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/ego/ general Comrade 01/23/2018 (Tue) 06:48:06 [Preview] No. 6542
Give me one reason, ONE why this man is wrong
>protip you cant
I read "Der Einzige und sein Eigentum" last year. Spooky Foreheadguy does have a good point, I just think he had no idea what communism is about.
This book predates the manifesto though.
The manifesto predates communism
Egoism as well as Nihilism is a Mental Disorder. And I'd rather not take philosophical advice from people with mental disorders.
Nothing means anything or matters. Something meaning anything or mattering is an emotion, it isnt real outside your head. Negating your subjective experience is pointless(assigning meaning to meaninglessness is moronic), but that doesnt change the fact that its not real. I cant even think of any coherent way to define "meaning." I understand what it is intiutively, but I cant define it, because thats what it is, a feeling.
Nihilism is fact.
Just because something doesn't physically exist doesn't mean it doesn't impact the way people lie and interact with one another. I'd rather work within those grounds to help make things better than sit on my high horse telling everyone to individually "escape the prison of society" or whatever bullshit nihilists/egoists would have me do.
Multiple people sharing similar delusions doesn't make them basically real. Things that dont exist do not, actually, for any contrived dance around it one can make, exist.
How some illusion impacts peoples perception is relevant if you want to change peoples perception or get them to do something. It should have nothing to do with what you yourself actually think. Whatever happens to be convenient to achieving whatever goal you've decided on doesnt affect what's real.
Defining your beliefs about what you feel is good and should happen/bad and shouldnt based on whats pragmatic towards what you /already/ think is is circular and retarded.
Pro-Tip: Something can be "real" and not exist at the same time.

Ignoring that social trends and constructs have an effect on how the world functions, while simultaneously assuming that humans can entirely undo all of them and never have an abstract concept or system again is ahistorical and idealist tbh

Stirnerite faggots go home. If Marx hadn't torn Stirner to shreds, no one would have known he existed.
> Something can be "real" and not exist at the same time.
Oh im having a laff m8.
'People think something is true' being true and 'thing is true' being true are not the same.
>Ignoring that social trends and constructs have an effect on how the world functions
I never said that. I said they aren't real. The subjects of the social constructs that is, not the fact that people believe in them.
Every time someone makes this shit argument that "but ppl think so and so they do things didferently so it EFFECTS STUFF" they're just using it as abit of mental gymnastics to make the leap to 'so yeah its basically real in some sense I can now go on acting and feeling as though it is.'
No its not.
People who call themselves stirnerites, symbolize themselves with that awful teal and black flag, and don't understand that spook = identity taken seriously - these people make me question my deep enthusiasm for his philosophy.
>Ignoring that social trends and constructs have an effect on how the world functions

His acknowledgement of that is a founding principle of his philosophy.

He doesn't oppose all abstraction. He knows full well to get rid of all social constructs is to get rid of all thought. He rather wants as many people as possible to recognize and embrace the fact that all actions are done for an agency that exists beyond identity.

If you read his book you'd know he's completely aware that this perspective has become contingent on historical processes.


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