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Comrade 04/08/2017 (Sat) 05:05:13 [Preview] No. 124
What does leftypol think of Chomsky?
He has a gift for using porky's media sources against them with regards to western based imperialism and he generally seems socialist. Honestly, though in his old age he has become way less radical and more like a garden variety liberal. Additionally, he is pretty illiterate about economics and his positions on the soviet union/leninism are pretty vapid
>his positions on the Soviet Union/Leninism are pretty vapid
O rly?
>illiterate about economics
Compared to who, the neoliberal brigade? Lol
>in his old age he has become way less radical
He'll tell you what he thinks of the state and corporate power if you ask
But he is focused today's immediate problems
A senile old man who wants to ban guns for citizens and allow only the state to be armed.
>praise be to Alex Jones

What did he mean by this?
Definitely an interesting guy, his book "Manufacturing Consent" is an excellent analysis of the medias in a democratic capitalist society that should be spread way more widely.
His stance on you political responsibily as a citizen is also very good.
I like him.
I suspect some people here decided "okay FUCK Chomsky >:'O" after he went against the "punch nazis" stuff.

I'm personally not against punching cunts like Spencer the same way you would start a fight with someone calling your mother a whore, or even to stop a media piece of shit from giving him a platform, but I'm pretty sure he was referring mainly to the idea of punching as political violence to enact change that so many people are pushing for. Which I agree is not a good idea.
Open file (74.94 KB 407x309 35763567.png)
Everything he said about the Soviet Union was right.

But he's kinda pretentious.
>What does leftypol think of Chomsky?
Saint Chomsky.

LOL. Then you get punched back and call the police..
He's a cool guy but it's a bit condescending towards Slavoj and dismissive of theory and psychoanalysis
boring af
well he was a colleague of Lacan and thought that he was a fraud so lol of course
I've watched that vid and I disagree. If he knew anything about economics he'd know that Luxembourg was completely wrong. She thought that once capitalism expanded to every country it would collapse because there was nowhere else to go. Obviously thats false because every almost country on earth is now capitalist and it hasn't collapsed. She never read capital vol. 2 and 3. Chomsky personifies the infantile leftism that Lenin talked about he's basically a liberal LARPing as a anarchist at this point anyway
It's not that as much as people on the were disappointed when he endorsed and while in all fairness he's always had the pick the lesser of two evils approach just the fact that Hillary is such a corporate sociopath turned a lot of people on the left off
A very intelligent man but sometimes its so boring hearing his speeches mainly because he speaks as slow as a turtle
my man
Open file (29.72 KB 273x415 my man.jpg)
I like him as I'm generally not opposed to anyone on the left opposing capitalism, but as others have stated, his attacks on Žižek are childish
He used to speak faster when he was younger, so I recommend you to watch his interviews when he was young as the core of what he says hasn't changed


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