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A discord for Bunkerchan? Comrade 04/15/2017 (Sat) 20:08:58 [Preview] No. 215
are there any discords for bunkerchan, leftypol or about generally about leftism (that are not cancerous) if not I could make one.
We use IRC and have a mumble. Mumble is listed on the IRC bar.

#bunkerchan @ Rizon.org
antifa are pussy, kys
Is there an irc channel (or mumble) on a server that allows tor? Rizons a shit.
Discord is proprietary software. You don't know who wrote the code, what the code is, what it does nor how it does it. Their servers run proprietary software as well, which means for all we know they could be listening in on every conversation that is spoke. Plus, discord isn't end to end encrypted and funded by a Chinese company.

To recap:
* Proprietary software, you don't know what it does nor can you
* The servers could listen in on everything you say, due to the lack of end to end encryption and proprietary server software
* Essentially owned by the Chinese ("do X or we'll cut your funding!")
Like you really do anything fun/illegal enough worth listening in on
NSA faggot. Have you heard about it?
You are welcome to join Club Cyberia on Tox. To join, add Lainbot:
Tox's encryption is broken and they have no intention to fix it.
Repeat, their encryption is BROKEN and INSECURE and they have no intention to FIX it.
He doesn't have one, because he is full of shit.
>>219 fuck off /pol/


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