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/Leftypol/ is a backup board for 8ch.net/leftypol/.

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Tory Conference 2017 Demonstration Landing thread Comrade 09/30/2017 (Sat) 15:10:09 [Preview] No. 607
Hello and welcome to
We're a leftist imageboard forum thats a spin off of 8ch.net's /leftypol/ board, We operate independently of /leftypol/ apart from bunkerchans /leftypol/ board. Which is operated by /leftypol/.

We encompass all ideologies from Marxism, Democratic socialism to Stalinism and Anarchism. We promote a non echo chamber culture and encourage debate. So please, enjoy your stay.


>/dprk/ - is just our Random board. Basically anything goes (aslong as it's within french law)
>/gulag/ - Meta board we use this board to discus the site and any changes that might be happening
>/left/ - Bunkerchan's left board. Basically the board is moderated by the bunkerchan staff
>/leftypol/ - Leftypol's backup board. Same as left except its modded by leftypol instead
>/tech/ - Use this board to discuss technology
>/e/ - use this board to discuss entertainment
This board will never accomplish anything.
Your ideas lost on /pol/, BTW stop copying memes from them, get your own tactics.
>meme theft autism
Meme theft autism is /pol/ as fuck. They're always fucking complaining about it.
sounds like Max Stirner meets Grand Theft Auto.
This board is pure autism.
80~90% of their memes are bastardizations of non-/pol/ memes.
not to mention all of their beloved fashy NutSac aesthetics are bastardizations of leftist movements aesthetics. Bring these things up and they post a smiling froggy, anyone else does exactly the same and its the sobbing angry reddit man.
Woah, this board got a bump in post numbers.
Welcome to the BUNKER-Revolution!

Thoughts about NWO being to prepare us for an alien invasion ?

> http://archive.fo/tg16o
Fake news. Don't believe everything thing you read. Especially a wordpress

Not really new and lets face it, anything more legitimate would have been taken down.

Lookup Lloyd Pye, he's been disproving evolution until he died of cancer


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