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Comrade 05/06/2017 (Sat) 20:03:10 [Preview] No. 294
commies need to learn to do things themselves without the state to baby them
I'm not even a fucking commie. But I can know that your glorious ancapitalism killed millions in India and Ireland. Also I know that basic economic s shows that places that fallow full capitalism lke Georgia are dying shitholes. Finally about history in general I know the gulags were wonderful places where they had people like you eat your own feces.
Capitalism requires state intervention in order to continue exploiting the workers.
Noone here uses "communism" to mean "a big state that owns everything like sweden but way more XDDD"
read a book
Between 1965-1991, the US was responsible for more deaths, assassinations, torture campaigns, and puppet dictatorships than the Soviet Union.

Oh look, it's another episode of 'socialists are just really radical liberals'
I am already part of largely self sustaining commune. We don't need state or porky corp :^)


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