot. Engels was full of shit when it came to gender relations.

Under primitive communism women being able to kick men out of the tribe was equality.

Men being able to mate guard and keep their kids under classical patriarchy was oppression.

Also Engels was a rich man bribing red haired women to sleep with him, and blamed capitalism from stopping true love between men and women forming.

Engels was full of shit.
Women's sports have second-class status because women perform worse. This may sound harsh but it is the way things are. Women do not have the same physical capacity. This is not the fault of men or patriarchy. Most men don't have what it takes to make it to the top in sports either, but they don't get their own class to compete in. Only women get that, which is a privilege, not having to compete against men that is.
What you have described is why womens sport is segregated, not why it should be accorded second-class status. Yes, women's physiology lacks that jolt of performance enhancing testosterone. That doesn't mean watching women compete with each other is any less dramatic, entertaining or meaningful than watching men do the same. I'm getting the impression you don't quite understand what sport is actually about.


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