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Antifa Comrade 04/11/2017 (Tue) 18:32:45 [Preview] No. 169
Fuck Fascism and crush it before it rises

What do you think of Antifa?

Do you support your local Antifa group?
Aren't they mostly just larpers? Do they actually do anything?
We had a similar discussion at >>>/left/2377

I was the one with the ancom flag.
lol 69

i think theyre good. i think its good they beat up dumbass trump cucks.
They're an unorganized band of idiots, so no.
Only person I've known to be in one seemed pretty reasonable.
Personally i think its a great way to build skills, trust and confidence.
I feel like they don't necessarily have an organizational backbone making them the leftist version of "Anonymous" but still I mean they do good stuff sometimes and it's always fun to see the disgust in people's faces when you say you are one
Fuck Fascism
Antifascism is the worst product of fascism
>Anti-fascism arising out of fascism
Dialectics ftw
Gives leftism a bad name. Distracts from the truth of the leftist message.
Like it or not it is absolutely necessary.
Not really, they're a bunch of hipsters and "Anarcho-Punk" activists largely obsessed with pop culture characatures of Anarchism and identity politics.

But that doesn't mean they don't do good by combating Neo Nazis and other shitheels

In America, I'd personally like to see them have a holistic approach to fighting fascism and beat the shit out of Nation of Islam or one of their splinter groups. If they haven't already done something about that.
American Antigua needs to stop being liberal garbage. Comrades need to educate Americans on true Marxism, not the neoliberal rubbish that is the scourge of the Western Hemisphere
Open file (101.64 KB 1024x1024 nazboll.jpg)
No. They are a vandalizing bunch of "social" libshits. They are why the next generation has a bias against the left. I perfer to support my local far-left party instead and vote for them like a civilized man. Burning cars and destroying state property really isn't what classical anti-fascists did. They fought fascists in the streets. The modern ANTIFA is a huge disapointment.
100% This.
Modern day ANTIFA are just anarchist larpers who wank off to the idea of bashing the fash
>implies real antifascists fight Nazis in street
>forgets about Charlottesville
Standing about chanting slogans is not fighting, it's presenting yourself as a target. I'm also rather disappointed that "Carmageddon Nazi" missed Edward Gorcenski.
Charlottesville would of been a fucking nothing if it wasn't for the counter protest.
Dear Comrade,
It has come to my attention that most antifa members are Anarkiddies. This puts me in deep sorrow, as antifa is one of the loudest anti fascist voices out there. I believe that any left-wing movement devoid of authority can no longer call themselves left wing. Hence, I believe that antifa is actually a nazi collaborator movements. Only when they convert to tankism and Mao Zedong thought can they be liberated from the chains of hypocrisy.
Praise Lenin. Praise Stalin. Praise Mao. Praise Pol Pot. Praise il-sung.

yours truly,

Open file (125.44 KB 607x1080 H9U5Pb6QAjQ.jpg)
Open file (18.53 KB 299x297 R2IgNKlCXTY.jpg)
>Unsources screenshot of unsources wordpress page
>Antifa Leader
stopped reading after 'The leftists seek to authenticate their extremism with their hue and cry about fascism, while neglecting the critique of the State.' if you want to write about something, maybe do a little bit of research first
imagine being this stupid
Open file (305.10 KB 834x864 CNN.jpg)
>hurr beat every one I disagree with
>but muh greater gud

Beat em up like the 16yo and his father who was older?
Or in just beat random people supporting trump until they are BTFO and then continue like cowards.
OR Destroy and attack them in private because that totally doesn't undermine your point, and just shows what kind of people you really are.
Open file (287.69 KB 852x1024 HANS BRING JU 87 D-5.jpg)
They do they say the right is bad therfore I we can engage in violence.

look at G20 for example.


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