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Guns Comrade 04/12/2017 (Wed) 23:57:33 [Preview] No. 195
What is your stance on personal guns?

Do you own any?

Would you join a leftist militia?
Open file (1.35 MB 1600x900 rapecrab.png)
I like 'em. I would join a leftist militia/paramilitary group if I had relative assurance that the entire fucking thing top to bottom wasn't filled by federal agents.
I got a CETME C in a box waiting to be assembled, and a colt cobra I inherited.

I'd probably join a militia they'd have to have some sort of background check system to weed out the federal agents and anyone else who would weaken the force though.
Own one. Want more. Want everyone to own at least one.
Im so fucking fat, put me in the gulags and maybe after that I would be able to join militia.
"Power is also a solid and tangible fact to be reckoned with militarily, notably in the ubiquitous truth that the power of the state or the people eventually reposes in force. Whether the state has power ultimately depends upon whether it exercises a monopoly of violence. By the same token, whether the people have power ultimately depend upon whether they are armed and create their own grassroots militia, to guard not only themselves from criminals or invaders but their own power and freedom from the ever-encroaching power of the state itself. Here, too, the Athenian, British, and American yeomen knew only too well that a professional military was a threat to liberty and the state was a vehicle for disarming the people.

A true civicism that tries to create a genuine politics, an empowered citizenry, and a municipalized economy would be a vulnerable project indeed if it failed to replace the police and the professional army with a popular militia--more specifically, a civic guard, composed of rotating patrols for police purposes and well-trained citizen military contingents for dealing with external dangers to freedom. Greek democracy would never have survived the repeated assaults of the Greek aristocracy without its militia of citizen hoplites, those foot soldiers who could answer the call to arms with their own weapons and elected commanders. The tragic history of the state's ascendancy over free municipalities, even the rise of oligarchy within free cities of the past, is the story of armed professionals who commandeered power from unarmed peoples or disarmed them presumably (as so many liberals would have it today) from the "hazards" of domestic and neighborhood "shootouts." Typically, this is the cowboy or "gunslinger" image of the "American Dream," often cynically imposed on its more traditional yeoman face." - Bookchin

I would join a militia here that was in accordance with my ideological views, if it were a serious revolutionary group and not just lifestylist LARPing.
I'm pro-gun, but I don't own one because I'd probably just off myself with it.

I'm working on my depression and stuff now and if/when things get better I'm planning to arm up.
Guns are cool, we need an armed proletariat
>Would you join a leftist militia?
yeah, who's gonna protect us against islamists and right-wing militias, anarkiddies with sticks?
I'd join a leftist militia. Sounds like fun.
C'mon, buddy. Not like that.
Open file (407.86 KB 1024x703 3406966716_3a72bf94a0_b.jpg)
When the time calls for it, I'll join a leftist militia.


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