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Open file (53.99 KB 1350x1005 nazbol_gods.jpg)
Comrade 02/04/2018 (Sun) 03:32:34 [Preview] No. 6557
Unironic nazbols are now a thing. When did that happen?
Same way Nazis became popular on 4ch. Ironic shitposting.
I did not ask how.
unironic nazbols has been a thing for 25 years
But they really popped up on the internet in the last year due to ironic nazbol shitposting. It's like the unironic stirnerites.
At last, someone capable of answering a question without needless fucking about. I was starting to wonder if it would just be easier to start supporting /pol/ and kill >>6561 in lieu of their complete inability to have a pleasant conversation.
Open file (34.20 KB 333x500 Nat Bolsheviks4.jpg)
Hi, Member of the National-Bolshevik party here. I just wanted to say that NazBol IS NOT a meme. NazBol is the philosophy of Eduard Limonov. The meme based off of National Bolshevism is a complete distortion.

Please do not believe the lies put place by edgy teens making shitty memes. We are not racists, we not Fascists, we are not Marxists, NOR are we Duginists.

So then, my fellow nazbol comrade. First of all, I have to thank your party that you protested against Putins approval of the invasion of Afrin https://anfenglish.com/human-rights/russians-protest-putin-for-afrin-24717

But I have a question: what is the opinion of the nazbol Party about immigration and the immigration crisis in Europe?
I admit, my own knowledge on NazBol has been mostly clouded by online memes and slander. Would you happen to have any recommended reading on the ideology so I can, at the very least, gain a firmer understanding?
serious question: why is nazbol so bad? as far as i understand it, nazbol are basically just tankies who support some type of civic nationalism. i don't personally give a shit about ethnic homogeneity or anything like that, but tbqh i don't understand why enforcing tighter immigration laws and cultural assimilation or whatever is lumped in with genocide and ethnic cleansing like it's all the same thing.
>tankies who support some type of civic nationalism
Answered your own question there
No, still not seeing why this is bad.
Stalin was Nazbol
What happened to SionistaHigh on twitter? That nazbol game looked like it would be hilarious. I'm sad I can't play it.
>bourgeois nationalism
Open file (90.52 KB 1128x1526 nazbol_apes.jpg)
This is now a Nazbol meme thread
Open file (101.34 KB 906x972 sargon.png)
Open file (847.19 KB 630x1714 nazbol horseshoe.png)
Isn't Nazbol comic shitposting for edgelord larpy russiophiles homosexuals who like Richard Spencer?
Eduard Limonov is a complete joke and so is modern National Bolshevik Party, your party leader literally flew to the USA and was assimilated into the hotbed borgeouis artsy New York of 70's/80's, even engaging in homossexual relations (take that, tankies). Nazbol as an ideology is merely a very unique synthesis that only makes sense in a determined zeitgeist, Dugin transcended it in his Fourth Political Theory and gave it a solid basis and overcoming it's own flaws.
Open file (140.56 KB 597x392 5sfl2yeu9sf11.png)
They are just leftist people, who hate the idpolers, intersectionality retards, radlibs, LGBT, BLM and so on.
therefore they demonstrate that by being homosexual slav nationalists with infantile idea of communist theory
So basically, they're pieces of shit. I see.
Ever since /pol/ laid their eyes on it and couldn't tell the difference from a meme ideology to a real one.
it's a good thing.

nazbolism is just petty bourgeois socialism

t. nazbol

nazbolism is just petty bourgeois socialism

t. nazbol


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