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You're a retard,

capitalists want mass immigration because it depreciates wages of workers which is bad for workers for obvious reasons and good for the capitalist because it raises profit margins;

It raises the price of real estate which is bad for young people and the working class because they can't afford to buy a home and get on the property ladder, It is good for capitalists though because it raises the price of their real estate investments and they can more easily transfer that money to other countries to take advantage of their profits;

It raises the demand and the price of groceries which is good for large supermarket chains as it raises their profit margins and their general income but bad for ordinary people because it raises the price to put food on the table.

Mass immigration is also good for a liberal economy as it makes it easier for them to overspend on "subsidizing" industry as mass immigration raises GDP (which only helps capitalists) and thus raises tax revenue, on "subsidizing" industry.

This is not even mentioning all of the cultural issues and rises in crime which predominantly effect working class communities. You are clearly dull and definitely not intelligent enough to be involving yourself in politics.