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Operation Al Gore Comrade 08/16/2017 (Wed) 00:51:32 [Preview] No. 465
this might be one of their biggest raids yet, since I'm not totally sure I'll just drop all the information here.
here's the discord code: 26KJxK9
they have an IRC channel: 32ch.org #algore

there primary plan so far: necrobumping the fuck out of everything.

direct quotes from the discord:
>can we run a bumping script on 8ch
>and necroboard the whole FUCKING THING
>Also, since that thread was posted, they likely expect a raid anyway. It may be a good idea to begin researching mod activity times, and may be better to put off the raid until such time that a large amount of users are ready to take it on. Your thoughts?
>Just make sure some of the spam is easy to digest red pills
>Just go on /gif/ and download some gore,you retarded nigger
>I already have a script that spams 8ch
It seems like they are going super 1337 h4xx0r, subverting the board using bots or something
So did this start recently or something? (the lack of evacuation is alarming) I haven't been on all day.
/pol/ just started a thread on it
I'm part of the trusted users on the dedicated discord and it looks like they're planning on scripting.
they're running the script right now. all of 8ch leftypol is being necrobumped to hell
you'll never stop us :^)
Open file (12.78 KB 230x255 rarekaren.jpeg)
Kek when he did spam Bunkerchan it was all tor spam.
Tor is off till further notice
There's more than one way to get a fresh IP. Anyway, it's trivial to spam the shit out of an imageboard if you can captcha break. I had a Selenium script doing it to 8chan within a week.
when will you fags learn how to meme? hahahaha

Well I did help 'someone' ddosing endchan /pol by telling him to spam cross board referencing.
Nice ban :^)
Open file (47.58 KB 481x600 alunya 3.jpg)
okay retard idiot
leftypol consists of like 2 fat autistic losers talking to themselves and neither has any sense of humor between the 5 of their schizophrenic personalities.

this is why their boards are all such universal failures, just like their lives.
Anyone want to establish a yacy/irc network for this?
You missed out their dishonesty.


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