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Open file (248.34 KB 573x546 Kek 2.png)
Commies Comrade 02/10/2018 (Sat) 03:14:22 [Preview] No. 6569
Get your own memes faggots
Open file (11.82 KB 480x288 tread.jpg)
We tread where we please faggot
Open file (26.89 KB 500x350 killnazis.png)
Should be shank not stik tbh
Open file (51.98 KB 1024x1024 057.jpg)
Open file (12.52 KB 450x460 Stop tread.jpg)
Open file (24.14 KB 432x239 2eb.png)
>being authoritarian
Its so easy to make leftards abandon principles. They don't really hold them with any conviction anyway, I guess.
You want to come up with a good symbol to fuck with /pol/ breed minarchist libertarians, try something different, like cutting it into eight pieces with a slamming cut coming from the foreground, with like a butchers knife.

Speaking in terms of memes, you're literally attacking the symbol, emphasis on you. You've already subliminally added the viewer to your collective, and made him take part in the destruction of the enemy, and a butchers knife implies consumption. Captions are for them, because when you post this, you are the silent, indomitable, implacable shitposting anon.

Its aggressive, simple, and works, by playing on their worst fears, divide and conquer, and assimilation.


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