Ultimately the masons need to disrupt power from growing.

They were threatened by JFK. He wanted to dismantle the CIA, which was their newest plan to get the people to fund their dirty deeds.
The Kennedy family took advantage of laws passed to get others rich, prohibition. Free masons didnt like smart people gaining power and not joining their organization. From that point on there was federal laws passed to disrupt families from ever forming.

The war on poverty kept people paying to keep others poor.
The war on drugs was a tax to keep drugs in the country.
The war on terror was to support terrorism.

You dont see how their plan is to get you to support things that actually hurt you, to show you how stupid you are for trusting anyone but yourself. They want you to kill each other off and they're writing the script to make it thoughtless and encourage each other.

They believe life is all you get, this world, you need to learn as much as possible, make decisions based on whats truly in your best interest. To them, the game of life is getting others to not see what the point is. They believe "if you believe there's an afterlife and life is sacrifice, I'll use it to my benefit, we serve each others purpose, 'you will be my entertainment and make life easy for me, I will make you think it's your purpose and not question it, and you will die and move on to what and I will do what I want and enjoy life and grow my family'